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2.8 Miles boys4:35 PM
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2.8 Miles girls4:00 PM

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 Otay...September 13th at Osprey Park (801 1st St., Sultan, WA 98294). Welcome Red Wolves, Cougars & Wildcats. The girl's race starts @ 4:00 & the boy's @ 4:35. The course is 2.8 miles (4669 yds.).  Most of it is on hard-packed trails but there is a "path through the woods" section. Creek crossings & mud have been added into it. We are sooooo looking forward to watching people run this course. 

Facilities at Osprey Park are not always open. The city may open restrooms for the meet. If not, permission will be secured from the Boys & Girls Club next door. The water fountain @ the park is one some folks prefer not to drink from, so those who are selective about water they drink may want to bring their own. There is a large covered court where teams may squat should the weather be bad. 

Timing will be with hand-held watches. As runners finish they will be handed a piece of paper with their place number on it. Coaches will be given name labels of their entries to attach to the appropriate number. These should be brought promptly to the 'official's table' where overall rankings can be entered & sorted. Our goal is to declare team results at the meet & e-mail individual statistics to coaches in the evening. 

Participants can be entered on Please do so by Tuesday, September 11th by 5:30 PM. Thank you.

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Mens Results

2.8 Miles boys

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nick Devier
16:26.00 PRLakewood1 pt.
2.10Taylor Guske
16:29.68 PRLakewood2 pts.
3.12Mason Heller
16:35.54 PRCedarcrest3 pts.
4.12Miles Rossow
16:36.28 PRLakewood4pts.
5.12Terrence Ordonez
16:44.06 PRLakewood5 pts.
6.10Chad Skiles
17:00.26 PRLakewood6 pts.
7.11Sterling Hoza
17:26.65 PRArchbishop Murphy7 pts.
8.11James Mattson
17:26.87 PRLakewood8 pts.
9.12Austin Young
17:28.68 PRLakewood9 pts.
10.10John Frymire
17:31.97 PRSultan10 pts.
11.10Hans Frymire
17:39.09 PRSultan11 pts.
12.12Andy Warren
17:39.11 PRLakewood
13.9Trent Tresch
17:44.95 PRLakewood
14.11Thomas Scheffer
17:48.48 PRLakewood
15.11Tony Minaglia
18:06.88 PRCedarcrest12 pts.
16.12Brian Cogger
18:09.09 PRSultan13 pts.
17.11Hayden Teachout
18:10.38 PRCedarcrest14 pts.
18.11Andy Harm
18:11.47 PRCedarcrest15 pts.
19.10Clay Hammontree
18:13.47 PRCedarcrest16 pts.
20.11Craig Hooks
18:25.79 PRLakewood
21.10Tyler McKinney
18:27.38 PRCedarcrest17 pts.
22.9Chris Gouette
18:29.97 PRLakewood
22.11Byron Gouette
18:29.97 PRLakewood
24.11Daryl Zuniga
18:38.38 PRCedarcrest18 pts.
25.11Zach Conard
18:38.54 PRArchbishop Murphy19 pts.
26.10Mitchel Gogert
18:38.74 PRLakewood
27.10Jonathan Tietje
18:40.68 PRArchbishop Murphy20 pts.
28.9Josh Denison
18:41.09 PRCedarcrest
29.10Royce Phillips
18:51.65 PRSultan21 pts.
30.11Devon Smith
18:59.34 PRLakewood
31.11Jeremy Webb
19:13.20 PRLakewood
32.11Kevin Claggett
19:17.44 PRArchbishop Murphy22 pts.
33.11Brian Star
19:23.59 PRLakewood
34.9Anthony DeGrazia
19:30.65 PRArchbishop Murphy23 pts.
35.11Payden Butler
19:47.74 PRLakewood
36.9Cameron Howard
19:59.59 PRLakewood
37.10Erik McCaughan
20:04.14 PRArchbishop Murphy24 pts.
38.10Ben Bennett
20:18.95 PRArchbishop Murphy25 pts.
39.12Matt Scheffer
20:21.28 PRLakewood
40.10Jason Houts
20:24.22 PRArchbishop Murphy
41.9Cameron Wade
20:25.00 PRArchbishop Murphy
42.11Andrew Osborne
20:28.04 PRLakewood
43.9Tim Franz
20:39.31 PRSultan26 pts.
44.9Parker Mathis
20:40.93 PRArchbishop Murphy
45.9Conner Ballew
21:31.85 PRArchbishop Murphy
46.9Michael Elhardt
21:36.95 PRArchbishop Murphy
47.10Cameron Jones
21:37.43 PRLakewood
48.10Nick Howe
21:38.00 PRLakewood
49.11Spencer Hulsander
21:39.73 PRLakewood
50.9Sam Kiefer
21:41.84 PRLakewood
51.12Andrew Dzilenski
21:42.41 PRArchbishop Murphy
52.9David Henshaw
21:43.50 PRArchbishop Murphy
53.10Nick Gouette
21:49.38 PRLakewood
11Aldo Barletta
21:49.7354 PRLakewood
55.10David Filley
22:13.97 PRArchbishop Murphy
56.11Carl Delica
22:21.83 PRLakewood
57.11Cameron Hess
22:32.16 PRLakewood
58.9David Shirley
22:54.83 PRSultan
59.12Peter McDonnell
22:56.24 PRArchbishop Murphy
60.12Trevor Berg
23:01.59 PRSultan
60.10Patrick Throckmorton
23:01.59 PRArchbishop Murphy
62.9Adam Sundholm
23:09.70 PRArchbishop Murphy
62.9Kevin Kaczka
23:09.70 PRArchbishop Murphy
64.10Mark Mattson
23:38.75 PRLakewood
65.9Zack Cotterill
23:38.93 PRSultan
66.9Jason Berg
23:47.54 PRSultan
67.11Ben Cooper
24:41.16 PRArchbishop Murphy
68.11Akaash Saini
25:40.70 PRLakewood
69.9Ben Knibbe
25:50.48 PRLakewood
70.11Anthony Tanner
25:55.58 PRLakewood
71.9Cameron Murdzia
36:47.47 PRLakewood
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Womens Results

2.8 Miles girls

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Lauren Moran
16:43.99 PRArchbishop Murphy1 pt.
2.12Sarah Dunn
17:33.94 PRLakewood2 pts.
3.11Lacey Nation
17:37.75 PRLakewood3 pts.
4.9Kelsy Rasmussen
17:39.24 PRArchbishop Murphy4 pts.
5.10Chelsea Sowards
17:56.94 PRLakewood5 pts.
6.10Shelby Lyman
20:21.42 PRArchbishop Murphy6 pts.
7.11Sarah McDade
20:30.57 PRArchbishop Murphy7 pts.
8.9Cara Strodel
21:00.93 PRCedarcrest8 pts.
9.10Kaitlyn Kelly
21:01.34 PRArchbishop Murphy9 pts.
10.9Jessica Beam
21:04.74 PRCedarcrest10 pts.
11.11Katie Bunker
21:17.66 PRCedarcrest11 pts.
12.10Amber Burnell
21:18.45 PRLakewood12 pts.
13.11Amanda Hitchcock
21:31.57 PRArchbishop Murphy13 pts.
14.10Kate Stringer
21:32.48 PRArchbishop Murphy14 pts.
15.10Keely Caldwell
22:25.25 PRLakewood15 pts.
16.9Chelsea Stokes
22:25.65 PRLakewood16 pts.
17.9Tasha Bartol
22:26.19 PRLakewood
17.11Yvette Kelp
22:26.19 PRLakewood
19.11Kristina Gunderson
22:43.14 PRCedarcrest18 pts.
20.11Renee McCann
23:16.81 PRSultan
21.11Lindsey Henning
23:37.53 PRSultan
22.9Emily Osborne
23:42.47 PRLakewood
23.10Brianna Baldwin
23:43.45 PRArchbishop Murphy
24.11Sophie Dzilenski
23:43.80 PRArchbishop Murphy
25.12Aziza Sial
23:46.51 PRCedarcrest19 pts.
26.10Kathleen Austad
24:31.76 PRLakewood
27.9Krista McCann
24:37 PRSultan
28.9Glynis Bawden
24:42.47 PRCedarcrest20 pts.
28.11Jessica Elekes
24:42.47 PRArchbishop Murphy
30.11Jillian Shafer
25:00.47 PRLakewood
31.10Juliette Boddy
25:38.07 PRArchbishop Murphy
32.9Aisha Butler
25:40.42 PRLakewood
33.10Marie Betts
25:40.70 PRLakewood
34.11Michelle Sturgill
26:24.24 PRArchbishop Murphy
35.9Caitlin Kouchakji
26:24.88 PRArchbishop Murphy
36.10JJ Osti
26:58.81 PRLakewood
37.9Adrienne Smith
27:50.58 PRLakewood
38.10Samantha Hillis
29:26.16 PRLakewood
39.9Hannah Clark
29:26.49 PRLakewood
40.9Kasey Rackowitz
35:49.65 PRLakewood
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