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Mens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.North Carolina School of Sci...22
2.Voyager Academy64
4.Franklin Academy138
5.Raleigh Charter171
7.Woods Charter School213
8.Spring Creek217
10.East Wake261
13.North Duplin323
1.11Chatham Ellwanger
17:19.00North Carolina Schoo...
2.12Dayton Ellwanger
17:20.00North Carolina Schoo...
3.12Chris Panuski
17:32.00 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
4.10Chris Sause
17:36.00Voyager Academy
5.12David Spencer
17:45.00North Carolina Schoo...
6.11Patrick Lester
17:50.00Voyager Academy
7.11Lawton Kariher
17:53.00Voyager Academy
8.12Caleb Sanders
9.10Michael Mclamb
10.10Justin Martin
18:13.00Franklin Academy
11.11Mitch Rees-Jones
18:14.00North Carolina Schoo...
12.12Arjun Adhia
18:15.00 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
13.10Allen Coor
18:17.00Spring Creek
14.12Victor Prezbindowski
15.12Quinn Dougherty
18:24.00 PRPrinceton
16.12Will Jackson
18:25.00Raleigh Charter
17.12Jacob Dixon
18:27.00North Carolina Schoo...
18.12Nicholas Smith
19.10Gary Ford
18:51.00Voyager Academy
20.12Lane Dougherty
18:54.00 PRPrinceton
21.9Dalton Farmer
18:58.00 SRRosewood
22.12Benjamin Jones
19:01.00 PRRaleigh Charter
23.11Evan Uhlig
19:14.00Franklin Academy
24.11Alex Boggs
25.11Chris Ward
19:23.00 SRWoods Charter
26.12Dalton Butler
27.11Dylan Cuddington
19:31.00 PRRosewood
28.11Guy Catilin
19:32.00Voyager Academy
29.11Zach Perry
19:33.00Voyager Academy
30.11Matthew Edwards
19:34.00 SRPrinceton
31.12Eric Tapp
19:37.00 PRWoods Charter
32.10Matthew Pertz
19:46.00 SRFranklin Academy
33.12Jacob Thomas
19:48.00 PREast Wake
34.11Gage Abbott
19:52.00 SRSpring Creek
35.12Will Toler
36.11Jeffrey Venable
19:57.00Franklin Academy
37.9Cyrus Richardson
19:58.00Franklin Academy
38.11Ritchel Cousar
39.10Alex Bradley
40.10Josh Glazer
20:10.00Voyager Academy
41.11Justin Cianfarra
20:13.00 PRSpring Creek
42.11Timothy Balogh
20:17.00 SRHeide Trask
43.12Adam Fairbanks
20:19.00 SRRaleigh Charter
44.9Braxton Treto
20:27.00 PRPender
45.12Ryan Kilgore
20:29.00 PRRaleigh Charter
46.12Dylan Simpson
20:34.00 SRHeide Trask
47.10Stephen Sloop
20:37.00 PREast Wake
48.10Isaiah Rowley
20:37.40 SREast Wake
49.11Donald Irvin
20:42.00 SRRaleigh Charter
50.12Daniel Huddleston
20:42.20Raleigh Charter
51.9Tommy Johnson
20:43.00 SRWoods Charter
52.10Boone Mcneil
20:56.00 PRNorth Duplin
53.11Tyler Horrell
20:58.00 PRPender
54.11Lance Loalbo
21:02.00 PRNorth Duplin
55.12Bryan Campbell
21:11.00 PRWoods Charter
56.9Bradley Johnson
21:11.00 SRHeide Trask
57.10Jacob Johnson
21:11.20 SRRosewood
58.11Tommy Holden
21:12.00 PRWoods Charter
59.9Peter Barof
21:21.00 SRWoods Charter
60.10Nathan Tanner
21:29.00 PRSpring Creek
61.10Evan Daniels
21:37.00 SRRosewood
62.10Jonathan Gould
21:42.00 SRRosewood
63.11Matt Casey
21:47.00Raleigh Charter
64.12Larry Taffar
21:48.00 PRRosewood
65.10Ryan Bergfors
21:49.00Franklin Academy
66.10Jacob Watson
22:04.00 PREast Wake
67.11Chris Lee
22:12.00 SRNorth Duplin
68.12Rayshawn Dickerson
69.10Samuel Prairie
22:28.00 SRGoldsboro
70.11Robert England
22:29.00 PRRosewood
71.9Tucker Monroe
22:34.00Franklin Academy
72.9Jordan Henderson
73.9Michael Hall
22:45.00 PRPender
74.9Ben Pearson
22:50.00 SRWoods Charter
75.10Eli Lane
23:01.00 PRSpring Creek
76.10Cameron Smith
23:09.00 PRPrinceton
77.12Jordan Larison
23:11.00 PREast Wake
78.9Griffin James
23:14.00 SRPender
79.12Douglas Watkins
80.10Cameron Guertin
23:30.00 PRPender
81.9Alex LoAlbo
23:56.00 SRNorth Duplin
82.9Ryan Miller
24:01.00 SRNorth Duplin
83.10Joseph Hatcher
24:44.00 SRPrinceton
84.10Jacob Bouren
25:57.00 SREast Wake
85.11Christian Kittrell
31:20.00 PRHeide Trask
86.10Andrew Taylor
33:08.00 PRNorth Duplin
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Franklin Academy38
2.North Carolina School of Sci...43
3.Raleigh Charter74
6.Woods Charter School175
7.Voyager Academy180
1.9Hannah Zenker
19:37.00Franklin Academy
2.9Jade Ogilvie
20:58.00Woods Charter
3.12Marissa Banks
21:10.00Franklin Academy
4.12Sophia Rowland
21:29.00 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
5.11Elizabeth Nicholls
22:03.00Raleigh Charter
6.11Kim Ngo
22:11.00North Carolina Schoo...
7.11Alexandra Chura
22:14.00Franklin Academy
8.11Abby Rubio
9.10Grayson Collins
22:35.00 PRGoldsboro
10.11Madden Brewster
22:36.00North Carolina Schoo...
11.10Brittany Henderson
22:44.00 PRFranklin Academy
12.12Abby Thurman
22:52.00North Carolina Schoo...
13.12Stephanie Austin
22:54.00Raleigh Charter
14.11Alexis Knox
22:56.00 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
15.9Carli Reo
23:01.00Voyager Academy
16.12Kate Rhudy
23:04.00 PRRaleigh Charter
17.10Nichole Mehlhaff
23:07.00 SRGoldsboro
18.12Anne Kelley
23:13.00North Carolina Schoo...
19.10Emmie Banks
23:17.00Franklin Academy
20.9Altheia Balageo
23:18.00 SRPrinceton
21.9Amber Johnson
23:28.00 SRPrinceton
22.11Sarah Beach
23:32.00Raleigh Charter
23.11Kasie Elliott
24.12Danielle Siegert
23:46.00Raleigh Charter
25.10Charleigh Smith
23:55.00 PRRosewood
26.11Laura Goodman
24:05.00North Carolina Schoo...
27.9Olivia Glass
24:07.00 PRRaleigh Charter
28.11Ashley Duran
24:35.00 SRRosewood
29.10Olivia Brueckner
24:47.00 SRVoyager Academy
30.10Jordan DuBose
24:51.00 PRRosewood
31.12Clarke Whitehead
24:55.00 PRPender
32.10Krista Gilbert
25:02.00 SRFranklin Academy
33.10Maria Gillcoat
25:05.00Franklin Academy
34.10Megan Evans
35.11Claire Day
25:32.00 PRWoods Charter
36.11Ella Perrin
25:34.00Raleigh Charter
37.11Kathryn Hewett
38.11Brynna Lee
25:42.00 PRRosewood
39.11Morgan Brigman
26:08.00 SRPender
40.9Rachel Deininger
26:17.00 SRWoods Charter
41.11Kimberly Scott
26:40.00 PRRosewood
42.11Tiara Maynor
27:01.00 PRGoldsboro
43.11Kaytlin Casey
44.11Courtney Brewer
27:21.00 SRPrinceton
45.9Savannah Gurganus
27:25.00 PRPender
46.10Brianna Butler
27:28.00 PRMidway
47.9Marjorie White
27:41.00 PRVoyager Academy
48.9Abigail Lewis
27:59.00 SRPender
49.9Kimberly O'Brien
28:14.00 SRMidway
50.11Madison Scott
28:17.00Voyager Academy
51.10Anna Schlesinger
28:18.00 PRVoyager Academy
52.11Christine Conger
28:19.00 SRRosewood
53.12Emma Farrell
28:31.00 PRWoods Charter
54.11Samantha Wilkins
29:00.00 SRNorth Duplin
55.11Chandler Elliot
29:07.00 PRVoyager Academy
56.11Diana Royer
29:11.00 PRWoods Charter
57.9Ashlyn Warren
29:49.00 PRMidway
58.11Julie Watterson
30:34.00 SRWoods Charter
59.9McKenzie Bannerman
30:53.10 PRPender
60.12Yelverton Angelina
30:53.60 PRGoldsboro
61.9Kimaya Nixon
31:33.00 PRPender
62.9Meghan Smith
31:54.00 PRMidway
63.12Maddie Pope
32:11.00 PRMidway
64.9Sierra Malias
32:24.00 PREast Wake
65.9Alexis Hartman
32:38.00 PREast Wake
66.9Mariela Matul
33:16.00 SRNorth Duplin
67.12Zakia Douglas
33:40.00 PRMidway
68.12Reagan Warren
33:46.00 PRMidway
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