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Mens Races
2.75 Mile Varsity and JV4:40 PM
Womens Races
2.75 Mile Varsity and JV4:00 PM

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Mens Results

2.75 Mile Varsity and JV

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Official Team Scores

2.Cascade (Leavenworth)37

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Daniel Olmstead
15:05.5 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
2.10Jonathan Mangas
15:28 SRCashmere
3.10Daniel Tveten
15:43 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
4.11Dakota McFadden
15:45 PRCashmere
5.12Oliver Fernandez
15:50.9 SRCashmere
6.12Ricardo Naranjo
15:51 PRCashmere
7.10Cole Paton
16:06 PRCashmere
8.11Kendall Getchell
16:09 SRCashmere
9.10Eli Phillips
16:10 SRCashmere
10.10Nathan Wells
16:22 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
11.10Neil Flodin
16:28 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
12.12Brock Steele
16:36 PRCashmere
13.12Alan Rivas
16:37 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
14.9Corbin Pheasant
16:54 PRCashmere
15.11William Demarest
16:54.1 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
16.9Alexis Tovar
16:59 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
17.12Conner Badgley
17:01 PRCashmere
18.11Nathan Thompson
17:04 PRCashmere
19.11Cooper Green
17:10 PRCashmere
20.12Caleb Spiegel
17:11 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
21.9Tate Christensen
17:23 SRCashmere
22.11Jesse Jaspers
17:30 PRCashmere
23.9Joseph Blake
17:33 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
24.10Joseph Winters
17:48.8 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
25.11Garrett Hill
17:49 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
26.12Cameron Moser
18:01 PRCashmere
27.10Grant Keller
18:05 SRCashmere
28.12Omar Estrada
18:16 SRCashmere
29.10Spencer Flodin
18:45 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
30.10Austin Steele
19:08 PRCashmere
31.12Trevan Strean
19:21 PRCashmere
32.11Isaac Roberts
19:32 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
33.12Carson Hill
19:34 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
34.11David Higginbotham
19:43 PRCashmere
35.12Trey Michael
19:46 PRCashmere
36.11Keegan Townsend
19:50 PRCashmere
37.9Colby Pedersen
20:13 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
38.10Josh Wulfman
20:31 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
39.10Brennan Allen
20:33 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
40.12Garik Cowan
20:34 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
41.9Owen Massey
20:35 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
42.11Klev Peckham
21:10 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
43.11Brandon Hewitt
23:13 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
44.12Dakota Jones
23:35 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
45.10Sam Winters
24:00 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
46.9Sheldon Flick
25:24 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
47.9Ira Lassen
25:26 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
48.10Alex LaCombe
34:06 SRCascade (Leavenworth)
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