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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity3:45 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity3:00 PM

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Foothills Christian
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Foothills Christian59
2.Classical Academy62
4.Guajome Park Acad73
5.Mountain Empire108
6.Calvary Christian (CV)133
1.12Mason Smith
17:18.86Mountain Empire
2.12Ben Beatty
3.11Wills Booth
4.10Robert Goff
18:40.74Classical Academy
5.10Jorge Gonzalez
18:42.46 SRGuajome Park Acad
6.10Rusten Kuritz
18:49.71Classical Academy
7.11Isaiah Tunnell
18:54.21 SRJulian
8.11Luke Grantham
19:05.43Foothills Christian
9.10Ryan Grantham
19:09.9Foothills Christian
10.11Hunter Enniss
19:10.07Foothills Christian
11.12Shane Olch
19:29.61Foothills Christian
12.10Fitzgerald Illingw...
19:32.55Calvary Christian (CV)
13.10David Mitchell
19:33.24Guajome Park Acad
14.12RJ Palmero
19:53.18 PRGuajome Park Acad
15.11Jason Bru
19:58.33Classical Academy
16.12Jacoby St. Claire
20:04.54Mountain Empire
17.9Anthony Anno
20:20.65Guajome Park Acad
18.10Erik Swanson
20:23.93Classical Academy
19.10Gian Cascos
20:24.99Classical Academy
20.9Harley Henderson
20:30.96 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
21.11Brian Babineau
20:31.8Foothills Christian
22.9Shane Duffy
23.11Brian White
20:39.05Classical Academy
24.10Brandon Freaner
20:43.74Guajome Park Acad
25.11Danny Waugh
20:47.14Foothills Christian
26.10Eli Wooten
20:52.18Foothills Christian
27.10Myles East
20:59.99 PRGuajome Park Acad
28.12Josh Lyda
21:03.83Guajome Park Acad
29.11Grattan Nickles
21:05.01Mountain Empire
30.9Thomas Ritz
21:34.02Victory Christian Ac...
31.9Caleb Strauch
21:45.46Mountain Empire
32.11Justin Christensen
21:59.21Foothills Christian
33.9David Martinez
22:00.61Calvary Christian (CV)
34.9Michael Ortega
22:02.86Mountain Empire
35.9Kristian Carter
22:14.68Guajome Park Acad
36.9Troy Miller
22:17.74Guajome Park Acad
37.10Juan Tapia
22:27.55Guajome Park Acad
38.11Tim Silos
22:34.43Guajome Park Acad
39.10Elias Gonzalez
23:04.8Calvary Christian (CV)
40.10Josue Merlo
23:06.54Foothills Christian
41.12Jeovani Morales
23:08.93Mountain Empire
42.9Cory Flack
43.10Adam Delgado
24:43.99Mountain Empire
44.12Marck Cervantes
24:56.24Guajome Park Acad
45.9Breton Vickers
25:59.36Guajome Park Acad
46.9Dustin Mann
26:20.1 PRGuajome Park Acad
47.12Marcos Rojas
27:45.18 SRMountain Empire
48.10Jose Carlos Ruiz
29:13.68 PRCalvary Christian (CV)
49.9Jacob Tychsen
29:43.18 SRFoothills Christian
50.12Corey Friudenberg
31:05.36Borrego Springs
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Classical Academy39
2.Guajome Park Acad46
3.Mountain Empire68
1.10Kyley Inman
21:01.43Mountain Empire
2.10Makiah Salzano
21:01.99Mountain Empire
3.10Emma Ferrell
21:28.78Guajome Park Acad
4.11Emily Shields
21:39.65Classical Academy
5.9Kacey Butrovich
21:44.46Foothills Christian
6.10Danielle Williams
21:51.8 SRGuajome Park Acad
7.12Sarah Linthicum
8.9Aranxa Martinez
22:47.71Calvary Christian (CV)
9.11Grace Agyan
22:49.99Classical Academy
10.10Isabella Hicks
23:35.99Classical Academy
11.9Grace Grettenberger
23:39.61Foothills Christian
12.10Alyssa Cascos
24:02.96Classical Academy
13.11Yulisma Martinez
24:03.9 PRGuajome Park Acad
14.10Amy Varvel
24:22.68Classical Academy
15.10Rebecca Pozos
24:52.8Guajome Park Acad
16.12Cecilia Munoz
17.11Citlayi Villasenor
25:04.49Classical Academy
18.9Greta Swanson
25:20.55Classical Academy
19.9Pauline Benson
25:51.9Guajome Park Acad
20.11Kalina White
25:52.21Guajome Park Acad
21.9Megan Oakes
26:10.24Classical Academy
22.11Debra Ramirez
26:40.36Guajome Park Acad
23.11Kelly Cowan
27:07.18Guajome Park Acad
24.12Kara Greenawald
27:14.33Calvary Christian (CV)
25.10Journey Smothers
26.12Taylor Perez
27:14.78Mountain Empire
27.10Alora Thresher
27:28.24Guajome Park Acad
28.10Alin Velazquez
27:37.61Guajome Park Acad
29.9Hannah Silos
28:08.49 SRGuajome Park Acad
30.11Riley Anderson
28:13.96Mountain Empire
31.10Stephany Pantoja
28:45.33Calvary Christian (CV)
32.10Livia Limon
33.10Isabella Copeland
34.10Yomaira Gutierrez
30:39.24Guajome Park Acad
35.12Kayla Wilkins
31:54.36Guajome Park Acad
36.12Carolyn Kravitz
34:21.84Mountain Empire
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