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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Georgia Military Greene39
2.Jenkins County76
5.Montgomery County166
6.Towns County167
7.Gordon Lee193
12.Telfair County271
13.Echols County282
14.Schley County349
15.Irwin County418

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Dylan Smith
17:39.14Gordon Lee
2.12Will Archer
17:48.19Georgia Military Gre...
3.12Mark Brannen
17:49.80Jenkins County
4.11Tom Drew
18:54.81 SRGeorgia Military Gre...
5.12Nahum Mendoza
6.12Dominik Lageder
19:07.20 PRCommerce
7.10Ethan Spires
19:09.76 SRGeorgia Military Gre...
8.9Chase Sheffield
19:18.53 PRGeorgia Military Gre...
9.9Tyler Grimsley
19:19.41 SRTowns County
10.11Alex Dillard
11.9Dustin Reynolds
19:26.86 SRSeminole
12.10Israel Sanchez
19:27.17Montgomery County
13.10Dylan Bostick
19:28.25 SRBaconton
14.11Robert Grooms
19:45.00 PRRandolph-Clay
15.12Juan Gonzalez
19:45.22Montgomery County
16.10Mark Myers
19:49.47Jenkins County
17.12Trentin Drayton
19:54.23Jenkins County
18.11Hayden Bailey
19:57.54Lincoln County
19.9Zach Spiler
20:05.54 PRGeorgia Military Gre...
20.11Austin Wagner
20:09.65Jenkins County
21.11Jose Rodriguez
22.11Tyler Wagner
20:16.58Jenkins County
23.10Ben Anderson
24.12Jr., Marlon Sapp
20:26.98Jenkins County
25.10Jacob Knight
20:31.20 PRTelfair County
26.10Keon Ruffin
20:32.11Jenkins County
27.11Samuel Cornwell
20:32.65 SRBaconton
28.12Dylan Fennell
20:38.12Montgomery County
29.9Justin Collins
20:44.98 SRGordon Lee
30.10Sebastian Dykes
20:48.89 SRBaconton
31.12Logan Kelleher
20:51.55 SRGeorgia Military Gre...
32.9Marshall Ledford
20:55.33 SRTowns County
33.11Seth Anderson
34.10Thomas Mitchell
21:23.29Towns County
35.11Parker Moon
21:28.33 SRCommerce
36.9Andrew Weimer
21:28.96 PRGeorgia Military Gre...
37.12Levi Carr
21:42.08 SRHawkinsville
38.10Prince Buggs
21:44.13 SRSeminole
39.11Johnathan Fender
21:45.21 SREchols County
40.12Dalton Sparks
21:45.79 SRClaxton
41.10Mitchell Carey
21:48.08 PRTelfair County
42.12Ceasar Bustamante
21:56.04 PRTowns County
43.9Cody Woodall
22:00.73 PRSchley County
44.11Juan Tenoria
22:03.89Echols County
45.11Karamell Edwards
22:09.07 PRRandolph-Clay
46.12Ronnie Thomas
47.9Hunter Selph
22:16.77 PRTelfair County
48.10Michael Patton
22:18.89 PRCommerce
49.12Hunter Holland
22:24.78 SRHawkinsville
50.9Alonzo Lugo
22:24.97Montgomery County
51.11Trevor Whitehead
22:30.39 SRHawkinsville
52.11Luis Zermeno
22:32.95 PRTerrell County
53.11Dakota Genter
22:38.60Gordon Lee
54.11Carlos Delgado
22:40.14Echols County
55.10Austin Waston
22:40.93 PRTowns County
56.9Radarian Moore
22:43.13 PRSeminole
57.10Chaiz Davenport
22:44.76 PRTowns County
58.11Sam Walker
22:46.19 SRGordon Lee
59.9Zach Murdock
22:47.25Gordon Lee
60.9Aerion Littles
61.12Jose Miranda
62.11Blake Murrah
23:04.04 PRSchley County
63.11Bhrath Sharma
23:13.71 PRRandolph-Clay
64.9Antonio Brown
23:15.89 PRBaconton
65.9Aaron Ramirez
23:18.42Montgomery County
66.9Caleb Woodall
23:20.63 PRSchley County
67.12Esequiel Reyes
23:24.07 PRHawkinsville
68.10Hank Chambers
23:24.17 PRTowns County
69.11Emilio Mendoza
23:24.56Echols County
70.9Hunter Page
23:37.14 PRTelfair County
71.12Bradley Harris
23:46.77 PRSeminole
72.12Orlando Gonzalez
73.11Quailan Jones
23:59.86 PRRandolph-Clay
74.10Tyrus Davis
24:01.62 PRHawkinsville
75.9Jax Johnson
24:04.07 SRGordon Lee
76.9Austin Redding
24:05.31 SRBaconton
77.10Brett Cross
24:07.41 SRHawkinsville
78.10Devan Wimberly
24:13.34 SRBaconton
79.11Grant Hudson
24:22.99 PRIrwin County
80.9Michael Griffin
24:25.24 SRIrwin County
81.11Hunter Williams
24:31.05 SRHawkinsville
82.11Joseph Carter
25:05.65 PRRandolph-Clay
83.11Daniel Smith
25:16.53 SRIrwin County
84.9Crescencio Sanchez
25:23.60 PREchols County
85.9Clayton Howell
25:35.18 SRBaconton
86.10Cole Snider
25:49.96Gordon Lee
87.10Roverto Delgado
25:50.06 PREchols County
88.9Bradley Riley
25:52.06 SRSeminole
89.9Travis Osburn
26:34.92 PRSchley County
90.9Quantavious Howard
26:43.92 PRRandolph-Clay
91.10Jacob Porter
26:46.53 PRSeminole
92.11Colin Vickers
26:47.91 PRIrwin County
93.11Roddrick Murphy
26:53.94 SRSeminole
94.11Wyatt Leverett
28:13.09 PRIrwin County
95.11Darrian Harrison
28:28.83 PRTelfair County
96.11Kyle Vliet
97.9Ryan Macauthur
28:36.68 PRRandolph-Clay
98.10Jacob Brunson
29:19.56 PRSchley County
99.9Collin Weeks
29:43.83 PRTelfair County
100.9Miguel Morales
32:05.82Montgomery County
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Towns County60
6.Johnson County170
8.Marion County185
9.Gordon Lee194
10.Montgomery County230
11.Jenkins County236

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Sarah Meadows
22:46.44 PRGordon Lee
2.12Ansley Vardeman
23:21.77Towns County
3.12Caitlin Sheffield
23:51.79 SRTowns County
4.11Britian Rogers
24:23.07 SRHawkinsville
5.10Brooke Landry
6.12Crystal Lee
7.10Jenna Chance
8.10Elizabeth Richards
24:41.96 SRJohnson County
9.12Cameron Hawkins
24:43.38 PRCommerce
10.10Akyn Trudnak
24:45.24 PRCommerce
11.10Shanterria Tilman
25:04.27Johnson County
12.9Madison Rodriguez
25:13.94 SRCommerce
13.9Melissa Reyes
25:27.90 SRHawkinsville
14.12Nikki Hullender
25:33.97Montgomery County
15.10Lavonia Dixon
25:46.15 SRMarion County
16.11Alana Calhoun
25:50.09 SRTowns County
17.11Rebecca Dixon
25:51.21 SRMarion County
18.12Taylor Vardeman
25:52.04 SRTowns County
19.12Kaitlyn Keith
25:53.73 SRTrion
20.10Madison Parker
26:05.31Johnson County
21.10Samantha Quijada
26:11.45 PRTowns County
22.9Kenzi Jenkins
26:12.59 PRTowns County
23.12Erica Madison
24.12Haley Kicklighter
25.10Olivia Daniell
26:22.67 SRHawkinsville
26.12Hannah Crumley
26:26.64 PRCommerce
27.12Jennifer McCannon
28.10Lilly Ramirez-Sauc...
29.9Amelia Cornwell
26:32.00 PRBaconton
30.9Stephanie Escobar
26:32.28 PRBaconton
31.10Dakota Neumans
27:05.62 PRIrwin County
32.11Christianna Drayton
27:23.72Jenkins County
33.9Kimberly Wenzel
27:26.48 SRBaconton
34.11Rachel Deloach
35.10Ramona Berry
36.10Julianna Putman
27:37.86 PRGordon Lee
37.10Alyssa Brannen
27:46.24Jenkins County
38.12Lissi Carr
27:55.69 PRHawkinsville
39.11Sarah Dixon
27:56.56 PRMarion County
40.11Tori Chambers
27:59.16 SRHawkinsville
41.9Nicole Presley
28:05.19 SRBaconton
42.12Julia Garcia
28:19.29Montgomery County
43.11Laura Hill
44.11Alena Smith
28:25.61 PRHawkinsville
45.9Emily Carter
28:30.79 PRBaconton
46.10Sarah Roberson
28:31.65 PRHawkinsville
47.9Kendell Moon
28:33.46 SRCommerce
48.9Lennon Lowery
28:37.24 PRGordon Lee
49.12Samantha Mitchell
28:53.80 PRMarion County
50.12Dixie Richards
28:53.89Montgomery County
51.11Daisy Melvin
52.12Beth Anne Turpin
29:13.09 PRTrion
53.10Jessica Stephens
29:16.11Gordon Lee
54.10Alana Johnson
29:20.09Jenkins County
55.10Ally Settles
29:20.75 PRTowns County
56.10Tatiana Pellerano
29:40.08Jenkins County
57.12Angela Wenzel
29:46.10 SRBaconton
58.10Scarlet Prince
29:56.96 SRTrion
59.12Mariah Watkins
30:23.31 SRBaconton
60.10Kasie Duncan
30:32.78 PRGordon Lee
61.12Hannah Beecher
30:47.34Montgomery County
62.10Tamisha Wilson
30:53.43 SRSeminole
63.11McKayla Shuman
30:57.18 SRJenkins County
64.11Stephanie Esquivel
65.11Hannah Fulghum
32:07.31Johnson County
66.10Alexus Oliver
32:58.80 SRJenkins County
67.10Joyce Montes
33:03.60 SRCommerce
68.10Kenyotta Wilson
33:20.91 SRSeminole
69.10Dejah Martin
33:22.77 SRSeminole
70.10Cheyenne Reeves
34:00.54Montgomery County
71.9Nelson Madison
34:01.02 PRMarion County
72.10Jasmine Waters
34:23.99Johnson County
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