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Charlotte Country Day
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Providence Day83
3.Forsyth Country Day97
4.North Carolina School of Sci...99
5.Cardinal Gibbons119
6.Cary Academy158
7.Durham Academy220
8.Charlotte Latin233
9.Bishop McGuinness237
10.North Raleigh Christian Acad...283
11.Charlotte Country Day284
12.Greensboro Day309
13.Wesleyan Christian Academy318
14.Christ School379
15.Charlotte Christian395
1.11Lewis Woodard
15:43 SRProvidence Day
2.12Drew Smith
16:02 PRBishop McGuinness
3.11Nate Smith
16:12 PRAsheville
4.12Chris Gerding
16:14 PRForsyth Country Day
5.11Kyle Wolpert
16:21 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
6.12Lance Harden
16:39 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
7.11Matthew Cline
16:46 SRCharlotte Country Day
8.12Ryan Jamiolkowski
16:52 PRCary Academy
9.12Paul Leak
16:58 PRCardinal Gibbons
10.12Tim Rusterholz
17:05 PRForsyth Country Day
11.10Ben Rhodes
17:12 PRAsheville
12.11Ben Bogardus
17:15 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
13.11Glen Wright colopy
17:15 SRCary Academy
14.12Billy Lane
17:19 PRAsheville
15.9Clay Sankey
17:21 SRProvidence Day
16.12Stephen Honeycutt
17:27 PRProvidence Day
17.11Michael Raymond
17:28 SRCharlotte Country Day
18.10Michael Fowler
17:31 PRForsyth Country Day
19.12Alex Kehaya
17:32 PRAsheville
20.12Daniel Genkins
17:33 PRCharlotte Latin
21.10Joey Glaser-Reich
17:34 PRCharlotte Latin
22.12Mike Thompson
17:37 PRCardinal Gibbons
23.12Jackson Waller
17:40 PRBishop McGuinness
24.11Sam Hay
17:42 SRProvidence Day
25.11John Harpham
17:42 PRDurham Academy
26.10Will Parrish
17:47 PRAsheville
27.12Max Ballenger
17:51 PRProvidence Day
28.10Patrick Meiburg
17:51 PRCardinal Gibbons
29.12Joe Hardison
17:54 PRCardinal Gibbons
30.10Steven Holland
17:55 SRForsyth Country Day
31.10Mike Hogan
17:56 PRCardinal Gibbons
32.12Jarad Mason
17:59 PRCary Academy
33.12Rob Kehaya
18:00 PRAsheville
34.10Mike Mueller
18:07 PRDurham Academy
35.9Stephen Rusterholz
18:11 PRForsyth Country Day
36.12Riley Zeller-townson
18:12 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
37.11Dylan Kelly
18:12 PRWesleyan Christian A...
38.12Patrick Haas
18:14 PRAsheville
39.11Nick Williams
18:15 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
40.11Luke Lankford
18:16 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
41.12Richard Treleaven
18:20 PRGreensboro Day
42.8David Dement
18:23 SRCary Academy
43.9Bryan Caciere
18:25 PRCardinal Gibbons
44.12Kevin Codd
18:26 PRChrist School
45.9Devin Neil
18:32 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
46.10Tommy Enzweiler
18:33 PRCardinal Gibbons
47.12Brian Myers
18:36 PRWesleyan Christian A...
48.12Matt Hylland
18:37 PRForsyth Country Day
49.9Charles English
18:38 PRChrist School
50.10John ryan Sander
18:38 PRProvidence Day
51.11Drew Littlewood
18:41 SRDurham Academy
52.9Daniel Kimmel
18:41 SRDurham Academy
53.9William Pugh
18:42 PRGreensboro Day
54.11Michael O'Connor
18:45 PRCharlotte Latin
55.12Michael Britton
18:52 SRCharlotte Christian
56.12Nic Iannarone
18:54 PRProvidence Day
57.12Thomas Trasher
18:57 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
58.11Andrew Kindman
19:02 SRDurham Academy
59.10Ryan Patel
19:02 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
60.10Ryan Marklewitz
19:03 SRCharlotte Latin
61.12William Nutt
19:10 PRGreensboro Day
62.9Will Scott
19:12 PRBishop McGuinness
63.10Ben Case
19:12 PRCary Academy
64.9Michael Grabosky
19:13 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
65.12David Hutchings
19:14 PRDurham Academy
66.10Brian DeLong
19:21 PRCharlotte Country Day
67.10Jason Jones
19:22 SRRavenscroft
68.11Daniel Scott
19:25 PRCharlotte Christian
69.10Will Roper
19:27 SRDurham Academy
70.12Andrew Lester
19:28 SRWesleyan Christian A...
71.9Sean Brannan
19:29 PRBishop McGuinness
72.12Kevin Breheny
19:36 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
73.12Kyle Osborne
19:39 PRWesleyan Christian A...
74.9Austin Lane
19:39 SRGreensboro Day
75.12Tyler Arehart
19:41 SRRavenscroft
76.11Zach Freeman
19:43 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
77.10Rob Bryd
19:45 PRRavenscroft
78.11Jarney Price
19:45 PRCharlotte Latin
79.12Zach Zidek
19:56 PRBishop McGuinness
80.12Chris Willis
19:58 PRGreensboro Day
81.10Andrew Mason
19:58 SRCary Academy
82.12Andrew Sessions
19:58 PRCharlotte Christian
83.12Trevor Henry
19:59 SRCharlotte Christian
84.11Brennan Sears
19:59 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
85.12David Onuscheck
20:00 PRRavenscroft
86.10Andrew Blackburn
20:07 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
87.10Tyler Hollett
20:12 PRBishop McGuinness
88.9Brad Johnson
20:13 SRGreensboro Day
89.12Max Freidman
20:17 PRForsyth Country Day
90.10Edward Miller
20:22 PRChrist School
91.8Austin Lassiter
20:29 SRWesleyan Christian A...
92.12Andy Branscomb
20:33 PRRavenscroft
93.11Patrick Clare
20:39 PRRavenscroft
94.10Alex Moss
20:39 SRRavenscroft
95.12Ian Hardie
20:42 PRCary Academy
96.12Brooks Whiteside
20:46 SRCharlotte Country Day
97.12James Matthews
20:46 SRChrist School
98.9Tyler Davis
20:54 SRCharlotte Country Day
99.11Thomas Gresley
21:03 PRChrist School
100.12Thomas Willingham
21:05 PRWesleyan Christian A...
101.12Wallace Freeman
21:15 PRChrist School
102.12Andrew Leblanc
21:22 PRCharlotte Latin
103.12Brendan Dawal
21:31 PRCharlotte Latin
104.10Steven Miller
21:49 PRGreensboro Day
105.11Ben Mceuen
22:03 PRWesleyan Christian A...
106.9Sam Wharton
22:50 PRBishop McGuinness
107.9Alex Henderson
27:35:00 PRCharlotte Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cardinal Gibbons28
2.Providence Day55
3.Forsyth Country Day84
4.Cary Academy153
5.North Carolina School of Sci...160
6.Charlotte Country Day193
7.Charlotte Christian201
8.Wesleyan Christian Academy216
9.North Raleigh Christian Acad...245
10.Saint Mary's254
11.Greensboro Day256
13.Salem Academy327
1.11Elizabeth Bruce
17:42 PRForsyth Country Day
2.12Lauren Hollenbach
19:06 PRProvidence Day
3.9Heather Beichner
19:20 PRCardinal Gibbons
4.11Bernadette O'neill
19:20 PRCardinal Gibbons
5.10Claire Chadwick
19:40 PRCardinal Gibbons
6.11Whitney Ranson
19:49 PRAsheville
7.11Leigh ann Taylor
19:58 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
8.11Lauren Holesh
20:07 SRCardinal Gibbons
9.10Jill Yandle
20:13 SRProvidence Day
10.11Justine Thompson
20:18 PRCardinal Gibbons
11.11Jessica Hanson
20:20 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
12.11Kathryn Tune
20:20 SRCardinal Gibbons
13.12Trish Parson
20:23 PRBishop McGuinness
14.10Catherine Seaborn
20:24 SRCharlotte Christian
15.11Amy Dement
20:24 SRCary Academy
16.9Powers Gatlin
20:26 SRProvidence Day
17.11Nichole Haake
20:31 PRProvidence Day
18.9Brenna Lakeson
20:40 SRProvidence Day
19.12Mackenzie Pierce
20:44 SRForsyth Country Day
20.11Caitlyn Beeler
20:49 PRCardinal Gibbons
21.10Sarah Cline
20:54 SRCharlotte Country Day
22.9Louise Hindal
20:55 SRCharlotte Latin
23.12Erin MacAuley
21:00 PRCharlotte Christian
24.10Abigail Howard
21:07 SRForsyth Country Day
25.10Carrie Worcester
21:08 SRForsyth Country Day
26.9Emily Branch
21:17 SRForsyth Country Day
27.11Caroline Alexander
21:24 PRBishop McGuinness
28.12Polly Westerberg
21:29Charlotte Country Day
29.9Natalia Chodelski
21:42 PRProvidence Day
30.7Rachel Blondy
21:45 PRCary Academy
31.11Jessica Luna
21:50 PRAsheville
32.9Katelyn Horne
21:58 PRProvidence Day
33.10Erin Collins
21:59 SRGreensboro Day
34.12Kaitlyn Kohns
22:02 PRWesleyan Christian A...
35.10Amanda Benedict
22:02 PRWesleyan Christian A...
36.8Kate Dillon
22:07 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
37.9Mackenize Wheaton
22:08 PRBishop McGuinness
38.11Jennifer Benefiel
22:14 SRForsyth Country Day
39.9Meredith Hermann
22:16 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
40.10Alison Dame-boyle
22:24 PRDurham Academy
41.7Jennifer Johnson
22:29 SRCary Academy
42.9Lauren Meadows
22:31 PRRavenscroft
43.9Carson Young
22:33 PRSaint Mary's
44.7Jaclyn Udell
22:34 PRCary Academy
45.8Jessica McDowell
22:42 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
46.10Beth Bridges
22:43 SRCharlotte Christian
47.11Carolyn Fryar
22:44 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
48.10Kimmie Garner
22:50 SRGreensboro Day
49.7Katie Bell
22:57 PRWesleyan Christian A...
50.10Sarah Helfer
23:00 SRCary Academy
51.9Hunter Laporte
23:00 SRCharlotte Country Day
52.10Emily May
23:03 PRCharlotte Country Day
53.9Molly Mae Wall
23:07 SRForsyth Country Day
23:08 PRSaint Mary's
55.12Kara Anasti
23:08 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
56.11Ariel Leath
23:10 PRGreensboro Day
57.11Katie Hyde
23:15 SRRavenscroft
58.10Mallory Crumpler
23:16 SRRavenscroft
59.11Margaret Belanger
23:19 PRSaint Mary's
60.10Jennifer Bell
23:25 PRWesleyan Christian A...
61.12Leigh Kalbacker
23:40 SRSalem Academy
62.11Lianne Gonsalves
23:48 SRCary Academy
63.11Kate Carter
23:54 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
64.11Meredith Mielke
23:55 PRCharlotte Christian
65.12Veronica Tremblay
23:55 PRSalem Academy
66.10Sarah Nolan
23:56 PRSaint Mary's
67.9Darby Kirven
24:03:00 PRSaint Mary's
68.11Sarah Neikirk
24:05:00 SRCharlotte Country Day
24:11:00 PRWesleyan Christian A...
70.9Tori Lippett
24:16:00 PRRavenscroft
71.10Caiti Porter
24:19:00 PRAsheville
72.11Carleigh High
24:27:00 PRSalem Academy
73.9Victoria Johnson
24:28:00 PRWesleyan Christian A...
74.12Molly Moore
24:36:00 PRGreensboro Day
75.11Lindsay Steffensen
24:42:00 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
76.9Jessica Malitoris
24:47:00 SRRavenscroft
77.7Kathryn Grabosky
25:06:00 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
78.11Nancy Blue
25:09:00 SRCharlotte Country Day
79.12Susan Williams
25:16:00 PRSaint Mary's
80.8Caitlin Burroughs
25:28:00 PRGreensboro Day
81.10Royale Crutchfield
25:35:00 PRCharlotte Christian
82.9Molly Brown
25:36:00 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
83.12Maddie Allsup
25:41:00 SRSalem Academy
84.12Chelsea Mahan
25:42:00 SRSalem Academy
85.12Caroline Gorga
26:04:00 PRGreensboro Day
86.10Julie Webster
26:10:00 SRCharlotte Latin
87.9Laura Borgel
26:24:00 PRSalem Academy
88.10Briani Weeks
26:29:00 PRDurham Academy
89.7Alexandra Sineath
26:30:00 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
90.10Elizabeth Stewart
26:57:00 PRGreensboro Day
91.12Laura Griestop
26:59:00 PRWesleyan Christian A...
92.12Sarah Burks
27:14:00 PRDurham Academy
93.9April Choi
27:15:00 PRSalem Academy
94.10Fabeah Adu-Oppong
28:22:00 SRAsheville
95.12Julia Gatten
28:34:00 PRCharlotte Latin
96.12Sharma Tally
28:40:00 PRCharlotte Latin
97.10Alexandra Kemp
28:47:00 PRCharlotte Christian
98.11Christina Metcalf
29:55:00 PRCharlotte Christian
99.12Dhwahi Shah
30:08:00 PRSaint Mary's
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