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Mens Races
1.7 Mile Junior High10:30 AM
2.97 Mile Junior Varsity12:00 PM
2.97 Mile Varsity1:15 PM
2.97 Meters Open2:10 PM
Womens Races
1.7 Mile Junior High10:00 AM
2.97 Mile Junior Varsity11:15 AM
2.97 Mile Varsity12:45 PM
2.97 Meters Open2:10 PM

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39th  Annual Mt. Baker Invite  

Saturday, September 28th , 2013

@ Silver Lake Park

Maple Falls, WA



* $125 per team (men & women)

* $75.00 per team men or women


* $5.00 per athlete in open race


* Checks Made Out To: Mount Baker High School Cross Country

* Mail Payments to:  P.O. Box 95, Deming, WA 98244



* Check-in @ finish Area begins at 8:30 AM

* JH Awards will follow the completion of the JH races

* All other awards will follow the completion of the Varsity Boys Race


Race                                      _________________      __  Time

Junior High Girls                                                                                        10:00 AM

Junior High Boys                                                                10:30 AM      

JV Girls                                                                               11:15 AM

JV Boys                                                                               12:00 PM

Varsity Girls                                                                          12:45  PM 

Varsity Boys                                                                          1:15 PM

Open Race                                                                            2:10 PM


*Freshman Boys race may be added if numbers go up.

*Open race will cost $5 per racer, all monies go directly to supporting

      Mt. Baker's Cross Country and Track & Field programs.

*The Open Race is for anyone and everyone, tell your friends and family!


*Fairhaven Runners will be onsite with fun games/prizes and demo shoes!

*Extreme Bean Coffee will be selling hot and cold beverages all day!

*El Tapatio, the finest taco truck in Whatcom County will be onsite selling tasty grub!



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Mens Results

1.7 Mile Junior High

Official Team Scores

1.Horizon (Ferndale)33
5.Liberty Bell102
6.Lynden Christian134
7.St Paul's Academy150
1.8Eli Nielsen
9:52.53 PRLiberty Bell
2.8AJ Rankin
9:54.80 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
3.8Cole Crabtree
9:58.47 PRLynden
4.8Cole Bergquist
10:08.25 PRVista
5.8Aaron Vadnais
10:13.32 PRVista
6.8Brandon Wilhoite
10:23.21 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
7.8Finnegan Boyd
10:32.26 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
8.8Noah Gillespie
10:38.63 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
9.8Tim Haley
10:40.06 PRLiberty Bell
10.7Brenden Bingham
10:45.16 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
11.7Kameron Kelley
10:47.81 SRMount Baker (Deming)
12.8Ethan Strom
10:53.12 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
13.8Carson Westrich
10:55.68 PRLynden
14.8Kenny Barnes
10:56.08 PRMeridian
15.7Titus Bowler
10:59.19 PRMeridian
16.8Levi Postma
11:10.32 PRLynden Christian
17.7Nathan Schneider
11:20.44 SRMeridian
18.8Alex Strandgard
11:22.10 PRLynden
19.7Thane Boersma
11:22.42 PRLynden Christian
20.7Sean Le
11:22.80 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
21.7Owen Brands
11:26.37 SRSt Paul's Academy
22.7Jakob Strom
11:27.56 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
23.8Cody Gunter
11:33.75 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
24.8TJ VanderYacht
11:34.65 PRLynden
25.8Carsdan Dvorachek
11:37.23 PRLynden Christian
26.8Jake Finkbonner
11:37.52 PRAssumption Catholic
27.6Colm Schaefer
11:57.24 PRAssumption Catholic
28.8Eli Rohrback
11:57.96 PRMeridian
29.8Guraziz Kahlon
12:02.08 PRSt Paul's Academy
30.7Ben Valley
12:04.33 PRLynden
31.8Kobe Sullivan
12:06.20 PRVista
32.7Brayden White
12:06.55 PRLiberty Bell
33.8Weston Sitterding
12:09.23 PRVista
34.7Lazo Gitchos
12:12.80 PRLiberty Bell
35.7Richy Kaech
12:14.85 PRVista
36.8Alexander Walker
12:16.94 PRMount Baker (Deming)
37.7Andy Chandler
12:33.91 PRMeridian
38.8Henry Burns
12:34.60 PRVista
39.7Ryan Whipkey
12:37.28 PRVista
40.8Connor Dyches
12:38.13 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
41.8Henry Feenstra
12:38.93 PRSt Paul's Academy
42.8Logan Sasken
12:44.98 PRVista
43.7Obie Pacheco
12:49.16 PRSt Paul's Academy
44.7Zach Strong
12:49.77 PRLiberty Bell
45.7Scott Fuhrman
13:04.86 PRNooksack Valley
46.6Caden Stoane
13:08.65 PRSt Paul's Academy
47.6Remy Talbot
13:16.61 SRSt Paul's Academy
48.7Jamie Furr
13:22.80 PRLynden Christian
49.-Dave Neilson
13:27.55 PRBlaine
50.7Jorren Bishop
13:30.87 SRLynden Christian
51.7Isaiah deRegt
13:39.21 SRLynden Christian
52.7Grant Heeringa
13:39.92 SRLynden
53.8Caleb Darr
13:41.28 PRVista
54.6Mark Frazey
14:09.74 PRAssumption Catholic
55.7Vincent Le
14:35.22 SRVista
56.8Bailey Padden
14:35.59 PRNooksack Valley
57.7Blake VanDenTop
14:57.78 PRMeridian
58.7Jacob Petersen
15:57.56 PRVista
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2.97 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Stevens33
4.Mt Rainier122
6.Meridian (WA)143
10.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)267
11.Mount Baker325
1.12North Bennett
18:00.02 SRSqualicum
2.12Arne Peterson
18:08.07 PRSqualicum
3.12Duncan Mattingly
18:09.83 PRLake Stevens
4.9Malachi Arnold
18:18.70 PRSqualicum
5.10Jeff Lozensky
18:23.42 SRLake Stevens
6.10Parker Morris
18:40.87 SRBlaine
7.9David Joo
18:44.58 SRLake Stevens
8.10Matt Owen
18:45.09 PRLake Stevens
9.10Ben Wood
18:47.86 PRMt Rainier
10.10Teegan Sterling
18:55.20 PRSedro-Woolley
11.11Austin Haynes
19:12.42 SRLake Stevens
12.10Matt Studzinski
19:16.90 PRLakewood
13.12Ryan Johnson
19:17.42 SRMt Rainier
14.9Jackson Slesk
19:18.02 SRSehome
15.9Nicholas Leishman
19:18.77 SRBellingham
16.11Tyler Headland
19:22.35 PRLake Stevens
17.11Evan Otterholt
19:37.52 SRSehome
18.12Ryan Pitcher
19:38.04 PRLynden Christian
19.11Elijah Selch
19:38.66 SRSehome
20.11Riley Hawkins-Hecock
19:40.14 SRMeridian (WA)
21.12Chris Huynh
19:42.79 SRNorth Surrey Sr
22.10Collin Roosendaal
19:44.86 PRLynden Christian
23.11Erik Gonzalez
19:47.02 PRBellingham
24.9Galen Stocklass
19:48.95 PRBellingham
25.9Josiah Williams
19:50.60 PRNorth Surrey Sr
26.9Soren Sandeno
19:51.61 SRSehome
27.10Andrew Jeffries
19:53.53 PRSehome
28.12Carter Kaech
19:53.86 PRSedro-Woolley
29.11Conor Sandoval
19:54.58 PRCharles Wright Academy
30.9Bryce Finlay
19:54.96 PRMt Rainier
31.12Nathan Rencher
19:59.80 PRMt Rainier
32.11Brendon Ross
20:01.38 SRMeridian (WA)
33.9Jesse Selch
20:02.90 PRSehome
34.-Eamon Oldridge
20:03.80 PRMeridian (WA)
35.9Jackson Schroyer
20:06.72 SRSehome
36.9Zach Sulak
20:07.16 SRFerndale
37.12Jacob Vanlandingham
20:08.50 PRFerndale
38.9Curt Peila
20:10.40 SRSqualicum
39.10Greg Arps
20:10.72 SRBlaine
40.11Quinn Murley
20:11.08 PRSehome
41.12Oliver Isik
20:11.41 PRBush
42.12Avi Baird-Levine
20:13.64 PRSehome
43.10Sequoia Bruno-Hopps
20:16.10 SRSehome
44.10Bo Lane
20:16.66 PRLakewood
45.11Ethan Behee
20:17.69 SRSqualicum
46.12Josh Hosick
20:19.52 PRMeridian (WA)
47.9Ian Tomberlin
20:27.18 SRSqualicum
48.10Denny McAuliffe
20:27.49 SRSqualicum
49.10Preston Sandland
20:27.80 SRMeridian (WA)
50.10Tanner Avila
20:28.17 PRLakewood
51.12Alden Blatter
20:31.28 PRBush
52.11Nicholas Aristides
20:32.20 SRSehome
53.12Sawyer Bittner
20:32.97 PRLakewood
54.9Oliver Dunn
20:33.37 PRBush
55.12Thomas Nguyen
20:34.33 PRLake Stevens
56.9Ciro Casiano
20:35.02 PRFerndale
57.10Elijah Crabtree
20:35.56 PRBellingham
58.9Ruben Aguero
20:36.43 SRLake Stevens
59.9Anthony Meza
20:36.83 PRLakewood
60.9Casey McHugh
20:38.76 SRMount Baker
61.10Addi Wolfson
20:39.60 SRBellingham
62.12James Wierman
20:47.36 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
63.9Maclain Schapler
20:48.89 SRFerndale
64.9Austin Hughes
20:54.64 SROmak
65.11Alex Dodge
20:57.57 SRBlaine
66.9Taiga Migita
20:57.91 PRSehome
67.10Russell Brown
20:58.27 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
68.9Charlie Greenan
21:02.53 PRSehome
69.10Gabe Constant
21:04.80 PRFerndale
70.11Anthony Galindo
21:05.00 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
71.10Lyman Dudley
21:07.11 SRBellingham
72.9Damon Hardwick
21:12.70 SRUniversity Prep
73.11Thomas Smith
21:15.91 SRMt Rainier
74.11Mateo Rodriguez
21:17.84 PRLake Stevens
75.9Dameon Micallef
21:19.41 SRLake Stevens
76.9Luke Davis
21:21.02 PRLakewood
77.11Bell Cai
21:23.12 PRNorth Surrey Sr
78.10Kent Zander
21:28.53 SRMeridian (WA)
79.11Alex Hathaway
21:29.14 SRLynden
80.11Adam Work
21:31.19 PRSehome
81.10Sam Miller
21:32.89 SRLake Stevens
82.12Erik Ellis
21:33.57 PRLiberty Bell
83.11Sam Ionesi
21:34.48 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
84.9Conor Jensen
21:34.80 PRSehome
85.11Ryan Pringle
21:36.41 PRFerndale
86.10Max Hughes
21:37.59 SRLake Stevens
87.11Chandler Hodge
21:38.44 SRMeridian (WA)
88.9Chandler Heintz
21:38.96 SRSehome
89.9Dawson Bowhay
21:39.46 PRSehome
90.10Spenser Dodge
21:43.25 SRBlaine
91.11Grant Regimbal
21:43.94 SRSqualicum
92.11Trey Jammerman
21:44.39 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
93.9Andrew Wiley
21:44.72 PRMeridian (WA)
94.10Jany Dutt
21:45.32 PRMeridian (WA)
95.10Paul Kiefer
21:51.98 PRUniversity Prep
96.10Scott Lipke
21:52.68 PRSehome
97.11Noor Khallel
21:57.13 PRMt Rainier
98.9Taylor King
21:57.52 PRSehome
99.10Geza Sukovaty
21:58.46 PRLiberty Bell
100.11Zach Steensma
21:58.79 PRLynden Christian
101.10Htet Mundt
21:59.90 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
102.10Casey Christenson
22:00.77 PRSehome
103.12Gabe Hunt
22:04.41 SRLake Stevens
104.9Ian Salvisberg
22:12.65 SRLake Stevens
105.10Elias Hargadine
22:14.10 PRSehome
106.9Jasper Kohler
22:15.48 PRSehome
107.11Nathan Murley
22:17.75 PRSehome
108.10Kyler Cantrell
22:38.27 SRSqualicum
109.12Aaron Landau
22:42.12 PRSehome
110.9Kyler McIntosh
22:42.69 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
111.9Andrew Sengkham
22:48.20 PRMt Rainier
112.10Ben Doucette
22:49.99 PRBellingham
113.11Ian Whitehouse
22:50.51 SRSehome
114.10Jackson Woods
22:52.38 PRBellingham
115.12Riley Morgan
22:54.08 SRSedro-Woolley
116.9Eric Newcomer
22:54.40 PRSehome
117.9Anthony Bowmer
22:56.66 PRBellingham
118.9Logan Carpenter
23:06.79 SRSehome
119.10Corey Diamond
23:07.14 PRLiberty Bell
120.10Andrew Bullock
23:09.95 SRBlaine
121.11Michael Leishman
23:11.69 PRBellingham
122.10Kennan Sykes
23:12.07 SRLake Stevens
123.9Marcus Cheney
23:25.46 PRSehome
124.9Christopher Spring
23:32.10Mount Baker
125.9James Langen
23:41.41 PRBellingham
126.9Jimmy Haggen
23:53.64 SRNooksack Valley
127.11Cameron Ashurst
24:01.87 SRSehome
128.10Connor Bartee
24:06.45 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
129.12Christopher Yang
24:07.61 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
130.11Trung Nguyen
24:12.09 PRNooksack Valley
131.9Malcolm Hay
24:23.39 PRMt Rainier
132.9Cameron Hilburn
24:24.13 SRSehome
133.11Ezekiel Craven
24:34.19 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
134.9Elliot Johnson
24:45.81 PRSehome
135.9George Kotsogeanis
24:46.89 PRSehome
136.10Gabe Holz
24:47.28 SROmak
137.9Emmet DeKoekkoek
24:47.95 SRNooksack Valley
138.9Orion Collins
24:53.45 SRSehome
139.9Spencer Yaude
25:17.80 SRSehome
140.9Huck McClaran
25:18.30 PRMount Baker
141.12Jordan Bennett
25:25.76 PRLake Stevens
142.11Logan Earle
25:26.09 SRSehome
143.9Jarrin Olenslager
25:37.13 SRNooksack Valley
144.11Alex Van de Poel
26:47.67 SRSehome
145.9Sawyere Hendricks
28:03.08 PRBlaine
146.11Nathan Tallar
29:01.06 PRMt Rainier
147.9Elliot Nestor
30:15.43 SRSehome
148.9Nick Mattson
30:32.75 PRLynden Christian
149.9Brett Carlson
31:37.66 PRSedro-Woolley
150.9Alex Volmert
32:05.35 SRMount Baker
151.9Kerrick Koleman
32:07.24 PRMount Baker
152.9Jordan Ngai
33:35.97 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
153.9Ricky Cornelius
35:55.22 SRMeridian (WA)
154.9Ryan Cunningham
35:57.07 SRSqualicum
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2.97 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Lake Stevens58
3.Meridian (WA)92
4.Charles Wright Academy127
5.Mt Rainier144
6.Liberty Bell160
7.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)199
8.Lynden Christian222
11.Mount Baker278
14.Nooksack Valley340
1.12Christopher Fredlund
16:08.23 SRSqualicum
2.11Collin Magnusson
16:29.87 SRMeridian (WA)
3.12Nick Gallaher
16:37.71 SRSqualicum
4.11Nathan Tadesse
16:40.77 PRNorth Surrey Sr
5.9Noah Wallace
16:47.39 SRLake Stevens
6.10Ben Klemmeck
16:48.05 PRLiberty Bell
7.12Zach Bush
16:55.30 PRLake Stevens
8.12Zach Hinz
16:55.74 PRCharles Wright Academy
9.12Davis Phillips
16:57.11 SRMeridian (WA)
10.12Samuel Goble
17:01.78 PROmak
11.12David Anderson
17:04.69 SRMeridian (WA)
12.12Jared Radtke
17:05.48 SRSqualicum
13.12David Castillo
17:07.60 SRLake Stevens
14.10Roberto Aguilera
17:11.14 SRFerndale
15.11Dillon Rinauro
17:15.88 SRSqualicum
16.12Liam Daily
17:18.20 SRLiberty Bell
17.12Shelby Miles
17:18.65 SRMount Baker
18.11Isaiah Britt
17:20.62 SRLake Stevens
19.11Chais Sugden
17:27.87 SRSqualicum
20.10Cortlend Novak
17:28.55 SRLake Stevens
21.12Jeremy Ebbers
17:29.82 PRMt Rainier
22.9Trevor Allen
17:30.61 SRLake Stevens
23.11Adam Emerick
17:31.31 PRCharles Wright Academy
24.9Aiden Basco
17:32.47 PRMt Rainier
25.12Andrew Baklund
17:32.99 SRMt Rainier
26.10Nick Napier
17:33.37 PRUniversity Prep
27.9Tom Fahlman
17:33.81 PRBush
28.12Nate Lundberg
17:35.41 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
29.12Connor Smith
17:37.41 PRLakewood
30.12Thomas Swineford
17:38.21 SRLynden
31.9Ryan Abdalla
17:43.31 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
32.12Justin Rinauro
17:46.69 SRSqualicum
33.11Derek Morrow
17:47.78 SRMeridian (WA)
34.11Dylan Tomberlin
17:48.16 PRSqualicum
35.12Rory Reshovsky
17:48.61 PRCharles Wright Academy
36.11Jon Wiley
17:50.14 SRLynden Christian
37.9Jesse Goldstone
17:50.48 PRCharles Wright Academy
38.12Sam Levant
17:51.04 PRCharles Wright Academy
39.12Kaleb Palmby
17:55.24 PRFerndale
40.10Stephen Baklund
18:00.03 PRMt Rainier
41.11Chase Reid
18:00.73 SRLake Stevens
42.12Ishmael Villaluz
18:04.09 SRMount Baker
43.11Willy Duguay
18:04.77 PRLiberty Bell
44.12Morgan O'Dell
18:05.76 SROmak
45.10Austin Regier
18:06.51 PRMt Rainier
46.12Akio Namioka
18:14.24 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
47.9Derek Holz
18:20.90 SRMeridian (WA)
48.10Josh Lingbloom
18:24.44 SRLynden Christian
49.12Connor Blok
18:25.26 SRLynden Christian
50.9Jack VanderGriend
18:25.66 SRLynden Christian
51.11Chad Johanneck
18:26.12 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
52.12Morgan Ott
18:29.71 PRLiberty Bell
53.12Jacob Anderson
18:33.68 SRSedro-Woolley
54.12Ira Fleming
18:38.14 PRUniversity Prep
55.11Levi Morrow
18:39.56 SRMeridian (WA)
56.12Kaden Hurst
18:41.56 PRCharles Wright Academy
57.10Rico Martinez
18:44.59 SRMeridian (WA)
58.11Josiah Klemmeck
18:47.44 PRLiberty Bell
59.11Alexander Corff
18:50.62 PRBush
60.10Matthew Steiber
18:50.99 SRFerndale
61.12Dylan Blok
18:55.22 SRLynden Christian
62.10Jag Baines
18:57.42 PROmak
63.10Zach Harvey
18:58.23 SRNooksack Valley
64.11Jacob Gutheil
18:59.26 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
65.10Caleb King
19:02.33 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
66.12Kurt Hellwig
19:03.91 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
67.11Wesley Cruse
19:04.33 PRFerndale
68.11Taylor Gardner
19:04.96 SRNooksack Valley
69.10Quentin Salinas
19:10.87 SRSedro-Woolley
70.12Paul Chyz
19:11.84 PRUniversity Prep
71.11Lucas Skinner
19:12.65 PRSedro-Woolley
72.11Nathaniel Wood
19:13.36 PRMt Rainier
73.11Calvin Ledet
19:16.94 PRNooksack Valley
74.11Jordan Hem
19:22.67 SRNooksack Valley
75.12Josh Meyer
19:30.12 PRMount Baker
76.9Jacob Ramirez
19:34.08 SRFerndale
77.12Drake Birnbaum
19:37.73 PRCharles Wright Academy
78.10Joseph Burdine
19:39.71 PRMt Rainier
79.9Jacob Heeringa
80.9Jacob Swenson
19:55.37 SRSedro-Woolley
81.12Anthony Ricci
19:57.03 SRLynden
82.11Aiden McCaig
83.9Ezra Swenson
19:59.46 SRSedro-Woolley
84.12Jacob Koranda
20:02.53 SRMount Baker
85.9Jordan Click
20:03.27 SROmak
86.12David Godin
20:10.75 PRMount Baker
87.10Ben Kraske
20:16.97 SROmak
88.12Tyler Stokes
20:25.65 SRLynden
89.9Joshua Swanson
20:29.42 PRUniversity Prep
90.12Logan Szafas
20:31.12 PRLiberty Bell
91.10Garrett Smith
20:31.59 PRSedro-Woolley
92.11Leland Carter
20:34.78 PRFerndale
93.9Mitchell Pelzer
20:35.46 SRMount Baker
94.10Kody Kelley
20:36.39 SRMount Baker
95.9Carter Dornfeld
20:44.87 PRLiberty Bell
96.10Cole Tiemersma
20:50.31Nooksack Valley
97.9Elijah Rohde
21:11.08 PRNooksack Valley
98.11Jasmair Baines
21:14.67 PROmak
99.10Shawn Goto-Gierke
21:25.99 SRNooksack Valley
100.10Lars Stenseth
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Womens Results

1.7 Mile Junior High

Official Team Scores

1.Nooksack Valley72
4.Mount Baker (Deming)80
5.Lynden Christian90
6.Horizon (Ferndale)91
1.8Ashlee VanDenTop
10:55.95 PRMeridian
2.8Sadie Stevenson
11:10.36 PRLynden
3.7Jenna TenKley
11:20.88 PRNooksack Valley
4.7Makenna Holz
11:29.73 SRMeridian
5.7Lucy Cole
11:44.05 PRLiberty Bell
6.7Sofie Fransen
11:47.85 SRLynden Christian
7.6Aine Dillon
11:52.36 SRSt Paul's Academy
8.7Kyrie Fairbairn
11:55.28 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
9.8Catherine Stensgar
11:55.52 PRMount Baker (Deming)
10.7Jada French
11:56.97 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
11.8Maria Jorgensen
12:02.83 PRLynden
12.7Kendyl Otter
12:04.07 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
13.7Louli Ziels
12:05.75 PRAssumption Catholic
14.7Madison Hem
12:07.14 PRNooksack Valley
15.7Sage Borgias
12:08.80 PRLiberty Bell
16.7Katie Huizenga
12:11.78 SRLynden Christian
17.-Asngie Vanbeek
12:20.23 PRAnacortes
18.7Olivia Pears
12:30.60 PRNooksack Valley
19.7Bailey Gardner
12:33.33 PRNooksack Valley
20.8Emma Lukes
12:34.74 PRMount Baker (Deming)
21.8Saskia Van de poel
12:39.85 PRAssumption Catholic
22.7Rubi Stuit
12:41.17 SRMeridian
23.8Victoria Pentsak
12:42.35 PRMount Baker (Deming)
24.7Emilie King
12:43.50 SRLynden
25.8Grace Miedema
12:44.74 PRLynden
26.8Cali Loeb
12:46.67 PRMount Baker (Deming)
27.7Cameron Bertrand
12:50.66 SRMount Baker (Deming)
28.7Peyton Terpstra
12:56.30 SRLynden Christian
29.8Bethany Ball
12:57.99 PRLynden Christian
30.8Julie Strattan
13:00.28 PRMount Baker (Deming)
31.7Marissa Anderson
13:01.31 SRMount Baker (Deming)
32.8Abigail Ryan
13:03.32 PRMeridian
33.-Lashonna Worthan
13:06.75 PRMeridian
34.7Terry Glenn
13:09.32 PRMount Baker (Deming)
35.7Jacci Plenkovich
13:10.75 SRLynden Christian
36.7Kady Aamot
13:11.97 SRMeridian
37.8Makaila Willoughby
13:12.92 PRBlaine
38.8Leslie Strandgard
13:14.62 PRLynden
39.8Lynette Samano
13:16.79 PRNooksack Valley
40.7Autumn Udesen
13:29.34 PRMount Baker (Deming)
41.8Bryn Magnusson
13:46.93 PRMeridian
42.7Andrea Hansen
13:47.32 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
43.8Seija Bryant
13:47.65 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
44.7Viviana Willis
13:47.98 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
45.8Maddie Thompson
13:57.37 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
46.7Portia Allred
13:57.62 PRMount Baker (Deming)
47.7Tara Longstreth
13:58.21 PRLynden Christian
48.8Leina'ala Reid
14:01.84 PRMount Baker (Deming)
49.8Raimy Dodge
14:02.89 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
50.7Jadyn Janzen
14:03.83 PRLynden Christian
14:04.36 PRVista
52.7Jordan Blok
14:05.14 SRLynden Christian
53.8Yessenia Moncado
14:09.09 PRNooksack Valley
54.7Kate Cleary
14:13.86 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
55.8Jaclyn Engholm
14:15.09 PRMount Baker (Deming)
56.7Nicole Guessford
14:17.13 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
57.8Angie Tickhonov
14:19.10 PRMount Baker (Deming)
58.8Emily Pacheco
14:32.93 PRBlaine
59.8Montana Smit
14:40.16 PRLynden Christian
60.8Spencer Radonski
14:41.71 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
61.7Abby Martin
14:50.86 PRMeridian
62.7Deirdre Hegarty
14:54.63 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
63.7Audrey Mark
15:00.80 PRNooksack Valley
64.7Kaylee Lyons
15:01.25 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
65.8Annabel Thomson
15:15.83 PRMount Baker (Deming)
66.8Bridgid Cronk
15:22.66 PRMount Baker (Deming)
67.7Leah Kessen
15:23.68 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
68.8Taelor Anderson
15:34.94 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
69.8Hallie Drinkwater
15:39.27 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
70.7Cordelia Pallares
15:50.81 SRHorizon (Ferndale)
71.8Maia Turberville
15:51.17 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
72.7Noah Clendenen
16:02.51 SRBlaine
73.7Sydney Karb
16:35.00 PRLynden
74.7Sofia Witzel
16:54.59 SRVista
75.7Liliana Mendoza
17:41.48 PRNooksack Valley
76.8Piper Dunn
18:03.10 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
77.8Sophie Jones
18:03.86 PRHorizon (Ferndale)
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2.97 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Stevens25
4.Meridian (WA)114
7.Mt Rainier189
1.11Lainey Lesh
20:33.36 PRMeridian (WA)
2.12Mikela Fong
21:44.75 PRNorth Surrey Sr
3.11Anna Green
22:12.04 SRLake Stevens
4.11Kieya Villars
22:25.49 PRBlaine
5.11Bostynn Barnes
22:26.43 PRLake Stevens
6.11Anna Droables
22:27.49 PRLakewood
7.9Kennedy Long
22:28.34 PRLake Stevens
8.12Sierra Bishop
22:43.04 PRBellingham
9.11Emily Foster
22:47.60 PRLake Stevens
10.9Cassie Jennings
22:48.34 SRLake Stevens
11.11Marleigh Olson
23:09.59 PRLake Stevens
12.11Sydnee Rooks
23:10.58 SRSedro-Woolley
13.10Hunter Clark
23:16.38 PRLakewood
14.11Courtney Klein
23:20.27 PRLake Stevens
15.10Jasmine Dodgen
23:21.36 PROmak
16.11Hanna Chappell
23:22.48 SRBellingham
17.11Taylor Warner
23:24.94 PRSedro-Woolley
18.10Hannah Kean
23:33.27 PRBlaine
19.11Maura Schaefer
23:34.94 PRBellingham
20.12Dana Arenz
23:45.48 PRLakewood
21.12Mariah Gerard
24:04.08 PROmak
22.11Tarryn Brands
24:17.61 PRBellingham
23.11Molly Dole
24:19.98 SRBellingham
24.9Jordan Sims
24:26.31 SRSqualicum
25.10Jill Carlson
24:26.56 PRMeridian (WA)
26.11Allison Osborn
24:44.00 PRLakewood
27.11Sarah Welsh
24:56.89 SRSehome
28.12Shauna Werner
24:57.67 SRSehome
29.12Sarah Graybeal
25:00.54 PRMeridian (WA)
30.9Cody Gilder
25:05.27 SRBellingham
31.12Laena Skiles
25:06.43 PRLakewood
32.10Adrienne LeRoy
25:11.55 SRBellingham
33.9Jaycie Roth
25:12.39 SRBellingham
34.9Reina Walker
25:20.08 PRLake Stevens
35.9Haleh Mawson
25:20.39 SRBellingham
36.11Lily Hunter
25:21.89 PRMount Baker
37.11Constance Hosannah
25:24.54 PRCharles Wright Academy
38.9Paige White
25:31.82 PRBellingham
39.10Gabbi Tietze-Bowden
25:32.74 PRLake Stevens
40.10Megan Graybeal
25:33.05 PRMeridian (WA)
41.9Fiona Layton
25:46.14 PRSehome
42.11Emily Huggins
25:48.66 SRSedro-Woolley
43.12Karen Call
25:52.26 PRLake Stevens
44.10Sonia Leighton
26:03.29 PRBellingham
45.9Trinity Nelson
26:05.75 SRFerndale
46.9Kristene Thomas
26:09.75 PRLake Stevens
47.12Hazel Cashman
26:13.85 SRSehome
48.10Diana Kawczynski
26:17.46 SRSehome
49.10Allison Hawley
26:30.32 PRLake Stevens
50.10Dayana Camacho
26:31.13 PRMt Rainier
51.11Josephine Berger
26:34.23 PRSedro-Woolley
52.12Coco Longwood
26:41.14 SRSehome
53.9Emily Oman
26:44.02 PRSqualicum
54.12Tessa Mazur
26:44.82 SRSehome
55.12Haley Steinberg
26:48.48 PRUniversity Prep
56.9Katie Layton
26:48.92 PRSehome
57.9Angie Petrichenko
26:50.38 SRSehome
58.10Maria Cazares
26:51.15 SRNooksack Valley
59.12Victoria Bolton
27:05.58 SROmak
60.11Jenny Soto
27:06.60 PRMt Rainier
61.10Vanja Flones
27:13.71 PRBellingham
62.11Haley Hendrick
27:14.04 PRMt Rainier
63.12Karissa Pallagi
27:14.65 PRMt Rainier
64.9Nikole Hanquet
27:35.05 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
65.11Mckenna Rybka
27:36.32 PRFerndale
66.11Madeline Coiley
27:36.89 PRLake Stevens
67.11Lillian Hanagan
27:42.31 PRLake Stevens
68.9Tatiana Barbone
27:42.61 PRSehome
69.9Christin Moore
27:51.59 PRMount Baker
70.10Allison Fonda
27:54.34 PRFerndale
71.9Sydney Jennings
27:57.85 PRMt Rainier
72.12Kathleen Ronson
28:04.03 SRSehome
73.12Nell Highlyman
28:17.51 SRSehome
74.9Marisa Ingalls
28:19.17 PRSehome
75.9Kathryn Gerner
28:20.18 SRSehome
76.10Abby Murdock
28:25.79 SRSedro-Woolley
77.10Hannah Kreizenbeck
28:33.69 PRMeridian (WA)
78.10Lauren Meucci
28:43.76 SRSehome
79.12Meaghan Bradley-Bu...
28:52.98 SRSehome
80.9Chloe Wire
28:57.13 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
81.11Brehanna Meigs
28:57.74 PRLakewood
82.9Joelle Brown
28:59.48 SRMount Baker
83.11Danika Miedema
29:08.18 SRLynden
84.9Mai Le
29:15.84 SRFerndale
85.12Abigail Mark
29:25.19 PRNooksack Valley
86.12Louisa Lin
30:05.48 PRNorth Surrey Sr
87.9Renee Caldwell
30:25.75 SRFerndale
88.10Stella Christoforou
30:57.42 SRSehome
89.12Celina Muniz
30:57.78 PRSehome
90.10Jessica Bui
31:29.28 PRNorth Surrey Sr
91.10Simran Pannu
31:37.51 SRFerndale
92.10Leah Lueneberg
32:09.88 PRNorth Surrey Sr
93.12Mariah Johnston
94.9Alexi Pearson-Lund
33:48.49 SRBellingham
95.10Carmen Deol
34:24.40 PRMt Rainier
96.10Katie Pringle
34:28.49 PRFerndale
97.12Stephanie Taylor
34:37.98 SRSehome
98.12Paige Hauter
34:38.85 SRSehome
99.10Katy Daley
36:26.13 SRSedro-Woolley
100.11Ana Villareall-Vega
38:23.59 PRLakewood
101.9Thu Ton
39:28.97 SRSqualicum
102.9Harneet Grewal
40:46.64 PRMt Rainier
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2.97 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mount Baker65
2.Lake Stevens78
4.Nooksack Valley145
5.Meridian (WA)148
6.Mt Rainier161
8.Lynden Christian178
11.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)218
1.12Jordan McPhee
19:05.74 SRMt Rainier
2.12Kelsie Nern
19:49.91 PRMount Baker
3.10Dandelion Kinison
20:08.08 PRLake Stevens
4.10Amy Jo Murphy
20:08.98 SRNooksack Valley
5.12McKenzie Roque
20:22.18 SRMeridian (WA)
6.12Caracol Haley
20:24.97 PRUniversity Prep
7.11Stephanie Schlimmer
20:28.85 PRSedro-Woolley
8.10Jillian Anderson
20:42.14 PRFerndale
9.10Sarah Ball
20:47.62 SRLynden Christian
10.11Katie Buss
20:53.21 PRMount Baker
11.12Chloe Gardner
21:01.09 SRNooksack Valley
12.9Keely Hall
21:11.51 PRLakewood
13.9Dena Andrushenko
21:15.05 SRMeridian (WA)
14.11Claire Fahlman
21:15.96 PRBush
15.11Hillary Kiele
21:16.84 SRBlaine
16.10Emma Horn
21:18.12 SRLake Stevens
17.12Rachel Phipps
21:27.35 PRSqualicum
18.9Haley Rollins
21:33.30 PRMount Baker
19.10Grace Sauter
21:38.04 SRLynden
20.9Kaylyn Barnes
21:39.50 PRSedro-Woolley
21.10Katherine Dunford
21:43.76 SRMount Baker
22.10Geneva Rossman
21:45.46 PRMt Rainier
23.11Theresa Gipson
21:47.07 SRLake Stevens
24.12Alisa Smith
21:48.55 PRLakewood
25.12Lacey Main
21:51.94 SRLake Stevens
26.10Jana Peterson
21:59.65 PRFerndale
27.12Caitlin Kereszturi
22:00.52 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
28.12Rayedeen Engels
22:05.12 SRMount Baker
29.9Emily Haegeland
22:08.86 SRLake Stevens
30.11Bryanna Barritt
22:17.56 SRSedro-Woolley
31.10Kara Veldman
22:18.59Lynden Christian
32.10Jessica Jose
22:19.28 PRNooksack Valley
33.11Sierra Schulte
22:20.04 PRLake Stevens
34.11Tiana Pratt
22:23.87 SRMeridian (WA)
35.11Michelle Jensen
22:25.54 PRMt Rainier
36.12Kristin Smith
22:25.88 SRSqualicum
37.11Abigail Early
22:27.97 PROmak
38.9Alex O'Dell
22:33.54 SROmak
39.10Laura Tkacsik
22:40.62 PRFerndale
40.12Karisa Stapp
22:41.39 PRMount Baker
41.11Julia Morris
22:44.66 SRLynden Christian
42.12Christina Lilleston
22:49.67 PRSqualicum
43.12Kelly Jackson
22:50.03 SRNooksack Valley
44.10Sarah O'Dell
22:54.71 SROmak
45.9Natasha Haggith
23:04.56 PRMount Baker
46.12Sam Boyle
23:11.04 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
47.11Courtney Jolley
23:11.79 SRMt Rainier
48.10Briannah Heiniger
23:14.34 PRMeridian (WA)
49.10Diana Montes
23:16.58 SROmak
50.10Teracita Shanes
23:18.88 SRSedro-Woolley
51.9Brooke Berendsen
23:19.73 SRLynden Christian
52.10Hailey Linville
23:21.38 SRSqualicum
53.11Jamie Santos
23:22.78 SRLake Stevens
54.10Misa Stesnmetz
23:24.70 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
55.12Kennedy Duck
23:29.12 SROmak
56.10Madison Sitzmann
23:35.24 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
57.11Esmeralda Munoz
23:47.45 PRSedro-Woolley
58.12Mikaela Hernandez
23:47.88 SRFerndale
59.9Cassandra Lange
23:49.45 PROmak
60.11YuJin Kwon
23:51.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
61.11Kathryn Goldsmith
23:58.14 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
62.12Taylor Green
24:01.71 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
63.11Kara Collins
24:05.97 SRFerndale
64.12Justine Johnson
24:08.17 PRSqualicum
65.12Frances Sauter
24:08.94 PRLynden
66.11Madie Holz
24:09.92 SRMeridian (WA)
67.10Kathryn Stiles
24:13.51 PRSedro-Woolley
68.11Brianna Rutgers
24:19.80 SRLynden Christian
69.12Kaitlynn Isomura
24:20.56 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
70.11Alex Schulhauser
24:28.23 PRLynden
71.10Yulia Hanquet
24:33.40 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
72.9Ketta Vanden Bos
24:38.26Lynden Christian
73.10Pearl Morris
24:47.46 SRNooksack Valley
74.12Lilly Schlotzhauer
24:52.33 SRLiberty Bell
75.11Camille Bolton
24:59.97 SROmak
76.11Kathryn Vajda
25:12.54 SRFerndale
77.11Tara Knight
25:14.63 SRSqualicum
78.10Emily Marchel
25:22.86 PRMt Rainier
79.12Melanie Brown
25:45.69 SRNooksack Valley
80.12Elise Freeman
25:48.63 SRFerndale
81.10Hannah Anderson
82.12Jenna Shamseldin
26:24.68 PRMt Rainier
83.12Cynthia Anker
27:18.14 SRLynden
84.11Morgan Nims
27:20.03 SRLynden
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