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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Aaron Roe
12:31 PRHenry Jackson
2.12Jadon Olson
12:45 PRHenry Jackson
3.12Tristan Taylor
13:00 PRHenry Jackson
4.11Jackson Wagner
13:04 PRCascade (Everett)
5.12Steven Ainsworth
13:05 PRHenry Jackson
6.10Spencer Coffee
13:05 PRShorecrest
7.12Dylan Olson
13:06 PRCascade (Everett)
8.10Efren Chavez
13:07 PRHenry Jackson
9.11Brandon Yee
13:07 PRHenry Jackson
10.11James Henry
13:09 PRHenry Jackson
11.12Connor Willgress
13:11 PRHenry Jackson
12.10Alex Haupt
13:13 PRHenry Jackson
13.12Vinny Shipley
13:20 PRCascade (Everett)
14.11Jack Thompson
13:23 PRHenry Jackson
15.10Nathanael Ramos
13:28 PRHenry Jackson
16.9Luca Strand
13:30 PRCascade (Everett)
17.11Kelly McCaffrey
13:35 PRShorecrest
18.9Evan Deiparine
13:38 PRShorecrest
19.11Joel Henry
13:39 PRCascade (Everett)
20.11Naphtali Moulton
13:41 PRShorecrest
21.12Joe Loiseau
13:45 PRShorecrest
22.9Matthew Watkins
13:49 PRHenry Jackson
23.12Mark Officer
13:52 PRShorecrest
24.12Duncan Bartok
13:52 PRHenry Jackson
25.11Danny Scott
14:01 PRHenry Jackson
26.11Paul Heffner
14:04 PRShorecrest
27.11Cooper James
14:06 PREverett
28.12Brandon Pope
14:08 PRCascade (Everett)
29.10Steven Bishop
14:10 PRCascade (Everett)
30.9Finn Tangeman
14:12 PRShorecrest
31.9Connor Hurt
14:12 PRCascade (Everett)
32.9Seth Walton
14:14 PRShorecrest
33.9Edmund Havener
14:19 PREverett
34.10Isaac O'Connell
14:21 PREverett
35.12Erik Fussell
14:23 PRShorecrest
36.11Kyle Stemm
14:29 PRCascade (Everett)
37.10Colt Beardsley
14:33 PREverett
38.9Klaiten Kermoade
15:51 PREverett
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Evan Smith
14:10 PRHenry Jackson
2.9Patrick Joyce
14:12 PRShorecrest
3.10Nick Feingold
14:15 PRHenry Jackson
4.9Elliott Cho
14:17 PRHenry Jackson
5.12Jake Crenshaw
14:35 PRHenry Jackson
6.10Tanner Osborn
14:36 PRHenry Jackson
7.9JD Henry
14:48 PRHenry Jackson
8.9Jacob Schafte
14:50 PRCascade (Everett)
9.9Zachary Adams
14:51 PRShorecrest
10.9Sam Haven
14:52 PRShorecrest
11.10Alexis Hernandez
15:02 PRCascade (Everett)
12.9Macauley Franks
15:04 PRShorecrest
13.10Sean Underhill
15:06 PREverett
14.10Edgar Santos
15:06 PRCascade (Everett)
15.9Nicholas Halvorson
15:07 PRShorecrest
16.9Gavin Odonnell
15:07 PRHenry Jackson
17.9Jack Ellis
15:08 PRHenry Jackson
18.9Jack Nemiroff
15:09 PRHenry Jackson
19.11Ken Tran
15:14 PRCascade (Everett)
20.9Anders Wennstig
15:16 PRShorecrest
21.11Kevin Jerauld
15:16 PRShorecrest
22.9Cole Hofstrand
15:23 PRShorecrest
23.10Anton Primachuk
15:24 PRCascade (Everett)
24.9Vinay Keefe
15:28 PRShorecrest
25.10Irais Hernandez
15:31 PRCascade (Everett)
26.10Ben Drajeske
15:32 PRHenry Jackson
27.9Frank Cui
15:43 PRHenry Jackson
28.9Christian Kim
15:44 PRHenry Jackson
29.11Andy Gomez
15:50 PREverett
31.9Zane Smith
15:54 PRShorecrest
30.10John Watkins
15:58 PRHenry Jackson
32.10Ethan Harrington
15:58 PRHenry Jackson
33.9Michael Leek
15:59 PRCascade (Everett)
34.10Brandon Kent
16:02 PRHenry Jackson
35.9Martin Smith
16:06 PRHenry Jackson
36.11Luke Swatosh
16:12 PREverett
37.11Emilio Garcia
16:12 PRShorecrest
38.10Cameron Eckardt
16:14 PRShorecrest
40.9Jacob Zoller
16:19 PREverett
41.11Aaron Zevenbergen
16:20 PRShorecrest
42.9Nathan Navarro
16:26 PRHenry Jackson
43.11Gibran Valdez
16:28 PRHenry Jackson
44.9Micah Roberton
16:39 PRShorecrest
45.11Anthony Eddy
16:40 PRCascade (Everett)
46.10Austin Pischer
16:40 PRHenry Jackson
47.10Patrick Cunningham
16:40 PRShorecrest
48.9Trenton Aiello
16:42 PRHenry Jackson
49.9Ethan Lee
16:44 PRHenry Jackson
50.9James Ramirez
16:44 PRCascade (Everett)
51.12Andy Hay
16:49 PRCascade (Everett)
52.11Evan Hurt
16:51 PRCascade (Everett)
53.9Riley Kent
16:52 PRHenry Jackson
55.10Angelo Timbol
16:55 PRHenry Jackson
56.10Elijah Bergevin
17:07 PREverett
57.9John Vogel
17:19 PRShorecrest
58.12Jack Cockburn
17:28 PRShorecrest
59.12Aaron Comparan
17:32 PRHenry Jackson
60.9Griffin Judd
17:39 PRHenry Jackson
61.10Rami Sabra
17:41 PRCascade (Everett)
62.11Austin Schuh
17:44 PRCascade (Everett)
63.10Jared Rodriguez
17:47 PRHenry Jackson
64.12Erik Skamser
17:57 PRShorecrest
65.9Cormac Swensen-Hope
17:58 PRShorecrest
66.9Braden Whitman
17:59 PRHenry Jackson
67.9James DeLong
19:05 PRCascade (Everett)
68.10Kyler Gorski
19:22 PRHenry Jackson
67.9Joe Ubelhart
19:31 PRShorecrest
70.11Nathan Skamser
19:37 PRShorecrest
71.10Miguel Carroll
19:59 PRHenry Jackson
72.10Stephen Hawthorne
20:00 PRHenry Jackson
73.10Mark Perez
20:39 PRHenry Jackson
74.9Devon Higgins
21:07 PRShorecrest
75.10Agustin Castro
22:12 PRCascade (Everett)
76.9Jeremy Johnson
22:13 PRCascade (Everett)
77.9Sean Johnson
22:28 PRCascade (Everett)
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Brooke Kingma
14:51 PRHenry Jackson
2.12Jessica Rawlins
14:55 PRHenry Jackson
3.12Mary Charleson
15:02 PRHenry Jackson
4.11Gigi Vujovich
15:03 PRShorecrest
5.10Emily Hylland
15:28 PRHenry Jackson
6.11Drew Williams
16:02 PREverett
7.11Elise Froebe
16:05 PRShorecrest
8.9Cole Gross
16:16 PRHenry Jackson
9.12Anna Pischer
16:27 PRHenry Jackson
10.9Rowan Wells-Edwards
16:39 PREverett
11.9Lily Torres-Norton
16:46 PRShorecrest
12.11Rebecca Walton
16:47 PRShorecrest
13.9Sarah Elbert
17:00 PRCascade (Everett)
14.12Ashley Carlson
17:07 PRCascade (Everett)
15.12Sarah Todd
17:10 PRHenry Jackson
16.10Anna Golebiewski
17:12 PRHenry Jackson
17.9Alegra Batara
17:12 PRShorecrest
19.10Winter Baumgartner
17:50 PRHenry Jackson
20.10Bianca Dang
17:53 PRShorecrest
21.11Mallory Ragsdale
17:59 PRHenry Jackson
22.10Jaidacyn Madrigal
18:06 PRCascade (Everett)
23.9Abigail Knowles
18:10 PRShorecrest
24.10Vivi Wu
18:14 PRShorecrest
25.11Emily Kapus
18:15 PREverett
26.11Natalie Johnson
18:21 PRHenry Jackson
27.11Christel Schaefers
18:35 PRCascade (Everett)
28.9Katie Rawlins
18:41 PRHenry Jackson
29.9Tiffany Palomino
18:42 PRShorecrest
30.10Kamryn Laurence
18:43 PRHenry Jackson
31.11Rebekah Denning
19:01 PRHenry Jackson
32.11Jessica Chann
19:03 PRHenry Jackson
33.10Micaela Frick
19:07 PRHenry Jackson
34.11Nicole Loehr
19:19 PRCascade (Everett)
35.10Keira Hansen
19:30 PRShorecrest
36.11Emily Tasaka
19:31 PRHenry Jackson
37.9Lauren Gano
19:32 PRHenry Jackson
38.11Tian Westland
19:41 PRHenry Jackson
39.11Macy Matheson
19:48 PRHenry Jackson
40.12Becky Hirsch
19:53 PRShorecrest
41.12Alyssa Jilk
19:57 PRCascade (Everett)
42.9Kate Stiger
19:57 PRCascade (Everett)
43.11Theresa Grossman
20:26 PRCascade (Everett)
44.10Sophie Ziliak
20:29 PRShorecrest
45.10Maggie Hoffman
20:54 PRHenry Jackson
46.10Monica Weber
21:37 PRHenry Jackson
47.10Ivanna DeAnda
21:37 PRHenry Jackson
48.10Isabella Anaya
21:40 PRHenry Jackson
49.10Julia Christie
21:47 PRHenry Jackson
50.9Emily Heng
22:10 PRHenry Jackson
51.10Katherine Hendrick...
22:18 PRHenry Jackson
52.10Jessica Todd
22:31 PRHenry Jackson
53.10Kalei Elliot
22:43 PRHenry Jackson
54.11April Jacobs
24:26 PRHenry Jackson
55.10Colby Weber
24:33 PRHenry Jackson
56.-Saara Abdalkhani
25:49 PRHenry Jackson
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