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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity3:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:00 PM

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High School girls race at 3:00 pm and the boys at 3:30. Awards to the top 10 finishers. Entry fee is 30 dollars per school. If you have less than 7 runners pay 3 dollars per athlete. Call Coach Portela with questions at 351-3468. Thanks.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.10Austin Stewart
15:48.5 SRShelley
2.12Thomas Knight
16:54.1 PRTeton1st sub 17
3.10Chase Barrow
16:56.9 SRShelley
4.12Paul Perry
17:00.4 PRRigby
5.10David Searle
17:06.8 SRShelley
6.10James Letham
17:07.3 SRTetonbest time yet
7.10Sam Clarke
17:07.6 SRRigby
8.10Mark Crandall
17:11.2 SRShelley
9.12Brian Bagley
17:12.2 PRTetonbest 4930 yet
10.11Cameron Hansen
17:17.5 SRRigby
11.10Jonathan Perry
17:19.2 SRRigby
12.11Hendrik Berger
17:25.0 PRShelley
13.9Cameron Garner
17:29.6 SRSugar-Salem
14.11Luis Hernandez
17:37.9 SRSugar-Salem
15.11Daniel Searcy
17:40.3 SRSugar-Salem
16.10Gregory Drake
17.10Jace Ritchie
17:44.0 SRRigby
18.11Benji Bigler
19.12RJ Ceja
17:48.8 PRTeton
20.12McKay McKinnon
17:49.4 PRFirth
21.12Elio Radovitch
17:50.4 PRTetonbest 4930 yet
22.10Nelson Paradis
17:50.8 PRTetonbest time yet
23.11Braxton Stocking
17:51.6 PRSugar-Salem
24.11Tyler Partridge
17:51.8 PRRigby
25.10Ethan Marcum
17:52.3 SRTetonbest time yet
26.10Nate Fogle
17:59.0 SRSugar-Salem
27.9Hunter Galbraith
18:06.5 SRSugar-Salem
28.11Braiden Klingler
18:14.8 PRTetonbest time yet
29.10Daniel Black
18:21.0 SRRigby
30.12Jace Wilding
31.11Daren Holm
18:22.9 PRFirth
32.12Brennan Taylor
18:28.2 PRShelley
33.12Brandon Park
18:29.2 SRFirth
34.11Carlos Hernandez
18:29.4 SRSugar-Salem
35.10Kyle Bowman
18:29.6 SRFirth
36.11Jackson Pauroso
18:32.3 PRTetonbest time yet
37.11Dennis Wright
38.10Dallin Groesbeck
18:33.8 SRFirth
39.10Josh Miskin
18:46.0Tetonbest 4930 yet
40.11Ariel Bencomo
18:46.3 PRTetonbest time yet
41.9Benjamin Moser
18:47.2 SRSugar-Salem
42.10Asher Hanson
18:59.9 PRRigby
43.9Ammon Miller
19:03.0 SRSugar-Salem
44.10Austin Williams
19:18.0 SRBlackfoot
45.11Nathaniel Wheelwri...
46.11Issac Dunn
19:22.8 PRSugar-Salem
47.9Brad Moser
19:25.5 PRBlackfoot
48.9William Harris
19:26.2 PRSugar-Salem
49.9Israel Olaveson
50.11Brandon Winward
51.10Sayer Leslie
19:33.0 SRFirth
52.11Jake Crofts
19:35.0 PRFirth
53.10Mathew Graham
19:41.2 PRShelley
54.10Thomas Pence
19:42.2 SRTetonbest time yet
55.11Riley Nelson
19:42.5Tetonbest 4930 yet
56.9Parker Miller
19:46.4 PRSugar-Salem
57.9Aaron Williams
19:48.0 SRRigby
58.12Anthony Garza
19:49.5 PRShelley
59.10Tanner Winward
19:49.8 PRShelley
60.10Nathaniel Dando
19:50.1 SRButte County
61.11Jacob Smith
19:53.2North Fremont
62.12Sam Struhs
63.11Jordan Warburton
19:55.6 PRTeton73" PR!
64.10Nathan Gerdes
19:56.1 SRSugar-Salem
65.-Jensen Zack
19:56.6 PRSugar-Salem
66.11Landon Williams
20:00.2 PRFirth
67.11Jason Gemar
20:03.9 SRFirth
68.10Joshua Partridge
20:07.3 PRRigby
69.11Cailis Oakey
20:07.6 PRShelley
70.11Bryant Gardner
20:09.5 PRRigby
71.12Brody Bingham
20:11.2 PRRigby
72.11Kyler Miskin
20:21.8 PRRigby
73.10Taylor Porter
20:22.5 PRTetonbest time yet
74.9Trason Jackson
20:27.4 SRSugar-Salem
75.9Caden Cox
20:48.4 PRBlackfoot
76.9Keegan Harrison
77.11Clayton Bell
21:00.2 SRSugar-Salem
78.10James Anderson
21:05.0 SRNorth Fremont
79.10Peyton Astle
80.10Brady Darnell
21:09.5 SRButte County
81.12Zack Landon
21:15.5 PRShelley
82.11Braydon Adams
21:27.5 SRFirth
83.9Jake Sutton
21:46.1 SRRigby
84.12Casey Jenkins
22:00.0 SRFirth
85.10Tom Bates
22:09.4 PRTetonbest time yet
86.10Sayer Thomas
22:10.0 PRTetonbest time yet
87.10konner Hiatt
22:14.4South Fremont
88.10Cole Palmer
22:18.2 SRTetonbest time yet
89.9Mathew Butterfield
22:35.7 SRRigby
90.9James Pincock
23:04.6 PRRigby
91.10Seth Kennelly
92.9Kaden Sanderson
23:17.8 SRSugar-Salem
93.10Zane Drake
23:23.5 SRFirth
94.9Isaac Gardner
24:12.7 SRFirth
95.12Cody Babneau
25:26.3 SRFirth
96.9Andrew Wheelwright
25:29.9 SRBlackfoot
97.9Aaron VanOrden
25:31.7 SRBlackfoot
98.9Garrett Barker
25:41.6 SRFirth
99.9Jacob Hildebrand
28:05.3South Fremont
100.9Ethan Groesbeck
29:06.8 SRFirth
101.10Trent Harrison
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.12Olivia Redd
18:08.3 PRSugar-Salem
2.11Cambria Hassell
18:46.3 PRShelley
3.11Rachel Cannon
4.10Indya Price
19:10.3 PRSugar-Salem
5.10Tori Pinnock
19:18.5 PRRigby
6.9Shaylee Hill
19:30.3 SRSugar-Salem
7.10Klarissa Andersen
19:30.9 SRShelley
8.9Paytin Drollinger
19:57.4 SRShelley
9.12McKenzie Gardner
20:16.1 SRFirth
10.10Hanna Larson
20:27.5 PRSugar-Salem
11.11Isabella Wilson
20:30.7 PRTetonbest time yet
12.12Bethany Larson
20:44.2 SRSugar-Salem
13.12Katelyn Hill
20:46.0 SRSugar-Salem
14.10Whitney Taylor
20:57.9 PRSugar-Salem
15.10Rachel Galbraith
21:02.4 PRSugar-Salem
16.11Chalyce Hirschi
21:05.9South Fremont
17.11Dakota Leslie
21:10.6 SRFirth
18.9McKenna Larson
21:11.4 SRRigby
19.10LeAnn Larkin
21:11.6 SRShelley
20.12Emily Mcdonald
21:12.6 PRSugar-Salem
21.9Abigail Kunz
21:18.9 PRRigby
22.12Katie Bates
21:28.6 PRTetonbest time yet
23.12Jenna Jeffs
21:32.1 SRFirth
24.11Lilly Murdock
21:34.5 PRRigby
25.9Michelle Pratt
21:35.0 SRBlackfoot
26.11Sophie Reis
21:36.6 PRRigby
27.12Rachel Schiess
21:37.6 SRFirth
28.10Trinitie Smith
21:39.9 PRRigby
29.9Ashley Willis
21:41.1 SRSugar-Salem
30.12Katelyn Kinghorn
21:57.8 PRSugar-Salem
31.12Alex (Tian) Haar
22:01.8Tetonbest 4930 yet
32.11Audrey Butler
22:12.0 PRFirth
33.12Taylor Diaz
22:12.9 PRBlackfoot
34.10Lindsey Ketchum
22:17.2 PRRigby
35.11Mindy Kaufman
22:19.1 SRTetonbest 4930 yet
36.10Aubrey Andrews
22:21.2 PRShelley
37.9Wylee Smith
22:31.3 PRButte County
38.11Marisol Trejo
22:34.2 PRTetonbest time yet
39.10Sierra Anderson
22:46.3 PRRigby
40.12Bryanna Willis
22:52.9 PRSugar-Salem
41.9Allison Coward
22:54.9 PRFirth
42.10Kursten McNeely
22:55.9 SRFirth
43.10SuePrize Bishop
22:56.3 SRNorth Fremont
44.11Audra Curtis
22:57.5 PRTetonbest time yet
45.9Allie Gibson
23:05.0 SRFirth
46.10Aylee Andersen
23:06.1 SRShelley
47.12Mary Hannon
23:18.2 PRTetonbest 4930 yet
48.10Kelsie Despain
23:27.0 PRBlackfoot
49.12Mianna Galbraith
50.10Cheyenne Schultz
23:31.1 SRTetonbest time yet
51.10Ashli Young
23:42.1 PRShelley
52.9Brittany Winward
23:44.9 SRShelley
53.11Karen Silva
24:00.3 PRRigby
54.10Molly Moyer
24:07.1 SRTeton1st time under 25'
55.12Sarah Guymon
24:21.6 PRSugar-Salem
56.11Taylor Young
24:29.7 PRShelley
57.9Hallie Hill
24:44.8Tetonbest 4930 yet
58.11Julie Martinez
24:54.1 PRShelley
59.9Rebecca Thorton
25:17.1 PRRigby
60.9Ashley McPhie
61.9Kali Walton
25:36.6 PRShelley
62.11Fernanda Garcia
25:59.0 PRRigby
63.12Ariana Trejo
26:08.9 PRFirth
64.9Abi Elliott
26:09.4 SRBlackfoot
65.10Rebecca Wood
26:13.4 SRRigby
66.12Stephanie Zehntner
26:22.2 SRBlackfoot
67.9Nina Rogler
26:23.8 PRFirth
68.12Maggie Lazalde
26:30.1 PRTeton1st time under 28'!
69.12Mariela Vazquez
26:31.2 PRTeton1st time under 28'!
70.9Joanna Porter
26:32.3 PRTeton1st time under 28'!
71.9Sarah Robison
26:50.6 PRTeton1st time under 27'
72.9Kennedy Bowles
27:36.6 SRRigby
73.9Anna Inskeep
74.10Rachel McPhie
75.9Riley Hendrickson
28:26.7 PRRigby
76.10Diane Sumicad
28:27.3 PRTeton1st time under 29'
77.11Christine McPhie
78.9Olivia Despain
79.10Madelyn Clark
80.11Antonia Spohr
28:53.3 PRShelley
81.12Choi Pikman
29:46.5 PRBlackfoot
82.9Macie Armstrong
30:06.2 SRBlackfoot
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