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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Wisconsin Lutheran53
4.New Berlin West133
5.Milwaukee Lutheran144
6.Kettle Moraine Lutheran147
7.Kenosha Indian Trail155
8.University School of Milwaukee185
9.Saint Thomas More282
10.Racine Saint Catherine's287
1.12Garrett Miller
16:11.04Kettle Moraine Luthe...
2.11Charlie Stahl
3.10Eric J. Brown, II
16:32.98Wisconsin Lutheran
4.10Kyler Lueck
16:37.26Wisconsin Lutheran
5.11Jacob Woolf
6.10Sam Kuhlmann
7.12Nick Sandoval
17:01.20Kettle Moraine Luthe...
8.11Jacob Goldberg
9.10Alex McKowski
10.12James Kearn
17:04.54New Berlin West
11.12John Papke
12.12Thomas Treacy
13.10Ben Carmichael
17:14.65Wisconsin Lutheran
14.11Jack Mauer
15.11Brad Meyer
17:21.66Wisconsin Lutheran
16.12Cory Davis
17:22.69New Berlin West
17.12David Jorgenson
17:24.53Milwaukee Lutheran
18.11Joel Janik
17:34.73Wisconsin Lutheran
19.12Momo Mohamed
17:49.72New Berlin West
20.11Jacob Kallan
17:50.54Pius Xi
21.12James Haessly
17:53.59 PRGrafton
22.10Jason Buzzell
17:53.90 PRKenosha Indian Trail
23.11Brett Leino
17:55.84Wisconsin Lutheran
24.12Curt Homan
17:56.61 PRMilwaukee Lutheran
25.11Aaron Carmichael
17:59.31Wisconsin Lutheran
26.10Quinn Armitage
18:00.54Milwaukee Lutheran
27.11Eric Hilgendorf
18:03.51University School of...
28.9Jack Collison
18:08.53University School of...
29.9Parker White
30.11James Simmons
18:19.03Kenosha Indian Trail
31.12Josh Strasser
18:19.83Kettle Moraine Luthe...
32.10Justine Tolosa
18:19.92Kenosha Indian Trail
33.11Patrick Tobianski
34.10Andrew Daghfal
18:21.87Kenosha Indian Trail
35.11Max Riederer
18:27.49Milwaukee Lutheran
36.11Thomas Camilleri
18:30.65University School of...
37.9Jacob Labatore
18:36.73Kenosha Indian Trail
38.12Max McCarthy
18:38.53Racine Saint Catheri...
39.11James Windorff
18:42.27New Berlin West
40.10Joe Docter
41.11Nate Roubik
18:50.76Saint Thomas More
42.9Jesse Soderbeck
18:55.94 PRMilwaukee Lutheran
43.11Andres Santos
19:00.24Saint Thomas More
44.11Griffin Damron
19:00.30University School of...
45.11Jonathon Wollner
46.10James Camacho
19:09.13Kenosha Indian Trail
47.9Christian Gerner
19:13.05Milwaukee Lutheran
48.9Davan Siefried
19:14.52Pius Xi
49.10Andrew Munger
19:15.21New Berlin West
50.11Aaron Bickert
19:16.04University School of...
51.11Wynn Culver
19:20.01University School of...
52.11Ross Wick
19:20.17New Berlin West
53.9Matthew Stoltz
19:22.91 SRKettle Moraine Luthe...
54.11Alex Riva
19:30.20Kenosha Indian Trail
55.9John Datka
19:30.22Kettle Moraine Luthe...
56.12Curt Hogg
19:36.13Brown Deer
57.11Connor Yackels
19:41.48Kettle Moraine Luthe...
58.10Cole Stefaniak
19:44.54Pius Xi
59.11Christopher Barnes
19:44.99Pius Xi
60.12Patrick McCauley
19:49.17Racine Saint Catheri...
61.11Dominick Ropella
19:58.31New Berlin West
62.9Ryan Busey
20:00.42Racine Saint Catheri...
63.11Jared Sanborn
20:03.53 PRKewaskum
64.11Kj Banse
20:20.25Racine Saint Catheri...
65.11Austin Wicker
20:21.13Saint Thomas More
66.12Raelon White
67.11Horst Burmeister
20:24.93Brown Deer
68.11Ben Sampson
20:54.64University School of...
69.12Sam Isaacson
21:03.68Milwaukee Lutheran
70.9Joe Klosiewski
21:05.79Saint Thomas More
71.10Jerod Alderson
21:16.20Racine Saint Catheri...
72.11Sam Quale
21:23.11Racine Saint Catheri...
73.10Mitch Boyle
21:28.68Saint Thomas More
74.11Sam Helwig
21:33.03Kettle Moraine Luthe...
75.11Noah Wittig
21:39.36Saint Thomas More
76.11Dan Post
23:10.78Saint Thomas More
77.11Jackson Huff
78.10Jack Hermsen
24:22.36Brown Deer
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Wisconsin Lutheran54
4.New Berlin West130
5.University School of Milwaukee141
6.Pius Xi165
7.Milwaukee Lutheran179
8.Saint Thomas More216
9.Kettle Moraine Lutheran234
10.Kenosha Indian Trail237
1.9Morgan Florsheim
2.11Abby Pech
3.12Maria Schmid
15:48.98Pius Xi
4.12Elana Stelter
15:50.63Wisconsin Lutheran
5.11Haley Florsheim
6.11Megan Waples
16:08.37University School of...
7.11Talia Spiegelberg
16:18.46Wisconsin Lutheran
8.9Chloe Lichosik
16:20.84 PRGrafton
9.12Amber Ducheny
10.12Emma Kulick
16:21.40 SRUniversity School of...
11.10Katie Boehm
12.10Sara Kieselhorst
16:27.60Wisconsin Lutheran
13.11Elise White
16:31.04 SRGrafton
14.10Hannah Weide
16:31.35Wisconsin Lutheran
15.12Heidi Bauer
16:35.57 PRGrafton
16.9Jessie Isaacson
16:37.20 PRMilwaukee Lutheran
17.12Andrea Poppe
16:43.31Wisconsin Lutheran
18.10Madee Ferone
19.11Laura Gould
20.12Brittany Kozlowski
16:56.02New Berlin West
21.12Haley Holan
22.11Rachel Butler
16:59.03New Berlin West
23.11Morgan McOlash
17:00.68 SRMilwaukee Lutheran
24.10Madeline Egan
17:02.88New Berlin West
25.12Angela Sperry
26.11Heather Plough
17:07.91Wisconsin Lutheran
27.11Emily Waples
17:14.74University School of...
28.11Gina Sanfelippo
17:26.56 PRSaint Thomas More
29.12Ally Sekula
17:30.94Pius Xi
30.10Caley McClyman
17:33.89 PRKewaskum
31.9Sarah Meleski
17:35.25New Berlin West
32.9Laurel Hirschmann
17:38.38Wisconsin Lutheran
33.11Erin Simpson
17:39.09New Berlin West
34.12Korina Hendricks
17:39.26Saint Thomas More
35.11Alix Koenig
17:50.41Saint Thomas More
36.9Alanna McCauley
17:56.67University School of...
37.9Mary Falck
18:05.45Kettle Moraine Luthe...
38.10Megan Roehrs
18:06.87New Berlin West
39.11Andrea Meitler
18:08.49 SRMilwaukee Lutheran
40.11Jessica Roback
18:09.63Pius Xi
41.10Rinka Randall
18:10.41 PRKenosha Indian Trail
42.11Jennifier Gomez
18:18.89Kenosha Indian Trail
43.11Sydney Schneider
18:23.01Kettle Moraine Luthe...
44.12Kassidy Berens
18:23.39New Berlin West
45.10Melody Daghfal
18:26.70Kenosha Indian Trail
46.11Natalie Schraith
18:34.57Pius Xi
47.12Maggie Fangman
18:35.03Pius Xi
48.9Elizabeth Kolell
18:46.64Milwaukee Lutheran
49.9Victoria Heckendorf
18:50.40Kettle Moraine Luthe...
50.10Yasmine Sahid
18:53.21Pius Xi
51.9Emma Steffens
19:00.76Kettle Moraine Luthe...
52.9Naomi Jiter
19:06.80Kenosha Indian Trail
53.9Natalie Arnold
19:09.89 PRMilwaukee Lutheran
54.12Jessie Shine
19:10.49Kettle Moraine Luthe...
55.9Payton Schneider
19:10.73Kettle Moraine Luthe...
56.9Hannah Abts
19:13.15Kettle Moraine Luthe...
57.9Kylie Zazula
19:15.40 SRKenosha Indian Trail
58.12Katie Gebhard
19:25.19Saint Thomas More
59.11Jessica Nurkala
19:27.62 PRKewaskum
60.10Amanda Plachinski
19:29.15 SRKewaskum
61.10Grace Walton
19:37.40Saint Thomas More
62.12Emily Burton
19:41.67University School of...
63.10Sydney Cleveland
19:42.61University School of...
64.12April Stern
19:44.89 SRKewaskum
65.11Stephanie Contreras
19:47.07Pius Xi
66.11McKenna Ballard
20:18.55Kenosha Indian Trail
67.12Delaney Verba
20:21.28Saint Thomas More
68.12Annie Fiebig
20:28.78 PRKewaskum
69.11Katie Datka
20:49.46 SRMilwaukee Lutheran
70.11Lauren Recupero
21:15.04 PRRacine Saint Catheri...
71.12Megan Padgett
21:45.98 SRBrown Deer
72.12Andi Lira-Landa
22:08.76 PRSt Joan Antida
73.11Ashli Harris
25:43.22 PRSt Joan Antida
74.11Ivory Roberts
25:54.61 PRSt Joan Antida
75.12Tomi Ladeinde
26:14.13 PRSt Joan Antida
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