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Mens Races
2 Mile Sophomore/freshman3:30 PM
2 Mile Senior/Junior4:15 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Sophomore/Freshman3:30 PM
2 Mile Senior/Junior4:15 PM

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Margaret Wierman Invite

This is the first annual Margaret Wierman invite jamboree.  This is a race dedicated to a Cedar Park Christian School staff member and Mother who passed away with her fight with cancer this past year.  We would like to recognize her and keep her legacy going through this memorial run.  A portion of the team fees will be going into the Margaret Wierman Foundation for cancer research.  

WHEN: September 12th 2013

WHERE: St. Edwards State Park - 14445 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

Race Info:  The distance is 2.0 miles.  We think this is a great chance for athletes to get an early season competitive, but low key, experience.  We will run races by class and they will be co-ed. It gives these kids other runners to run with in, and helps keep us on schedule.   With the freshmen running first, they won't have to wait around getting nervous, and will get to spend the rest of the meet having fun cheering for the teammates and getting a great introduction to the cross country experience.

There is a parking fee for your parents so please let them know.  It is $10 to park, or they can use their discovery park pass if they have one.  The course is spectator friendly and has a lot of places to view runners. 

COST: Both boys and Girls - $50, Just Boys or Girls - $30

Co-ed Freshman/Sophomore - 3:30
Co-ed Juniors/Seniors - 4:15


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Mens Results

2 Mile Sophomore/freshman

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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ryan Abdalla
11:17 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
2.9Craig Lambert
11:34 PRBellevue Christian
3.9Jeffrey Parrish
11:56 PRVashon Island
4.10Caleb King
12:04 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
5.10Scott Graves
12:21 PRBellevue Christian
6.9Sean Gallagher
13:02 PRBear Creek
7.10Samuel Campbell
13:47 PRGrace Academy
8.11Joshua Swanson
13:58 PRMt Vernon Christian
9.10Harper Whitney
14:10 PRVashon Island
10.9Luke Miller
14:34 PRBellevue Christian
11.10Thomas LeClair
14:37 SRMt Vernon Christian
12.9Daniel Burnett
15:00 PRBellevue Christian
13.9Ethan Johnston
15:09 SRMt Vernon Christian
14.10Ryan Burnett
15:12 PRBellevue Christian
15.10Asher Siapco
16:10 PRMt Vernon Christian
16.10Adam Pinkerton
16:15 PRBellevue Christian
17.9Nathan Klein
17:29 SRMt Vernon Christian
18.9Joseph Peder
17:52 PRBellevue Christian
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2 Mile Senior/Junior

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Nate Lundberg
11:24 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
2.12Akio Namioka
11:29 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
3.11Chad Johanneck
11:40 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
4.11Jacob Gutheil
11:43 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
5.12Kurt Hellwig
11:49 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
6.12Matthew Carlson
11:51 PRBellevue Christian
7.12Joey Hollis
12:36 PRBear Creek
8.12Tyler Dideriksen
12:55 PRBellevue Christian
9.12David Wingard
12:58 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
10.11Aaron Kitchener
13:16 PRVashon Island
11.11Daniel Wilson
13:17 PRBear Creek
12.11Adam Koehler
13:18 PRBellevue Christian
13.12Codi Williams
13:24 PRVashon Island
14.12Kevin Kirk
13:32 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
15.11David Reynolds
13:43 PRBellevue Christian
16.12Philip VanDevanter
13:46 PRVashon Island
17.12James Wierman
13:47 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
18.12Andrew Graves
13:53 PRMt Vernon Christian
19.11Trey Jammerman
14:13 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
20.11Anthony Galindo
14:16 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
21.11Joshua Swanson
14:32Mt Vernon Christian
22.12Christopher Yang
15:05 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
23.11Ezekiel Craven
15:08 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
24.11Mason Carter
15:09 PRVashon Island
25.11Joe Shugart
15:21 PRVashon Island
26.11Daniel Hiatt
15:44 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
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Womens Results

2 Mile Sophomore/Freshman

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Emily Donnel
13:35 PRBellevue Christian
2.9Jane Oswald
14:27 PRVashon Island
3.10Madison Sitzmann
15:47 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
4.10Misa Stesnmetz
15:52 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
5.10Yulia Hanquet
17:01 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
6.10Ashleigh Roth
18:31 PRBear Creek
7.9Bethany Hackbarth
18:40 PRGrace Academy
8.10Hailey Bryson
18:43 PRGrace Academy
9.9Chloe Wire
19:01 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
10.9Kristin Smith
19:02 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
11.10Katherine Buckley
19:06 PRBear Creek
12.10Leila Praino
19:10 PRBellevue Christian
13.9Kaylee Dickerman
19:54 PRGrace Academy
14.9Kayla Lee
19:57 PRGrace Academy
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2 Mile Senior/Junior

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kristina Yzaguirre
13:13 PRMt Vernon Christian
2.12Isabella Chaffey
13:40 PRBellevue Christian
3.12Maddi Groen
14:30 PRVashon Island
4.12Caitlin Kereszturi
14:41 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
5.11Kathryn Goldsmith
14:51 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
6.12Sam Boyle
14:56 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
7.12Taylor Green
15:45 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
8.12Bridget Daugherty
15:50 SRBear Creek
9.12Kaitlynn Isomura
16:10 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
10.11Anna Ripley
17:10 PRVashon Island
11.11Dominique Razor
17:19 PRBellevue Christian
12.11Rayna Oliver
18:11 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
13.12Mary Campbell
18:18 PRGrace Academy
14.11Shelby Hall
18:42 PRBellevue Christian
15.12Katie Fox
18:57 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
16.12Camille Charnews
20:13 PRVashon Island
17.11Molly Merriman
20:26 PRBellevue Christian
18.12Jessica Jones
22:34 PRGrace Academy
19.12Erika O'Kelly
31:21 PRGrace Academy
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