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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Nampa Christian20
2.New Plymouth39
1.12Brady Garringer
19:19.88 PRVictory Charter
2.10Connor Everton
19:20.28 PRLiberty Charter
3.9Sean Martin
19:57.09Nampa Christian
4.9Caleb Johnston
20:03.44 PRNew Plymouth
5.12Valentin Wetz
20:07.15 PRVictory Charter
6.11Aaron Kim
20:07.93 PRVictory Charter
7.11Andrew Houchins
20:17.03 PRNampa Christian
8.10Hunter Bullock
20:23.38 SRNampa Christian
9.12Tanner Buuck
20:28.00Nampa Christian
10.12Stephen Zeyer
20:46.00 SRLiberty Charter
11.10Riley Boyd
20:57.75Liberty Charter
12.10Nick Smith
21:08.18New Plymouth
13.10Hunter Randolph
21:10.06 SRIdaho City
14.11Jerob Moon
21:27.41Nampa Christian
15.11Trent Jones
21:40.97 SRNew Plymouth
16.9Kaleb VandenBosch
21:41.28Nampa Christian
17.10Parker Knight
21:45.28Nampa Christian
18.9Colton McKormack
21:46.53 SRMelba
19.12Sean McGuffin
21:48.28New Plymouth
20.10Joshua Ellis
21:57.31 SRLiberty Charter
21.12Colby Guisasola
22:31.62Nampa Christian
22.12JT Franklin
22:47.50 PRVictory Charter
23.11Ben Knapp
23:02.38 PRNew Plymouth
24.9Nick Geddes
23:02.87 SRCole Valley Christian
25.9Tony Morales
25:11.69New Plymouth
26.9Cameron White
26:41.72New Plymouth
27.9Kirby Blakely
28.12Nathan Pauls
29:41.59The Ambrose School
29.9Justin Greave
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Gabe Fisher
16:40.72 PRVictory Charter
2.12Jeff Borner
16:47.88 PRMcCall-Donnelly
3.12Logan Crevelt
17:04.62 PRCascade
4.10Marshall Wheeler
17:05.88 SRVictory Charter
5.12Taylor Spence
17:12.41 PRGarden Valley
6.10Peyton Brothers
17:14.38 SRNampa Christian
7.10Troy Flake
17:35.34 SRLiberty Charter
8.12Dawson Dayton
17:37.03 PRNorth Star Charter
9.12Ben Stoker
17:38.72 PRVictory Charter
10.10Rylan Manzer
17:39.43 SRMelba
11.11Ethan Logue
17:47.38Liberty Charter
12.9Luke Fleming
17:47.96 PRNorth Star Charter
13.12Derek Deblieck
17:52.75Cole Valley Christian
14.9Ethan Sager
17:56.15 PRNorth Star Charter
15.9Logan Swanson
17:58.66 SRNampa Christian
16.12Brandon Christianson
18:11.72 PRCole Valley Christian
17.12Parker McCoy
18:13.81Cole Valley Christian
18.12Kalin Lister
18:20.72 PRLiberty Charter
19.11Caleb Davis
18:21.24 PRVictory Charter
20.12Blade Wilkinson
18:21.86 PRMcCall-Donnelly
21.10Jordan Davin
18:23.37 PRMcCall-Donnelly
22.11Christian Sedrick
18:26.09 PRLiberty Charter
23.11Carter Bedsole
18:26.43 SRCole Valley Christian
24.10Cody Svedin
25.12Gabe Housh
18:33.75 SRLiberty Charter
26.11John Burton
18:35.88 SRNew Plymouth
27.10Matt Dukelow
18:41.12 PRNorth Star Charter
28.11Hunter Martin
18:41.90 PRVictory Charter
29.12Logan King
18:51.41 PRThe Ambrose School
30.12Davis Everton
18:55.81 PRLiberty Charter
31.10Devin Edmiston
18:59.00 SRMelba
32.11A.J. Crooks
19:00.91Nampa Christian
33.11Riley Baxter
19:01.18 PRNew Plymouth
34.10Clay Allred
19:07.47 SRCouncil
35.11Colton Winegar
19:12.78 SRNorth Star Charter
36.11Nate Ramsey
19:15.09New Plymouth
37.11Ben Gozart
19:16.18 PRVictory Charter
38.12Darrien Gish
19:23.53Nampa Christian
39.12Bronson Johnson
19:27.25New Plymouth
40.10Henry Fillmore
19:28.28Nampa Christian
41.11Leland Maris
19:28.65Nampa Christian
42.9Aaron Watkins
19:36.09New Plymouth
43.10Edgardo Sosa
19:40.34 SRNorth Star Charter
44.9Matthew Bowers
19:42.88The Ambrose School
45.12Weston Liimakka
19:45.12The Ambrose School
46.10Jayson Duffy
19:45.93Victory Charter
47.12Brian Olson
19:47.00New Plymouth
48.10David Hengst
19:48.41Cole Valley Christian
49.10Bryce Waters
19:49.52 SRGarden Valley
50.9Noah Good
20:02.12The Ambrose School
51.12Bodee Engle
20:08.03 PRMelba
52.12Ben Babineau
20:08.24 SRMcCall-Donnelly
53.12Jack Verbance
20:12.06New Plymouth
54.9Nathan Tupper
20:13.62The Ambrose School
55.10Easton Erickson
20:16.06Nampa Christian
56.10Hayden Danielson
20:16.90Cole Valley Christian
57.12Keenan Walgren
58.12Nathan Pauls
20:23.31The Ambrose School
59.9Andrew Gutierrez
20:26.15Liberty Charter
60.12Sager Ben
20:36.50 SRNorth Star Charter
61.12Austin Greenleaf
20:55.47Cole Valley Christian
62.9Beau Bromgard
21:00.25 SRMelba
63.12Alex Rotter
21:00.87 PRCouncil
64.12Austin Warfield
65.12Holden Fiscus
21:11.15 PRMelba
66.10Payton Stuart
21:36.34The Ambrose School
67.10Jaden Black
22:26.00 SRHorseshoe Bend
68.9Noah Welgren
22:42.00 SRMcCall-Donnelly
69.10Smokey Frees
70.9Trevor Biggers
24:12.00Horseshoe Bend
71.9Ammon Flake
24:17.00Horseshoe Bend
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.New Plymouth15
1.11Laramie Coats
25:07.00New Plymouth
2.10Aspyn Besendorfer
3.10Katie Nishizaki
27:25.06New Plymouth
4.11Ana Serhyeyeva
27:46.12New Plymouth
5.10Erika Svedin
6.10Matalynn Eager
30:37.81New Plymouth
7.10Challis Nuffer
8.9Vivian Wiegers
9.11Olivia Cline
38:27.00New Plymouth
10.9Alexandra Johnson
40:53.00New Plymouth
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Sierra Manzer
19:30.41 SRMelba
2.12Anysja Manzer
19:58.22 PRMelba
3.12Claire Hamblin
20:20.53 PRLiberty Charter
4.10Bethany Danner
20:24.18 PRMcCall-Donnelly
5.12Krystal DeLeon
20:56.12Nampa Christian
6.11McKelle Leavitt
7.12Katie Trappett
21:31.88 SRMelba
8.12Ofelia Herrera
21:35.34 PRMarsing
9.9Riley Jo Lysinger
21:36.69New Plymouth
10.12Katie West
21:51.41The Ambrose School
11.9Jillian Culbertson
22:10.72 SRNorth Star Charter
12.12Amy Wheeler
22:18.56Victory Charter
13.10Morgan Monson
22:21.53 PRMelba
14.11Tia Erickson
15.10Briyanna Logue
22:55.72 PRLiberty Charter
16.12Bryn Kennell
17.12Kaila Sanders
23:11.12 PRCole Valley Christian
18.9Anisa Ryan
23:15.25 PRMcCall-Donnelly
19.11Makenzie Weatherford
23:15.46 SRNampa Christian
20.10Robi Salisbury
23:18.28 PRNew Plymouth
21.12Corine Matte
23:22.25 PRNampa Christian
22.9Megan Smith
23:25.50 SRMelba
23.11KariAnna Kuklinski
23:39.75Cole Valley Christian
24.10Caitlyn Line
25.11Jenna Ball
23:41.52 PRMcCall-Donnelly
26.11Jessica Hanks
23:42.96Nampa Christian
27.11Baillie Wallace
23:57.06 SRNew Plymouth
28.11Kiara Lindstrom
24:05.09 PRNampa Christian
29.11Annika Bastian
24:11.22 PRNew Plymouth
30.9Shay Christianson
24:22.06Cole Valley Christian
31.9Jamie Johnston
24:39.18Cole Valley Christian
32.10Jessica Lewis
24:44.34New Plymouth
33.9Jenai Campbell
24:47.50New Plymouth
34.10Lexi Tinney
35.9Ashley Harris
25:12.66 SRNampa Christian
36.9Pauline Finkbeiner
25:13.31 SRNorth Star Charter
37.11Laurel Howe
25:19.09New Plymouth
38.11Heather Crawford
39.10Erika Linford
25:31.88Liberty Charter
40.9Katie Overton
26:30.53Cole Valley Christian
41.11Jaycie Cazier
26:57.00Horseshoe Bend
42.11Emma Wall
27:02.00Cole Valley Christian
43.11Angela Wright
44.12Julia Betry
31:33.00 PRVictory Charter
45.10Hannah Gilmore
31:51.00 SRGarden Valley
46.11Elen Lahlum
32:04.00Horseshoe Bend
47.12Kate Fluke
33:09.00 PRHorseshoe Bend
48.11Michaela Greiner
33:38.00 SRHorseshoe Bend
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