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2.6 Mile Varsity

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Mens Results

2.6 Mile Varsity

1.11Aaron Roe
13:50 PRHenry Jackson
2.12Jadon Olson
13:54 PRHenry Jackson
3.11Seth Villanueva
14:18 PRKamiak
4.12Tristan Taylor
14:19 PRHenry Jackson
5.12Keagan Smith
14:20 PRGlacier Peak
6.12Zach Bush
14:21 PRLake Stevens
7.11James Horne
14:27 PRGlacier Peak
8.11Isaac Ripley
14:28 PRGlacier Peak
9.12Zach Smith
14:30 PRGlacier Peak
10.10Garren Arnold
14:32 PRGlacier Peak
11.11Brandon Yee
14:38 PRHenry Jackson
14.9Cullen McEachern
14:41 PRKamiak
16.10Sawyer Carter
14:43 PRGlacier Peak
17.10Efren Chavez
14:44 PRHenry Jackson
18.12Ben Halladay
14:47 PRKamiak
19.11Jeffrey Gill
14:48 PRGlacier Peak
20.11Jack Thompson
14:57 PRHenry Jackson
21.10Nathanael Ramos
14:58 PRHenry Jackson
22.10Skyler Bradford
14:59 PRKamiak
25.11Roger Klaaskate
15:04 SRKamiak
26.12Andrew Thomas
15:05 PRGlacier Peak
27.12Duncan Bartok
15:07 PRHenry Jackson
28.11James Henry
15:08 PRHenry Jackson
29.12Jerry Behrens
15:10 PRKamiak
30.12Connor Willgress
15:10 PRHenry Jackson
31.9Chris Bianchini
15:11 SRGlacier Peak
32.11Bo Gould
15:11 PRKamiak
34.10Alex Haupt
15:13 PRHenry Jackson
35.12Nathaniel Davis
15:17 PRKamiak
36.12Jeff Pratt
15:20 PRGlacier Peak
37.12Alex Mckennon
15:24 PRKamiak
39.12Chris Moreton
15:33 PRKamiak
40.11Danny Scott
15:37 PRHenry Jackson
41.9Matthew Watkins
15:50 PRHenry Jackson
42.12Steven Ainsworth
15:56 PRHenry Jackson
12.11Isaiah Britt
14:39Lake Stevens
13.9Noah Wallace
14:40Lake Stevens
15.12David Castillo
14:42Lake Stevens
23.10Cortlend Novak
15:00Lake Stevens
24.11Chase Reid
15:03Lake Stevens
33.9Trevor Allen
15:12Lake Stevens
38.12Duncan Mattingly
15:28Lake Stevens
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2.6 Mile Junior Varsity

1.12Alex Bergdorf
15:33 PRGlacier Peak
2.9Nick Stringer
15:34 SRGlacier Peak
3.10Hobb Kimmerling
15:41 SRKamiak
4.12Michael Wanner
15:47 PRKamiak
5.12Blake Forkey
15:53 PRGlacier Peak
6.9Adam Alayli
15:54 SRKamiak
7.11Jared Olsen
15:59 PRLake Stevens
8.10Nick Feingold
16:02 PRHenry Jackson
9.9Elliott Cho
16:04 PRHenry Jackson
10.10Mats Haneberg
16:08 PRGlacier Peak
11.10Jeff Lozensky
16:14 SRLake Stevens
12.9David Joo
16:20 PRLake Stevens
13.9Logan Wentland
16:22 SRKamiak
14.10Matt Owen
16:26 PRLake Stevens
15.11Evan Smith
16:27 PRHenry Jackson
16.10Nic Harrison
16:32 SRKamiak
17.12Jake Crenshaw
16:35 PRHenry Jackson
18.10Tanner Osborn
16:37 PRHenry Jackson
19.11Curran MacMillan
16:48 PRGlacier Peak
20.12Blake Pintler
16:50 PRKamiak
23.9Jack Nemiroff
16:56 PRHenry Jackson
22.9Jack Ellis
16:59 PRHenry Jackson
25.9JD Henry
17:10 PRHenry Jackson
26.11Austin Haynes
17:11 SRLake Stevens
27.9Casey Rothgeb
17:12 PRLake Stevens
28.10Taylor Berrian
17:13 PRHenry Jackson
29.11Neil Dittmann
17:17 PRGlacier Peak
30.-Corey Carlson
17:17 PRLake Stevens
31.10Sam Cha
17:17 PRKamiak
32.9Ruben Aguero
17:20 PRLake Stevens
33.10Ben Drajeske
17:21 PRHenry Jackson
34.11Justin Barnett
17:22 SRKamiak
35.10Riley Townsend
17:27 PRGlacier Peak
37.11Mateo Rodriguez
17:36 PRLake Stevens
38.11Tyler Headland
17:40 PRLake Stevens
39.10John Watkins
17:44 PRHenry Jackson
40.9Ethan Hammond
17:49 PRHenry Jackson
41.10Brian Oyony
17:57 PRKamiak
42.9Christian Kim
17:57 PRHenry Jackson
43.9Frank Cui
17:57 PRHenry Jackson
44.10Austin Pischer
17:58 PRHenry Jackson
45.11Mark Olivares
17:59 PRHenry Jackson
46.9Trenton Gray
18:02 PRLake Stevens
47.9Dakota Reinke
18:04 PRLake Stevens
48.12Paul Moon
18:06 PRHenry Jackson
49.10Max Hughes
18:07 PRLake Stevens
51.11Yuepon Fan-Hernandez
18:09 PRHenry Jackson
52.10Ethan Harrington
18:11 PRHenry Jackson
53.11Spencer Fosse
18:16 SRLake Stevens
54.10Ian Fahning
18:18 PRKamiak
55.11James G Kim
18:29 PRKamiak
56.9Dameon Micallef
18:29 PRLake Stevens
57.10Sean Kearney
18:29 PRHenry Jackson
58.9Martin Smith
18:38 PRHenry Jackson
59.10Daniel Nguyen
18:38 PRHenry Jackson
60.9Ethan Lee
18:38 PRHenry Jackson
61.9Ian Salvisberg
18:38 PRLake Stevens
62.10Brandon Kent
18:38 PRHenry Jackson
63.10Sam Miller
18:39 PRLake Stevens
64.11Andre Nguyen
18:46 PRKamiak
65.11Oliver Gano
19:12 PRHenry Jackson
66.9Riley Kent
19:13 PRHenry Jackson
68.9Andrew Royle-Barouh
19:20 PRKamiak
70.11James S Kim
19:56 PRKamiak
71.10Angelo Timbol
20:03 PRHenry Jackson
72.9Trenton Aiello
20:04 PRHenry Jackson
73.9Griffin Judd
20:05 PRHenry Jackson
74.10Jared Rodriguez
20:06 PRHenry Jackson
75.10Kyler Gorski
20:13 PRHenry Jackson
76.10Kennan Sykes
22:01 PRLake Stevens
77.12Jordan Bennett
23:39 PRLake Stevens
78.10Miguel Carroll
23:49 PRHenry Jackson
79.10Nathan Choi
26:25 SRKamiak
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Womens Results

2.6 Mile Varsity

1.11Brooke Kingma
16:34 PRHenry Jackson
57.12Jessica Rawlins
16:43 PRHenry Jackson
3.9Heidi Smith
16:47 SRGlacier Peak
4.12Mary Charleson
16:48 PRHenry Jackson
5.12Samantha Northrop
17:02 PRGlacier Peak
6.10Emily Hylland
17:09 PRHenry Jackson
7.9Natalie Church
17:23 SRGlacier Peak
8.11Katherine Dittmann
17:26 PRGlacier Peak
9.11Haley Longstreth
17:27 PRGlacier Peak
10.12Megan Davis
17:40 PRGlacier Peak
11.12Alaina Lenway
17:54 PRGlacier Peak
12.10Dandelion Kinison
18:02 PRLake Stevens
13.12Mikayla Ingram
18:05 PRGlacier Peak
14.10Charlie Sevenants
18:12 PRGlacier Peak
15.11Tiana Roe
18:15 SRKamiak
16.9Erin Boyle
18:19 SRGlacier Peak
17.12Anna Pischer
18:21 PRHenry Jackson
18.9Rachel Schackman
18:25 PRLake Stevens
19.12Brittney Friend
18:28 PRKamiak
20.12Maddie Ellis
18:30 PRHenry Jackson
21.10Emma Horn
18:30 PRLake Stevens
22.10Maiti Hunter
18:32 PRGlacier Peak
23.9Katie Gaffney
18:38 PRGlacier Peak
24.9Chloe Morrison
18:42 PRKamiak
25.12Sarah Todd
18:44 PRHenry Jackson
26.12Lacey Main
18:50 SRLake Stevens
27.9Cole Gross
18:50 PRHenry Jackson
28.11Theresa Gipson
18:52 SRLake Stevens
29.11Rachael Renkens
19:05 PRGlacier Peak
30.9Emily Haegeland
19:15 PRLake Stevens
31.11Neele Thom
19:19 PRGlacier Peak
32.11Sierra Schulte
19:20 PRLake Stevens
33.11Anna Green
19:23 SRLake Stevens
34.11Jamie Santos
19:25 PRLake Stevens
35.9Emily Townsend
19:27 SRGlacier Peak
36.11Emily Foster
19:44 PRLake Stevens
37.9Kennedy Long
19:47 PRLake Stevens
38.9Dariya Yavorska
19:54 PRHenry Jackson
39.10Anna Golebiewski
19:57 PRHenry Jackson
40.11Courtney Klein
20:02 PRLake Stevens
41.9Cassie Jennings
20:06 PRLake Stevens
42.10Annika Engbloom
20:08 SRKamiak
43.10Micaela Frick
20:17 PRHenry Jackson
44.10Katie Smith
20:17 SRKamiak
45.11Bostynn Barnes
20:22 PRLake Stevens
46.12Mia Cotero
20:44 PRHenry Jackson
47.10Winter Baumgartner
20:47 PRHenry Jackson
48.11Mallory Ragsdale
20:49 PRHenry Jackson
49.11Jessica Chann
21:00 PRHenry Jackson
50.11Nina Kim
21:00 PRGlacier Peak
51.10Shione Borgal
21:12 PRHenry Jackson
52.10Carmen Schuster
21:13 SRKamiak
53.10Donella Lalas
21:18 SRKamiak
54.10Kamryn Laurence
21:19 PRHenry Jackson
55.11Emily Tasaka
21:32 PRHenry Jackson
56.11Natalie Johnson
21:34 PRHenry Jackson
2.9Katie Rawlins
21:35 PRHenry Jackson
58.9Lauren Gano
21:44 PRHenry Jackson
60.11Rebekah Denning
21:55 PRHenry Jackson
61.10Amanda Crockett
21:55 PRHenry Jackson
62.12Karen Call
22:08 PRLake Stevens
63.10Gabbi Tietze-Bowden
22:13 PRLake Stevens
68.12Katherine Baker
22:17 PRGlacier Peak
69.11Tian Westland
22:30 PRHenry Jackson
64.9Noelle Forkey
22:38 PRGlacier Peak
71.10Maggie Hoffman
22:40 PRHenry Jackson
72.10Ivanna DeAnda
22:43 PRHenry Jackson
65.11Macy Matheson
22:52 PRHenry Jackson
66.10Devonna Abilo
22:55 PRKamiak
67.9Kristene Thomas
22:58 PRLake Stevens
70.11Lillian Hanagan
23:31 PRLake Stevens
70.11Madeline Coiley
24:04 PRLake Stevens
75.10Katherine Hendrick...
24:33 PRHenry Jackson
77.9Emily Heng
25:10 PRHenry Jackson
78.10Jessica Todd
25:12 PRHenry Jackson
79.9Siara Donaldson
25:44 PRKamiak
79.10Angela Gorolyuk
25:55 PRGlacier Peak
81.10Kalei Elliot
27:38 PRHenry Jackson
82.11April Jacobs
31:02 PRHenry Jackson
83.-Saara Abdalkhani
31:03 PRHenry Jackson
84.10Colby Weber
32:52 PRHenry Jackson
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