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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity11:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Open12:40 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:15 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity11:30 AM
5,000 Meters Open12:40 PM

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Last Updated 8:59 PM, Mon, Sep 30

Welcome to the 2013 William Johnson Sandpoint Invitational  (coaches)

Full meet information can be found on our meet home page:


Course: Flat 5k on grass, loose gravel and asphalt along the Pend Oreille River.  Great spectator viewing, course is open at 8:00 for walk through.

Race Times:

9:00 AM - Kid’s Fun 400 meter race (open to all kids through the 6th grade).  Ribbons for all participants.
9:15 Jr. High Girls (1.5 miles)
9:45 Jr. High Boys (1.5 miles)
10:15 JV Girls
10:45 JV Boys
11:15 Varsity Girls
12:00 Varsity Boys
12:40 Citizens Race (open to all ages)

Awards: Medals will be awards to top 10 runners in each Varsity, JV and Junior High race.  Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 teams in each Varsity race and the top team in each of the JV and Jr. High races.  Awards ceremony for Jr. High will be during the Varsity races, and the High School awards will be at 1:30 PM after the Citizen’s Race.

Scoring: Standard scoring will be used

Results: Results will be posted at the meet and posted online at Athletic.Net in the evening.

Have a great day and enjoy the meet,

Matt & Angie Brass
Sandpoint High School Cross Country

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Coeur D'Alene55
3.Lake City60
4.Coeur d'Alene Charter102
5.IC Academy126
6.Post Falls163
8.Classical Christian Academy191

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Nolan Mullen-Huber
17:39 PRLake City
2.11Matthew Cloud
17:41 SRSandpoint
3.11Chris Cordova
17:42 SRSandpoint
4.9Alex Ayers
17:53 SRLake City
5.10Connor Wilson
18:06 SRLake City
6.11Cole Dewitt
18:07 PRCoeur D'Alene
7.11Carson Hill
18:11 PRCoeur D'Alene
8.11Andy McGinnis
18:19 SRSandpoint
9.10Matthew Perriera
18:36 PRIC Academy
10.9Jake Castedo
18:37.04 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
11.11Kuplack Pat
18:37.81 PRIC Academy
12.10Blake McLean
18:42 SRPost Falls
13.9Zac Magee
18:48 SRCoeur D'Alene
14.9Brendan Jessen
15.12Sam Lee
19:11 PRCoeur D'Alene
16.9Kellen Walters
19:12 SRCoeur D'Alene
17.9Reilly Wolfe
19:23 SRSandpoint
18.11Brady Foil
19:25Coeur d'Alene Charter
19.10Josh Moehring
19:29 SRCoeur d'Alene Charter
20.10Quinn Donnelly
19:33 SRSandpoint
21.11Matt Fremgen
19:43 SRLake City
22.9Camren Horn
19:49 SRPost Falls
23.10Chris Allsup
19:52 SRCoeur D'Alene
24.9Tyler Crawford
19:55 SRCoeur D'Alene
25.10Daniel Radford
19:58 SRSandpoint
26.12Grant Kennaly
20:00 SRSandpoint
27.12Christopher Major
20:01Coeur d'Alene Charter
28.11Justin Dansereau
20:02.32 PRLakeland
29.12Mason Patzer
20:02.65 PRCoeur D'Alene
30.10Andrew Overby
20:03 PRCoeur D'Alene
31.10Charlie Button
20:09 SRCoeur D'Alene
32.12Dakota Johnson
20:19 PRTimberlake
33.11Guido Deina
20:24 PRLakeland
34.9Morgan Earp
20:26 SRIC Academy
35.9Alex Honeycutt
20:27 PRColville
36.12Michael Durfee
20:28.11 PRSandpoint
37.9Dock Sommers
38.10Max Matana
20:29 SRLake City
39.9Mason Magee
20:31Coeur d'Alene Charter
40.9Kaleb King
20:33 SRLakeland
41.10Alva Swanson
20:39Bonners Ferry
42.11Branden Zurfluh
20:40.48Classical Christian ...
43.11Josiah Coad
20:40.72 PRClassical Christian ...
44.11Daniel Durfee
20:41 PRSandpoint
45.9Clay Rasmussen
20:57 SRSandpoint
46.9Alex Chojnowski
21:03 PRIC Academy
47.9Riley McGinnis
21:05 SRSandpoint
48.9Nathan Smoldon
21:06 SRColville
49.10Corbin Shults
21:08 SRClassical Christian ...
50.12Phillip Eckardt
21:10 PRSandpoint
51.12Brenan Anthony
21:11 SRPost Falls
52.10Alex Reed
21:17 PRLakeland
53.9Braden Farrar
21:36 PRLake City
54.9Trevor Griffin
21:48 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
55.10Caleb Madson
21:51Bonners Ferry
56.12Logan Hammons
22:03.05 SRLake City
57.11Nick Estrada
22:03.33IC Academy
58.9Gabe MacAlevy
22:03.64 SRPriest River Lamanna
59.9Logan Shults
22:08 SRClassical Christian ...
60.10Aleczander Hamilton
22:09 SRLake City
61.9Hunter Schertz
22:11 SRPost Falls
62.9Corbin Maltba
22:20 SRPriest River Lamanna
63.10Taylor Burke
22:31 PRClassical Christian ...
64.11Zach Cleve
22:32 PRBonners Ferry
65.9Finnegan Treadaway
22:33 PRSandpoint
66.11Levi Maltba
22:46.58 SRPriest River Lamanna
67.9Nick Latham
22:46.95 SRIC Academy
68.10Isaac Rogers
22:53.08 SRSandpoint
69.9Ben Haynos
22:53.73 PRIC Academy
70.10Parker Piedmont
22:54 SRLake City
71.9Dominic Crownhart
23:12 SRIC Academy
72.10Connor Williams
23:18 SRCoeur D'Alene
73.12Paul Meyer
23:22 SRSandpoint
74.9Michael Forster
23:29 PRCoeur D'Alene
75.10Logan Finney
23:30 SRSandpoint
76.11Josh Gardner
23:34 PRLakeland
77.11Joey Schweitzer
78.10Jeffrey Passaro
23:54 SRCoeur D'Alene
79.9David Dickinson
23:55 SRTimberlake
80.9Alex Urbaniak
24:09Bonners Ferry
81.12Harrison Green
24:37 SRPost Falls
82.10Travis McDowell
24:47 SRLake City
83.10Wyatt Shouse
24:57 PRCoeur D'Alene
84.12Sam Redline
25:01Coeur d'Alene Charter
85.9Greshum Hill
25:23 PRCoeur D'Alene
86.11Gavin Dooley
25:28 PRLogos
87.9Tim Gant
25:55 SRIC Academy
88.9Reilly Counts
25:58 PRIC Academy
89.9Cole Turner
26:22 SRLakeland
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Lake City43
2.Coeur D'Alene59
4.Coeur d'Alene Charter111
9.Post Falls200
10.Priest River Lamanna252
11.Bonners Ferry286

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Jake Finney
15:45 SRLake City
2.11Kyler Little
15:48 PRLake City
3.11Riley Estes
16:08 PRCoeur D'Alene
4.12W. Leif Fredericks
16:12Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.12Kevin Carpenter
6.11Paul Ryan
16:24 SRLogos
7.10Jose Winton
16:28 PRCoeur D'Alene
8.10Zack Holbrook
16:49 SRLake City
9.12David Conway
16:50 PRCoeur D'Alene
10.11Andrew Magee
16:53.3 SRCoeur D'Alene
11.12Sam St.Mars
12.12Marcus Ross
17:02 PRLake City
13.9Jackson Dickison
14.12Joe de Tar
17:12 PRPost Falls
15.11Emmett Morehouse
17:17.58 PRColville
16.10Lance Fredericks
17:17.79Coeur d'Alene Charter
17.12Ryan Richardson
18.10Dillon Emery
17:18.26Coeur d'Alene Charter
19.9Brayden Menti
20.12Scott Knapp
17:19 SRLake City
21.10Maxwell Evans
17:20.14 SRLake City
22.9Cooper Haney
17:20.61 SRLakeland
23.10Josiah Anderson
24.11Sam Powell
17:24 SRSandpoint
25.11Josh Marks
17:25.05 SRPriest River Lamanna
26.11Jacob Perkins
17:25.4Bonners Ferry
27.12Sage Pratt
28.9Logan Erny
17:34.56 PRTimberlake
29.12Payton Sanders
17:34.8 PRLakeland
30.10Daniel Walters
17:36 SRCoeur D'Alene
31.11Joey Peters
17:40 PRLakeland
32.10Jacob Graham
17:42.06 SRSandpoint
33.10Dylan Schilling
17:42.35 SRPost Falls
34.12Kyle Roth
17:43Coeur d'Alene Charter
35.9Cody Bentley
36.12Sam Levora
37.12Josh Waldram
38.11Tristan Scoffield
17:56 SRCoeur D'Alene
39.10Michael Graves
17:57Coeur d'Alene Charter
40.12Noah Baum
18:00 PRColville
41.10Cherokee Avriett
42.10Samuel Pinkerton
18:04 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
43.12Alan Orr
44.12Diamond Robinson
18:07Priest River Lamanna
45.10Liam Romasko
18:18 SRCoeur D'Alene
46.10Drake Green
18:22 SRPost Falls
47.9Jackson Ricks
18:23Coeur d'Alene Charter
48.10Mark Kennaly
18:27 SRSandpoint
49.9Palmer Morehouse
18:38 SRColville
50.12Adam Bourn
18:40 PRSandpoint
51.11Sean Stanton
52.10Blaine Nelson
18:53.31Priest River Lamanna
53.10Tanner Short
18:53.55 PRPost Falls
54.10Ben Gibson
18:57 SRPost Falls
55.10Jesse Whipple
18:59 SRKootenai
56.11Rory Loe
19:03 PRPost Falls
57.11Kenneth Kovalchuk
19:04 SRSandpoint
58.9Preston Evans
59.10Lucas Langenderfer
60.12Matt Gonser
19:15.69 PRLakeland
61.12Josh Malakowsky
19:18Priest River Lamanna
62.9TJ Baun
63.9Matthew Johnson
64.10Louis Balcaen
19:25 PRBonners Ferry
65.10Nolan Stidham
19:27Bonners Ferry
66.11Tucker Cavender
19:32Bonners Ferry
67.10Naphtali David
68.11Geoff Boudousquie
20:02 PRClark Fork
69.10David Lariviere
70.12Zack Gay
20:20 PRPost Falls
71.9Eric Ellis
20:25Bonners Ferry
72.11Jameson Evans
73.10Ben Elliott
74.12Nyk Jones
20:50Clark Fork
75.12Cameron Murdock
21:02Priest River Lamanna
76.12Brad Thompson
21:26Bonners Ferry
77.10Kenny Chesnut
21:43 SRPriest River Lamanna
78.11Josh Mullan
21:55Priest River Lamanna
79.11Wyatt Newell
80.10Alex Heston
81.9Bruce Allred
82.9Ted Reed
24:11 SRKellogg
83.11Josh Tompten
84.10Jacob Edstrom
24:35 PRClark Fork
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Coeur D'Alene15

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Kayla Zurosky
20:33 PRCoeur D'Alene
2.11Kaitlyn Gunnerson
20:48.08 SRCoeur D'Alene
3.11Victoria Goetz
20:48.34 SRCoeur D'Alene
4.10Carmen Duffy
21:03 SRCoeur D'Alene
5.9Merceydes Smith
21:08 SRCoeur D'Alene
6.12Breanna Jones
21:44 PRSandpoint
7.11Emily Marshall
22:12 SRSandpoint
8.10Sami Hill
22:13 SRCoeur D'Alene
9.11Johanna Skarda
22:15 PRCoeur D'Alene
10.12Lindsay Richardson
22:21 SRTimberlake
11.12Jacelyn Lawson
22:31 SRSandpoint
12.9Dana Beaty
22:35 SRSandpoint
13.9Sierra Kozak
22:48 SRCoeur D'Alene
14.10Anna Gardom
23:15 SRTimberlake
15.11Karlee Williams
23:24 SRSandpoint
16.9Victoria Tefft
23:29 PRCoeur D'Alene
17.9Claire Richardson
23:36.55 SRCoeur D'Alene
18.9Tyler Heick
23:36.81 PRCoeur D'Alene
19.12Lily DeAragon
23:50 PRSandpoint
20.11SarahJane Erny
21.9Brittany Charles
24:18 SRLakeland
22.9Megan Mcphee
24:28 SRCoeur D'Alene
23.9Diana Nipp
25:31 SRPost Falls
24.9Mirra Carbajal
25:39.56 SRLakeland
25.9Mackenzie Wolfe
25:39.84 SRSandpoint
26.11Shelby Dirks
26:19 SRPost Falls
27.12Melonie Wright
27:29Coeur d'Alene Charter
28.10Hailey Haakenson
27:53 PRCoeur D'Alene
29.9Camille Olphie
30.10Taylor Russell
29:28 PRCoeur D'Alene
31.11Ciara Mourning
32.9Grace Connery
30:50 SRPost Falls
33.10Grace Schultze
33:22 SRLake City
34.10Mikayla Goodsell
34:24 SRLake City
35.9Timi Short
35:47Post Falls
36.9Sarah Marks
36:44 SRPriest River Lamanna
37.12Nellie Yager
36:48 PRLogos
38.12Sidney Donahoe
39:02 PRKootenai
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Coeur D'Alene15
4.Post Falls90
5.Coeur d'Alene Charter118
6.Bonners Ferry188
7.Priest River Lamanna197

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Emily Callahan
18:24 PRCoeur D'Alene
2.11Krista Story
18:29 PRCoeur D'Alene
3.11Josie Brown
18:39 SRCoeur D'Alene
4.9Caitlin Conway
19:05 SRCoeur D'Alene
5.11Kara Story
19:11Coeur D'Alene
6.11Mikhaela Woodward
19:22 SRSandpoint
7.12Noelle Ball
19:49 SRCoeur D'Alene
8.11Natalie Herring
9.9Rainey Woodward
20:13.38 SRSandpoint
10.12Jaycee Rade
20:13.71 PRCoeur D'Alene
11.12Sydney Foster
20:27 SRSandpoint
12.10Persia Anderson
20:51 SRPost Falls
13.9Taylor Hammond
14.9Sophie McPhilomy
20:54.93Coeur d'Alene Charter
15.11Briana Barnhill
20:59 PRPost Falls
16.11Katey Mae McInturff
17.10Corinne McClelland
21:03 SRSandpoint
18.9Brianna Slattery
21:08 PRPost Falls
19.9Kassidy Hammond
20.12Maddie Iott
21:14Coeur d'Alene Charter
21.10Anna Shaw
21:29 PRLake City
22.11Megan Lee
23.9Delaney Gorton
21:48 SRLakeland
24.10Claire Pierce
21:50 SRSandpoint
25.11Lauren Orr
21:52 SRSandpoint
26.10Esther Erickson
21:57 SRPost Falls
27.9Kamy Waldram
21:58 SRTimberlake
28.11Becca Russell
29.12Acadia Babin
22:21 PRPost Falls
30.12Shannon Riley
31.9Erica Johnson
22:30 PRLogos
32.9Keelie Lawler
22:33 PRTimberlake
33.9Rebekah Pinkerton
22:47 SRCoeur d'Alene Charter
34.12Nyshel Pease
35.9Isabella Meijerink
36.10Elisabeth Young
23:03Priest River Lamanna
37.9Abbie Sisco
23:05Coeur d'Alene Charter
38.11Hannah Meyer
23:10Coeur d'Alene Charter
39.9Jill Alexander
23:15Bonners Ferry
40.11Emma McCormick
23:23Coeur d'Alene Charter
41.12Giana Poseley
23:32 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
42.9Myrisa Laufenberg
23:33 SRPost Falls
43.12Kylee Aros
23:35 SRLake City
44.11Megan Frazier
23:38 SRClark Fork
45.11Becca Lee
23:47 SRPost Falls
46.9Olivia Grove
23:58 PRLakeland
47.12Samantha Johnson
24:03 PRLakeland
48.10Jamey Weishaar
49.11Ashlee Beers
24:21 SRColville
50.11Jordan Merz
24:28Bonners Ferry
51.10Veronica Dake
24:33Clark Fork
52.10Hannah Lysne
24:35 SRBonners Ferry
53.9Molly Johnson
25:03 PRPriest River Lamanna
54.10Emily Behrens
25:06 SRLake City
55.10Amanda Bauer
25:09 PRBonners Ferry
56.11Faith Young
25:17 PRPriest River Lamanna
57.11Emily Risoldi-Guy
58.10Cheyanne White
25:56Bonners Ferry
59.9Emma Bolkovatz
26:44 PRLake City
60.10Klarity Rice
26:47Bonners Ferry
61.10Madelyn Nordby
28:19Priest River Lamanna
62.12Taylor Wilson
28:30 SRPriest River Lamanna
63.12Shaylee Morrow
64.10Hope Grasham
31:36 SRKootenai
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