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2.9 Mile Varsity
2.9 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.9 Mile Varsity

1.10Nathan Beamer
16:02 PRArlington
2.10Pieter Andrews
16:14 PRArlington
3.12Ben Comerford
16:16 PRArlington
4.12Chandler Crayton
16:23 PRMonroe
5.12Tyler Sharp
16:35 PRMonroe
6.12Shay King
16:35 PRArlington
7.10Matthew Taylor
16:42 PRArlington
8.12D'Marco DeGross
16:42 PRMonroe
9.10Josh Blevins
16:49 PRMonroe
10.9Alan Perez
16:54 PRMonroe
11Cooper James
17:02 PREverett
12.10Michael Barene
17:06 PRArlington
13.11Caleb Smith
17:08 PRArlington
14.12Nicholas Taylor
17:11 PRArlington
10Isaac O'Connell
17:14 PREverett
15.10Zachary Cushman
17:14 PRArlington
17.10Jacob Fankhauser
17:16 PRArlington
9Edmund Havener
17:34 PREverett
10Colt Beardsley
17:35 PREverett
20.10Bailey Larsen-Gray
17:47 PRArlington
9Donovan Barnhart
18:02 PREverett
22.12Riley Schelfhout
18:27 PRMonroe
9Klaiten Kermoade
18:28 PREverett
24.10Peter Miyoshi
18:28 PRMonroe
25.12Sam LaPine
18:48 PRMonroe
26.11Tyler Stevenson
19:40 PRMonroe
27.9Nathan Williamson
20:18 PRMonroe
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2.9 Mile Junior Varsity

1.9J.J. Childers
18:12 PRArlington
2.10Tylor Sullivan
18:13 PRArlington
3.11Thomas Stretch
18:24 PRArlington
9Sean Stewart
18:36 PREverett
5.10Cameron Heys
18:37 PRArlington
6.12Jose Garcia
18:40 PRArlington
10Sawyer Ducharm
18:53 PREverett
8.10Dillon Adahl
18:58 PRArlington
9.10Zach Larson
19:11 PRArlington
11Andy Gomez
19:12 PREverett
11.12Brenden Bear
19:20 PRMonroe
12.10Max Surdyk
19:21 PRMonroe
13.9Dawson Cox
19:25 PRArlington
14.9Mark Van Horn
19:41 PRMonroe
15.10Julian Toms
19:48 PRMonroe
16.12Bryce Thomas
19:49 PRArlington
11Luke Swatosh
19:50 PREverett
10Elijah Bergevin
20:17 PREverett
18.10Paul Kern
20:17 PRArlington
20.9Samuel Kern
20:45 PRArlington
21.9Andrew Roundy
20:54 PRArlington
22.9Kevin Mullin
21:02 PRArlington
23.12Lucas Owen
21:05 PRArlington
24.10William Schamp
21:08 PRArlington
25.9Jacob Payne
21:08 PRArlington
26.10Dallin James
21:34 PRMonroe
27.9Casey Sharpe
21:39 PRArlington
28.10Chris Concha
22:02 PRMonroe
29.9Carson Hathaway
22:38 PRArlington
9Alex Hurtado
22:45 PREverett
31.10Chawin Pathompornv...
22:51 PRMonroe
32.10Mark Mason
23:20 PRArlington
33.11Quinn James
23:37 PRArlington
34.9Matt Michaelsen
26:09 PRMonroe
35.9Adam Lefebvre
29:15 PRArlington
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