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Mens Races
4,000 Meters Coed Race5:00 PM
4,000 Meters Boys Race 6:00 PM
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Coed Race5:00 PM
4,000 Meters Girls Race 5:30 PM

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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Coed Race

1.9Gavin Macpherson
14:04.25 SRCentral Catholic
2.9Jack Gall
15:10.18 PRCentral Catholic
3.9Zach Miller
15:35.38 SRJesuit
4.9Brady Lance
15:38.18 SRCentral Catholic
5.9Zane Norville
15:41.03 SRValley Catholic
6.9Ry Jaquiss
15:41.34 PRCentral Catholic
7.10Alex Kilhefner
15:41.68 SRCentral Catholic
8.10Finn O'Rourke
15:42.09 PRCentral Catholic
9.10Jacob Dicken
15:49.25 SRValley Catholic
10.9Phillip Borlet
15:49.75 SRValley Catholic
11.10Aidan Gillespie
15:50.12 SRValley Catholic
12.12Michael Leslie
15:51.34 PRValley Catholic
13.10Brennan Noailles
16:04.81 SRCentral Catholic
14.9Joey Biever
16:05.37 SRValley Catholic
15.11Nicholas Lee
16:12.15 PRLa Salle Prep
16.9Riley Corbitt
16:12.78 PRJesuit
17.11Nick Smith
16:14.59 SRValley Catholic
18.9Tommy Cohen
16:15.87 PRCentral Catholic
19.9Seancarlos Gonzalez
16:18.69 SRValley Catholic
20.11Ryan Howerton
16:19.15 PRValley Catholic
21.11Henry Kruell
16:19.75 SRCentral Catholic
22.10Ryan Packan
16:23.75 SRJesuit
23.10Silas Warner
16:24.96 PRLa Salle Prep
24.9Maxwell Morgan
16:25.52 PRJesuit
25.10Gavin Bradley
16:33.22 PRCentral Catholic
26.10Alex Berger
16:35.06 SRLa Salle Prep
27.10Griffin Parr
16:40.81 PRCentral Catholic
28.11Austin Olsen
16:41.21 PRLa Salle Prep
29.9Augustine Palena
16:41.59 PRJesuit
30.9Ben Ratcliff
16:48.34 SRJesuit
31.9Jackson Marron
16:49.68 PRCentral Catholic
32.9Owen Riley
16:50.00 SRCentral Catholic
33.12Jacob Bieker
16:51.56 SRLa Salle Prep
34.9Chris Burpee
16:51.78 PRJesuit
35.10Patrick Gaines
16:52.15 PRCentral Catholic
36.9Tony Moran
16:56.78 PRCentral Catholic
37.9Patrick Beckett
16:57.68 SRJesuit
38.10Kalei Moon
17:00.59 PRJesuit
39.12Zach Garrow
17:07.97 PRCentral Catholic
40.10Michael Tobin
17:12.44 SRJesuit
41.11Noah Landstrom
17:19.31 PRLa Salle Prep
42.10TJ Nilan
17:33.53 PRCentral Catholic
43.9Alex Schendel
17:33.78 SRJesuit
44.10Justin Ziehnert
17:35.34 SRJesuit
45.9Michael McCausland
17:36.12 SRCentral Catholic
46.9Henry Nistler
17:36.33 PRJesuit
47.11Kelly Shull
17:37.84 PRLa Salle Prep
48.10Ryan Liddell
17:38.37 SRJesuit
49.11Noah Trantel
17:40.59 SRLa Salle Prep
50.10Atticus Sullivan
17:42.96 PRValley Catholic
51.9Sebastien Quach
17:47.47 PRJesuit
52.12Tucker Price
17:49.25 PRLa Salle Prep
53.9Zack Pelster
17:51.84 PRJesuit
54.10Kyle Bishop
17:52.28 PRJesuit
55.9Nico Vergara
17:58.75 PRCentral Catholic
56.10Christian Krantz
18:03.75 SRLa Salle Prep
57.11Blake Colton
18:06.78 PRLa Salle Prep
58.9James Mai
18:08.25 SRCentral Catholic
59.11Gage Nellor
18:10.72 SRLa Salle Prep
60.10Nicolas Chabert
18:11.52 PRJesuit
61.10AJ Valentine
18:17.12 PRJesuit
63.9Eric Manning
18:21.56 PRCentral Catholic
65.11Daniel Berger
18:22.02 PRLa Salle Prep
66.11Michael Wieck-Sosa
18:22.28 PRLa Salle Prep
67.9Ben Howes
18:23.31 PRJesuit
68.9Peter Burpee
18:32.03 PRJesuit
69.9William Adriance
18:32.28 SRLa Salle Prep
70.10Nick Sevcik
18:32.50 PRLa Salle Prep
73.9Thomas Remington
18:45.34 PRJesuit
76.11Owen Slyman
18:53.56 SRLa Salle Prep
79.9Jack Gilroy
19:03.69 PRJesuit
82.9Matthew McCausland
19:13.56 SRCentral Catholic
85.12Nick Edwards
19:18.02 SRLa Salle Prep
86.11Chris Harding
19:20.06 PRLa Salle Prep
88.10Austin Maack
19:24.06 PRJesuit
90.9Sam Ulum
19:29.91 PRJesuit
91.10Ian Barnett
19:30.81 PRJesuit
93.10Kyle Guthrie
19:32.80 PRValley Catholic
94.9John McCarthy
19:38.03 PRJesuit
95.9Nolan Kincaid
19:40.12 SRValley Catholic
96.9Evan Sheridan
19:46.06 PRCentral Catholic
98.9Jason Wong
19:49.38 PRCentral Catholic
99.10Sean Henson
19:59.56 SRLa Salle Prep
100.9Victor Agostinelli
19:59.87 SRJesuit
101.10Otto Brownfield
20:04.69 PRJesuit
104.10Robert Marksthaler
20:10.72 PRJesuit
111.9Ben Quiring
20:17.86 PRJesuit
113.10Raleigh Slyman
20:24.22 SRLa Salle Prep
117.9Riley West
20:29.78 PRLa Salle Prep
118.9John Hallman
20:38.53 PRCentral Catholic
122.9Charles Dierckes
20:47.78 SRLa Salle Prep
127.9Garrett DiMarco
21:03.03 PRJesuit
131.9Ian McMahon
21:09.28 PRLa Salle Prep
141.9Max Retzlaff
21:38.56 PRJesuit
144.10Josh Rickman
21:39.78 PRJesuit
147.9Ethan Passadore
21:43.75 SRJesuit
148.9Mitchell Lesowski
21:47.81 PRJesuit
149.9Mark Urreiztieta
21:59.09 PRJesuit
155.9Matthew Kerr
22:17.84 SRLa Salle Prep
165.9Nate Wessels
23:27.15 PRJesuit
174.10Kevin Whitson
24:15.59 PRLa Salle Prep
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4,000 Meters Boys Race

1.12Cooper Roach
12:28.22 PRValley Catholic
2.11Jean Baptiste Tooley
12:37.44 PRCentral Catholic
3.11Sam Lomax
12:39.12 PRCentral Catholic
4.12Dante Dalla Gasper...
12:40.09 PRCentral Catholic
5.12Sam Remington
12:41.81 SRJesuit
6.12Sahil Doshi
12:45.22 PRJesuit
7.11Wilder Boyden
12:47.69 SRValley Catholic
8.9Logan Phillips
12:48.00 PRJesuit
9.12Will Thompson
12:54.78 PRLa Salle Prep
10.10Daniel Thompson
12:55.31 SRCentral Catholic
11.11Spencer Grant
12:56.59 PRJesuit
12.10Zack Lavier
12:59.31 SRCentral Catholic
13.10Jackson Frank
13:12.56 PRCentral Catholic
14.11Jason Rae
13:13.28 SRLa Salle Prep
15.12Logan Veasy
13:14.65 PRLa Salle Prep
16.10Max Hite
13:19.31 SRJesuit
17.10Tyler O'Donnell
13:24.28 SRJesuit
18.11Logan Scroggy
13:25.91 PRJesuit
19.12Colton Passmore
13:37.09 SRLa Salle Prep
20.10Truman Rae
13:38.21 PRLa Salle Prep
21.11Kai McPheeters
13:40.41 PRJesuit
22.11Paul Wyatt
13:41.62 SRJesuit
23.12Davis Keeney
13:41.96 PRLa Salle Prep
24.11Riley McCammon
13:43.32 PRLa Salle Prep
25.11Tom Murphy
13:53.34 SRJesuit
26.10Luke Sparks
14:07.72 SRJesuit
27.10Jacob Hillman
14:14.47 SRCentral Catholic
28.11Nathaniel Trobough
14:24.53 PRValley Catholic
29.9Nicholas Esquibel
14:24.84 PRJesuit
30.11Nathan Tamashiro
14:27.66 PRLa Salle Prep
31.11Joe Curran
14:28.09 SRJesuit
32.9Connor Grant
14:30.40 PRJesuit
33.10Jack Welgan
14:34.97 PRCentral Catholic
34.11David Sealand
14:40.38 SRJesuit
35.10Joe Carman
14:43.94 SRCentral Catholic
36.9Jacob Godshalk
14:44.75 SRValley Catholic
37.10Benjamin Martin
14:52.18 PRCentral Catholic
38.11David Carbonari
14:55.88 SRJesuit
39.12Matthew Erhardt
15:00.78 PRLa Salle Prep
40.10Cavanaugh LeFor
15:10.84 SRCentral Catholic
41.12Crawford Schafbuch
15:17.81 SRJesuit
42.11David Boss
15:19.28 SRJesuit
43.12Sam Wade
15:19.68 PRLa Salle Prep
44.10Jack Bishop
15:20.50 SRJesuit
45.10Sean Richardson
15:25.47 SRLa Salle Prep
46.11Danny Bugingo
15:34.44 PRJesuit
47.11James Gambee
15:37.41 PRJesuit
48.9John Stafford
15:41.03 SRLa Salle Prep
49.12Tom Phillips
15:45.09 PRJesuit
50.12Aaron Nitschke
15:46.12 PRJesuit
51.12Luke Phillips
15:46.68 PRJesuit
52.9Levi Miles
15:47.78 SRLa Salle Prep
53.12Henry Robins
15:48.59 PRLa Salle Prep
54.10Alex Kiss
15:52.38 SRValley Catholic
55.12Ben Hortaleza
15:53.84 PRLa Salle Prep
56.11Eric Myers
15:56.59 SRJesuit
57.10Nikita Sveshnikov
16:01.59 PRLa Salle Prep
58.9Nicholas Touchette
16:07.31 SRLa Salle Prep
59.10Andrew Christenson
16:53.69 PRJesuit
60.11Luke Tillisch
17:07.94 PRJesuit
61.10Brandon Brown
17:17.25 PRJesuit
62.12Alex Folino
17:20.03 PRJesuit
63.12Kevin Vincent
17:43.59 SRJesuit
64.11Matt Freepons
18:46.09 SRJesuit
65.11John Dolan
19:01.81 SRJesuit
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Coed Race

62.10Sara Becker
18:21.31 PRJesuit
64.9Grace Becker
18:21.78 SRJesuit
71.11Ally Rossi
18:37.75 PRCentral Catholic
72.10Allie O'Brien
18:43.09 PRCentral Catholic
74.9Pearl Fischler
18:49.00 SRSt Mary's Academy
75.9Anna Tassia
18:53.03 SRSt Mary's Academy
77.11Makenzie Cook
18:56.75 SRLa Salle Prep
78.10Krishelle Christner
19:01.12 SRSt Mary's Academy
80.12Karina Jaroch
19:07.75 PRValley Catholic
81.10Claire Schwyhart
19:12.12 PRCentral Catholic
83.12Lilly Bengtson
19:17.12 PRLa Salle Prep
84.10Emma Rosenthal
19:17.50 SRSt Mary's Academy
87.11Michelle McCall
19:23.78 PRSt Mary's Academy
89.10Phoebe Mol
19:24.50 PRJesuit
92.9Sejal Dua
19:31.21 SRJesuit
97.10Audrey Zerr
19:47.81 PRSt Mary's Academy
102.9McCall Phillips
20:05.78 PRJesuit
103.10Alexis Newby
20:07.88 PRCentral Catholic
105.12Erin Weinbender
20:11.06 PRValley Catholic
106.9Jordyn Mayer
20:11.34 PRJesuit
107.9Lydia McVeigh
20:12.31 SRJesuit
108.11Claire FitzGerald
20:13.75 PRSt Mary's Academy
109.9Lucy Sondland
20:15.28 PRJesuit
110.10Nina Newsom
20:17.46 PRSt Mary's Academy
112.9Emma Uhlring
20:21.37 PRJesuit
114.9Audrey Lomax
20:24.84 SRCentral Catholic
115.9Caroline Hall
20:27.75 SRSt Mary's Academy
116.12Molly Martin
20:29.56 PRCentral Catholic
119.11Elizabeth Criswell
20:39.28 PRSt Mary's Academy
120.9Sofia Beer
20:42.81 PRCentral Catholic
121.10Ermina Lee
20:45.94 SRValley Catholic
123.10Annie Lee
20:49.59 PRSt Mary's Academy
124.12Claire Rompa
20:49.90 PRCentral Catholic
125.10Emily Gfroerer
20:51.28 PRValley Catholic
126.9Alissa Campista
20:51.65 PRJesuit
128.9Aubree Ashley
21:06.53 PRJesuit
129.12Nikki Wong
21:07.52 PRCentral Catholic
130.10Anna Dennis-Pavlich
21:08.93 PRSt Mary's Academy
132.10Peyton McAuliffe
21:20.81 PRJesuit
133.9Clare Brinkman
21:25.59 PRLa Salle Prep
134.12Helena Enders
21:27.38 PRSt Mary's Academy
135.12Michaela Lawrence
21:28.62 PRSt Mary's Academy
136.9Olivia Baker
21:29.09 PRJesuit
137.10Charlotte Karlsen
21:32.06 PRSt Mary's Academy
138.9Maria Parker
21:33.09 PRJesuit
139.9Carly Suter
21:34.52 PRJesuit
140.11Lexi York
21:37.18 PRLa Salle Prep
142.12Kayla Mack
21:39.06 PRLa Salle Prep
143.9Reagan Rundle
21:39.56 PRJesuit
145.10Andrea Dennis
21:40.75 PRLa Salle Prep
146.10Lindsey Keefer
21:41.09 PRJesuit
150.9Georgia Bascom
21:59.81 PRSt Mary's Academy
151.9Riley McDonnell
22:00.96 SRSt Mary's Academy
152.9Isabel Dreyfus
22:03.62 SRSt Mary's Academy
153.10Emily Ferguson
22:03.87 PRJesuit
154.11Taylor Ehl
22:06.28 PRLa Salle Prep
156.10Elisabeth Sullivan
22:24.00 SRSt Mary's Academy
157.10Sara Sawtelle
22:24.21 PRJesuit
158.9Ava Randall
22:31.78 PRJesuit
159.10Emma Fitzpatrick
22:51.47 PRSt Mary's Academy
160.10Hannah Lang
22:51.75 PRSt Mary's Academy
161.9MacKenzie Karnstein
23:20.38 PRSt Mary's Academy
162.10Elisabeth Hastings
23:21.97 PRJesuit
163.12Leah Erickson
23:23.21 PRLa Salle Prep
164.11Dannise Matarlo
23:23.78 SRLa Salle Prep
166.10Jenna Koury
23:29.78 SRJesuit
167.11Sydney Yazzolino
23:36.66 PRCentral Catholic
168.9Carli Wood
23:45.03 PRJesuit
169.10Mallory Herbst
23:48.50 PRJesuit
170.9Arthurine Medeiros
23:49.21 PRJesuit
171.9Julia Happ Shine
23:53.97 PRCentral Catholic
172.9Claire Newsom
23:54.72 SRSt Mary's Academy
173.10Hannah Landry
24:08.15 PRSt Mary's Academy
175.9Lili Paxton
24:15.90 SRJesuit
176.11Julia Engstrom
24:30.97 SRValley Catholic
177.10Gwen Everhart
24:42.28 PRCentral Catholic
178.11Haley Trantel
24:46.31 SRLa Salle Prep
179.10Katie James
25:03.69 PRSt Mary's Academy
180.9Maddie Merz
25:10.56 PRJesuit
181.9Ashley Mepham
25:10.93 PRJesuit
182.9Meredith Nee
26:01.72 PRJesuit
183.9Kate Hebert
26:48.66 PRJesuit
184.9Stevie Dod
26:49.87 PRSt Mary's Academy
185.9Nicole Sortino
26:50.17 PRSt Mary's Academy
186.9Kelly Gentry
26:51.34 PRJesuit
187.9Helen Buck
26:51.72 PRSt Mary's Academy
188.9Claire English
29:03.44 PRCentral Catholic
189.9Maggie Dolan
29:12.25 PRJesuit
190.9Eliana Squire
29:12.62 PRJesuit
191.9Sophia Tran
29:29.25 PRJesuit
192.9Avery LeClair
29:29.65 SRJesuit
193.10Laura Gudino
29:30.06 PRSt Mary's Academy
194.10Margery Carlos
29:38.53 PRCentral Catholic
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4,000 Meters Girls Race

1.11Dylan Hite
14:47.91 PRJesuit
2.12Paige Rice
14:59.06 PRSt Mary's Academy
3.10Lacey Conner
15:13.40 SRSt Mary's Academy
4.11Sophia Schnitzer
15:22.15 PRJesuit
5.10Nicole McCullough
15:25.34 SRJesuit
6.12Taylor Moscoe
15:32.50 SRJesuit
8.12Colleen Sullivan
15:37.12 PRJesuit
7.11Molly McCullough
15:37.59 SRSt Mary's Academy
9.11Zani Moore
15:38.87 SRJesuit
10.10Katie Leavy
15:40.75 PRJesuit
12.9Kim Sanders
15:43.18 PRJesuit
11.11Lucy O'Sullivan
15:43.78 PRSt Mary's Academy
13.12Chiara Chandlee
15:57.15 PRSt Mary's Academy
14.10Kate Patterson
16:00.28 PRSt Mary's Academy
15.11Kelley Qu
16:00.40 SRJesuit
16.10Meg Wachter
16:04.56 PRJesuit
17.11Hannah Harkness
16:04.96 PRJesuit
18.10Madeline Cusick
16:05.62 SRJesuit
19.10Annie Coleman
16:07.55 PRJesuit
20.10Aimee Piercy
16:10.56 SRJesuit
21.10Maricela Jaroch
16:42.03 SRValley Catholic
22.10Carly Veasy
16:44.94 PRLa Salle Prep
23.11Laura Votava
16:46.81 SRSt Mary's Academy
24.11Abby Diess
16:50.03 SRSt Mary's Academy
25.11Emily Heinze
16:50.03 SRJesuit
26.10Zoe Fanning
16:55.06 SRJesuit
27.11Jillian Rix
16:57.02 PRSt Mary's Academy
28.12Justine Keller
17:00.62 PRCentral Catholic
29.12Katie Welgan
17:07.06 PRSt Mary's Academy
31.10Madison Keefer
17:07.60 PRJesuit
30.11Julia Green
17:07.62 SRCentral Catholic
32.10Samantha Nizich
17:16.25 SRCentral Catholic
33.11Ursula Clausing-Hu...
17:22.56 PRSt Mary's Academy
34.10Olivia Ogard
17:29.50 SRLa Salle Prep
35.12Grace Newsom
17:29.75 PRSt Mary's Academy
36.12Grace Mannen
17:32.00 PRValley Catholic
38.10Gracie Doherty
17:33.02 SRJesuit
37.10CeCe Hall
17:33.28 SRSt Mary's Academy
39.12Cassidy Coto
17:41.50 PRCentral Catholic
40.10Nicole Panowicz
17:41.96 PRCentral Catholic
41.10Manicia Doss
17:47.50 PRLa Salle Prep
42.11Laura Heinze
17:47.50 PRJesuit
43.10Ashley Arenz
17:49.81 PRJesuit
44.11Morgan Majors
17:54.09 PRJesuit
45.11Clarice Beasley
17:56.72 PRSt Mary's Academy
46.12Annika Holstrom
17:57.00 SRValley Catholic
47.10CeCe Wherley
17:57.01 PRJesuit
48.-Emmie Randall
17:57.40 PRJesuit
49.11Maddy Nohr
18:01.56 PRSt Mary's Academy
50.12Morgan McDougal
18:02.78 PRValley Catholic
51.9Olivia Cooper
18:05.34 SRLa Salle Prep
52.12Sophia Cantwell
18:10.91 PRSt Mary's Academy
53.12Xiao Pfohman
18:12.81 PRSt Mary's Academy
54.12Ellen Barlow
18:13.96 PRSt Mary's Academy
55.10Bridget McCarthy
18:15.94 PRSt Mary's Academy
56.11Clare Collins
18:16.24 PRSt Mary's Academy
57.12Lauren Brandt
18:16.24 PRJesuit
58.10Myriam Yao
18:23.15 SRLa Salle Prep
59.11Emily Mandell
18:23.46 PRJesuit
60.11Moira Eaton
18:33.81 SRLa Salle Prep
61.11Julia Stevenson
18:40.66 SRCentral Catholic
62.10Nadine Prentice
18:40.96 PRLa Salle Prep
63.9Darby Simpson
18:44.84 PRLa Salle Prep
64.12Hannah Koback
18:50.75 SRCentral Catholic
65.9Milena Rogers
18:51.62 PRSt Mary's Academy
67.11Wendall Tseng
18:52.39 SRJesuit
66.9Lara Rix
18:52.59 SRSt Mary's Academy
68.9MaryCatherine Morgan
18:57.09 PRSt Mary's Academy
69.11Erin Dooney
18:57.62 PRCentral Catholic
70.10Clare McLeod
18:58.09 PRSt Mary's Academy
71.10Grace Glisson
18:59.21 PRSt Mary's Academy
72.9Anna Bishop
19:02.50 SRSt Mary's Academy
74.12Allison Van Dyke
19:03.30 PRJesuit
73.9Olivia Bostick
19:03.34 SRSt Mary's Academy
75.11Abby Nagel
19:09.18 SRCentral Catholic
76.11Hannah Rehm
19:10.15 PRValley Catholic
78.11Morgan Johnson
19:16.40 PRJesuit
77.10Julia Canfield
19:16.47 SRSt Mary's Academy
80.11Sophia Forstag
19:17.59 PRJesuit
79.10Carly Burkhartsmeyer
19:17.87 SRCentral Catholic
81.11Julia Nelson
19:34.18 PRJesuit
82.11Lucile Beckett
20:12.84 SRJesuit
83.11Heran Mamo
20:13.93 PRJesuit
84.12Cristina Tolosa
20:22.75 PRJesuit
85.12Anne Shields
21:07.75 PRJesuit
86.12Megan Forster
21:13.28 PRJesuit
87.11Isabella Retzlaff
21:38.22 SRJesuit
88.11Celeste Hatfield
21:55.69 SRJesuit
89.11Leanne Scarlett
22:17.53 PRJesuit
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