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Mens Results

2 Mile 7th Grade Boys

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Hypothetical Scores

1.7Ryan Child
12:46.7Desert Hills
2.7Brayden Freitag
13:21.0Desert Hills
3.7Grant Howard
13:42.2Desert Hills
4.7Payton Lee
14:03.2Desert Hills
5.7Joey Duberstein
14:22.5Chief Joseph
6.7Kerrick Engelmann
14:24.8Chief Joseph
7.7Hayden Henry
14:27.8Chief Joseph
8.7Jeremy Rexus
14:30.8Desert Hills
9.7Brandon Garza
14:32.3McLoughlin (Pasco)
10.7Carson Bates
14:33.5McLoughlin (Pasco)
11.7Kobe Claybrook
14:41.1Desert Hills
12.7Nick Cotton
14:54.3Highlands (K)
13.7Sam Brendel
15:02.1Chief Joseph
14.7Marcus Hernandez
15:16.5McLoughlin (Pasco)
15.7Christopher Ayala
15:17.2McLoughlin (Pasco)
16.7Braden Leseman
15:23.5McLoughlin (Pasco)
17.7Matthew Waring
15:39.4Chief Joseph
18.7Cash Lafferty
15:45.0Desert Hills
19.7Kameron Hebert
15:59.4Desert Hills
20.7Griffin Tripp
16:01.6Desert Hills
21.7Garrett Lavender
16:02.3Chief Joseph
22.7Carlos Rodriguez
23.7Brendon Johnson
16:14.9Chief Joseph
24.7Noah Durst
16:20.6Desert Hills
25.7Michael Pham
16:21.1Chief Joseph
26.7Christian Brown
16:22.2McLoughlin (Pasco)
27.7Lance Wilkinson
16:38.1McLoughlin (Pasco)
28.7Matthew Merz
16:46.6Chief Joseph
29.7Jordan Linde
17:15.9Highlands (K)
30.7Jed Burton
17:19.4McLoughlin (Pasco)
31.7Caden Sall
17:21.5McLoughlin (Pasco)
32.7Thomas Metcalf
17:54.4Desert Hills
33.7Owen Gillum
17:59.2Highlands (K)
34.7Tyler Stevens
18:00.6Highlands (K)
35.7Mason Kunde
18:02.8Desert Hills
36.7Nolan Vandine
18:46.1McLoughlin (Pasco)
37.7Daniel Marty
18:52.3Desert Hills
38.7James von Reis
20:21.5Desert Hills
39.7Trent Meacham
20:30.3Desert Hills
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2 Mile 8th Grade Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Preston Glade
12:03.2Desert Hills
2.8Jonah Franco
12:10.9Desert Hills
3.8Asante Edward
12:45.0Highlands (K)
4.8Chris Nilsen
13:02.8Chief Joseph
5.8Gabriel Morales
13:17.9McLoughlin (Pasco)
6.8Tim Nilsen
13:19.1Chief Joseph
7.8Trevor Heath
13:22.5Desert Hills
8.8Porter Wither
13:23.3Chief Joseph
9.8Eric Harrod
13:27.4McLoughlin (Pasco)
10.8Micah Goff
13:44.0McLoughlin (Pasco)
11.8Jacob Chung
13:49.6McLoughlin (Pasco)
12.8Daedan Olander
13:59.5Chief Joseph
13.8Daniel Flores
14.8Jackson Creer
14:07.7Chief Joseph
15.8Jeremy Pattillo
14:08.1Desert Hills
16.8Braydon Hogg
14:12.3Chief Joseph
17.8Cole Brooks
14:15.6Chief Joseph
18.8Cameron Dodson
14:19.5Chief Joseph
19.8Austin Johnson
14:19.9Chief Joseph
20.8Sawyer Moon
14:20.6Desert Hills
21.8Justin Marshall
14:29.0Desert Hills
22.8Darren Thompson
14:42.3Desert Hills
23.8Luis Reyes
24.8Zach Schmidt
14:58.0Chief Joseph
25.8Caleb Hernandez
14:58.4McLoughlin (Pasco)
26.8Seth Lowery
15:18.8Chief Joseph
27.8Kyren Ostler
15:45.9Desert Hills
28.8Hayden Wintle
15:56.6Desert Hills
29.8Zach Hale
15:58.5Desert Hills
30.8Garrison Coonrad
15:59.3McLoughlin (Pasco)
31.8Owen Carter
16:05.5Highlands (K)
32.8Ryan Tran
16:11.8McLoughlin (Pasco)
33.7Spencer Johnson
16:22.6McLoughlin (Pasco)
34.8Nathan Joplin
16:35.3Chief Joseph
35.8Ramsey Pacheco
17:07.9Highlands (K)
36.8Easton Mathews
17:19.0McLoughlin (Pasco)
37.8Daniel Mars
17:52.2Chief Joseph
38.8Hayden Van Ray
18:45.2Desert Hills
39.8Dylan Schab
19:21.9Desert Hills
40.8Seamus Kelly
19:55.1McLoughlin (Pasco)
41.8Brendan McMillan
20:15.9Chief Joseph
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Womens Results

2 Mile 7th Grade Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.7Britney Donais
13:52.8Desert Hills
2.7McKinzi Teeples
13:58.4Desert Hills
3.7Mikenna Rasmussen
14:31.0McLoughlin (Pasco)
4.7Carli Jones
14:42.1Desert Hills
5.7Sammi Thornton
14:51.1Chief Joseph
6.7Taylor Robbins
16:17.2Chief Joseph
7.7Annie Shen
16:57.6Chief Joseph
8.7Misty Hernandez
17:01.7Desert Hills
9.7Katherine Rockhold
17:27.1Chief Joseph
10.7Fiona Aardahl
17:27.6Desert Hills
11.7Madeleine Splattst...
17:39.7Chief Joseph
12.7Zoe Seely
17:40.3Chief Joseph
13.7Faith Fishburn
18:09.9Desert Hills
14.7Aubrey Pruneda
18:11.8Desert Hills
15.7Phoebe Smurthwaite
18:41.9McLoughlin (Pasco)
16.7Daisy Arroyo
17.7Bella Flores
18.7Lisette Hernandez
19.7Maricela Orozco-Vi...
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2 Mile 8th Grade Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Summer Yates
13:21.0McLoughlin (Pasco)
2.8Amber Skouson
13:32.3Chief Joseph
3.8Keely McCormick
13:42.4Desert Hills
4.8Katie Andrus
14:16.3Chief Joseph
5.8Brooklyn Lowe
14:50.3Desert Hills
6.8Chloe Scott
15:01.3Desert Hills
7.8Samantha Schmidt
15:02.2McLoughlin (Pasco)
8.8Maitlin Greiner
15:06.6Desert Hills
9.8Tabitha Soran
15:30.8Chief Joseph
10.8Kira Twiggs
15:33.2Desert Hills
11.8Kila Vopat
15:58.7Highlands (K)
12.8Ada Poulson
16:14.8Desert Hills
13.8Allison Smith
16:43.7Desert Hills
14.8Jina Olander
16:49.2Chief Joseph
15.8Jordan Caoile
17:20.2McLoughlin (Pasco)
16.8Rose Wang
17:26.5Chief Joseph
17.8Kaylee Beus
17:34.9Desert Hills
18.8Julia Cantu
18:08.9McLoughlin (Pasco)
19.8Andrea Carpenter
18:23.9McLoughlin (Pasco)
20.8Milena Stankovic
19:18.6Chief Joseph
21.8Kaleigh Wald
19:22.6Chief Joseph
22.8Valerie Gilbert
19:54.2Desert Hills
23.8Madison Gillum
20:07.4Highlands (K)
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