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Mens Races
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity (20:00 5k or slower)4:00 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity (19:59 5k or faster)5:00 PM
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM

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                                                   2nd Annual BCS 4K Invite

                           October 17th, 2013 @ Kelsey Creek Park, Bellevue WA

The BCS 4k Invite is the last meet held before the championships.  Shortening the race distance will encourage athletes to run a faster pace and help them be successful at League-District-State.  Kelsey Creek is a rolling course with different surfaces (grass, dirt paths and a couple of asphalt road crossings).  The course has rolling hills on the front side (run 3 times) and short hill in the back (run 2 times).  The course at Kelsey Creek Park is spectator friendly with runners looping around the front of the park.  A bicyclist will lead all races.  Coaches describe it as a fair course that requires athletes to focus on the changing terrain with plenty of room to pass. 


JV Boys—4:00 pm (unlimited entries)

Varsity Girls—4:30 pm (unlimited entries)

Varsity Boys—5:00 pm (top 7)

Awards at 5:45

-top 10 in varsity races get t-shirts

-top 10 in JV race receive ribbons awarded in


*JV Girls race may be added depending on number of teams.  It would be held at 4:00 pm and the other races/awards will be bumped back 30 minutes. 



Please consider this letter as your invoice for the accounting department at your school.

Entry Fees:       $75 for high school team (boys & girls).         $40 for one gender.

Make checks payable to          Bellevue Christian School

Mail payment to:          

Ed Sloan—BCS Athletics

1601 98th Ave NE

Clyde Hill, WA  98004


Entries are due by Monday, October 14 at midnight.


All entries will be made through No entries will be accepted by fax or email.



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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Junior Varsity (20:00 5k or slower)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)85
3.Rainier (WA)85
6.University Prep129
7.Bellevue Christian162

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Austin Bebee
15:23.70 PRCedarcrest
2.11Jarod Vanhulle
15:24.31 PRCedarcrest
3.12James Fedorovski
15:34.15 PRCedarcrest
4.11Martin Monroy
15:44.20 PRRochester
5.9Damon Hardwick
15:45.85 PRUniversity Prep
6.12Josh Zimmerman
15:49.69 SRCedarcrest
7.9Joshua Swanson
15:50.31 PRUniversity Prep
8.11Justin Mendoza
15:52.81 PRCedarcrest
9.9Chase Bolin
15:56.59 PRCedarcrest
10.9Brandon Hoover
15:57.04 PRRainier (WA)
11.12Zack Froembling
16:00.67 PRRainier (WA)
12.10Ron Valley
16:01.39 PRRochester
13.11Jakob Salazar
16:10.56 PREastside Preparatory
14.10Russell Brown
16:11.70 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
15.11Conor Mills
16:14.70 PRRainier (WA)
16.12David Wingard
16:16.35 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
17.11Jordan Chatman
16:18.09 PRRainier (WA)
18.11Anthony Galindo
16:18.85 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
19.11Sam Ionesi
16:19.64 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
20.10Peter Miyoshi
16:20.33 PRMonroe
21.9Clayton Sturgis
16:33.27 PRSeattle Waldorf
22.12Alex Zuvich
16:34.22 PRCedarcrest
23.9Cody Orkney
16:36.72 PRRochester
24.9Wyatt Nabors
16:37.41 PRSeattle Waldorf
25.10Htet Mundt
16:40.06 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
26.11Tyler Stevenson
16:40.63 SRMonroe
27.11David Reynolds
16:41.86 PRBellevue Christian
28.9Joseph Carruth
16:46.69 PRBear Creek
29.9Michael Olson
16:50.91 PRShorewood Christian
30.12Brenden Bear
17:01.65 PRMonroe
31.10Nicholas Petersen
17:03.83 PRTenino
32.11Peyton Lantis
17:05.89 PRCedarcrest
33.10Paul Kiefer
17:13.28 PRUniversity Prep
34.10Julian Toms
17:14.77 PRMonroe
35.10Ryan Burnett
17:16.20 PRBellevue Christian
36.9Donovan Felitz
17:30.86 PRRochester
37.9Kyler McIntosh
17:38.98 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
38.11Ezekiel Craven
17:43.52 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
39.9Daniel Burnett
17:44.16 PRBellevue Christian
40.11Ben Krantz
17:44.39 PRSeattle Waldorf
41.10Connor Bartee
17:46.25 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
43.10Lars Candland
17:48.52 PRCedarcrest
44.11Jerry Buell
17:53.08 PRRainier (WA)
45.10Jayden Bourke
17:53.46 PRTenino
46.9Graydon Lehto
17:54.12 PRCedarcrest
47.10Roman Hagge
18:00.55 PRArchbishop Murphy
48.9Luke Miller
18:03.10 PRBellevue Christian
49.9Jacob Snyder
18:04.25 PRTenino
50.9Jacob Paris
18:07.20 PRRochester
51.9Travis Henry
18:09.99 PRTenino
52.9Tristan Thoman
18:25.27 PRRochester
53.9Tobias Braaten
18:26.71 PRRainier (WA)
54.10Dallin James
18:32.59 PRMonroe
55.10Chris Concha
18:42.19 PRMonroe
56.10Jake Adams
18:45.30 PRRochester
57.9Juan Amezquita
18:51.18 PRSeattle Waldorf
58.12Keegan Barnes
18:52.76 PRRainier (WA)
59.9Caleb Cypriano
18:54.37 PRRochester
60.12Christopher Yang
18:57.60 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
61.10Dylan Wendler
19:08.25 PRRainier (WA)
62.10Adam Pinkerton
19:11.84 PRBellevue Christian
63.11Daniel Hiatt
19:27.51 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
64.11Chawin Pathomporni...
19:32.47 PRMonroe
65.10Josh Budig
19:48.15 PRCedarcrest
66.9Ryan Claggett
19:58.78 PRArchbishop Murphy
67.9Navarreaux Simmons
20:27.52 PRRainier (WA)
68.12Hunter Budihas
20:36.85 PRRainier (WA)
69.9Jackson Peltier
20:38.61 PRRochester
70.9Chase Edminster
20:41.28 PRRochester
71.9Joseph Peder
20:41.79 PRBellevue Christian
72.10Shirahn Pathy
20:42.81 PREastside Preparatory
73.9Jaden Delgado
20:43.64 PRUniversity Prep
74.9Maxwell Bernard
20:47.16 PRUniversity Prep
75.12Winston Lee
20:59.57 PRArchbishop Murphy
76.12Dustin Bell
21:11.29 PRRainier (WA)
77.9Jack Kelly
24:10.34 PRShorewood Christian
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4,000 Meters Varsity (19:59 5k or faster)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)80
4.Archbishop Murphy91

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Logan Orndorf
13:10.86 SRCedarcrest
2.12Quinn Radbourne
13:39.37 PRCedarcrest
3.12Jonathan Gunderson
13:44.37 PRCedarcrest
4.12Colton Green
13:50.31 PRCedarcrest
5.12Peter Smith
13:53.09 PRArchbishop Murphy
6.9Ryan Abdalla
14:04.15 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
7.10Nick Napier
14:04.36 PRUniversity Prep
8.12Chandler Crayton
14:07.58 PRMonroe
9.12Gage Catherman
14:11.66 PRCedarcrest
10.12D'Marco DeGross
14:17.29 PRMonroe
11.12Matthew Carlson
14:17.79 PRBellevue Christian
12.9Craig Lambert
14:18.06 PRBellevue Christian
13.12Aaron Heidlage
14:18.87 PRSultan
14.12Nate Lundberg
14:23.39 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
15.12Ira Fleming
14:31.32 PRUniversity Prep
16.12Tyler Sharp
14:33.93 SRMonroe
17.11Jacob Barrus
14:36.00 PRSultan
18.9Cameron Hammontree
14:36.91 PRCedarcrest
19.10Alan Ensastegui
14:37.19 PRForks
20.11Tate Johnson
14:41.59 PRArchbishop Murphy
21.11Samuel Byrne
14:43.62 PRArchbishop Murphy
22.9Cylas Belknap
14:44.45 PRRochester
23.12Akio Namioka
14:45.26 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
24.10Josh Blevins
14:45.69 PRMonroe
25.12Paul Chyz
14:46.08 PRUniversity Prep
26.11Jameson Pasko
14:46.75 PRRochester
27.12Evan Atwater
14:47.00 SRCedarcrest
28.10Isaac Harper
14:51.64 PRCedarcrest
29.10Zak Miller
14:52.96 PRRainier (WA)
30.9Alan Perez
14:53.94 PRMonroe
31.10Scott Graves
14:54.19 PRBellevue Christian
32.10Jack Allnutt
14:54.58 PRSeattle Academy
33.10Vincent Dams
14:55.41 PRCedarcrest
34.10John Shaw
14:55.84 PRCedarcrest
35.12Joey Hollis
14:56.51 PRBear Creek
36.10Jonny Hansen
14:56.77 PRRainier (WA)
37.10Caleb King
14:59.74 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
38.9Sean Gallagher
15:00.03 PRBear Creek
39.11Cody Burrell
15:07.60 PRTenino
40.11Ryan Baxter
15:15.39 PRRochester
41.10Peter Holman
15:20.98 PRRochester
42.11Sean Brown
15:25.75 PRSeattle Academy
43.11Jacob Gutheil
15:26.14 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
44.11Chad Johanneck
15:27.73 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
45.10Hugo Lucas
15:29.25 PRForks
46.10Nicholas Sorgen
15:29.61 PRSultan
47.9McCrea Black
15:30.58 PRSultan
48.9Shouridama Beadle
15:34.31 PRRainier (WA)
49.11Gunnar Swenson
15:37.29 PRArchbishop Murphy
50.10Simon Fraser
15:37.86 PRCedarcrest
51.12Eamon O'Leary
15:38.45 PRSeattle Academy
52.11Adam Koehler
15:39.59 PRBellevue Christian
53.11David Yao
15:40.19 PRArchbishop Murphy
54.11Nic Anderson
15:40.84 PRRochester
55.12Jake Beck
15:41.78 PRUniversity Prep
56.11Andy Sommers
15:43.36 PRRochester
57.11Mitchell Dennis
15:46.14 PRArchbishop Murphy
58.10Alvaro Ortiz
15:50.18 PRForks
59.10Evan Langford
15:53.84 PRTenino
60.12Riley Schelfhout
15:55.34 PRMonroe
61.11Blake Ange
15:56.44 PRSeattle Academy
62.11Daniel Wilson
16:10.29 PRBear Creek
63.11Codie Hix
16:13.87 PRTenino
64.10Austin Pegram
16:15.98 PRForks
65.12Tristen Newberry
16:17.51 PRRainier (WA)
66.12Aaron Krume
16:24.98 PRForks
67.12Sam LaPine
16:25.32 PRMonroe
68.10Sam Long
16:25.67 PRRochester
69.10Johnny Lua
16:29.84 PRForks
70.10Charles McDonald
16:34.92 PRArchbishop Murphy
71.9Jonathan Reed
16:36.33 PRArchbishop Murphy
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)66
4.Seattle Academy117
5.University Prep130
6.Archbishop Murphy158
7.Annie Wright163
8.Rainier (WA)166

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Audrey Western
15:30.93 PRUniversity Prep
2.12Olivia Waterman
15:59.21 SRCedarcrest
3.12Diana Carr
16:07.97 PRCedarcrest
4.11Lindsey Dorney
16:19.10 PRArchbishop Murphy
5.12Amelia Anderson
16:24.63 SRCedarcrest
6.10Emily Donnel
16:35.36 PRBellevue Christian
7.12Megan Brimley
17:29.26 PRCedarcrest
8.12Caitlin Kereszturi
17:33.46 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
9.11Kari Larson
17:35.06 PRForks
10.9Shea Leibow
17:41.02 PRSeattle Academy
11.12Emily Bland
17:53.58 PRMonroe
12.12Kat Busch
18:04.65 PRMonroe
13.12Sam Boyle
18:09.80 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
14.11Yeshi Vaughan
18:12.42 PRRochester
15.11Brooke Peterson
18:27.43 PRForks
16.10Payton Stringer
18:34.77 PRMonroe
17.10Madison Sitzmann
18:46.62 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
18.11Kathryn Goldsmith
18:54.18 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
19.10Emma Salam
18:58.44 PRAnnie Wright
20.12Samantha Haley
19:05.09 PRRainier (WA)
21.10Kiana Ward
19:05.79 PRCedarcrest
22.12Tabitha Blevins
19:09.01 PRMonroe
23.12Grace Gannon
19:12.68 PRSeattle Academy
24.10Nora Lynch
19:24.04 PRAnnie Wright
25.10Misa Stesnmetz
19:28.22 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
26.10Emily Austin
19:31.99 PRArchbishop Murphy
27.12Alex Kinoshita
19:35.63 PRUniversity Prep
28.10Marissa Dallaire
19:36.68 PRTenino
29.11Stephanie Busch
19:45.70 SRCedarcrest
30.11Noelle Viger
19:45.97 SRCedarcrest
31.11Sydney Israel
19:52.07 PRSeattle Academy
32.12Grace Trautman
19:52.61 PRSeattle Academy
33.12Taylor Green
19:54.26 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
34.12Bridget Daugherty
19:55.91 SRBear Creek
35.9Eliah Laramie
19:56.91 PRRochester
36.12Ashley Honaker
19:57.82 PRRainier (WA)
37.11Kaela Peloquin
20:00.74 SRMonroe
38.12Priya Uppal
20:03.85 PRUniversity Prep
39.9Nikole Hanquet
20:10.15 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
40.9Jessica Olivera
20:15.85 PRForks
41.10Natalie Logan
20:16.34 PRMonroe
42.9Abbey Haley
20:20.36 PRRochester
43.11Elly McManus
20:23.63 PRAnnie Wright
44.10Tyler Eden
20:30.31 SRMonroe
45.11Emily DeFreece
20:30.60 PRMonroe
46.11Dominique Razor
20:35.96 PRBellevue Christian
47.12Madeliene Ferry
20:37.83 PRUniversity Prep
48.9Elodie Geltzer
20:53.61 PRSeattle Academy
49.11Chaya LaRue
21:11.25 PRSeattle Waldorf
50.11Tristina Smith
21:22.37 PRForks
51.9Taylor Holmes
21:26.69 PRRainier (WA)
52.9Chloe Wire
21:29.20 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
53.12Haley Steinberg
21:31.20 PRUniversity Prep
54.11Elyssa Champlin
21:36.46 PRRainier (WA)
55.9Kristin Smith
21:37.31 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
56.10Marissa Baer
21:38.66 PRArchbishop Murphy
57.9Barkot Efuye
21:41.17 PRSeattle Academy
58.12Katelynn Ivy
22:10.16 PRRainier (WA)
59.11Rachael Arand
22:15.88 PRSeattle Waldorf
60.10Katherine Buckley
22:19.68 PRBear Creek
61.12Megan Absten
22:53.22 PRAnnie Wright
62.9Emily van Leewen
23:05.98 PRArchbishop Murphy
63.11Alicia Asmundson
23:24.90 PRArchbishop Murphy
64.12Katie Fox
23:46.59 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
65.10Helen Huang
24:03.54Archbishop Murphy
66.12Karen Vasatka
24:06.45 PRMonroe
67.10Leila Praino
24:06.72 PRBellevue Christian
68.11Molly Merriman
24:28.15 PRBellevue Christian
69.11Dalia Wellens
24:48.18 PRSeattle Academy
70.11Nichapha Traithipp...
25:05.64 PRSultan
71.10Max Gilpin
25:05.89 PRRainier (WA)
72.9Lauren Keltgen
26:54.03 PRAnnie Wright
73.10Lily Orth-Smith
28:11.28 PRUniversity Prep
74.9Emma Braden
31:59.05 PRBear Creek
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