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Mens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School4:05 PM
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School3:45 PM

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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)44
2.Bush (Seattle)80
4.Seattle Academy129
6.Bellevue Christian154
7.St. Thomas155
8.University Prep164
9.Bear Creek187
1.8Jared Donnel
8:29.01 PRBellevue Christian
2.7Mo Swedlow
8:41.77 PRNorthwest
3.8Tyler Strafford
8:42.09 PROverlake
4.7Cooper Kroll
8:44.61 PRUniversity Prep
5.7Brian Fox
8:45.95 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
6.8Christian Hanson
8:52.3 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
7.8Jujaar Singh
8:55.27 PRBush (Seattle)
8.8Grant Gorc
8:59.16 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
9.7Luke Lampe
9:00.26 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
10.8Chase Habu-Chinn
9:02.5 PRBush (Seattle)
11.8William Dumas
9:08.38 PRBush (Seattle)
12.8Jesse Walling
9:10.17 PRSeattle Academy
13.7Alex Finan
9:10.88 SRBear Creek
14.7Mosey Brown
9:19.83 SRNorthwest
15.8Andrew Hogan
9:20.51Seattle Academy
16.8Justin Mortensen
9:21.49 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
17.8Kevin Tinker
9:23 PRSeattle Academy
18.6Emil Caplow
9:23.82 SRBush (Seattle)
19.8Louie Zagula
9:30.75 PRNorthwest
20.8Wayan Christoffersen
9:33.42 PRSt. Thomas
21.7Kristian Balassanian
9:34.14 PRSt. Thomas
22.8Justin Buckley
9:36.98 PRBear Creek
23.7Roan Chadsey
9:38.37 PRNorthwest
24.7Sebastian Alfonso
9:47.76 SRSt. Thomas
25.8Morgan Sharp
9:48.82 PRNorthwest
26.7Nikhil Harikrishnan
9:49.41 SROverlake
27.7Toby Sinclair
9:52.74 SROverlake
28.8Kellen Fairfield
9:55.55 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
29.8Caleb Sherman
10:01.88 PRUniversity Prep
30.7Zach Suchting
10:02.82 PRBellevue Christian
31.6Abe Wilson
10:07.65 SRNorthwest
32.7Trent Mortensen
10:09.64 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
33.7Sam Zivin
10:11.85 SRSeattle Academy
34.6Deven Goel
10:13.37 PRBush (Seattle)
35.7Oscar Zorn
10:15.44 PRUniversity Prep
36.7Fletcher Levy
10:19.11 PRBush (Seattle)
37.7Christopher Murray
10:23.5 PRBellevue Christian
38.6Ben Kopstein
10:27.57 PRBush (Seattle)
39.8Josh Polley
10:28.33 PRBellevue Christian
40.8Westley Ward
10:29.66 PRBear Creek
41.6Evan Oakes
10:34.91 SRNorthwest
42.6Maxwell Chow
10:41.76 PRBush (Seattle)
43.7Hadley Putnam
10:42.38 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
44.6Braedan Kearney
10:44.42 PRSt. Thomas
45.6Nathan Brandes
10:45.58 PROverlake
46.6Jack Baron
10:46.89 SROverlake
47.7Kalil Alobaidi
10:47.9 PRUniversity Prep
48.6Dylan Moore
10:50.82 PRBush (Seattle)
49.8Usman Moazzam
10:55.67 PROverlake
50.7Conor Delamarter
11:01.64 PRBellevue Christian
51.6Willi Vipond
11:08.9 PRSt. Thomas
52.6Spencer Lee
11:12.53 PROverlake
53.6Marcus Dawson
11:13.07 PRSt. Thomas
54.8Jonah Haseley
11:14.53 PRNorthwest
55.6Doran Cao
11:15.42 SRUniversity Prep
56.7Michael Simpson
57.8Miles Bellamy
11:21.15 PRSeattle Academy
58.7Charlie Hill
11:22.49 PROverlake
59.7Victor Alhadeff
11:23.17 PROverlake
60.7Aidan Sullivan
11:23.92 PROverlake
61.6Abbott Phinney
11:24.75 SRNorthwest
62.8Jeremy Weiss
11:25.15 PROverlake
63.7Giancario Fimmano
11:36.28 SRBush (Seattle)
64.6David Sherrer
11:44.33Bear Creek
65.7Griffin Almquist
11:46.58 PRUniversity Prep
66.7Axel Hejlsberg
11:47.69 SRSeattle Academy
67.7Evin Jaff
11:56.35 SRSeattle Academy
68.6Yoni Rosenbloom
11:57.76 PROverlake
69.8Levi Homman
12:00.66 SRUniversity Prep
70.8Truman Oakes
12:00.92 PRBellevue Christian
71.8Hayden Bushfield
12:05.28 PRUniversity Prep
72.6Gabe Owens
12:12.64 SRNorthwest
73.7George Merrifield
12:18.23 SRUniversity Prep
74.6Kemji Ledford
12:21.41 SRNorthwest
75.7Sam Boelitz
12:22.36 PRBear Creek
76.8Aidan Patrick
12:34.75 PRSeattle Academy
77.6Jonathan Masters
12:36.41 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
78.6Sam Litton
12:38.04University Prep
79.7Matt Torrey
12:39.89 SRNorthwest
80.8Wonrae Kim
12:45.67 PRUniversity Prep
81.6Adam Goodman
12:46.69 PROverlake
82.7Kunal Prasad
12:47.19 PROverlake
83.6Ethan Fowler
13:14.37 SRSt. Thomas
84.7Asher Stein
13:19.3 PRSeattle Academy
85.8Nathan Smith
13:28.66Bellevue Christian
86.7David Tomhave-Alexie
13:31.85 PRNorthwest
87.8Jack Domeika
88.6Sam Harris
14:01.13 PROverlake
89.7Vivek Parthasarathy
14:11.17 PROverlake
90.7Diego Santiago
14:25.55 PRNorthwest
91.7Thomas Nielsen
15:08.16University Prep
92.7Jonathan Zhu
15:24.02Bellevue Christian
93.6Ricky Beaufrand
15:43.19 PRUniversity Prep
94.7Adam Loeb
15:47.94 SRSeattle Academy
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School

Official Team Scores

3.Bellevue Christian77
4.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)79
1.8Kathleen Crosby
9:02.49 PRBellevue Christian
2.8Aliya Schenck
9:18.98 PRSeattle Academy
3.7Grace Patterson
9:19.6 PRNorthwest
4.7Jaquelin Nordhoff
9:20.49 PROverlake
5.7Keely Likosky
9:24.49 PROverlake
6.8Isa Meyers
9:30.25 PRNorthwest
7.8Adele Matter
9:41.21 PRNorthwest
8.7Macenna Hansen
9:42.39 PRNorthwest
9.7Kayla Ngai
9:52.88 PROverlake
10.8Faith Kipnis
9:57.7 SROverlake
11.7Ella Heipt
10:08.98 SRNorthwest
12.6Joanna Peng
10:10.12 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
13.8Lynnea Colledge
10:11.48 PRSt. Thomas
14.6Sarah Sitzmann
10:16.4 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
15.8Sophia Chaffey
10:19.58 PRBellevue Christian
16.6Zoe Rasmussen
10:52.08 SRUniversity Prep
17.8Megan Williams
10:54.1 SRNorthwest
18.8Kayli Ulrich
10:55.2 PRBellevue Christian
19.6Eve Smith
10:56.26 PRNorthwest
20.6Jenae McInnes
11:01.39 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
21.6Hannah McConnell
11:16.25 SRSeattle Academy
22.6Greta Herrington
11:17.52 SRNorthwest
23.8Kelsea Johnston
11:21.71 PRNorthwest
24.7Camryn Karis-Scony...
11:28.08 SRNorthwest
25.8Rachelle Foley
11:29.21 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
26.8Josie Ballew
27.6Lavinia Dunagan
11:39.22 PROverlake
28.8Grethe Steensgard
11:44.55 PRSt. Thomas
29.8Jessica Calvin
11:46.4 PRSt. Thomas
30.8Sally Jong
11:47.92 PRBear Creek
31.6Silvia Nica
11:49.11 PROverlake
32.8Grace Jones
11:52.29 SRNorthwest
33.6Trinity Hunter
12:02.17 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
34.8Hannah Praino
12:02.5 PRBellevue Christian
35.6Haley Burgess-Alm
12:03.1 SRNorthwest
36.6Sasha Balaski
12:04.71 SRNorthwest
37.8Lilly Cameron
12:12.05 SRNorthwest
38.6Sophie Pothering
12:19.05 PROverlake
39.6Bre Gipson
12:32.4Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
40.7Sienna Cysewski
12:38.82 PRBear Creek
41.6Michelle Rubin
13:04.61 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
42.7Noelle Kramer
13:27.42 PRBear Creek
43.6Maggie Needham
13:32.48 SROverlake
44.7Zoe Tokheim
13:40.91 SRNorthwest
45.7Amelia Carnell
46.7Ximena Perez Rivero
13:44.66 PRUniversity Prep
47.6Emma Reid
13:47.22 PRNorthwest
48.8Liah Tian
13:47.94 PRBellevue Christian
49.7Olivia Kurofsky
13:48.95 SRNorthwest
50.6Chloe Chow
14:00.24 PRNorthwest
51.6Julia Welton
14:05.25 SRSeattle Academy
52.6Shri Iyengar
14:05.54 SROverlake
53.7Taraneh Sadritabrizi
14:27.66 SRNorthwest
54.6Tess Christian
55.6Ava Flum
14:59.29 PRNorthwest
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