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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Green Hope
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Needham Broughton38
2.Green Hope63
3.Panther Creek81
4.William G. Enloe97
5.Middle Creek113
6.Lee County136
1.12Will Gupton
16:49.80William G. Enloe
2.-Joshua Ermette
16:56.30 PRPanther Creek
3.12Chilton Birdwhistle
17:07.10Middle Creek
4.11John Dalton Rohr
17:10.60Needham Broughton
5.11Tom Nobles
17:13.30Green Hope
6.10Dalton Cox
17:24.30 SRLee County
7.10Peter Millsaps
17:27.30Needham Broughton
8.10William Sandin
17:27.70Needham Broughton
9.9Jeremy Brown
17:28.10Needham Broughton
10.11Asher Smith-Rose
17:28.40Needham Broughton
11.12Keith Hair
17:35.40Middle Creek
12.11Jonathan Bakley
17:40.20 SRGreen Hope
13.12Ryan Michael
17:40.80Green Hope
14.12Alex Clarke
17:42.30William G. Enloe
15.9Alec Carlson
17:42.60Panther Creek
16.12Ryan Hefner
17:44.00Green Hope
17.11William Jordan
17:45.80Green Hope
18.9Michael Kolor
17:46.90Green Hope
19.11John Foulkes
17:48.00Panther Creek
20.12Alex Jeffs
17:50.10Green Hope
21.12Mahmoud Saad
17:51.60 SRGreen Hope
22.11Colin Welborn
17:52.90Panther Creek
23.12Jack Mueller
17:54.20William G. Enloe
24.12Quinn Stanley
17:54.90Green Hope
25.11Brad Pehr
17:58.40Green Hope
26.11William Roberson
18:07.50Needham Broughton
27.12Jeremy Pasteris
18:08.20Panther Creek
28.12Cameron Casadonte
18:11.40Needham Broughton
29.9Patrick Stylski
18:16.80Green Hope
30.12Nick Chomette
18:18.50Needham Broughton
31.9Henry Pehr
18:18.80Green Hope
32.12Jonah Skousen
18:22.50 PRGreen Hope
33.11James Martin
18:23.20 SRWilliam G. Enloe
34.12Allen Lawrence
18:23.50Needham Broughton
35.11Owen Melfi
18:26.70Needham Broughton
36.12Max Hogan
18:27.20Lee County
37.12Kyle Mulligan
18:28.40Panther Creek
38.11Ted MacCabe
18:29.70Green Hope
39.11Troy Kelly
18:35.10Needham Broughton
40.11John Mcgarrahan
18:35.80Green Hope
41.12Hunter Toms
18:38.90Middle Creek
42.9Robert Simmons
18:42.80 SRNeedham Broughton
43.12Max Blackington
18:43.80Green Hope
44.11Jacob Manring
18:44.80Needham Broughton
45.10Luke Mcgann
18:45.60Panther Creek
46.11Parker Manning
18:49.70Green Hope
47.11Grant Hall
18:51.20Panther Creek
48.12Michael Crankshaw
18:53.00Lee County
49.11Jon Mackanic
18:53.80Panther Creek
50.11Zach Williams
18:54.40 SRGreen Hope
51.10Carson Fawzi
18:54.80Panther Creek
52.12John Medina
18:56.40Needham Broughton
53.11Charlie Wright
18:57.40Lee County
54.9Matthew Horan
18:57.90Green Hope
55.11Austin Spivey
18:59.30Green Hope
56.12Callum Reid
19:00.30 SRPanther Creek
57.10Beck Otterson
19:00.80Needham Broughton
58.-Blake Holden
19:01.40Needham Broughton
59.9Jack Cawley
19:01.80Middle Creek
60.9Samuel Gallant
19:02.10Green Hope
61.11Joe Stelpflug
19:05.60William G. Enloe
62.11Ashish Amin
19:06.50Green Hope
63.10Joshua Gregory
19:09.40Panther Creek
64.12Graeme Peterson
19:11.00William G. Enloe
65.-Taylor Boole
19:13.00Needham Broughton
66.10Evan Campbell
19:15.80 PRGreen Hope
67.12Taylor Slade
19:18.60Green Hope
68.11Austin Story
19:19.50 SRNeedham Broughton
69.10Walker Morrell
19:22.00William G. Enloe
70.12Eric Langlois
19:23.30Panther Creek
71.12Dylan Hahn
19:26.80Green Hope
72.12Ben Rice
19:27.70William G. Enloe
73.11Caussin Carter
19:30.80Middle Creek
74.11Jon Benedetti
19:36.30Middle Creek
75.9Parv Gondalia
19:38.40William G. Enloe
76.10Garrett Pair
19:42.30William G. Enloe
77.9Owen Dreikosen
19:44.60Green Hope
78.11Connor Anglin
19:46.00Green Hope
79.9Seth Eslinger
19:47.20Middle Creek
80.10John Lalevee
19:47.70 SRWilliam G. Enloe
81.9Davis Peacock
19:48.30Needham Broughton
82.11Donghun Yim
19:49.00Needham Broughton
83.9Jack Moody
19:49.80Needham Broughton
84.10Harris Wheeless
19:53.60Needham Broughton
85.11Alejo Gonzalez
19:56.00Middle Creek
86.11Sam Boggess
19:56.90Panther Creek
87.12Lucas Speaker
20:02.50 SRGreen Hope
88.9Tyler Carlson
20:05.10Panther Creek
89.10Trent Ryden
20:05.70Needham Broughton
90.-Edward Landi
20:06.20Needham Broughton
91.12Ross Peele
20:06.80Lee County
92.9Tanner Davis
20:07.60Panther Creek
93.11Andy Faulk
20:08.70 SRLee County
94.10Walter Vozzo
20:09.40 SRWilliam G. Enloe
95.10Tristen Fisher
20:10.20 PRGreen Hope
96.12Spencer Peterson
20:10.90Green Hope
97.12Bryan Lester
20:11.80William G. Enloe
98.10Alex Kan
20:13.30Panther Creek
99.11Madsen Cheever
20:14.60Panther Creek
101.10David Andrews
20:15.70Green Hope
102.10David Ko
20:16.70Green Hope
103.11Shawndle Cousy
20:17.70Middle Creek
104.9Keenan Hall
20:19.20Panther Creek
105.9John Sprink
20:21.20Green Hope
106.11Carter Hoff
20:21.90Green Hope
107.12Matthew Spartz
20:22.50Lee County
108.9Brendan Vasarhelyi
20:23.00 SRGreen Hope
109.11Jacob Gregory
20:23.60 PRPanther Creek
110.9Reece McDaniel
20:24.30Green Hope
111.11Matthew Riedle
20:26.30Green Hope
112.12Ian Critser
20:29.60 PRGreen Hope
113.12Brandon Williams
20:30.50Green Hope
114.9Michael Nguyen
20:31.20Green Hope
115.10Jared Kengla
20:31.70Green Hope
116.11Patrick Watts
20:34.40 PRWilliam G. Enloe
117.12Joseph Adcock
20:38.60 PRLee County
118.-Stephen Kirik
20:42.70 PRLee County
119.10Tom Rogers
20:44.30 SRGreen Hope
120.12Alex Bisi
20:45.80 PRPanther Creek
121.11Alex Cranston
20:46.60 SRLee County
122.10Griffin College
20:51.40Green Hope
123.10Ethan Lyons
20:52.90 SRGreen Hope
124.9Gabriel Morales
20:55.60Panther Creek
125.12Sheppard Colte
20:56.10 PRGreen Hope
126.10Grant Hoke
20:56.90Green Hope
127.-C. Alex Haugh
20:58.40 PRNeedham Broughton
128.-Thomas Winter
21:00.00 PRNeedham Broughton
129.10Matthew Brabender
21:01.70 SRPanther Creek
130.11Corey Colberg
21:02.10Green Hope
131.10Noah Winstead
21:02.50Panther Creek
132.11Jonathan Bakley
21:03.00Green Hope
133.-Jonah Pallone
21:04.80 SRPanther Creek
134.11Austin Scott
21:05.20 PRGreen Hope
135.9Hayden Roberts
21:05.60William G. Enloe
136.-Arthur Kim
21:07.20 PRNeedham Broughton
137.12Aaron Wan
21:09.80 PRGreen Hope
138.10Matt Appleby
21:11.00 PRGreen Hope
139.10Alec Helyar
21:13.30Green Hope
140.11Noah Rawlings
21:13.80 PRGreen Hope
141.11Jake Veilleux
21:14.30Green Hope
142.-Jack Austin
21:15.10 PRNeedham Broughton
143.9Brian Huitt
21:16.60Green Hope
144.-Chris Holder
21:18.20 PRPanther Creek
145.9Stevie Winiecki
21:19.30Green Hope
146.9Bryce Korabik
21:21.50 SRGreen Hope
147.11Andrew Yeh
21:22.40 PRGreen Hope
148.12Justin Dorner-Thomas
21:23.20 SRNeedham Broughton
149.-Andrew Schultz
21:26.80 PRNeedham Broughton
150.9Jimmy Press
21:28.60 SRPanther Creek
151.9Vitaliy Cline
21:29.70 PRGreen Hope
152.9Kyle Courtemanche
21:33.30 SRGreen Hope
153.11Quinn Wieber
21:34.00William G. Enloe
154.11Forster Amatori
21:34.50 SRGreen Hope
155.9Jackson Briones
21:40.80William G. Enloe
156.10Matt Agius
21:43.00Green Hope
157.-Scott Weston
21:48.40 PRLee County
158.-Parker Fernstrum
21:49.80 SRPanther Creek
159.9Matthew Whitney
21:51.20 PRGreen Hope
160.9Zach Nill
21:52.60 SRPanther Creek
161.12Chris Wang
21:55.40William G. Enloe
162.10Matthew Ashbaugh
21:57.10Green Hope
163.12Patrick Kane
22:02.70Panther Creek
164.-John Prather
22:06.00Needham Broughton
165.9Calvin Flack
22:06.70Panther Creek
166.-Mitchell Burgess
22:07.20 PRNeedham Broughton
167.-Dan Izacc
22:07.80William G. Enloe
168.-Butler Bennett
22:09.60 PRNeedham Broughton
169.9Sam Sanger
22:10.10Middle Creek
170.11Kyle Donahue
22:10.50 PRGreen Hope
171.9Kevin Smith
22:12.00Green Hope
172.9Tyler Haddon
22:13.60Green Hope
173.9Nicholas Morales
22:15.60Panther Creek
174.10Jared Ford
22:16.20William G. Enloe
175.9Graham Snooks
22:16.70 PRGreen Hope
176.9Benjamin Finnamore
22:22.70 PRGreen Hope
177.-AJ Swain
22:26.70 PRNeedham Broughton
178.-Lucas Jones
22:33.20 PRNeedham Broughton
179.11William Palmer
22:36.40 PRGreen Hope
180.12Ismail Ibraham
22:48.20 PRMiddle Creek
181.9Graham Booth
22:49.20 PRGreen Hope
182.-Cole Patterson
22:51.00 PRLee County
183.10Michael Singer
22:52.70 PRGreen Hope
184.-C. Alex Haugh
22:55.00Needham Broughton
185.11Barry Bowman
22:56.60 PRGreen Hope
186.-Harrison Martin
22:56.90 SRMiddle Creek
187.11Jonathan Toong
23:00.60 PRGreen Hope
188.-Peter Hillyard
23:01.80 PRPanther Creek
189.10Tanner Hudson
23:02.30 PRWilliam G. Enloe
190.10Alex Giles
23:05.60 PRGreen Hope
191.9Tucker Howard
23:06.00 PRGreen Hope
192.9Chandler Hayden
23:07.30 PRGreen Hope
193.12Michael Coleal
23:08.50 PRGreen Hope
194.11Andrew Young
23:09.20 PRGreen Hope
195.-Billy Do
23:10.30 PRPanther Creek
196.-Lee Harris
23:11.30 PRMiddle Creek
197.9Eric Stahling
23:19.20 PRWilliam G. Enloe
198.-Bronson Neil
23:20.40 PRMiddle Creek
199.10Suraj Kalipershad
23:26.70 PRGreen Hope
200.10Thomas Wilkerson
23:27.40 SRWilliam G. Enloe
201.10Brewer Harris
23:28.10 PRGreen Hope
202.11Kendrell Jones
23:29.30 PRGreen Hope
203.9Matthew Spivey
23:30.00 SRGreen Hope
204.11Aaron Reza
23:30.90 PRWilliam G. Enloe
205.-Zach Gordon
23:36.20 SRLee County
206.-Lance Marshall
23:42.70 PRLee County
207.10Elliott Shanks
23:43.60 PRGreen Hope
208.9Ralph Keyser
23:44.50 PRGreen Hope
209.9Griffin Matsuo
23:45.70 SRGreen Hope
210.-Christian Moss
23:48.80 PRLee County
211.9Daniel Schissler
23:50.00 PRGreen Hope
212.12Josh Clute
23:52.50 PRPanther Creek
213.9Alec Critser
23:58.40 PRGreen Hope
214.-Austin Baum
23:59.00 PRLee County
215.11William Gao
24:00.20 PRGreen Hope
216.-Justin Reichardt
24:00.70 PRPanther Creek
217.9Darian Deanhardt
24:04.40Green Hope
218.11Brian Messina
24:07.70 PRGreen Hope
219.9Wesley Newcomb
24:11.40 PRGreen Hope
220.10Jarrod Parsons
24:13.00 PRMiddle Creek
221.11Keerthi Anand
24:13.90 PRGreen Hope
222.-Wyatt Plaga
24:19.20 PRNeedham Broughton
223.-Marc Christopher
24:19.80 PRGreen Hope
224.-Lucas Meeks
24:20.40 PRNeedham Broughton
225.-Jordan Maurer
24:22.00 PRNeedham Broughton
226.11Nicholas Gazzia
24:23.90 PRGreen Hope
227.9Sam Zhu
24:24.60 PRGreen Hope
228.12Carlos Lopez
24:25.50 PRGreen Hope
229.12Brady Bethers
24:26.80 PRPanther Creek
230.-Richard Hoyle
24:28.00 PRLee County
231.11Wilson Booth
24:32.70 PRGreen Hope
232.-Peyton Crone
24:34.10 PRNeedham Broughton
233.11John Perry
24:34.80 SRNeedham Broughton
234.-Joseph Winstead
24:35.80 PRNeedham Broughton
235.11Sean Husk
24:36.60 PRGreen Hope
236.10Conner Endsley
24:37.50 PRGreen Hope
237.-Bryce Burgess
24:39.30 PRNeedham Broughton
238.10T.j. Zuber
24:43.00 PRPanther Creek
239.11Ethan Haddon
24:58.70 PRGreen Hope
240.12Jordan Tehrani
25:00.90 PRGreen Hope
241.-Louis Wooten
25:03.00 PRNeedham Broughton
242.11Collin Power
25:14.20 PRGreen Hope
243.10Gokul Pillai
25:21.20 PRGreen Hope
244.-Matthew Proctor
25:25.10 PRWilliam G. Enloe
245.12Neil Rohrbaugh
25:28.10 PRGreen Hope
246.9Benjamin Mooney
25:55.50 PRGreen Hope
247.10Adit Acharya
26:00.10 PRGreen Hope
248.9Sam Bolduc
26:00.60 PRGreen Hope
250.10Hosung Hwang
26:26.00 PRGreen Hope
251.10Timothy Chen
26:26.60 PRGreen Hope
252.-Robert Messier
26:38.80 PRGreen Hope
253.9Daniel Molnar
26:51.70 PRGreen Hope
254.-Dave Huffstettler
26:58.70 PRNeedham Broughton
255.9Austin Joiner
27:03.50 PRGreen Hope
256.9Ian Smart
27:17.30 PRGreen Hope
257.-Payton Millhollan
27:29.10 PRPanther Creek
258.12Kevin Kronk
28:16.00Green Hope
259.10Stephen Downhower
28:17.70 PRGreen Hope
260.-San Bae
28:28.60 PRWilliam G. Enloe
261.9Kyle Feng
28:34.70 PRGreen Hope
262.-Robert McPartland
28:35.30 PRGreen Hope
263.12Keenan Riley
32:25.30Middle Creek
264.11Steve Savicki
32:25.30Middle Creek
265.-Jimmy Kirik
32:25.30 PRLee County
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Green Hope20
2.Needham Broughton52
3.Panther Creek87
4.William G. Enloe112
5.Middle Creek135
6.Lee County176
1.12Maura McDonnell
18:48.00Green Hope
2.11Kristen Lospinoso
19:05.30Green Hope
3.9Cierra DellaRova
19:39.50William G. Enloe
4.12Allie Worsdale
19:40.40Green Hope
5.9Katie Tomasi
19:49.80Green Hope
6.12Mattie Blue
20:02.20Needham Broughton
7.11Megan Sullivan
20:02.80Needham Broughton
8.12Shannon Scovel
20:16.40 SRGreen Hope
9.12Emily Boesch
20:18.10Green Hope
10.10Theresa Enright
20:18.70Green Hope
11.12Taylor Howard
20:20.50Green Hope
12.10Rebekah Greengrass
20:27.20Panther Creek
13.12Mary Campbell Rouse
20:30.10Needham Broughton
14.10Julia England
21:01.80Green Hope
15.9Brianne Vasarhelyi
21:06.80Green Hope
16.12Kelsey Moore
21:12.30Needham Broughton
17.10Alya Gizlice
21:22.40Needham Broughton
18.9Kayla Hall
21:23.00Green Hope
19.10Natsumi Koyama
21:27.60Green Hope
20.11Alison Berger
21:28.70Needham Broughton
21.12Brenda Cardosa
21:31.70Panther Creek
22.12Kristen Gardner
21:33.40Needham Broughton
23.-Augusta Brook
21:38.10 PRNeedham Broughton
24.11Margaret Tobey
21:39.00 PRWilliam G. Enloe
25.12Meaghan Nazareth
21:41.60 PRGreen Hope
26.10Courtney Cash
21:42.20 PRPanther Creek
27.9Amena Saad
21:43.00 PRGreen Hope
28.10Jessica Wu
21:43.90Green Hope
29.9Martina Savage
21:49.00Green Hope
30.10Katie Surratt
21:53.30Green Hope
31.10Ellie King
21:57.80Panther Creek
32.11McKenzie Ringhofer
22:03.90Panther Creek
33.10Hollis Hatfield
22:07.00Needham Broughton
34.9Sydney Burns
22:08.00Green Hope
35.10Georgina Fairbrother
22:23.20William G. Enloe
36.9Gillian Hagenus
22:24.10Green Hope
37.9Emma Verdi
22:25.10Needham Broughton
38.12Shirley Lu
22:25.80 PRGreen Hope
39.12Katie Armstrong
22:28.20 PRGreen Hope
40.11Kerian Celeste
22:29.80Needham Broughton
41.12Morgan Lundahl
22:32.00Panther Creek
42.12Evie Copeland
22:35.70 SRNeedham Broughton
43.11Markie Nickens
22:38.10Needham Broughton
44.9Isabell Perry
22:46.40Needham Broughton
45.11Ellen Emmerson
22:47.20 SRGreen Hope
46.10Hannah Godfrey
22:47.60Panther Creek
47.9Sheridan Wood
22:50.30Green Hope
48.10Lindsay Pasteris
22:50.80Panther Creek
49.10Abby Hertz
22:53.80Needham Broughton
50.11Nicole Brugnoli
22:55.60Middle Creek
51.10Kelly Hagan
22:56.60Green Hope
52.9Julia Zwierzynski
22:58.60Green Hope
53.10Urangoo Matthews
23:02.30Middle Creek
54.9Morgan Adams
23:10.60Green Hope
55.12Lauren Midgette
23:13.70Green Hope
56.12Lee Anna McMillan
23:14.10Needham Broughton
57.10Anna Salmon
23:16.70Middle Creek
58.11Sydney Stradling
23:22.10Needham Broughton
59.11Emma Lux
23:23.50 SRGreen Hope
60.11Emma Marand
23:24.20Panther Creek
61.11Sabrina Morse
23:25.90Green Hope
62.10Mackenzie Michael
23:26.30 PRGreen Hope
63.10Lilly Stanley
23:27.00Green Hope
64.9Madalyn Hunt
23:28.10Green Hope
65.9Laura Perron
23:28.90Middle Creek
66.-Barbara Lynn Weaver
23:30.60Needham Broughton
67.12Kristen Chung
23:32.90 PRGreen Hope
68.12Alison Schaffer
23:33.60Middle Creek
69.9Margaret Chapman
23:34.10Needham Broughton
70.12Sophia Baneth
23:38.50 SRNeedham Broughton
71.12Allegra Hogan
23:42.40Lee County
72.10Madeline Pillar
23:47.30Panther Creek
73.11Delaney O'Connell
23:56.50Needham Broughton
74.10Jessica Leon
24:03.00Needham Broughton
75.11Miriam Marand
24:05.50 PRPanther Creek
76.10Josie Rouse
24:06.20Needham Broughton
77.10Alex Davis-isaac
24:07.00 SRGreen Hope
78.11Hannah Compiano
24:11.70Green Hope
79.11Skye Massey
24:12.70 SRGreen Hope
80.9Sophie Burns
24:16.00Green Hope
81.11Lucy Cao
24:19.30 SRGreen Hope
82.10Pippa Brown
24:23.10 SRGreen Hope
83.9Marie Singer
24:27.00Green Hope
84.-Molly Sprecher
24:31.30Needham Broughton
85.9Rishika Reddy
24:32.30 SRGreen Hope
86.9Brienna Kane
24:37.80Needham Broughton
87.11Angelina Cui
24:39.70 SRGreen Hope
88.11Cameron Cox
24:42.20 PRGreen Hope
89.10Danielle Clardy
24:49.80Panther Creek
90.12Amanie Kharullah
24:51.60 PRMiddle Creek
91.11Kristen McEnaney
24:53.50 PRGreen Hope
92.-Sarah Huggins
24:56.10 PRNeedham Broughton
93.9Agne Juzumaite
24:56.80Green Hope
94.12Kelly Clute
24:57.80 PRPanther Creek
95.11Sonya Zhang
24:58.10 PRGreen Hope
96.11Megan Sefler
24:59.00Green Hope
97.12Karina Buchholz
25:01.30 SRMiddle Creek
98.11Sydney Youd
25:04.90Green Hope
99.11Sarah Godfrey
25:10.30Panther Creek
100.-Sara Kiley Watson
25:19.30 SRNeedham Broughton
101.9Hannah Hendren
25:32.00 PRGreen Hope
102.-G Shepherd Barnes
25:34.80Needham Broughton
103.9Danielle Cardoso
25:36.50Panther Creek
104.12Allison Surratt
25:37.40 SRGreen Hope
105.12Malavika Paranjpe
25:38.50 PRGreen Hope
106.11Emily Pellegrini
25:40.00Panther Creek
107.-Annie Ruhmann
25:40.90 PRNeedham Broughton
108.12Shannon Morrissette
25:57.10 SRGreen Hope
109.9Lauren Ducoste
26:00.60William G. Enloe
110.11Kimmie Krzepek
26:03.40 PRGreen Hope
111.12Mariah Rockwell
26:07.70Lee County
112.-Shelby Davis
26:07.90 PRLee County
113.12Ann Archer Beasley
26:08.60Needham Broughton
114.-Alison Hughes
26:08.90 PRNeedham Broughton
115.-Ashley Maurice
26:10.30 PRGreen Hope
116.9Nicole Enright
26:12.00Green Hope
117.9Megan Owens
26:18.30Green Hope
118.11Simran Soni
26:21.10 PRGreen Hope
119.11Thrisha Oruganti
26:22.90 PRGreen Hope
120.11Raygene Parks
26:29.30William G. Enloe
121.-Jennifer Choy
26:35.20 PRNeedham Broughton
122.9Jenna Tan
26:36.50 PRGreen Hope
123.12Emma Kirkpatrick
26:40.90 PRGreen Hope
124.10Joanna Williams
26:42.40 PRPanther Creek
125.12Maria Jahja
26:43.60 PRGreen Hope
126.-Kate Rice
26:48.40 PRNeedham Broughton
127.11Rachel Newcomb
26:50.70 PRGreen Hope
128.-Daisy Fry-bromit
26:51.80 PRNeedham Broughton
129.9Payton Smith
26:54.60 PRGreen Hope
130.-Ji Yim
27:02.50 PRNeedham Broughton
131.9Hannah Riley
27:03.80Middle Creek
132.9Allison Pigora
27:05.90 PRGreen Hope
133.9Tiffany Wei
27:08.00 PRGreen Hope
134.-Morgan Seifert
27:11.70 PRMiddle Creek
135.9Carlee Powell
27:13.00Middle Creek
136.10Grace Kim
27:19.40 PRGreen Hope
137.12Christine Wei
27:19.90 PRGreen Hope
138.-Mary Gray Davis
27:29.80 PRNeedham Broughton
139.-Tess Ramsey
27:36.00Needham Broughton
140.12Claire Belson
27:38.90 PRGreen Hope
141.-Katherine Smith
27:40.70 PRNeedham Broughton
142.-Katherine Tehan
27:49.00Needham Broughton
143.-Kalee Tassone
27:58.40 PRMiddle Creek
144.9Michelle Sun
28:00.60 PRGreen Hope
145.12Alyssa Elliott
28:01.30 SRGreen Hope
146.12Emily Bui
28:11.20 PRGreen Hope
147.9Emma Johnson
28:22.40Panther Creek
148.9Maddy Miller
28:22.70 PRGreen Hope
149.9Allie Vittert
28:23.70 PRGreen Hope
150.9Kristina Nickel
28:29.40 PRGreen Hope
151.-Kristin Freeman
28:35.60 PRNeedham Broughton
152.-Annie Morse
28:36.60Needham Broughton
153.12Sofie Stein-Montal
28:37.10 SRNeedham Broughton
154.-Addison Tyler
28:37.80 PRNeedham Broughton
155.12Jenny Xu
28:42.60 PRGreen Hope
156.11Jordan Arroyo
28:52.40 PRMiddle Creek
157.-Christine Holt
29:01.40Lee County
158.9Lauren Ellington
29:05.70Panther Creek
159.-Missy Peters
29:11.00 PRNeedham Broughton
160.11Swathi Krothapalli
29:16.30 PRGreen Hope
161.-Rachel Brown
29:38.70 PRNeedham Broughton
162.11Emily Cornett
29:43.50 PRWilliam G. Enloe
163.9Brittani Allaman
29:43.90 PRGreen Hope
164.9Michelle Langlois
29:48.10Panther Creek
165.-Kaitlin Coleman
29:51.40 PRWilliam G. Enloe
166.-Alina Rashid
30:07.10 PRGreen Hope
167.9Meera Deva
30:14.50William G. Enloe
168.11Nina Wong
30:29.20 PRGreen Hope
169.10Lauren Kudlick
30:49.10 PRPanther Creek
170.11Alexa Gaffaney
30:49.40Panther Creek
171.9Marie Rogers
31:05.10 PRGreen Hope
172.9Amelia Insley
31:05.60 PRGreen Hope
173.10Kate Elam
31:24.40 PRGreen Hope
174.-Dominique Stanton
31:32.60 PRLee County
175.9Michelle Jaluvka
31:40.30 PRGreen Hope
176.-Sarah Levinson
32:12.60 PRGreen Hope
177.10Talia Bender
32:15.70William G. Enloe
178.11Shaina Katz
32:20.30 PRGreen Hope
179.11Nadia Mishal
32:56.70 PRGreen Hope
180.9Shaelyn Condon
33:03.20 PRGreen Hope
181.9Madison Endsley
33:19.60 PRGreen Hope
182.10Zahra Qureshi
33:24.20 PRGreen Hope
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