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Mens Races
3.2 Mile Varsity
2.15 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races
2.15 Mile Varsity
2.15 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3.2 Mile Varsity

1.12Nick Famolaro
16:38 PRWest HillsNice win
12Jorge Gomez
17:17 PREl Capitan
12Reoh Darwell
17:22 PREl Capitan
11Ben Sellers
17:45 PREl Capitan
11Alexander Bellavance
17:57 PREl Capitan
6.11Ethan Heffernan
17:59 PRWest Hills
9Chandlor Huss
18:06 PREl Capitan
8.12Estefan Garcia
18:22 PRWest HillsLooked tight at the en
9.12Michael Hagues
18:43 PRWest Hills
10.11Thomas Reaney
19:03 PRWest Hills
11.11Alex Sinclair
19:19 PRWest Hills
12.12Stephen Williams
19:42 PRWest Hills
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2.15 Mile Junior Varsity

1.11Mark Jones
12:08 PRWest Hills
2.10Liam Breslin
12:24 PRWest Hills
3.10Jadon Bernier
12:26 PRWest Hills
10Bryan Hunter
12:27 PREl Capitan
5.10Nathan Bruderer
12:33 PRWest Hills
6.11Zach Jones
12:34 PRWest Hills
11Colt Myers
12:39 SREl Capitan
11Nicholas Cuevas
12:40 PREl Capitan
9.10Tyler Southwood
12:48 PRWest Hills
10.10Ryan Willweber
12:51 PRWest Hills
11Michael Gillette
12:55 PREl Capitan
12.11Philip Pensakov
12:58 PRWest Hills
13.11Luke Draney
13:08 PRWest Hills
14.11Chris Carlton
13:11 PRWest Hills
15.10Brandon Tingey
13:19 PRWest Hills
11Winston Coblentz
13:20 PREl Capitan
16.11Alberto Pulido
13:20 PRWest Hills
9Diego Mares
13:29 SREl Capitan
19.11Parker Serrano
13:32 PRWest Hills
12Kitt Supplee
13:37 SREl Capitan
11James Stevens
13:44 SREl Capitan
11Ryan Bast
13:50 PREl Capitan
23.10Patrick Nielsen
13:56 PRWest Hills
24.9Cory Willweber
14:03 PRWest Hills
25.11Landen Smith
14:11 PRWest Hills
12Austin Disney-Santos
14:15 PREl Capitan
27.12Dylan Whiteman
14:28 SRWest Hills
28.10Logan Morris
14:32 PRWest Hills
29.12Brandon Whitehead
14:37 PRWest Hills
30.12Michael Penn
15:44 PRWest Hills
32.9Ryan Modica
15:49 PRWest Hills
33.12Matt Arrollado
16:01 SRWest Hills
34.10Collin Breslin
16:14 PRWest Hills
36.11Matt Keck
16:24 PRWest Hills
38.12Collin Looney
16:29 SRWest Hills
40.9Max Perez
16:36 PRWest Hills
41.9James Ferraro
16:37 PRWest Hills
9Cameron Myers
16:41 SREl Capitan
46.9Spencer Johnson
17:39 PRWest Hills
47.11Anthony Cheek
18:03 PRWest Hills
52.10Matthew Parks
18:55 PRWest Hills
66.11Dakota Jerabek
23:44 PRWest Hills
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Womens Results

2.15 Mile Varsity

1.11Melissa Mongiovi
13:02 PRWest Hills
11Kayden Carpenter
13:08 SREl Capitan
3.10Cierra Leduc
13:21 PRWest Hills
10Melissa Maize
14:21 PREl Capitan
5.11Angel Putris
14:26 PRWest Hills
6.10Meagan Scott
14:28 PRWest Hills
11Taylor Towne
14:47 SREl Capitan
8.9Courtney Velazquez
14:48 PRWest Hills
9.10Laura Suhr
14:57 PRWest Hills
10.11Veronica Talia
15:05 PRWest Hills
12Addie Moore
15:18 SREl Capitan
12.12Mikayla Parks
16:12 PRWest Hills
10Allyson Scott
16:27 PREl Capitan
9Alisha Hayes
17:15 PREl Capitan
9Jade Darwell
17:16 SREl Capitan
9Zanndra Ragole
17:50 PREl Capitan
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2.15 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Mary Redlinger
14:47 PRWest Hills
2.11Ioana Vestemean
16:20 PRWest Hills
3.12Kasey Dreher
16:26 PRWest Hills
4.12Gracie Patrick
16:36West Hills
5.9Sharayah Moore
16:47West Hills
6.10Melissa Chavez
17:09West Hills
7.12Janelle Lines
17:15 PRWest Hills
8.11Emily Perez
18:34 PRWest Hills
9.10Madison Whiteman
18:34West Hills
10.10Kimberly Tran
18:40West Hills
11.10Verenice Mendoza
18:49West Hills
12.10Millie Van Horn
18:58West Hills
10Kayla Torres
19:09 PREl Capitan
10Elizabeth Garcia
19:22 PREl Capitan
15.9Amber Webb
19:36 PRWest Hills
16.10Marisa Lawrence
19:36 PRWest Hills
17.10Hannah Lemon
19:51West Hills
11Holly Lewin
20:31 PREl Capitan
19.10Kiera Bryant
20:32West Hills
20.10Ginna Connally
21:00West Hills
21.9Tatiana Garcia
21:10West Hills
22.10Emily Middleton
23:06West Hills
23.11Kelsey Brannon
23:19West Hills
24.9Mary Rose Famolaro
23:40West Hills
25.9Michelle Yorba
23:46 PRWest Hills
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