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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Wisconsin Lutheran45
3.West Bend West61
5.Beaver Dam128
7.Hartford Union209
8.West Bend East214
1.11Alec Miller
15:44.29West Bend West
2.10Eric J. Brown, II
15:51.64 PRWisconsin Lutheran
3.12Noah Brown
16:00.35 PROconomowoc
4.12Andrew Gifford
16:02.12 PRWatertown
5.10Kyler Lueck
16:03.49 SRWisconsin Lutheran
6.12Joe Zack
7.11Aric Miller
16:16.64West Bend West
8.11Paul Timm
16:24.77 SROconomowoc
9.11Joel Janik
16:36.12 PRWisconsin Lutheran
10.10Ben Carmichael
16:38.65 SRWisconsin Lutheran
11.10Greg Magnan
16:44.12 SRWatertown
12.12Mitch Pauers
16:48.61 PROconomowoc
13.9Sam Uhrich
16:49.01 SRBeaver Dam
14.12Anthony Gnas
16:50.34 SRSlinger
15.12Max Casper
16:51.33West Bend West
16.11David Butts
16:53.87 PRWatertown
17.10Logan Kitchen
16:54.38 SRBeaver Dam
18.11Zach Stoll
16:57.94 PRWest Bend West
19.11Brad Meyer
16:58.81Wisconsin Lutheran
20.10Dane Mauland
17:02.04 SRWest Bend West
21.11Ryne Prinz
17:02.29West Bend West
22.11Blake Gonring
17:02.30 PRSlinger
23.11Brett Leino
17:02.37 PRWisconsin Lutheran
24.12Aj Emerich
17:04.53West Bend West
25.11Grahm Schneider
17:10.84 SRWest Bend West
26.12Kyle May
17:13.25 PRWest Bend East
27.12Matthew Pogorelec
17:15.10 PRBeaver Dam
28.12Alex Kunz
17:15.86 PROconomowoc
29.11Eric Wex
17:21.06 PRWatertown
30.11Aaron Carmichael
17:21.32 SRWisconsin Lutheran
31.12Josh Woldseth
32.11Josh Kruit
17:36.07 SRHartford Union
33.11Forrest Koslowski
34.11Kenny Fenske
17:38.79 PROconomowoc
35.12Brandon Buchholtz
17:39.10 SROconomowoc
36.9Isaiah Rabata
17:39.63 SRBeaver Dam
37.11Mitchell Wackett
38.9Dylan Lueck
17:42.64Wisconsin Lutheran
39.12Sean Ulrikson
17:42.87 PRBeaver Dam
40.10Nathan Uhrich
17:45.74 PRBeaver Dam
41.10John McVey
17:48.69 SROconomowoc
42.10Adam Loeber
17:52.60 SRWatertown
43.12Andrew Johnston
17:55.91 SRHartford Union
44.11Zach Rothenhoefer
45.11Kaleb Kremsreiter
18:04.82 SRBeaver Dam
46.12Dominic Drezdon
18:10.77West Bend East
47.12Jacob Dziewik
18:14.96 SRWest Bend East
48.12Daniel Winter
18:15.53Hartford Union
49.12James Gaffney
18:18.13 SRHartford Union
50.11Christian Koszewski
18:23.52Hartford Union
51.12David Holzer
18:25.29 PRHartford Union
52.9Nick Gergetz
18:32.84West Bend East
53.9Jacob Rothenhoefer
54.10Jacob Ehmke
18:59.22Hartford Union
55.11Adam Iverson
18:59.93 SRWatertown
56.9Alex Moser
19:03.09 PRSlinger
57.12Israel Garcia
19:08.61West Bend East
58.11Eric Cleven
19:21.34West Bend East
59.11Alex Martinaios
19:35.08 SRWest Bend East
60.12Matt Melvin
19:40.66West Bend East
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.West Bend West24
2.Wisconsin Lutheran42
4.Hartford Union124
5.Beaver Dam153
8.West Bend East201
1.10Colin Murray
17:23.16West Bend West
2.9Chase Imberger
17:29.32 SRWisconsin Lutheran
3.12Gabe Myers
17:42.24 PRWest Bend West
4.10Jordan Hoffman
17:42.89 PRWisconsin Lutheran
5.11Jerad Sullivan
17:46.56West Bend West
6.10Jacob Nugent
7.9Max Hardy
17:52.08 SRWest Bend West
8.9Thomas Eichner
17:58.80West Bend West
9.11Kyle Brightsman
18:17.02Wisconsin Lutheran
10.9Tyler Kozlowski
18:17.26 SRWest Bend West
11.10Kenny Holbrook
18:24.16 SRWest Bend West
12.9Matt Stoll
18:24.24 SRWest Bend West
13.12Ty Carrillo
18:25.27 PROconomowoc
14.12Brannon Zochert
18:26.05 SRWest Bend West
15.10Zachary Stahle
18:26.20 SRWisconsin Lutheran
16.10Chad Leino
18:30.72 SRWisconsin Lutheran
17.12Sam Dunkovich
18:37.42 PRWest Bend West
18.10Jacob Winter
18:38.16 SROconomowoc
19.10Nicholas Wojciecho...
18:39.11 PRHartford Union
20.10Dale Winter
18:46.32 PRHartford Union
21.12Joshua Bauerfeind
18:47.41 SRBeaver Dam
22.11Andrew Duening
18:54.21 PRWest Bend West
23.10Calvin Fagan
18:54.75 PROconomowoc
24.12Andy Wenninger
25.12Jj Pocian
18:57.16 PRWest Bend West
26.12Alex Swanson
19:01.00 PRWest Bend West
27.12Joey Buss
28.11Cj Werner
19:04.60 PRWest Bend West
29.10Dustin Swim
19:04.99 PRSlinger
30.10Cheyenne Lynch
19:05.61 PRBeaver Dam
31.9Daniel Nicoson
19:06.54Hartford Union
32.11Jacob Duening
19:13.27 PRWest Bend West
33.12Jacob Ballweg
19:13.55Beaver Dam
34.10Andrew Fink
19:13.99Wisconsin Lutheran
35.11Trevor Foren
19:19.11Wisconsin Lutheran
36.10Greg Korinek
19:19.90 SRSlinger
37.11Lucas Belanger
19:22.30 SRWest Bend West
38.11Colton Ermer
19:24.91Hartford Union
39.11Ben Geoffrey
19:26.28 SRSlinger
40.11Ben Daniels
19:28.12 PRWest Bend East
41.11Alex Piechowski
19:29.43 PRWest Bend West
42.9Brandon Roy
19:31.70West Bend East
43.11Sam Engelbrect
19:31.74 SRWest Bend West
44.10Andrew Kitzhaber
19:33.11 SRWatertown
45.11Patrick Martin
19:35.60 PRSlinger
46.9Michael Rouse
19:38.05Wisconsin Lutheran
47.9Nathan Simon
19:39.82 SRBeaver Dam
48.9Jarett Krause
19:41.38West Bend West
49.11Sam Christus
50.10Carter Steinke
19:43.73 SROconomowoc
51.11Patrick Kastelic
19:47.74Hartford Union
52.9Brett Hanley
53.9Jordan Budiac
19:49.26 SRWest Bend West
54.12Tyler Engel
19:50.98 PRWatertown
55.10Travis Schultz
19:51.31Hartford Union
56.9Matthew Sutrick
19:53.62Hartford Union
57.12Rob Snyder
58.12Collin Krause
19:57.32 PRWest Bend West
59.9Andrew Voss
19:57.76 SRWest Bend West
60.9Kyle Perik
19:58.14 SROconomowoc
61.9Will Olson
19:58.38 SRWisconsin Lutheran
62.11Brady McMahon
19:59.83 PRWest Bend West
63.9Kevin Pulvermache
20:01.50Hartford Union
64.9Jacob Kruepke
20:05.90West Bend East
65.10Tyler Fassbender
20:06.65 SRHartford Union
66.9Cole Flegel
20:06.68 SRWatertown
67.10Karl Vachuska
20:07.85West Bend East
68.9Cameron Bethke
20:08.57 PRWatertown
69.9Landon Lehr
20:16.40Wisconsin Lutheran
70.9Cal Kemp
20:19.40 SRWatertown
71.11Steve Bieser
72.10Ben Foster
73.9Zack Banner
74.9Daeton Dudovick
20:31.92 SRWest Bend East
75.10Ben Thomas
20:36.32West Bend East
76.9Garett Bucholz
20:37.60Hartford Union
77.9Alex Mandel
20:38.39 SRHartford Union
78.9Marcus Freeby
20:38.86 SRBeaver Dam
79.11Colin Howie
20:39.44 PROconomowoc
80.9Anthony Wichman
81.10Kyle Duffy
20:42.50 SROconomowoc
82.10Mason Myers
20:45.10West Bend West
83.10Kainoa Dee
84.11Aaron Hartl
20:48.81Beaver Dam
85.10Jarrod Schneider
20:51.41 SRWest Bend East
86.12Matt Sanborn
20:54.16 SRWest Bend East
87.9Ryan Henke
20:56.08 SRWest Bend East
88.12Robbie Oathout
21:03.15 PRBeaver Dam
89.9Jacob Lee
21:08.35Wisconsin Lutheran
90.11Matt Bloom
21:08.36 SROconomowoc
91.9Zack Schneider
21:09.13 PRWest Bend East
92.11Bailey Isselmann
21:09.85Hartford Union
93.10Jack Kehoe
21:14.01West Bend West
94.9Austin Matthies
21:16.05Hartford Union
95.11Jake Cox
21:22.29 SRSlinger
96.10Brett Burkholz
21:26.56Hartford Union
97.9Rueben Smith
98.11Ryan Hogan
21:34.87 PRWest Bend West
99.9Brandon Miller
21:35.33West Bend East
100.9Peter Tell
21:36.40 SROconomowoc
101.12Luke Wetzel
21:37.22 PRWatertown
102.9Tony Koerner
103.10David Pankonen
21:43.30 SRWatertown
104.11Michael Baumhardt
21:55.75 PRHartford Union
105.9Mike Marr
21:55.98 SRWatertown
106.9Peter Cherek
21:56.98 SRHartford Union
107.10Rick Korinek
108.9JP McGuire
109.12Tanner Gnatzig
110.12Jacob Schwartz
111.12Mason Nick
22:19.50 PRSlinger
112.9Derek Pratt
113.9Josef Morrise
22:23.69West Bend East
114.9Cody Wojtasiak
22:23.98 SRWest Bend East
115.10Austyn LaCharite
22:37.59 SRSlinger
116.10Kevin Tracy
22:39.01 SROconomowoc
117.10Mike Harder
118.9Ben Hartl
22:43.98Beaver Dam
119.12Paul Hermann
22:47.78Hartford Union
120.9Mason Geib
22:47.85West Bend West
121.9Anthony Miller
122.9William Ohm
23:38.06Hartford Union
123.12Shadow Day
124.11Matt Bahr
125.9Sean Osborne
126.9Julian Blecking
127.11Jacob Moser
128.9Anson Dowd
26:09.57 PRSlinger
129.9Connor Koch
26:37.24Hartford Union
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.West Bend West47
2.Beaver Dam56
3.Wisconsin Lutheran69
6.Hartford Union172
7.West Bend East178
1.9Marlie Houston
14:25.50 PROconomowoc
2.12Taylor Clyse
14:45.54 SRSlinger
3.11Riley Frieler
14:55.14 PROconomowoc
4.11Maria Martinez-Ponce
14:55.76 PRBeaver Dam
5.11Brenna Calder
15:04.33Beaver Dam
6.11Kyra Gudex
15:06.18 PRWest Bend West
7.11Erica Wanie
15:08.32 SRWest Bend West
8.12Kayla Janto
15:15.08 PRWest Bend West
9.9Abby Janto
15:27.13 PRWest Bend West
10.10Sara Kieselhorst
15:27.50 PRWisconsin Lutheran
11.12Elana Stelter
15:27.93 SRWisconsin Lutheran
12.10Caitlyn Kiekhaefer
15:31.41 PRBeaver Dam
13.11Cassidy Wichman
15:40.80 PRSlinger
14.10Hannah Weide
15:43.27Wisconsin Lutheran
15.12Nikita Fetter
15:43.97 PRBeaver Dam
16.11Talia Spiegelberg
15:44.59Wisconsin Lutheran
17.11Celina Wanta
15:49.63 PRWest Bend West
18.12Andrea Poppe
15:52.33Wisconsin Lutheran
19.12Amy Konkol
15:57.09Hartford Union
20.9Mackenzie Helgemoe
15:57.99 PRBeaver Dam
21.12Olivia Radtke
22.10Taylor Walden
23.10Megan Ludke
16:02.75West Bend East
24.11Megan Wagner
16:04.22 PRSlinger
25.10Amanda Wanie
16:07.93 PRWest Bend West
26.11Katie Hoagland
16:08.84 SRSlinger
27.10Alyssa Zuhlke
16:09.28 PRBeaver Dam
28.10Liz Wilson
16:10.69 PRBeaver Dam
29.11Heather Plough
16:11.45Wisconsin Lutheran
30.12Eden Rogers
16:11.62 PRWest Bend West
31.12Tiffani Castillo
16:15.54 PRBeaver Dam
32.11Kaitlyn Seibold
16:17.01 PRHartford Union
33.9Emmalee Ciriacks
16:17.48 SRWest Bend East
34.11Deanna Knetzger
16:17.58 PRHartford Union
35.12Taylor Aderman
16:21.02 PRSlinger
36.12Brittney Newman
16:22.66West Bend East
37.10Erin Vande Zande
16:23.50 SROconomowoc
38.9Laurel Hirschmann
16:25.91Wisconsin Lutheran
39.12Maddie Houston
16:27.94 SROconomowoc
40.10Madisen Majewski
16:27.99 PRSlinger
41.9Georgia Harrison
16:33.43West Bend East
42.11Caitin Hartnett
16:34.49 PROconomowoc
43.11Carli Goddard
16:35.37 PROconomowoc
44.9Brook Johnson
16:38.48 PRSlinger
45.10Emma Flegel
46.10Sydney Lukes
16:40.00 PRHartford Union
47.11Anna Malachowski
16:40.49 PRHartford Union
48.11Michaela Mueller
49.11Justine Bachmann
16:46.73 PRHartford Union
50.10Olivia Beyer
16:47.11 PRSlinger
51.9Kayla Keegan
16:54.81 PRWest Bend East
52.10Brooke Zich
16:56.40West Bend West
53.11Abigail Nieskes
17:04.46Hartford Union
54.12Taylor Naatz
55.10Maggie Moran
17:12.42 SRWest Bend East
56.9Erica Anderson
57.9Elisabeth Rusch
17:16.58 SRWest Bend East
58.12Megan Brown
17:58.78 PRWatertown
59.11Olivia Hoffman
18:11.82Hartford Union
60.9Kathleen Blechschm...
18:29.28 PRWatertown
61.12Elaine Anderson
18:34.77 PRWatertown
62.11Kristin Miller
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Beaver Dam21
3.West Bend West73
5.Wisconsin Lutheran116
6.Hartford Union152
7.West Bend East203
1.11Anna Biel
16:28.72 PRBeaver Dam
2.11Katie Schoenwetter
16:33.74 SRBeaver Dam
3.10Aubrynn Vander Velde
16:39.82 PRBeaver Dam
4.12Megan Smith
16:48.34 PROconomowoc
5.11Samantha Lemminger
16:51.28 SRWest Bend West
6.10Alicia Burnett
16:54.39 PRBeaver Dam
7.9Ashlyn Schwind
16:56.41 PRSlinger
8.9Kristin Klahn
16:57.46 SRSlinger
9.10Kristen Kasparek
16:57.52 PRBeaver Dam
10.9Mercedes Krenz
17:02.97 SRBeaver Dam
11.12Valentina Skurek
17:05.30 PRWest Bend West
12.11Bobbi Jo Helgemoe
17:11.91 PRBeaver Dam
13.9Megan Kuether
17:12.01 SRWisconsin Lutheran
14.12Maddie Fontaine
15.12Samantha Pups
17:16.41 PROconomowoc
16.11Elizabeth Bergmann
17:16.48 SRWisconsin Lutheran
17.9Caroline Krebs
17:16.92 PRWest Bend West
18.10Jane Nienhus
17:17.08 SROconomowoc
19.10Nicole Henrich
17:17.14West Bend West
20.10Sienna Valley
17:18.94 SROconomowoc
21.9Alexis Johnson
17:20.83West Bend West
22.11Becky Schnorenberg
17:21.52 PRHartford Union
23.11Jessica Bade
17:22.20 PRHartford Union
24.9Jessica Zastrow
17:22.24Wisconsin Lutheran
25.12Alissa Kuester
17:32.73 PRWest Bend West
26.10Sarah Quinn
17:34.10 PRSlinger
27.10Lanae Laatsch
17:35.66West Bend West
28.11Inger Toraason
17:36.70 PRSlinger
29.9Analiese Jones
17:37.88 SRBeaver Dam
30.9Sam Blehovde
17:38.71 SROconomowoc
31.9Elizabeth Schreiber
17:39.47 PRWest Bend West
32.9Hannah Leverence
17:41.40Wisconsin Lutheran
33.11Jacque Simays
17:42.15 PRSlinger
34.12Megan Schultz
17:42.71 PRWest Bend West
35.9Claire Koszewski
17:42.96 SRHartford Union
36.9Madeline Wachs
17:44.35 PRWisconsin Lutheran
37.9Holly Wintrone
17:44.54 PRWisconsin Lutheran
38.11Emily Naumann
17:49.41 PROconomowoc
39.9Kayla Schneider
17:52.08West Bend West
40.9Erica Fahrenkrug
17:55.39 SRWest Bend East
41.10Kristen Schmitt
17:58.30 PRHartford Union
42.10Alexandria Groth
18:03.09 SROconomowoc
43.9Veronica Kazemba
18:05.03 PRWest Bend West
44.9Grace Westhoff
18:07.86 PROconomowoc
45.11Kayla Martel
18:09.25 SRBeaver Dam
46.10Cecilia Elsbernd
18:11.82Hartford Union
47.11Erica Koller
18:15.08 PRWest Bend East
48.10Caroline Groth
18:16.81 PROconomowoc
49.9Kalina Kramer
18:17.87West Bend East
50.11Audra Boettge
18:18.94Hartford Union
51.9Rachel Dummer
18:21.24 PRWisconsin Lutheran
52.9Aimee Solheim
18:23.34 PRWest Bend West
53.11Samantha Wellnitz
18:32.35 SRBeaver Dam
54.10Meredith Polzin
18:33.79 PRWisconsin Lutheran
55.9Emily Frey
18:36.67 SRWest Bend East
56.11Kylie Rommelfanger
18:39.31 SRBeaver Dam
57.11Cianna Broker
18:39.33 SRHartford Union
58.11Hailey Krewald
18:39.69 PRWest Bend East
59.9Katelynn Strupp
18:39.83 PRHartford Union
60.11Ciara Metzger
18:40.96 SRSlinger
61.11Breanna Mantz
18:45.13 SRSlinger
62.10Machaela Nelson
18:46.31 SRSlinger
63.10Raelee Ciriacks
18:48.05 SRWest Bend East
64.10Reilly McCreedy
18:50.49 SRSlinger
65.12Katie Urban
18:51.33 PRBeaver Dam
66.11Rebecca Waldman
18:51.48 PRWest Bend West
67.9Kaitlyn Grinwald
18:51.93 PRHartford Union
68.10Reily Paine
19:12.41Hartford Union
69.10Amanda Kasten
19:16.13 PRWest Bend West
70.10Theresa Smiley
71.12Kristen Muskevitsch
72.10Grace Souksavath
19:27.14 PRBeaver Dam
73.9Madeline Fink
19:37.80Hartford Union
74.9Leah Botting
19:38.48 SRWest Bend West
75.10Ashley Patasius
19:40.72West Bend West
76.12Brittney Rothweile
19:45.34 PRWatertown
77.11Megan Heimermann
19:50.10Hartford Union
78.12Kaitlin Miller
79.12Emma Piechura
19:57.66 PRHartford Union
80.10Amanda Decker
81.9Alexis Souksavath
20:17.64 SRBeaver Dam
82.9Brittany Reuter
20:19.20West Bend West
83.10MacKenzie Roberts
20:19.21West Bend East
84.9Kathryn Schickert
20:21.34 PRSlinger
85.11Brianna Eigner
20:22.22 SRSlinger
86.10Molly Waech
20:29.04 SRWest Bend West
87.9Elysia Dowd
20:33.00 PRSlinger
88.12Paulette Winkels
89.9Amanda Burt
20:41.95 SROconomowoc
90.9Olivia Wieland
20:49.05 PRWatertown
91.11Alyssa Merrill
20:53.06Beaver Dam
92.11Megan Maloney
20:58.30 PRHartford Union
93.9Brittany Hetzel
20:59.98 PRHartford Union
94.10Alicia Guerndt
95.12Alyssa Tomey
21:06.72West Bend West
96.9Jessica Metzger
21:15.71 PRSlinger
97.9Andrea Vander Pas
21:18.50 PRHartford Union
98.9Melissa Clement
21:23.64Hartford Union
99.10Emily Mayer
21:24.47 PRWest Bend West
100.12Kassie Starr
101.10Kylie Lowen
102.12Andrea Pardon
103.11Allison Craighead
21:42.00West Bend East
104.12Abby Grenon
21:50.25 SRBeaver Dam
105.9Kristen Pajarillo
22:02.31 PRBeaver Dam
106.9Kayla Callies
22:07.71 SRSlinger
107.9Kaylin Cox
22:23.21 SRSlinger
108.11Marie Brochmeier
22:25.74 PRWest Bend West
109.12Isabel Smith
110.10Caitlyn Lopacinski
22:39.34West Bend West
111.11Line Eichman
112.10Paige Becker
113.11Kara Metkowski
22:45.16 PRSlinger
114.10Catherine Grundy
23:10.01 SRHartford Union
115.9Allyssa Gilmore
24:08.10 PRSlinger
116.11Emma Van Derel
25:39.54 PRSlinger
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