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Beeson Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Beeson Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mount Tabor52
2.R J Reynolds54
3.Ronald W. Reagan92
5.Northwest Guilford168
6.West Forsyth171
7.Southern Alamance184
8.East Forsyth201
9.Southeast Guilford236
11.Western Guilford312
12.Davie County335
13.Southwest Guilford364
15.North Davidson416
16.High Point Central416
17.Porter Ridge485
18.Robert B Glenn543
19.Sun Valley569
1.11Ian Milder
15:38.30 SRMount Tabor
2.12Dalton Nickel
15:46.50Mount Tabor
3.12Alex Herron
16:10.40Ronald W. Reagan
4.12Oscar Menzer
5.12Andrew Krivsky
16:15.30 PRMount Tabor
6.11Caleb Adcock
16:23.80Ronald W. Reagan
7.9Nolan Cook
16:27.10 SRPage
8.11Dustin Sneed
16:28.50R J Reynolds
9.12Eric Royer
16:30.50R J Reynolds
10.10Matt Bomkamp
16:33.10 SRNorthwest Guilford
11.10Andrew Ciaccia
16:38.60 SRR J Reynolds
12.10Nick Ciaccia
16:39.70 SRR J Reynolds
13.11Collin Loy
16:40.70Southern Alamance
14.10Joe Wilson
16:41.60 SRR J Reynolds
15.12Francisco Rocha
16:42.00East Forsyth
16.12Nathan Kirse
16:42.80 PRMount Tabor
17.11Garrett Farrimond
16:47.60West Forsyth
18.11Luke Sumerford
19.11Ariel Shores
16:54.80Southeast Guilford
20.11Daniel Hinshaw
16:56.80 SRSoutheast Guilford
21.12Ryan Hughart
17:00.20 PRWest Forsyth
22.11Dalton Lyons
17:00.70 SRNorthwest Guilford
23.9Zach Patel
17:03.40 SRSouthwest Guilford
24.10Miles Cabean
17:05.00Ronald W. Reagan
25.11Spencer Kirk
17:07.90R J Reynolds
26.11Jay Spieler
17:10.80Ronald W. Reagan
27.12Austin Greeson
17:11.60 PRSouthern Alamance
28.10Michael Madden
17:12.20 SRMount Tabor
29.12Grayson Jones
17:15.70 PREast Forsyth
30.9Nelson Russ
17:18.90 SRWest Forsyth
31.10Brad Walter
17:20.40Mount Tabor
32.10Dequan Maddox
33.11Jose Gonzales
17:29.40 PRSouthern Alamance
34.11Alexander Zimmermann
17:29.90Ronald W. Reagan
35.11Phillip Jolly
17:30.30Mount Tabor
36.11Ian Hrdlicka
17:31.30Western Guilford
37.11Ryan Hastings
17:34.40Porter Ridge
38.12Hector Moradel
17:40.90 PRWestern Guilford
39.11Cory Burns
17:41.60 PRSouthwest Guilford
40.10Aadam Haque
17:43.70 SRNorthwest Guilford
41.10Joel Freeman
42.12Derek Linder
17:46.10 SRNorthwest Guilford
43.12Dylan Lemly
17:48.10 PRNorth Davidson
44.10Vernon Espinoza
17:48.70 SRWest Forsyth
45.-Nathan Thompson
17:49.10 SREast Forsyth
46.12Thusan Fernando
17:49.80 SRRagsdale
47.12Sean McGowan
17:50.60 PRRonald W. Reagan
48.12Gray Underwood
17:51.10 PRGrimsley
49.10Bryant Halsch
17:53.90Southeast Guilford
50.9Aaron Cooper
17:56.00R J Reynolds
51.12Eric Council
18:00.00 PRParkland
52.12Josh Meyer
18:00.70 PREast Forsyth
53.11Tofik Gebre
18:01.70 PRHigh Point Central
54.11Michael Mebel
18:02.30 SRDavie County
55.11Christopher Marsh
18:03.40Ronald W. Reagan
56.11Ryan Allshouse
18:05.60Southern Alamance
57.12Justin Johnson
18:06.20 SRDavie County
58.11Zach Sanger
18:08.00 SRNorthwest Guilford
59.10Drew Lake
60.9Teddy Frisk
18:08.80Southern Alamance
61.12Clay Dorman
18:10.80 PRGrimsley
62.10Blake Koeval
18:12.80West Forsyth
63.11Andrew Hiatt
18:14.90 PRWest Forsyth
64.10Levi Ricketts
18:17.00 SRPage
65.12Jacob Albright
18:19.70 PREast Forsyth
66.9Nick Simmons
18:20.20 SRDavie County
67.12Erik Martin
18:20.80West Forsyth
68.12Nicholas Batten
18:22.40Western Guilford
69.12Brian Hogan
18:24.00Southeast Guilford
70.9Patrick French
18:25.30 PRHigh Point Central
71.12Patrick Conley
18:26.40Robert B Glenn
72.9Austin Slowin
73.11Davidson Pharr
74.12Saul Gonzalez
18:28.10Western Guilford
75.12Wilson Rowe
18:28.70 SRDavie County
76.12Taylor Mitchell
18:29.80 SRRagsdale
77.11Eric Reise
18:35.30Northwest Guilford
78.12Jean-dominique Bon...
18:37.80Northwest Guilford
79.12Conner Murray
18:39.50Southern Alamance
80.11Spencer Hazel
18:41.40 SRPage
81.10Michael Janko
18:42.30Porter Ridge
82.12Alex Midkiff
18:42.80 PREast Forsyth
83.9Spencer Loy
18:43.40Southern Alamance
84.11Avery Conyers
18:48.30 SRSoutheast Guilford
85.9Kevin Hogan
18:49.60 SRSoutheast Guilford
86.9Brad Brewington
18:50.60 PRPage
87.9Nolan Patrick
18:53.00Southwest Guilford
88.10Thomas Neale
18:53.90 SRRagsdale
89.9Joe Morphonios
18:54.60 SREast Forsyth
90.9Colby Sousa
18:57.90 PRRagsdale
91.10Spencer Ader
18:58.20 SRNorth Davidson
92.10Nick Bell
19:03.00 SRNorth Davidson
93.9John Myers
19:07.30Davie County
94.12Logan Kepley
19:09.30 PRHigh Point Central
95.10James Thompson
19:10.60 SRRagsdale
96.10Corey Ferguson
19:11.50Sun Valley
97.12Harold Blakely
19:16.20 PRParkland
98.11Reid Hecht
19:17.10 SRDavie County
99.10Troy Lake
100.12Nathan Buckner
19:31.60 PRNorth Davidson
101.9Cameron Peterson
19:36.30 SRNorth Davidson
102.11Logan McDonald
19:39.00 SRNorth Davidson
103.11Jake Cochran
19:43.00Southeast Guilford
104.11Judd Heater
19:46.00 PRHigh Point Central
105.12Alan Davis
19:46.70Western Guilford
106.10Johan Ellertsson
19:47.40 PRWestern Guilford
107.12Matt Blake
19:50.00 PRHigh Point Central
108.10Jack Watt
109.9Joseph Popek
19:57.00 SRRagsdale
110.12Michael Verdi
20:00.90High Point Central
111.11Cody Ceresi
20:05.20Southwest Guilford
112.10Justin Burns
20:10.60 SRWestern Guilford
113.9Matt Hawn
20:12.60 SRSouthwest Guilford
114.9Peyton Jones
20:26.90Davie County
115.10Peyton Kunder
20:31.40Southwest Guilford
116.10Jake Wallace
20:38.60 SRRobert B Glenn
117.10Emory Howell
20:41.80High Point Central
118.10Jacob Warner
20:42.00Porter Ridge
119.11Cameron Sardina
21:07.70Robert B Glenn
120.11Logan Farlow
21:08.40 PRSun Valley
121.10Ty Washington
21:12.10Sun Valley
122.10John Luke
21:12.60 PRSun Valley
123.10Kyle Tuttle
124.11Rory Lazenby
21:16.50 PRSun Valley
125.12Cody Mitchell
21:17.80 PRRobert B Glenn
126.10Ian Buff
21:22.10 SRRobert B Glenn
127.-Bryan Rios
21:27.30 PRSouthwest Guilford
128.9Braxton Langston-C...
21:34.30 PRNorth Davidson
129.10Ethan Davis
21:42.30Robert B Glenn
130.11Desi Hogland
21:43.50 PRPorter Ridge
131.10Lee Seaman
21:44.10 SRPorter Ridge
132.10Logan McMahan
22:27.30Porter Ridge
133.9Benjamin Hucks
134.10Jacob Pardue
23:01.00Robert B Glenn
135.9Zack Webb
24:06.30Porter Ridge
136.10Michael Garrett
24:12.60Sun Valley
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Ronald W. Reagan74
2.Mount Tabor77
4.West Forsyth113
5.R J Reynolds148
6.Northwest Guilford169
7.Davie County228
8.Southeast Guilford230
10.Southwest Guilford238
11.Southern Alamance242
12.East Forsyth336
13.High Point Central345
14.Porter Ridge385
15.Western Guilford389
1.11Kayla Montgomery
18:22.40Mount Tabor
2.12Anna McBride
18:31.90Davie County
3.12Emily Grimes
18:33.40Ronald W. Reagan
4.11Tori Churchill
5.10Gabby Maudiere
6.12Chandler Borton
19:09.00R J Reynolds
7.9Blair Ramsey
8.10Carmen Davis
19:34.20Southwest Guilford
9.12Austin Vass
10.12Anna Gervasi
19:35.90Mount Tabor
11.11Kylie Spencer
19:50.50 SRSoutheast Guilford
12.9Ashley Smith
19:52.60West Forsyth
13.11Kristin Cain
19:56.40Southern Alamance
14.11Monica Medrano
19:57.70Ronald W. Reagan
15.11Kataryna O'Neil
19:59.00Mount Tabor
16.12Kathryn Hayes
19:59.90West Forsyth
17.11Brittney Brinson
20:06.10Ronald W. Reagan
18.11Dayna Creasy
20:08.00Ronald W. Reagan
19.10Emmie Costen
20:09.50 PRR J Reynolds
20.9Ellen Spencer
20:15.00West Forsyth
21.11Mary Triplett
20:21.90Southeast Guilford
22.11Erin Jameson
20:22.90Ronald W. Reagan
23.11Vanessa Bateson
20:24.20Mount Tabor
24.11Christina Cupello
20:25.00East Forsyth
25.10Elisabeth Marshall
20:34.50West Forsyth
26.9Amanda Conti
20:38.20 SRPorter Ridge
27.11Sarah Bomkamp
20:42.30 SRNorthwest Guilford
28.11Rhiannon Farney
20:43.30Mount Tabor
29.12Lucy Laird
20:44.70 PRNorthwest Guilford
30.12Emma Shultz
20:45.10 PRNorthwest Guilford
31.12Anna Snyder
20:45.70 PRR J Reynolds
32.11Megan Brannigan
33.10Caroline Yarbrough
20:49.30 SRPage
34.9Lexie Lahr
20:50.70 SRNorthwest Guilford
35.10Sydney Gilstrap
36.10Dinora Ramirez
20:52.40 PRSouthern Alamance
37.11Hannah Lee
20:54.70 SRRonald W. Reagan
38.10Mason Kepley
20:56.30 SRHigh Point Central
39.12Katherine Leak
21:01.10Mount Tabor
40.10Mackenzie Newsome
21:08.80West Forsyth
41.11Blakely Gantt
21:18.60 SRDavie County
42.12Amy Moret
21:24.90 PRR J Reynolds
43.11Jordan Jarrett
21:27.40 PRSoutheast Guilford
44.12Bryanna Marin
21:28.60Ronald W. Reagan
45.9Rachael Harmon
21:30.70Western Guilford
46.9Sue Griffin
21:31.70 SRHigh Point Central
47.11Shelby Weatherman
21:34.70 SRDavie County
48.11Kostantina Sarrima...
21:36.60 SRSouthwest Guilford
49.-Lauren Merritt
21:37.00 PRRagsdale
50.10Mallory Peterson
21:39.50 SRNorthwest Guilford
51.12Isabel Wilson
21:39.90 PRR J Reynolds
52.9Sarah Bowman
21:40.50 SRSouthern Alamance
53.10Sarah Plott
21:42.90 SRNorthwest Guilford
54.10Claire Raymer
55.11Kensey Davidson
21:46.10 SRNorthwest Guilford
56.10Kylie Jones
21:48.30 PRSouthwest Guilford
57.11Hannah Moerk
21:49.40East Forsyth
58.12Caty Ubertini
59.11Stephanie Hucks
21:58.20 PRParkland
60.11Leanie Lopez
61.12Kristin Hauser
22:01.30West Forsyth
62.11Gabby Pysher
63.9Jillian Moore
22:07.10 PRRobert B Glenn
64.10Morgan Brannon
22:10.50 PRSouthwest Guilford
65.10Brooke Summers
22:21.80 PRDavie County
66.10Rebecca Royer
22:24.20R J Reynolds
67.11Claudia Lugo
22:33.20 SRSouthwest Guilford
68.10Kelly Crabtree
22:36.40 SRSun Valley
69.12Jordan Latham
70.12Katie Bond
22:39.50Southeast Guilford
71.10Mary Alexander
22:47.60Mount Tabor
72.12Stephanie Marek
22:55.60Sun Valley
73.11Grace Nicklas-Morris
22:57.10R J Reynolds
74.10Dorian James
22:57.50 PRSouthern Alamance
75.9Shelby Hardin
22:58.10 PRWest Forsyth
76.10Brianna Riley
22:59.80 PRSouthern Alamance
77.11Katherine Faulkner
23:14.30Western Guilford
78.-Taylor Moon
23:20.80 PRSouthern Alamance
79.10Kara Whitson
23:27.30 SRRobert B Glenn
80.9Jana Yount
23:32.50 SRDavie County
81.11Daniella Cupello
23:35.60East Forsyth
82.10Sarah Burford
23:41.30 SRDavie County
83.9Katherine Henriques
23:42.50 PRSouthwest Guilford
84.9Hannah Diaz
23:51.30 PRPage
85.12Ellen Thomas
23:58.90 SRSouthern Alamance
86.10Lauren Rodgers
24:02.70 PRSouthwest Guilford
87.9Kayla Flynt
24:13.80 PRSun Valley
88.11Alex Gruca
24:20.60Porter Ridge
89.10Isabel Wood
24:25.20 PRWestern Guilford
90.10Christina Verdi
24:29.50 PRHigh Point Central
91.12Caroline Segal
24:33.10 PRHigh Point Central
92.10Katelyn Campbell
24:34.30 SRPorter Ridge
93.12Anna Tutterow
24:35.50 SRDavie County
94.12Sarah Baylor
24:37.50 PRSoutheast Guilford
95.11Leah Jones
24:47.60East Forsyth
96.12Meredith Park
24:52.60 PRWestern Guilford
97.11Maddie Griffin
24:56.90 SREast Forsyth
98.11Kendall Motsinger
24:59.30 PRRobert B Glenn
99.12McKenzie O'Brien
25:03.10 PRHigh Point Central
100.11Sarah Cheek
25:04.50 PRSoutheast Guilford
101.10Amelia Bass
102.11Rachel Cates
25:14.00 SRRagsdale
103.9Caroline Mara
25:26.50 SRSun Valley
104.-Lindsey Schaefer
25:38.10 PRRagsdale
105.10Karla Podolski
25:52.90Porter Ridge
106.10Anna Boon
25:54.20 PRPorter Ridge
107.12Caitlyn Chu
25:55.30 PRHigh Point Central
108.12Denisse Diaz-Borbon
26:00.80 PRWestern Guilford
109.10Jessica Vasquez
26:02.20 PRSoutheast Guilford
110.10Jenna Albert
26:13.60 SRRobert B Glenn
111.12Abby Duffy
26:49.50 PRHigh Point Central
112.11Rachel Berry
27:05.40Western Guilford
113.10Erin Morrison
28:01.90 SRParkland
114.-Kelli Ward
28:07.50 PREast Forsyth
115.11Laura Borowicz
28:23.30Western Guilford
116.12Maura Drewery
28:26.30 PRRagsdale
117.10Khiana Meyer
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