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Mens Races

Freeman Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Freeman Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Aaron Jenkins
16:31.05 SRCentury
2.11David Fillmore
16:43.44 SRBurley
3.11Taylor Bean
16:47.34 SRBurley
4.10Sam Whitworth
16:47.34 SRHillcrest
5.11Lars Lunstrum
17:00.75 SRColumbia
6.11Rusty Johnson
17:07.41 PRPreston
7.12Neil Easter
8.11Dacoda Elison
17:14.14 SRPreston
9.12Kyle Cram
17:14.31Bishop Kelly
10.12Jake Waddoups
11.12Pedro Morales
17:17.31 PRWood River
13.12John Lassere
17:20.05 PRPocatello
14.12Evan Walker
17:22.15 SRCentury
15.12Patrick Thomas
17:24.64 PRRigby
16.12Jaron Hill
17:25.00 PRPocatello
17.11Kyle Shreeve
17:25.51 SRKuna
18.11Josh Womack
17:25.62 PRPreston
19.12Nate Armstrong
17:26.00 PRPocatello
20.11Arthur Walis
17:27.33 PRPreston
21.10Jon Garling
17:30.92 SRHillcrest
22.12Tim Johnson
17:32.47 PRBurley
23.11Ryan Gross
17:32.67 SRPreston
24.10Brycen Wintch
17:37.52 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
25.10Conor Harris
17:41.63Bishop Kelly
26.12Josh Wadsworth
17:42.35 SRSkyview
27.12Scott Jenkins
17:43.13 PRSkyview
28.12Jason Crofts
17:43.70 PRHillcrest
29.12David Householter
30.12Chad Stucki
17:50.38Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
31.11Wylie Foss
17:51.54Bishop Kelly
32.12Adam Blakeman
33.11Manuel Rodriguez
18:01.09 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
34.12Joe Kennedy
18:01.71 PRPocatello
35.11Rhys Perry
36.10Zach Burney
18:05.94 SRColumbia
37.11Jorel Wheeler
39.9Cody Fivecoat
18:08.33 SRMiddleton
40.10Gabe Leis
18:08.57 SRBishop Kelly
42.12Jerry Hagler
18:10.60 SRSkyview
44.10Nelson Geary
18:14.05 SRBurley
45.10Terrell Walker
18:14.36 SRCentury
46.11Derek Janssen
18:16.83 SRPocatello
47.11Chad Anderson
18:17.54Bishop Kelly
48.10Tony Agenbroad
18:18.70 SRSkyview
49.11Tyler Bodily
18:24.72 SRPocatello
50.10Kenny Reed
18:25.58 SRCentury
51.9Dylan Lammers
18:26.83 SRCentury
52.11Logan Parker
18:27.13 SRJerome
53.12Brian Phillips
18:27.38 PRKuna
54.10Greyson Kilgore
18:28.81 SRKuna
55.11Jared Lupton
18:29.35 SRSkyview
57.11Joe Lovell
18:30.26Bishop Kelly
59.9Rob Allred
18:31.48 SRBurley
60.10Andy Salstrom
18:35.83 PRCentury
61.12Mathias Fuelling
18:38.76 PRBurley
62.12Aaron Alder
18:41.17 PRPocatello
63.12Nate Stanger
18:42.32 PRSkyview
64.10Tyrell Brooks
18:42.74 PRBurley
65.12Samuel Sisson
66.12Josh Armstrong
18:46.39 PREmmett
67.9Danny Pfeifer
18:46.53 SRSandpoint
68.11John Feusi
18:47.47Bishop Kelly
70.10Isaac Jamison
18:50.56Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
73.10Andy Krawtz
18:59.31 PRCentury
74.12Gatlin Creager
75.12Doyle Moosman
19:00.48 SRPreston
76.12Kyle Gage
19:01.09 PRSkyview
77.10Tim Householter
78.12Stetson Belnap
19:03.67 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
80.11Tony Charvoz
81.12Brad Kirkpatrick
19:21.66 PRKuna
83.10Justin Keller
19:27.53 SRPreston
84.10Taylor Salinas
19:30.96 SRColumbia
85.10Kevin Clyde
86.10Shawn Stoddard
19:39.68 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
87.10Kolton Williams
19:40.45Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
90.12Jesse Javana
91.12Paul Easter
20:21.43 PRColumbia
27.10Larren Walker
21:11.05 SREmmett
92.12Jordan Wayman
93.10Steven Anderson
23:34.26 SRColumbia
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Megan Bartlett
18:29.90 SRSandpoint
2.11Kaylee Campbell
18:56.04 PRPreston
3.12Bethany McInturff
19:01.08 SRCentury
4.11Codi Gifford
19:06.94 PRBishop Kelly
5.11Allie Ford
19:27.98 SRPreston
6.10Lara Tuthill
19:29.23 SRBishop Kelly
7.9Tori Milburn
19:36.85 PRBishop Kelly
8.12Lacey Johnson
19:40.36 PRPreston
9.11Jordan Powell
19:41.13 SRColumbia
10.11Jordan Englehardt
19:46.57Bishop Kelly
11.9Emily Nist
20:06.26 SRBishop Kelly
13.9Heidi Free
20:15.25 SRPreston
15.11Beth Ann Baker
20:24.96 PRHillcrest
16.9Sydnee Johnson
20:27.38 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
17.12Cara Gillespie
20:28.87 SRBishop Kelly
19.12Kelsea Plimmer
20:32.36 PRSkyview
20.10Liz Child
20:33.84 PRPreston
21.9Erin Kelly
20:37.87 SRBishop Kelly
24.9Alisha Caldwell
20:57.16 PRMountain Home
25.12Tori Thornton
21:07.08 PRKuna
26.11Kathleen Vardell
28.9Ruby Jenkins
21:19.66 PRCentury
29.10Lindsey Acor
21:28.78 SRHillcrest
30.9McKenzie Chojnacky
31.9Haley Schaefer
21:30.57Mountain Home
32.12Rebecca Johnson
34.10Leesa Wangsgard
35.12Hayley Holden
21:36.15 PRHillcrest
36.9Irene Lotspeich
21:36.45 SRMiddleton
37.11Hannah Newhouse
21:38.90 PRCentury
38.9Hillary Payne
21:39.95 SRCentury
41.9Megan Wilson
42.11Nicole Mabey
21:51.10 SRBurley
43.10Kayla Gray
21:53.21 SRKuna
44.10Karlee Brown
21:53.61 SRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
46.10Mattea Gunter
21:55.70 PRCentury
48.10Kaylee Attebury
21:58.71 SRHillcrest
49.10Jessica West
22:01.85 SRColumbia
50.11Victoria Chojnacky
22:04.39 PRJerome
51.12Chelsea Stucki
22:04.70 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
52.9Monique Murillo
22:05.43 SREmmett
53.9Ellie Stanger
22:10.47 PRColumbia
54.12Kailey Smith
22:15.61 PRBonneville (Idaho Fa...
55.10Lindsey Taylor
22:18.51 PRRigby
56.12Marie Cabalo
22:22.78 PRKuna
58.10Mattie Craney
22:24.74 SRCentury
59.11Audrey Chatterton
22:25.32 SRJerome
61.10Chelsey Fraser
65.12Sarah Rentflejs
22:38.79 PRJerome
66.12Michelle Denney
22:41.07 PRNampa
67.10Kesley Parker
22:48.22 SRPocatello
68.9Shannon Wall
70.11Devon Storrs
22:56.23 SRColumbia
71.12Karina Olson
72.11Victoria Vardell
73.12Roslyn Jamison
23:06.85Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
74.11Jasmine Wheaton
23:16.06 SRKuna
75.10Samantha Logan
23:25.60 PRJerome
76.11Amanda Myers
23:27.58 PRKuna
77.9Kayla Curtis
23:28.64 SRRigby
78.11Kuniko Poole
23:29.16 SRHillcrest
79.12Jeanna Ritter
80.11Kayli Oram
81.12Charis Snodgrass
23:37.48 PRKuna
82.10Nichole Chojnacky
23:50.88 SRJerome
83.12Crystal Crawford
84.12Alisha Wakley
23:56.57 PRPreston
85.10Karlee Hergenreder
86.12Sarah Fast
87.10Heidi Spears
25:17.70 SRCentury
88.11Rebecca Horner
26:31.58Bonneville (Idaho Fa...
89.9McKayla Anderson
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