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 OCTOBER 18, 2013


It is our privilege to invite you and your athletes to the 14th annual Monterey Bay Invitational - Friday Edition, a Central Coast Section sanctioned meet.  The 3.0 mile Championship course encompasses grass, wide dirt trails, long up and down paths, with some short hills in the middle 1.5 to 2.0 mile area.  The course has gained the reputation as one of the best places to race. It is the alternating host site of the CCS Championships.  The park itself is an awesome place to have an invitational as there are lots of picnic and BBQ areas, bathrooms, large grass play areas nestled among hundreds of giant oak trees.



DIVISION            TIME        LIMIT               DIVISION            TIME           LIMIT

Sub Var B                    3:00                  none                 Varsity Girls                  3:30                  7

Varsity Boys                 4:00                  7                      Sub Var B.Girls             4:25                  none

F/S Boys                       4:55                  none




Friday Competition:  Team medals for the first 7 of the first place Sub Var . team, top 2 F/S teams, top 3 girls JV teams, and to the 3 top Varsity teams in each race.  Individual medals to the top 30 all races.


ENTRY FEES:  $150.00 school max., $30.00 per race, $5.00 per individual. An additional $25.00 fee if entries are not done through   Make checks payable to: NORTH SALINAS HIGH SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY


ENTRY DEADLINE:  All rosters are due by Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 8:00 p.m..  All entries will be handled through  Please designate whether your team is competing on Friday.  Friday competition will be limited to the first 25 teams signed up for that day.


Contact is Alan Green (meet director) at (831) 796 -7579(S) or (831) 449-2627(H).                                                                                                                               


PARKING:  Buses are free.  All other vehicles are $8.00. (current Monterey County Parks vehicle fee)  Vans filled with team members in uniform usually are not charged a park entrance fee, but be prepared to pay the fee if required. 


Concessions and T-shirts will be available both days!






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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Adrian Wilcox51
2.Palo Alto61
4.Foothill (Palo Cedro)100
5.Henry M. Gunn104
8.Everett Alvarez191
10.Latino College Prep267

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Lucas Matison
16:16.00 SRPalo Alto
2.11Jorge Sanchez
16:45.00Everett Alvarez
3.9Kent Slaney
16:51.00 SRPalo Alto
4.12Jesus Covarrubias
17:03.00Adrian Wilcox
5.10Ryan McAuliffe
17:06.00 SRAragon
6.12Thomas Rasmussen
17:10.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
7.12Yonatan Ghebremicael
17:14.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
8.12Austin Hunt
17:31.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9.11Ryan Corless
17:42.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10.12Tyler Caseltine
11.12Suraj Jagota
17:50.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
12.11Aaron Chandler
17:51.00 SRPalo Alto
13.10Jeffery Song
17:52.00 PRAragon
14.11Chris Prielipp
15.10John Cannon
17:57.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
16.11Kevin Ruttenberg
17:59.00 SRAragon
17.11Cole Sanders
18.11Samuel Passell
18:07.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
19.10Zahid Anjum
18:08.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
20.12Jordan Kassem
18:10.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
21.11Noah Krigel
18:11.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
22.11Joseph Van Dyke
18:13.00 SRAmador
23.11JJ Hart
18:17.00 SRArgonaut
24.9Kai Oda
18:20.00 SRPalo Alto
25.12Andrew Cheng
18:23.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
26.11Jake Gurle
18:25.00 PRPalo Alto
27.11Seth Garrison
18:26.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
28.11Kushal Nimkar
18:27.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
29.9Chris Murray
18:29.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
30.12Jack Herrera
18:30.00 PRAragon
31.10Samuel Desre
18:39.00 SRPalo Alto
32.10Kenny Corcoran
18:42.00 PRAragon
33.12Erich Bucher
18:43.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
34.11Aaron Solomon
18:44.00 PRAragon
35.9Lucas Quintana
36.12Harrison Jones
18:50.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
37.11David Jia
18:53.00North Salinas
38.10Matt Conrardy
39.10Benjamin Benham
18:58.00 PRForesthill
40.12Alexandre Poux
19:01.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
41.11Kayden Zoller
42.10Dylan Speer
43.12Jack Hansen
19:15.00 PRPalo Alto
44.11Julian Rodriguez
19:21.00Everett Alvarez
45.12Colton Deaver
46.10Dale Jacobs
47.12Jacob Irwin
48.12Thomas Cahill
49.11Alejandro Villanueva
19:51.00 PREverett Alvarez
50.9Benjamin Holbrook
51.11Giovanni Jimenez R...
20:01.00 PRLatino College Prep
52.9Marco Valencia
20:12.00 SRLatino College Prep
53.12Alex Armstrong
54.11Erik Campos
20:18.00 SREverett Alvarez
55.12Marco Estanislao
20:33.00 PRLatino College Prep
56.12Avery Laflamme
57.11Jarren Esparza
58.12Dominic Sanchez
20:53.00Everett Alvarez
59.11Edgar Aguilar
20:58.00Everett Alvarez
60.9Matthew Irwin
21:15.00 SRForesthill
61.11Austin Seyboldt
62.11Hunter Norris
21:24.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
63.11Davis Henderson
64.9Eligio Rosales
23:18.00Latino College Prep
65.11Justin Lilly
66.11Caleb Howe
67.12Jerry Alvarez
24:23.00 PRLatino College Prep
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3 Mile Sub- Varsity/JV

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Adrian Wilcox23
2.Henry M. Gunn52
3.Palo Alto74
4.Everett Alvarez97

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Drew Pfeifer
18:37.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
2.12Hamzah Yusuf
18:54.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
3.11Kyle Phan
19:18.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
4.11Aaron Miner
19:28.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
5.11Andrew Wilson
19:31.00 SRPalo Alto
6.12Hansen Wu
19:39.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
7.12Jensen Hsiao
19:46.00 SRPalo Alto
8.12Jason Huang Ooi
19:46.80 SRAdrian Wilcox
9.12Jake Otonari
19:47.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
10.11Jaime Perez
19:55.00North Salinas
11.11Gavin Baker
19:58.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
12.10Isaiah Dacpano
20:09.00Everett Alvarez
13.11Mark Lopez
20:19.00Everett Alvarez
14.11Shannen Edwin
20:34.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
15.12Austin Kasses
20:42.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
16.10Andrew Huang
20:49.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
17.12Josh Robinson
21:08.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
18.11Emil Ernstrom
21:09.00 PRPalo Alto
19.11Andres Solis
21:24.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
20.12Ryan Dempsey
21:25.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
21.10Alex Tang
21:32.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
22.11Aaron Cassini
21:37.00 PRPalo Alto
23.11Peter Scolaro
21:39.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
24.12Sufyan Abbasi
21:40.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
25.11Walter Guerra
26.12Arvin Vergonio
21:46.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
27.10Luke Hope
28.12Francisco Gonzales
21:54.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
29.11Isaac Guzman
22:02.00Everett Alvarez
30.9Alyosha Mathany
22:09.00 SRArgonaut
31.9Jonathan Howe
22:16.00 SRArgonaut
32.10Ricardo Hernandez
22:20.00Everett Alvarez
33.12Mark Nguyen
22:57.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
34.12Brandon Agonoy
22:58.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
35.11Gabe Worton
36.11Jacob Bailey
23:09.00 SRAmador
37.11Saul Alcala
23:17.00North Salinas
38.11Luke Buchterkirchen
23:23.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
39.11Dan Savoie
23:27.00 PRAmador
40.12Paul Bienaime
23:31.00 SRPalo Alto
41.11Cody Bullard
42.11Edmund Thong
24:31.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
43.9Robert Velilla
24:45.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
44.12Joseph Nicolaide
25:18.00Everett Alvarez
45.12Sergio Esparza
25:23.00Everett Alvarez
46.11Haydon Grandon
25:59.00 PRAmador
47.11Eduardo Garcia
26:16.00Everett Alvarez
48.10Aaron Lake
26:39.00 SRArgonaut
49.11Garrett McGregor
29:43.00 PRArgonaut
50.9Marcus Pachenco
32:00.00 PRArgonaut
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3 Mile Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Palo Alto41
2.Henry M. Gunn48
3.North Salinas51
4.Everett Alvarez104
5.Adrian Wilcox124

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Raul Barraza
17:12.00 SRNorth Salinas
2.10Christian Aldape
17:24.00North Salinas
3.10David Macias
17:39.00North Salinas
4.9Jonas Enders
17:49.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
5.9Ben Beaudry
17:55.00 SRPalo Alto
6.10Griffin Carlson
18:06.00 PRPalo Alto
7.9Dylan Latham-McGraw
18:06.70 SRHenry M. Gunn
18:18.00 PRPalo Alto
9.9Michael Chen
18:20.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
10.9Spencer Morgenfeld
18:27.00 SRPalo Alto
11.10Kevin Murillo
18:36.00Everett Alvarez
12.9Naveen Pai
18:38.00 SRPalo Alto
13.9Tone Lee
18:41.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
14.10Nicholas Merillana
18:57.00 SREverett Alvarez
15.10Simon Rufer
18:58.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
16.10Josh Yuen
19:02.00 SRPalo Alto
17.9Jeffrey Lee-Heiden...
19:03.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
18.9Randy Wu
19:04.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
19.9Leo Minami
19:18.00 PRPalo Alto
20.10Miles Freeman
19:20.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
21.10Jose Patino
19:25.00North Salinas
22.10Robel Tesfai
19:26.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
23.9Julio Badillo
19:27.00Everett Alvarez
24.10Garrett Lees
19:28.00 SRPalo Alto
25.10Menarc Muyco
19:29.00North Salinas
26.10Elijah Cramer
19:31.00 SREverett Alvarez
27.10Andrew Baer
19:32.00 SRPalo Alto
28.10Isaiah Katz
19:33.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
29.10Brendon Lin
19:35.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
30.10John Yee
19:37.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
31.9Aaron Schultz
19:38.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
32.9Shalin Shah
19:46.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
33.9Austyn Dill
34.9Thomas Rauner-Swan
19:50.00 SRPalo Alto
35.10Daniel Hald
19:59.00 PRPalo Alto
36.10Arjun Ray
20:03.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
37.9Paul Sandford
20:05.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
38.10Andy Gibson
20:08.00 PRPalo Alto
39.10Ivan Aguilar
20:08.80Everett Alvarez
40.10Brandon Jacobsen
20:09.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
41.10Matt Keller
20:09.60 PRPalo Alto
42.10Shannon Hu
20:16.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
43.10Kevin Kung
20:22.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
44.9Tanner Newell
20:23.00 SRPalo Alto
45.10Matt Li
20:23.30 PRPalo Alto
46.10Charlie Badger
20:30.00 PRPalo Alto
47.10Lucas Batties
20:38.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
48.9Alexander Miotto
20:41.00North Salinas
49.9Leonel Murillo
20:48.00North Salinas
50.9Carson Cordova
21:01.00 PRPalo Alto
51.10Alex Kassem
21:15.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
52.10Anthony Otonari
21:15.70 PRAdrian Wilcox
53.9David Hoover
21:18.00 SRAmador
54.9Jackson Doerr
21:24.00 SRPalo Alto
55.10Victor Chien
21:27.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
56.10Jose Vega
21:31.00North Salinas
57.9Rikky Aguila
21:34.00Everett Alvarez
58.9Gregor Dairaghi
21:34.60 SRPalo Alto
59.9Ethan Ayaay
21:40.00 PREverett Alvarez
60.9Samir Puranik
21:55.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
61.10Kai Gallagher
21:56.00 PRPalo Alto
62.10Alex Chow
21:58.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
63.9Keenan Do
22:02.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
64.10Vinny Lavalsiti
22:03.00 PRAmador
65.9Andrew Greely
22:05.00 PRAmador
66.10Ricky Shin
22:12.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
67.9Rafi Long
22:12.60 PRPalo Alto
68.9Matthew Seto
22:14.00 PRPalo Alto
69.11Jonathan Batchelder
22:16.00Everett Alvarez
70.9Cristian Ayala
22:17.00Everett Alvarez
71.10Cesar Gutierrez
22:19.00North Salinas
72.9Ryan Tieu
22:20.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
73.9Eli Gwin-Kerr
22:24.00 PRPalo Alto
74.9Seth Baldwin
22:28.00 PRAmador
75.9Stuart Scolaro
22:41.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
76.9John Dai
22:49.00 PRPalo Alto
77.10Freddy Gaeta
22:53.00Everett Alvarez
78.9Tom Kwon
23:01.00 PRPalo Alto
79.10Max Tannenwald
23:16.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
80.10Tristan Ingalz
23:17.00 PRPalo Alto
81.10Ethan Davis
23:23.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
82.10Hegene Lee
23:34.00 PRPalo Alto
83.10Oscar Gonzalez
23:47.00North Salinas
84.9Kevin Nguyen
23:49.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
85.9Kieran Godfrey
23:50.00 SRPalo Alto
86.9Gael Berbessou
24:03.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
87.10Anthony Pham
24:19.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
88.10Drew Embersits
24:23.00 PRPalo Alto
89.9Heath Todd
24:28.00North Salinas
90.9Christian Hartley
25:00.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
91.10Akhil Subbaro
25:15.00 PRPalo Alto
92.9Marc Alejandro
25:55.00Everett Alvarez
93.10Leonardo Orozco
26:28.00North Salinas
94.10Alexis Perez
26:33.00North Salinas
95.9Thomas Savoie
28:19.00 SRAmador
96.10Ryan Garcia
32:05.00 PRAmador
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Henry M. Gunn39
3.Palo Alto92
6.Santa Catalina128
7.Adrian Wilcox174
8.Foothill (Palo Cedro)176
9.Everett Alvarez228

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sarah Robinson
17:50.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
2.9Natalie Ulloa
3.10Gillian Meeks
19:02.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
4.9Claire Hu
19:28.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
5.10Bryn Carlson
19:52.00 SRPalo Alto
6.10Anastasia Karnaze
7.9Camille Strazzo
8.11Sydney Pruett
9.11Katie Foug
20:37.00 SRPalo Alto
10.11Oma Skyrus
20:41.00 SRAragon
11.9Andrea Bader
20:43.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
12.11Jessica Gutshall
20:52.00Santa Catalina
13.9Illi Gardner
20:53.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
14.9Margot Bellon
20:59.00 SRAragon
15.12Daniella Alvarado
21:09.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
16.10Danielle Rodriguez
21:24.00Everett Alvarez
17.12Jessica Becker
18.11Megan Kuhnle
21:28.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
19.10Zoe Humprey
20.11Lenox Peterson
21:46.00 SRAmador
21.10Emily Zhang
21:52.00 SRPalo Alto
22.10Briana Reynolds
21:59.00 PRAragon
23.10Emma Raney
22:03.00 SRPalo Alto
24.12Cristina Ashbaugh
22:05.00 SRAragon
25.11Shalynn Fullerton
26.10Allie Aiello
22:17.00Santa Catalina
27.10Sherry Zhou
22:18.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
28.10Olivia Di santo
22:27.00 SRAragon
29.11Kimmy Villegas
22:28.00Santa Catalina
30.10Audrey Bennett
22:33.00Santa Catalina
31.11Ashten Nguyen
22:33.60Santa Catalina
32.11Ashley Wong
22:40.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
33.11Michelle Zhang
22:47.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
34.11Kylie Wilson
22:54.00 SRPalo Alto
35.9Nicole Wallace
22:58.00 PRAragon
36.10Adelaide Cahill
37.9Cydney Lakmann
38.11Chelsea Morrow
23:01.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
39.10Kia Flack
23:02.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
40.12Johanna Harrison
23:15.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
41.9Laurel Durbin
23:19.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
42.12Nina Canton
23:19.60 PRAragon
43.10Brittani Garrison
23:21.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
44.10Ashley Yount
23:25.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
45.9Katerina Knapp
46.11Lauren Umagat
23:39.00 PREverett Alvarez
47.12Annie Sabourin
23:41.00 SRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
48.11Svetlana Mathany
49.11Melanie Tieu
24:22.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
50.10Madyrose Houseman
24:30.00Santa Catalina
51.11Madeline Bauman
24:55.00Notre Dame (Salinas)
52.11Christy Mcconnell
53.10Charlotte Wade
25:01.00Santa Catalina
54.11Angel Hurtado
25:06.00Everett Alvarez
55.10Ellie Milanesa
25:18.00Notre Dame (Salinas)
56.10Maya Hope
57.12Monique Salinger
58.10Blanca Uribe
26:31.00Everett Alvarez
59.12cecilia Lopez
26:34.00Everett Alvarez
60.11Lizette Ochoa
27:11.00Everett Alvarez
61.9Kelly Magee
62.12Candy Luna-Sanchez
27:26.00Everett Alvarez
63.12Charlotte Brunett
27:48.00Notre Dame (Salinas)
64.9Brittney Sackett
65.12Indiana Watson
29:03.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
66.10Alex Castelo
67.12Joanna Correa
29:47.00 SREverett Alvarez
68.12Alisha Dahlen
30:26.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
69.11Kelley Lusk
30:46.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)
70.11Stephanie Fidomski
71.11Mckenzie Johnson
72.9Taylor Lowery
73.12Madeline England
74.12Laura Gattis
32:47.00Notre Dame (Salinas)
75.12Jodie Huerta
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3 Mile Sub-Varsity/JV

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Henry M. Gunn23
2.Palo Alto40
3.Adrian Wilcox76
4.Everett Alvarez99
5.Latino College Prep145

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jocelyn Sosa
2.10Kia Green
21:20.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
3.11Odalys Barajas
4.11Tanvi Dharap
23:05.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
5.10Tia Cheunkarndee
23:07.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
6.9Natalie Maloney
23:08.00 SRPalo Alto
7.12Elissa Yang
23:17.00 SRPalo Alto
8.10Ana Cruz
9.9Victoria Delacruz
23:21.00 PREverett Alvarez
10.10Anita Silver
23:22.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
11.10Anna Nakai
23:27.00 PRPalo Alto
12.10Nika Woodfill
23:40.00 PRPalo Alto
13.10Lydia Sun
23:46.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
14.9Susie Warner
23:53.00 SRAdrian Wilcox
15.11Taylor Gardner
16.9Elise Epstein
24:03.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
17.10Grace Chua
24:07.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
18.11Chelsea Thangvelu
24:10.00 SRPalo Alto
19.9Paige Jones
24:16.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
20.10Bethany Wong
24:17.00 SRPalo Alto
21.11Ashlee Velilla
24:27.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
22.11Amalia Roth
24:33.00 PRPalo Alto
23.9Mirna Sanyal
24:38.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
24.10Ariana Vergonio
24:40.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
25.11Rebecca Moragne
24:47.00 SRPalo Alto
26.11Ruoyu Sheng
24:49.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
27.10Maria Escamilla
24:49.50 PREverett Alvarez
28.10Reid Walters
25:01.00 SRPalo Alto
29.11Courtney Hull
25:05.00 SRPalo Alto
30.10Carissa Zan
25:06.00 PRPalo Alto
31.11Kendall Schoenberg
25:06.80 PRPalo Alto
32.11Lelaina Hutson
25:07.00 SRPalo Alto
33.10Miranda Chen
25:14.00 PRPalo Alto
34.9Priya Thomas
25:15.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
35.10Leyla Gokcek
25:50.00 SRPalo Alto
36.11Michelle Rarang
25:54.00North Salinas
37.9Jessica Wong
26:14.00 PRPalo Alto
38.11Ariana Tindall
26:17.00 SRPalo Alto
39.10Lilia Tang
26:18.00 SRPalo Alto
40.9McKenna Seyboldt
26:27.00 PRAmador
41.10Mara Greene
26:34.00 SRHenry M. Gunn
42.11Tatiana Loops
26:38.00 PRPalo Alto
43.10Jordana Siegel
26:39.30 PRHenry M. Gunn
44.10Stephanie Reyna
26:39.40Everett Alvarez
45.9Annalise Wang
26:39.90 PRPalo Alto
46.11Miky Davis
26:40.00 SREnterprise
47.9Shannon Yang
26:41.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
48.9Ishita Monga
26:41.50 PRAdrian Wilcox
49.10Clare Condon
27:16.00 SRAmador
50.9Emily Leach
27:29.00 PRAmador
51.10Daniela Gottesman
27:36.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
52.9Lauren Shotts
27:37.00 PRHenry M. Gunn
53.10Jennifer Hernandez
27:41.00Everett Alvarez
54.9Amanda Chavez
28:16.00 PRLatino College Prep
55.10Carolyn Wimmer
28:21.00 PRPalo Alto
56.9Denise Garcia
28:48.00Everett Alvarez
57.9Isabel Black
28:52.00 PRPalo Alto
58.10Carmen Bonilla
28:58.00 SRLatino College Prep
59.11Gloria Guzman
29:00.00 PRPalo Alto
60.11Ana Landaverde
29:02.00 PRLatino College Prep
61.10Emma Goldsmith
29:16.00 PRPalo Alto
62.9Isabelle Dougman
29:17.00 SRPalo Alto
63.9McKenzie Fehmelar
29:17.00 PRPalo Alto
64.9Aditi Pandey
29:19.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
65.12Danaya Webster
29:40.00North Salinas
66.10Eliana Alexander
29:57.00 PRAdrian Wilcox
67.9D'Lynn Zagami
30:06.00 PRArgonaut
68.11Clara Harrington
30:14.00 SRPalo Alto
69.10Sophia Anderson
30:29.00 PRPalo Alto
70.11Kelly Swanson
30:34.00 PRPalo Alto
71.9Lizeth Samaniego
30:42.00 SRLatino College Prep
72.12Aylin Gallardo
30:49.00North Salinas
73.9Maddie Morris
31:14.00 PRArgonaut
74.12Jordan Gray
33:53.00 PRArgonaut
75.12Paola Ruiz
33:55.00 PRLatino College Prep
76.12Jacquelin De Haro
34:30.00 PRLatino College Prep
77.10Ashley Simmons
37:55.00 PRArgonaut
78.10Emma Schluter
40:05.00 PRArgonaut
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