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5,000 Meters Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Torre Moser
2.12Christina Goudreau
3.10Megan Lanzon
20:28.00Wake Forest Rolesville
4.11Grace Yoakum
20:58.00Wake Forest Rolesville
5.9Cara Gaudioso
6.11Amber Blanton
7.9Kylee Vaughn
21:31.00 SRNeedham Broughton
8.11Elora Galluzzo
9.12Brianne Boldrin
21:38.00Athens Drive Senior
10.11Kerian Celeste
21:41.00Needham Broughton
11.9Elly Henes
21:45.00Athens Drive Senior
12.10Samantha Malone
13.9Elie Rivera
14.10Amanda Wiggenhorn
21:57.00Cardinal Gibbons
15.10Natalia Ghan
17.-Augusta Brook
22:10.00Needham Broughton
18.9Bailey White
19.9Emma Verdi
22:14.00Needham Broughton
20.9Aliza Tomkoski
21.11Hannah Wasserman
22:22.00Athens Drive Senior
22.11Hannah Ferguson
23.10Jessica Leon
22:31.00 PRNeedham Broughton
24.9Abby Doyle
22:37.00Cardinal Gibbons
25.12Allison Collins
22:37.00 SRApex
26.10Abby Hertz
22:46.00Needham Broughton
28.12Lee Anna McMillan
22:57.00Needham Broughton
29.11Markie Nickens
23:00.00Needham Broughton
30.9Isabell Perry
23:01.00Needham Broughton
31.10Ashley Holmes
32.11Sydney Stradling
23:15.00Needham Broughton
33.11Delaney O'Connell
23:16.00Needham Broughton
34.11Kaitlyn Peeples
23:20.00Cardinal Gibbons
35.9Ashlyn Healey
36.12Meredith Griffith
23:21.00Needham Broughton
37.9Margaret Chapman
23:23.00Needham Broughton
38.10Ana Lucia Rodriguez
39.11Caitlin Dezwann
23:35.00 SRCardinal Gibbons
40.12Alex Scott
23:36.00Cardinal Gibbons
41.-Alison Deney
23:38.00 PRApex
42.9Savannah Dupree
43.10Elina Spradlin
23:40.00Athens Drive Senior
44.11Rebecca Yoakum
23:40.00Wake Forest Rolesville
45.10Megan Vaughn
23:42.00Cardinal Gibbons
46.11Jordan Sink
47.9Sophie Miller
23:52.00Athens Drive Senior
48.10Samantha Gibbons
23:54.00Wake Forest Rolesville
49.9Abby Lewis
50.9Allison Farrell
51.-Tess Ramsey
24:04.00 PRNeedham Broughton
52.-Barbara Lynn Weaver
24:07.00Needham Broughton
53.-Anie Todd
24:09.00 PRCardinal Gibbons
54.10Josie Rouse
24:10.00Needham Broughton
55.12Kerry Raczka
24:13.00 SRCardinal Gibbons
56.12Ciara Healey
57.-Annastasia Murry
24:21.00 PRNeedham Broughton
58.12Grace Fiorentino
59.-Haley Allen
24:37.00 PRCardinal Gibbons
60.9Allison Rosen
24:41.00 SRApex
61.12Sophia Baneth
24:43.00Needham Broughton
62.-Lily Highsmith
24:47.00 PRNeedham Broughton
63.9Brienna Kane
24:49.00Needham Broughton
64.10Ashley Anderson
24:50.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
65.-Grace Baker
24:51.00 SRApex
66.-Molly Sprecher
24:52.00Needham Broughton
67.11Tristan Thomas
24:54.00Athens Drive Senior
68.-G Shepherd Barnes
25:02.00 PRNeedham Broughton
69.10Rachel Lakyo
25:07.00 SRApex
70.10Jessica Boland
71.12Jenny Nance
25:16.00Athens Drive Senior
72.11Julia Goff
73.-Sadie Vingam
25:19.00 PRApex
74.9Fifi Ali
25:20.00Athens Drive Senior
75.-Sara Kiley Watson
25:20.00Needham Broughton
76.-Sarah Huggins
25:21.00Needham Broughton
77.11Gaines Danielle
25:33.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
78.10Kieran Garvey
25:34.00Athens Drive Senior
79.12Shelby Wilt
25:35.00 SRApex
80.-Erin Kenedy
25:40.00Athens Drive Senior
81.12Ann Archer Beasley
25:45.00 SRNeedham Broughton
82.10Sarah Wotus
83.9Justine Billings
25:54.00 SRApex
84.11Hayley Buckless
85.10Alana Robinson
26:02.00Athens Drive Senior
86.9Rachel McKinney
26:11.00 SRApex
87.10Maya Horton
88.11Elizabeth Prosser
26:15.00Wake Forest Rolesville
89.9Rachel Harris
26:19.00 SRCardinal Gibbons
90.-Annie Morse
26:21.00 PRNeedham Broughton
91.10Leah Weber
26:40.00Wake Forest Rolesville
92.-Alexandra Hudson
26:42.00 PRCardinal Gibbons
93.-Alison Hughes
26:44.00Needham Broughton
94.-Kate Rice
26:49.00Needham Broughton
95.-Lizzie Mann
26:53.00 PRNeedham Broughton
96.10Kathryn Sabol
26:58.00 PRCardinal Gibbons
97.-Lena Wallace
27:08.00 PRNeedham Broughton
98.-Jennifer Choy
27:13.00Needham Broughton
99.12Camille Bove
27:19.00Wake Forest Rolesville
100.-Katherine Tehan
27:20.00 PRNeedham Broughton
101.-Lucy Smith
27:30.00 PRNeedham Broughton
102.-Ji Yim
27:38.00Needham Broughton
103.-Daisy Fry-bromit
27:40.00Needham Broughton
105.-Laura Brock
28:15.00 PRApex
106.10Claudia Mesa
107.11Sarah Martin
28:24.00 PRApex
108.12Nicole Gonzalez
109.9Sam Rosende
110.9Payton Baker
28:44.00Wake Forest Rolesville
111.9Charlotte Nixon
28:45.00 SRAthens Drive Senior
112.-Jenna Cunnetu
28:49.00 PRApex
113.12Leah Pedro
114.9Kristen McLaughlin
28:55.00 PRApex
115.-Hannah Rogers-frye
29:01.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
116.-Addison Tyler
29:03.00Needham Broughton
117.12Sofie Stein-Montal
29:05.00Needham Broughton
118.-Sarah Carr Barnes
29:21.00 PRNeedham Broughton
119.-Emily Tsia
29:35.00 PRApex
120.9Brooke Nartey
29:50.00Wake Forest Rolesville
121.9Hannah Davis
29:58.00Wake Forest Rolesville
122.12Katie Sholtis
29:59.00 PRApex
123.-Mariah Laliberte
30:10.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
124.-Kristin Freeman
30:12.00Needham Broughton
125.-Sabrina Howlland
30:17.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
126.-Monica Brookie
30:17.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
127.-Courtney Schlachter
30:23.00 PRApex
128.10Anna Martin
30:24.00Athens Drive Senior
129.-Rachel Brown
30:39.00Needham Broughton
130.-Schuyler Weisel
30:40.00 PRNeedham Broughton
131.-Britt Warner
30:49.00 PRNeedham Broughton
132.12Colleen Kennedy
30:55.00 SRAthens Drive Senior
133.-Maranda Rogers-Frye
31:19.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
134.-Amanda Northeim
31:21.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
135.-Sarena Triesh
31:27.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
136.-Claire Garr
32:07.00 PRNeedham Broughton
137.9Meghan Noonan
138.-Taylor Dozier
32:31.00 PRNeedham Broughton
139.-Kristina Bonn
32:35.00 SRAthens Drive Senior
140.-Meg Otersen
32:46.00 PRNeedham Broughton
141.11Gaines Kristen
33:42.00 SRAthens Drive Senior
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