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Mens Races
1.6 Mile Middle School
3 Mile Junior Varsity12:30 PM
3 Mile Varsity1:30 PM
Womens Races
1.6 Mile Middle School
3 Mile Varsity1:00 PM

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12:00 - Junior High Race (depending on entries this could be co-ed or two seperate races.

12:20 - Junior High Awards

12:30 - Boys Silver Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of 20 minutes or slower)

1:00 - Girls Race (depending on entries this could break into two races)

1:30 - Boys Red Race (unlimited entries of boys with projected 5K times of less than 20 minutes)

2:00 - Awards - Traveling Trophy to winning teams, Medals and T shirts to individual podium placers.

I'll be watching entries leading up to the race and if we need to change the schedule, number of races or the suggested times of the Silver and Red races then I'll send out messages to all.

Any questions - Rod Wilcox - 

Course - 3 hilly miles of trails and some track (no concrete).   Course Map -!i=2665749771&k=F9Frdqj

Junior High course = 1 loop, High school course = 2 loops

Cost - please bring or send $50 per school to cover awards. 

King’s High School Cross Country

Attn. Rod Wilcox

19303 Fremont Ave. No.

Shoreline, WA  98133

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Mens Results

1.6 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Northshore Christian Academy23

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Connor McElmurry
10:14.82 PRNorthshore Christian...
2.7Josue Lucas
10:33.47 SRForks
3.7Lewi Hagos
4.7Anthony Hart
5.8Peter Kulits
10:54.84 PRNorthshore Christian...
6.8Ian Levasseur
10:56.01 PRNorthshore Christian...
7.7Alex Finan
10:56.83 SRBear Creek
8.8Alex Harrington
11:01.58 PRSeattle Christian
9.7Caleb Sanders
11:18.04 PRNorthshore Christian...
10.7Cole Diffner
11:23.80 PRSeattle Christian
11.8Ian Bothe
11:27.37 PRNorthshore Christian...
12.7Francisco Alvarado
11:39.47 SRSultan
13.8Jace Fransen
11:46.54 SRNorthshore Christian...
14.7Alex Grimm
11:47.07 SRKing's
15.8Camry Zaffram
12:03.56 PRSultan
16.6Titus Shorack
12:55.50 SRKing's
17.7Tyler Spomer
18.7Drew Brennen
19.8Reilly Hill
13:13.25 PRSeattle Christian
20.6David Sherrer
13:39.85 PRBear Creek
21.7Parker Catlin
13:48.24 SRSultan
22.7Adam Doyle
14:05.99 SRNorthshore Christian...
23.8Westley Ward
14:07.39 PRBear Creek
24.8Colin Dazey
14:07.77 PRSultan
25.7Sam Boelitz
14:32.71 PRBear Creek
26.7Ryan Cho
14:52.93 PRNorthshore Christian...
27.7Mitchell Morris
15:28.82 PRNorthshore Christian...
28.-Sedano Watson
15:41.66 PRLife Christian Academy
29.7Luke Sorrenson
16:35.84 PRSeattle Christian
30.7Jason Atkinson
17:33.70 SRSultan
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3 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

5.Seattle Christian137
6.Thomas Jefferson163
7.Bellevue Christian177
8.Mt Vernon Christian234

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Josh Bevan
18:15.42 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
2.10Hugo Lucas
18:25.39 SRForks
3.10Alan Ensastegui
4.10Alvaro Ortiz
5.12Cade Bowman
19:33.19NW Christian (Colbert)
6.9Corbin Pheasant
19:34.93 PRCashmere
7.10Nate Heckendorf
19:40.07 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
8.11Cooper Green
19:52.11 PRCashmere
9.11Nathan Thompson
10.10Luke Poling
20:22.48 SRBear Creek
11.12Aaron Krume
12.10Samuel Campbell
20:24.82 PRGrace Academy
13.12Jacob Rosendahl
20:27.39 PRThomas Jefferson
14.12Andrew Graves
20:38.79 PRMt Vernon Christian
15.12Kenzo Onishi
20:40.61 SRLynnwood
16.11Jesse Jaspers
17.11Sam Smith
20:46.58 PRLynnwood
18.10Joel Mohn
19.10Johnny Lua
20.9Andrew Neumann
20:57.79Seattle Christian
21.12Brandon Farrington
21:04.36 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
22.12Cameron Moser
23.9Rajesh Gill
21:05.16 SRThomas Jefferson
24.9Nick Higgins
21:06.79NW Christian (Colbert)
25.11Ryan Daurie
21:08.06 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
26.9Mario Simmons
21:09.66Seattle Christian
27.11Daniel Wilson
21:15.09 PRBear Creek
28.10Grant Keller
29.10Moses Mbugua
21:19.18 PRThomas Jefferson
30.11Andrew Peterson
21:20.56 PRLynnwood
31.9Tate Christensen
32.11EJ Adcock
21:24.63 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
33.11Jason Kent
21:32.59 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
34.9John Parrott
35.11David Reynolds
21:35.88Bellevue Christian
36.9Ryan Minami
21:40.26Seattle Christian
37.9Brendan Merdich
21:43.55Seattle Christian
38.12Jose Villagomez
21:45.25 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
39.9Coby Boyd
21:46.70Riverside Christian
40.10Ryan Burnett
21:54.57Bellevue Christian
41.9Luke Miller
21:58.51Bellevue Christian
42.10Andrew Bartkus
22:00.53Life Christian Academy
43.11Nicholas Carwin
22:02.40 SRLynnwood
44.9Stryker Spomer
45.11Tyler Little
22:12.85 SRLynnwood
46.9Kaleb Bradford
22:15.46Riverside Christian
47.11Cale Woyvodich
22:17.15 PRSeattle Christian
48.9Ryleigh Spaeth
49.12Daniel Neumann
22:22.40Seattle Christian
50.9Daniel Burnett
22:29.95Bellevue Christian
51.9Michael Moyer
22:39.05Bellevue Christian
52.11Cong Jason
22:40.02Bellevue Christian
53.9Drew Thomas
22:44.11 PRLynnwood
54.10Graysen Luckensmeyer
22:48.81 PRCashmere
55.12Mark Mullen
22:50.14 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
56.12Noah Mock
22:54.78 PRThree Rivers Christian
57.10Thomas LeClair
22:55.50 PRMt Vernon Christian
58.12Joseph Mutuc
22:55.73 SRLynnwood
59.11Abraham Mejia
22:56.92 SRLynnwood
60.10Austin Steele
61.10Victor Sharma
22:58.69 PRThomas Jefferson
62.11Joshua Swanson
23:00.53 SRMt Vernon Christian
63.11Zach Croonquist
23:09.96Seattle Christian
64.9Steven Duong
23:13.44 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
65.11David Higginbotham
23:18.15 PRCashmere
66.10Jason Rhee
67.10Jesse Curran
23:42.74Life Christian Academy
68.11Jacob Zehnder
23:47.90 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
69.9Jens Crosier
23:49.13 PRLife Christian Academy
70.12Trey Michael
71.9Ethan Johnston
24:05.44 SRMt Vernon Christian
72.9Erik Rentner
24:20.18 PRThree Rivers Christian
73.9Spencer Willard
24:25.51 PRLynnwood
74.11Brian Hur
24:26.35 SRThomas Jefferson
75.10Adam Pinkerton
24:27.67Bellevue Christian
76.12Elijah Hambly
24:49.60NW Christian (Colbert)
77.9Owen Seleski
24:52.47 PRNW Christian (Colbert)
78.10Collin Decker
24:53.97 PRLynnwood
79.12Christopher Roundy
24:54.94 SRLynnwood
80.10Jed Flippin
25:28.25Riverside Christian
81.9Nathan Venables
25:31.00 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
82.12Caleb Judd
83.9Jared Rosas
26:06.05Seattle Christian
84.9Joseph Peder
26:12.38 SRBellevue Christian
85.10Lorenz Barias
26:22.60 PRLynnwood
86.9Eric Strong
26:23.25 PRLynnwood
87.12Tjinder Grewal
27:00.02 SRThomas Jefferson
88.9Nathan Klein
27:25.00 SRMt Vernon Christian
89.9Miles Pendry
27:29.60 PRGrace Academy
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3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.NW Christian (Colbert)39
2.Thomas Jefferson55
6.Seattle Christian159

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Andrew Ayers
2.9Jack Ammon
16:52.49NW Christian (Colbert)
3.11Alex Wallat
17:04.95 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
4.10Garrett Dahl
17:10.98Thomas Jefferson
5.12Hunter Printz
17:16.89Thomas Jefferson
6.10Jonathan Mangas
7.11Timothy Kopplin
17:22.04NW Christian (Colbert)
8.11Chris Moen
17:26.83 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
9.12Drew Van Polen
10.11Tyler Ridings
17:45.10Seattle Christian
11.10David Jaquish
17:45.87 SRThomas Jefferson
12.12Ryan Mills
13.12Brian Henry
17:56.79NW Christian (Colbert)
14.11Ben Alford
17:57.93NW Christian (Colbert)
15.9Matt Jackson
16.11Garrett SanLuis
18:10.44 PRThomas Jefferson
17.11Dakota McFadden
18.11Tyler Ward
19.12Matthew Carlson
18:19.04Bellevue Christian
20.10Alex Murray
18:19.15Thomas Jefferson
21.10Ryan Widhalm
18:19.25Riverside Christian
22.10Eli Phillips
23.12Andrew Brodsky
24.10Scott Graves
18:32.19Bellevue Christian
25.10Noah Johann
18:33.57 SRLynnwood
26.9Will Minnick
18:35.68 SRThomas Jefferson
27.11Brandon Seeger
18:43.60Seattle Christian
28.11Josh Conboy
18:46.25 PRThomas Jefferson
29.12Ricardo Naranjo
30.11David Gloyd
18:47.40 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
31.11Chris Martin
32.11Daniel Bolliger
33.11Karsten Rentner
18:50.47 PRThree Rivers Christian
34.12Joey Hollis
18:53.75 SRBear Creek
35.12Tyler Dideriksen
18:54.52Bellevue Christian
36.11Arthur Emmons
37.12Kaleb Decker
18:56.18 SRLynnwood
38.10Cole Paton
18:58.20 SRCashmere
39.12Oliver Fernandez
40.12Sam Tomkins
41.9Leul Wolde
19:03.17 PRLynnwood
42.11William Kluck
19:12.37Seattle Christian
43.10David Adams
19:12.59 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
44.9Ernesto Silva Guti...
19:18.12Thomas Jefferson
45.11Kendall Getchell
46.11Michael Dufour
19:23.50 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
47.9Camden Roberts
19:23.87Life Christian Academy
48.12Josh Berry
19:25.31 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
49.12Adi Purohith
19:26.53NW Christian (Colbert)
50.9Sean Gallagher
19:28.51 SRBear Creek
51.11Mahad Hufane
19:31.39 PRLynnwood
52.11Geoffrey Donovan
19:32.51Seattle Christian
53.9Benjamin Mitchell
19:35.42 PRBear Creek
54.11Adam Koehler
19:35.92Bellevue Christian
55.12Josh Henry
19:38.33Seattle Christian
56.12Conner Badgley
57.9Mikhail Hemmerling
19:40.34 SRSeattle Christian
58.12Ani Purohith
19:48.36NW Christian (Colbert)
59.12Brock Steele
60.8Kaden Vanderwerf
19:54.30 PRThree Rivers Christian
61.11Matthew Carwin
20:02.54 SRLynnwood
62.10Martin Chase
21:06.57 SRLynnwood
63.12James Matthews
24:09.40 PRMount Rainier Lutheran
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Womens Results

1.6 Mile Middle School

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.7Olivia Meader Yetter
11:12.46 SRNorthshore Christian...
2.8Mia Stratman
11:38.61 PRSultan
3.8Sandra Yang
11:59.39 PRNorthshore Christian...
4.8Allison Perrow
5.7Marygail Carbajal
12:49.82 PRSultan
6.8Annie Hanchett
7.8Skyler Olson
13:15.52 PRSultan
8.8Aubri Vowell
13:22.02 SRNorthshore Christian...
9.8Hannah Limb
10.8Grace Wright
14:21.74 PRSultan
11.7Leanne Beardsley
14:40.25 PRSeattle Christian
12.7Marianna Martinez
16:12.21 PRSultan
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3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Thomas Jefferson74
5.NW Christian (Colbert)153
6.Seattle Christian154

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Mikayla Pivec
18:53.99 SRLynnwood
2.9Malia Pivec
19:02.56 PRLynnwood
3.12Kacey Kemper
4.9Rachelle Mayes
19:33.13Seattle Christian
5.12Kristina Yzaguirre
20:41.11 SRMt Vernon Christian
6.12Kelin Doner
20:47.78 SRThomas Jefferson
7.9Krystal Brodsky
8.10Alexa Schroeder
21:00.03 SRLynnwood
9.10Emily Donnel
21:13.19Bellevue Christian
10.10Lily Kleven
11.10Rachel Mills
12.10Gillian Edgar
13.12Ashtin Markowski
22:03.60 PRLynnwood
14.12Jesica Bauer
15.11Kari Larson
16.11Taura Vastakas
22:15.10 SRThomas Jefferson
17.10Lydia Wolfrom
22:15.66 SRThomas Jefferson
18.10Kayla Gustafson
22:33.60Life Christian Academy
19.9Gabby Watson
22:38.70Seattle Christian
20.9Alyssa Eells
21.11Amelia Culp
22.11Havilah Hansen
23:03.62 SRNW Christian (Colbert)
23.11Ahnika Hendrickson
23:05.29Thomas Jefferson
24.11Madison Bryson-Eyer
23:09.28 SRLynnwood
25.12Amy Penaskovic
23:19.65NW Christian (Colbert)
26.11Jasmine Gonzalez
27.12Rosa Castaneda
23:38.21 PRThomas Jefferson
28.10Mekdas Asgehedom
23:43.93 PRThomas Jefferson
29.11Arely Medina
23:44.94 PRThomas Jefferson
30.10Olivia Clements
23:46.45 PRThomas Jefferson
31.10Rebekah Henry
23:52.52NW Christian (Colbert)
32.11Megan Blue
24:00.58 SRLynnwood
33.10Jessica Mitchell
24:22.24 SRLynnwood
34.11Marissa Lewis
24:30.75 SRMount Rainier Lutheran
35.12Bridget Daugherty
24:34.28 SRBear Creek
36.12Maddy Scherrer
37.12Rebekah Way
24:51.36 SRLynnwood
38.10Brenna Jarms
25:00.17NW Christian (Colbert)
39.11Stephanie Lindblom
25:05.48Seattle Christian
40.9Bethany Hackbarth
25:27.13 PRGrace Academy
41.9Nichole Vargas
25:34.93 PRThomas Jefferson
42.10Natasha Flitz
25:36.20 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
43.10Haley Martin
44.10Serenity Monar
25:55.04 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
45.11Dominique Razor
25:57.70Bellevue Christian
46.12Tara Chin
26:02.31 PRLynnwood
47.9Allison De Boer
26:09.78Thomas Jefferson
48.9Emma Gambill
49.10Trinity Wolfington
27:17.85 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
50.10Elissa Cadena
27:19.82 SRThomas Jefferson
51.10Hannah Asmussen
52.9Carolina Gomez
53.12Annie Miller
28:06.68Riverside Christian
54.9Hannah Peterson
55.10Madison Nesbitt
28:33.73Thomas Jefferson
56.9Lauren Edgar
28:34.04 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
57.11Rachel Simmons
29:14.33Seattle Christian
58.12Jamie Hollister
29:35.13 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
59.12Lindsey Nordberg
29:53.09 PRLynnwood
60.11Sierra Price
30:05.52 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
61.11Jennifer Christenson
30:10.24 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
62.10Mary Lucey
30:18.17 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
63.10Leila Praino
30:27.29Bellevue Christian
64.9Hannah Gottshall
30:45.91Seattle Christian
65.12Chloe Baughn
31:16.44NW Christian (Colbert)
66.11Molly Merriman
31:19.18Bellevue Christian
67.12Ashley Fisher
31:34.39Life Christian Academy
68.9Kaylee Dickerman
31:43.02 PRGrace Academy
69.12Andrea Roberts
32:42.31Life Christian Academy
70.11Faith Aicher
33:09.82 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
71.10Rachael Buselmeier
33:45.49Life Christian Academy
72.9Kayla Lee
35:21.58 PRGrace Academy
73.12Jessica Jones
35:32.68 PRGrace Academy
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