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5,000 Meters Rookie
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Murray City Park

5,000 Meters Rookie
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Rookie

2.12Jesse Velarde
18:57.8West Jordan
58.12Chris Bogedahl
21:04.2West Jordan
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5,000 Meters Varsity

11.11Jeff Walker
16:38.1 SRWest Jordan
44.11Caldy Buhler
17:35.1West Jordan
71.10Chris Barney
17:51.1 PRWest Jordan
12Phinehas Bynum
18:09.3Rowland Hall
12Alex Baker
18:16Pine View
11Aaron Montague
18:18Pine View
12Zac Zabriske
18:29Pine View
12Hayden Santy
9Corey Kimzey
18:35Pine View
11RJ Smith
18:37 PRPine View
9Nathan Zick-Smith
18:38.4Rowland Hall
12Spencer Finch
18:46Pine View
145.11Corey Dahle
18:46.2West Jordan
12Wilson Dippo
18:47.0Rowland Hall
12Daniel Livsey
18:55.1Rowland Hall
12Jeff Frodsham
18:57Pine View
169.12Randy Carsey
19:14.1West Jordan
12Kirt Heywood
11Alexander Edgley
19:19.9Rowland Hall
11Bryce Stamp
200.10Glen Larsen
19:54.9West Jordan
9Daniel Bynum
20:05.4Rowland Hall
10Monty Bergener
12Levi Gardner
11Taylor Hollen
20:35.0Rowland Hall
11Jose Magallanes
232.10Marty Buhler
21:08.6West Jordan
12Trevor Poulson
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

12Jordan Wood
19:22Pine View
10Tason Turek
19:31Pine View
10Jordan Ellsworth
19:36Pine View
11Steven Ott
19:50Pine View
10Daniel Gillespie
19:50Pine View
10Willy Heinrich
20:12Pine View
11Josh Decker
20:15Pine View
12Eric Goold
20:23Pine View
12Adam Forsyth
21:01Pine View
9Robert Lusk
21:35Pine View
10Ethan Janson
21:48Pine View
9Dyllen Cafferty
21:48Pine View
11Matthew Levitt
21:52.7 SRRowland Hall
10Brooks Hall
22:00.5Rowland Hall
12Jimmy Rollins
22:10.4Rowland Hall
10Max Sharp
22:29.6Rowland Hall
9Steven Montague
23:15Pine View
12Jared Bosh
23:52Pine View
10Jackson Hannon
24:29.6Rowland Hall
9Kendall Wilkey
24:42Pine View
12Nico Holguin
27:09.9Rowland Hall
9Aaron Phillips
27:15.7Rowland Hall
312.12Matt Lambert
27:48.4West Jordan
10Matt Offutt
29:37Pine View
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