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Mens Races
2,500 Meters Middle School3:45 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:40 PM
Womens Races
2,500 Meters Middle School3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

Womens Results

2,500 Meters Middle School

1.7Hope Uskoski
10:28Soda Springs
3.8Jaycee Young
10:55Soda Springs
4.6Dani Smith
11:04Soda Springs
10.6Sadie Gronning
11:35Soda Springs
12.6Alexa Horsley
11:42Soda Springs
14.6Hayley Naef
11:58Soda Springs
15.6Rebecca Lau
11:59Soda Springs
16.6Morgan Wood
12:10Soda Springs
21.6Abigail Clegg
12:24Soda Springs
22.7Alyssa Farnes
12:24Soda Springs
23.6Bayli Hayes
12:28Soda Springs
24.6Brinley Unsworth
12:30 PRSoda Springs
41.6Jorianne Balls
14:22Soda Springs
54.6Cedar Hopkins
15:52Soda Springs
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Kelsey Yamauchi
19:24Soda Springs
2.12Jennifer Nielsen
19:28 PRSoda Springs
4.12Hailey Call
19:36 PRSoda Springs
5.11Genny Joe McCullough
20:08 PRSoda Springs
7.9Alexa White
20:34Soda Springs
9.11Kadee Jo Simmons
20:41 SRSoda Springs
10.12Jamie Nielsen
20:49Soda Springs
15.11Chelsey Rasmussen
21:05 SRSoda Springs
20.12Anndee Neuman
22:16Soda Springs
27.9Kiersten Rasmussen
22:41 PRSoda Springs
30.10Kendra Froehlich
22:48Soda Springs
34.12Hannah Farnes
23:10Soda Springs
35.9Kali Petersen
23:16Soda Springs
43.12Dakota Siepert
24:17 SRSoda Springs
12Alyssa Nielsen
24:19.13 SRWest Side
9Kelsey Moyle
24:49.38West Side
12Whitney Cox
24:53.05 SRWest Side
51.9MaryAnne Barker
25:22Soda Springs
52.9Madison Smith
25:33 SRSoda Springs
11Jaide Wolfley
25:42.51West Side
10McKenzie Koller
25:57.54West Side
58.9Naomi Young
26:06 SRSoda Springs
9Anna Housley
26:10.77 SRWest Side
12Millie Geddis
26:49.30West Side
10Maren Waite
26:50.95 SRWest Side
10Savannah Frankman
26:59.71 SRWest Side
9Gailsey Geddes
27:21.78 SRWest Side
12Kelsi Chugg
27:22.61 PRWest Side
10Chelese Jensen
28:35.93 SRWest Side
10Jancy Buttars
28:47.53 SRWest Side
10Lisa Buerger
33:12 PRWest Side
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