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Mens Races
3.05 Mile Varsity4:15 PM
3.05 Mile Junior Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
2.5 Mile Junior Varsity3:15 PM
2.5 Mile Varsity3:45 PM

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Mens Results

3.05 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.La Costa Canyon37
3.Rancho Buena Vista58
4.El Camino (Oceanside)100

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Steven Fahy
16:08.91 PRLa Costa Canyon
2.11Steven Terris
16:14.94 PRLa Costa Canyon
3.12Kevin Freeman
16:23.17 PRCarlsbad
4.11Nathan Williams
16:34.96 PRCarlsbad
5.12Sean Unger
16:36.14 PRCarlsbad
6.10Cory Vaughn
16:37.77 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
7.12Cody Drisko
16:39.39 PRCarlsbad
8.12Kyle Adams
16:42.10 PRRancho Buena Vista
9.11Eric Lawver
16:45.20 PRLa Costa Canyon
10.11Alex Merder
16:47.26 PRLa Costa Canyon
11.12Trey Wilder
16:47.68 PRRancho Buena Vista
12.11Andrew Brion
16:47.92 PRRancho Buena Vista
13.12Benjamin Aster
16:51.09 PRRancho Buena Vista
14.12Nick Versaci
16:53.61 PRRancho Buena Vista
15.12Fletcher McConnell
17:05.04 PRLa Costa Canyon
16.12Richard Murillo
17:19.45 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
17.12Fernando Lopez
17:21.39 PRVista
18.10Bryan Johnson
17:21.94 PRLa Costa Canyon
19.9Alexander Doyle
17:23.12 PRRancho Buena Vista
20.12Alec McBride
17:24.16 PRLa Costa Canyon
21.12Tristan Jay Bunch
17:31.32 PRCarlsbad
22.12Vincent Garcia
17:31.55 PRVista
23.12Jack Johnson
17:34.72 PRLa Costa Canyon
24.10Jarod Dias
17:35.08 PRVista
25.12Rene Hernandez
17:44.17 PRFallbrook
26.10Noah Johnson
17:44.40 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
27.11Jordan Nava
17:45.71 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
28.12Adam Hurtado
17:46.58 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
29.11Jack Conklin
17:48.55 PRCarlsbad
30.12David Groth
17:51.08 PRVista
31.11Ryan Little
17:53.58 PRCarlsbad
32.12Brenton Bender
17:53.94 PRLa Costa Canyon
33.10Ilias Arroyo
18:03.71 PRVista
34.11Elijah Roque
18:04.01 PRFallbrook
35.12Alejandro Contreras
18:05.94 PRFallbrook
36.12Adrian Mangoba
18:09.26 PRVista
37.11Marcus Owens
18:13.17 PRVista
38.12Joe Lopez
18:16.36 PRRancho Buena Vista
39.12Grant Allington
18:19.38 PRCarlsbad
40.11Jeff Vasquez
18:22.91 PRVista
41.9Chris Larson
18:23.69 PRFallbrook
42.10Narayan Christopher
18:23.89 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
43.12Donald Loveland
18:25.04 PRVista
44.12Jorge Maldonado
18:39.65 PRVista
45.10Joe Garcia
18:41.44 PRVista
46.11Andrew Dowey
18:48.36 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
47.12Tyler Ingel
18:53.23 PRLa Costa Canyon
48.12Jonathan Flynn
19:05.12 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
49.10Tanner Layton
50.10Chad Ruaburo
19:07.01El Camino (Oceanside)
51.12Kyle Veidt
19:18.91 PRCarlsbad
52.10Sam Comerford
19:20.19 PRFallbrook
53.11Roberto Valencia
19:25.61 PRFallbrook
54.12Zack Spanier
19:32.29 PRCarlsbad
55.12Dylan Cook
19:35.53 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
56.12Uriel Cervantes
19:43.94 PRRancho Buena Vista
57.10Tyler White
58.12Anthony Marroquin
19:47.35 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
59.11Matt Lakey
60.12Zachary Jones
20:11.90 PRCarlsbad
61.10Wade Leehey
20:15.54 PRFallbrook
62.12Ethan Patterson
20:28.39 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
63.10Juan Lopez
64.12Eddie Dickhoff
21:14.78 PRCarlsbad
65.12Marvin Martin
21:26.78 PRRancho Buena Vista
66.12Raul Castro
21:36.28 PRRancho Buena Vista
67.12Kyle Jones
21:49.44 PRFallbrook
68.12Jesus Sanchez
22:20.19 PRRancho Buena Vista
69.12Faustino Lopez
22:43.91 PRRancho Buena Vista
70.12Matt Devitt
23:39.48 PRRancho Buena Vista
71.12Chace Bower
23:45.69 PRRancho Buena Vista
72.12Michael Moncano
24:24.23 PRRancho Buena Vista
73.12Mason Scott
24:37.65 PRLa Costa Canyon
74.12Alex Scott
26:24.23 PRLa Costa Canyon
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3.05 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Rancho Buena Vista49
2.La Costa Canyon52
5.El Camino (Oceanside)102

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Joseph Bradley
17:56.56 PRRancho Buena Vista
2.11Jacob Voss
18:25.34Rancho Buena Vista
3.10Jacob Milnes
18:34.63Rancho Buena Vista
4.11Harper Moore
5.11Brandon Guzman
6.11Omar Onofre
7.10Joel Sandoval
18:52.29La Costa Canyon
8.9Everett Williams
9.11Wyatt Boyd
18:54.20 PRLa Costa Canyon
10.9Nelson Rader
18:54.58La Costa Canyon
11.11Jeff Makings
18:54.90 PRLa Costa Canyon
12.10Cory Large
13.10Avery Helgesen
19:01.33El Camino (Oceanside)
14.9Moses Crawford
19:20.05El Camino (Oceanside)
15.11Joshua Humpherys
19:23.84La Costa Canyon
16.11Gabe Retzer
17.10Jacob Casey
19:27.76 PRVista
18.11Ross Hamilton
19:28.83 PRLa Costa Canyon
19.11Jace Hansen
19:29.23 PRCarlsbad
20.11Joey Schiefer
19:34.15 PRLa Costa Canyon
21.10Jae Bae
19:34.59 PRRancho Buena Vista
22.11Madison Adams
19:37.23 PRLa Costa Canyon
23.9Tony Huerta
19:38.90Rancho Buena Vista
24.10Joshua Litwiller
19:40.75La Costa Canyon
25.10Josh Minnie
19:46.71El Camino (Oceanside)
26.10Jorge Aguilar
27.11Allen Blecke
19:59.16 PRLa Costa Canyon
28.11Josh Diaz
20:01.86El Camino (Oceanside)
29.10Jesse Lopez
30.10Trestan Espiritu
20:07.61El Camino (Oceanside)
31.11Austin Murrell
20:08.02 PRVista
32.10Tyler Rueda
20:10.67El Camino (Oceanside)
33.10Marco Hernandez
34.10Justin Oetting
20:12.13 PRCarlsbad
35.11Efrain Tovar
20:13.37 PRVista
36.11Randy Sarmiento
20:19.50Rancho Buena Vista
37.10Donvan Harris
20:20.26 PRRancho Buena Vista
38.9Kevin Medici
39.10Brandon Nanfito
20:21.10El Camino (Oceanside)
40.9Steve Harris
20:21.48 PRVista
41.9Samuel VanGundy
20:22.94 PRVista
42.9Ben Little
43.10Zack Anderson
44.9Nate Baer
20:24.72 PRCarlsbad
45.9Luke Stockes
46.10Dylan Horton
20:32.34 PRLa Costa Canyon
47.9Emilio Fermin
20:33.28 PRRancho Buena Vista
48.9Diego Perez
20:40.11La Costa Canyon
49.9Elijah Hernandez
50.9John Connor Uriell
51.9Conor Wick
20:47.10Rancho Buena Vista
52.11Misha Scott
20:48.08 PRLa Costa Canyon
53.11Taylor Ikehara
20:51.64 PRLa Costa Canyon
54.10Joe Ikedo
55.9Carter Knight
56.11Muawiz Chaudhary
20:52.88 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
57.9Elliot Park
20:56.83 PRLa Costa Canyon
58.10Jacob Corona
59.11Austin Wood
20:58.21El Camino (Oceanside)
60.10John Welborn
21:00.85 PRLa Costa Canyon
61.11Bobby Eghbali
21:12.07 PRRancho Buena Vista
62.11John Iribe
21:15.96Rancho Buena Vista
63.9Ruben Castro
21:16.33 PRRancho Buena Vista
64.10Andrew Vailles
65.9Tyler Rohner
21:24.67 PRRancho Buena Vista
66.10Joseph Curran
21:25.46 PRCarlsbad
67.10Ernest Hughes
68.10Connor Van Siclen
21:28.86 PRCarlsbad
69.9Dillon Kayl
70.9Brian Calixto
71.9Kyle Murray
72.11Jon Wulfert
21:43.67La Costa Canyon
73.9Alec Billmeier
74.10Antonio Lopez
75.9Jose Aguilar
76.9Dylan Cooksley
21:51.45 PRRancho Buena Vista
77.9Omar Perez
78.9Alejandro Vega
79.11Aurven Murrell
80.10Clark Venter
21:55.10 PRFallbrook
81.9Covin Gagnon
22:04.98Rancho Buena Vista
82.11Josue Morales
22:06.55 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
83.10Jaxon Guenther
22:06.87La Costa Canyon
84.9Stephen Flynn
22:15.74El Camino (Oceanside)
85.9Carter McEwan
22:22.86Rancho Buena Vista
86.10Alden Huxtable
87.10Jack Edmondson
88.10David Gonzalez
22:47.00El Camino (Oceanside)
89.9Dylan Howell
22:54.83 PRFallbrook
90.11Micah Bringham
22:57.18La Costa Canyon
91.11Hermin Isidro
23:00.04Rancho Buena Vista
92.10Matt Stika
93.9Bobby Mumma
23:09.00El Camino (Oceanside)
94.9Nico Marino
23:10.64La Costa Canyon
95.9Carlos Gothan
23:11.10El Camino (Oceanside)
96.10Jimmy Steinhoff
97.9Eduardo Garza
98.9Will Moses
23:22.63La Costa Canyon
99.9James Preston
100.9Charles Morgan
23:50.55Rancho Buena Vista
101.9Stephen Vivier
23:52.20Rancho Buena Vista
102.9Jack Gisel
23:53.38Rancho Buena Vista
103.10Eli Whiteley-Ross
23:56.67La Costa Canyon
104.9Brennan Leahey
24:01.14Rancho Buena Vista
105.12Josue Luna
24:02.48Rancho Buena Vista
106.10Armon Hodaee
24:03.27Rancho Buena Vista
107.9Fernando Onofre
108.9Alejandro Vazquez-...
109.12Cameron Cornell
24:07.39 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
110.9Trevor Marcy
24:15.26Rancho Buena Vista
111.11Louis Cramer
112.10Cade Keating-Hudson
113.9Zachery Whennen
24:50.04 PRRancho Buena Vista
114.9Blake Howard
25:23.32Rancho Buena Vista
115.12Kyle Davis
25:40.05 PRRancho Buena Vista
116.9Jeff Villejo
117.11Arturo Soriano
25:42.69El Camino (Oceanside)
118.9Jacob Toney
25:50.23Rancho Buena Vista
119.9Adam Potts
26:20.21 PRRancho Buena Vista
120.11Steven Triantis
121.9Andrew Garcia
27:13.27 PRRancho Buena Vista
122.9Justin Davis
27:34.26 PRRancho Buena Vista
123.9Chester Paul
27:48.22Rancho Buena Vista
124.9Victor Hernandez
28:45.40Rancho Buena Vista
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Womens Results

2.5 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.La Costa Canyon16
2.El Camino (Oceanside)59
5.Rancho Buena Vista140

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Amanda Kindel
16:44.12La Costa Canyon
2.9Morgan Lafferty
16:55.50La Costa Canyon
3.10Rachel Ereso
16:57.59La Costa Canyon
4.11Molly Mineiro
17:00.25La Costa Canyon
5.9Samantha Schneider
17:09.11 PRCarlsbad
6.10Kira Fahy
17:15.01La Costa Canyon
7.9Maya Kramer
17:16.70La Costa Canyon
8.11Vanessa Cady
17:24.06 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
9.10Madeline Campaigne
17:50.59 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
10.10Alyssa Kaplan
17:59.57La Costa Canyon
11.9Eleanor Burnett
18:02.05La Costa Canyon
12.10Julia Rietman
18:10.19El Camino (Oceanside)
13.9Mackinley Sebahar
14.10Megan Witman
18:23.70La Costa Canyon
15.11Iran Menchaca
18:24.17 PRRancho Buena Vista
16.9Alex Stewart
18:24.68El Camino (Oceanside)
17.9Valorie Wolf
18:28.67 PRVista
18.9Brooke Matyas
19.10Jasmine Suarez
18:32.43El Camino (Oceanside)
20.9Marisol Montes
18:47.29 PRVista
21.10Luna Butzinger
18:58.66La Costa Canyon
22.10Rachel Steele
19:00.12 PRCarlsbad
23.11Rosalie Medina
19:13.92 SRCarlsbad
24.11Elise Odom
19:17.69 PRRancho Buena Vista
25.11Dana McConnell
19:20.52La Costa Canyon
26.10Julia Romero
19:25.52 PRVista
27.9Nadine Cornett
19:31.04 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
28.9Taylor Shelgosh
19:33.30El Camino (Oceanside)
29.9Olivia Karson
19:34.82La Costa Canyon
30.9Briana Courtney
19:36.08La Costa Canyon
31.9Emma Souter
19:45.50 PRLa Costa Canyon
32.10Casey Boraks
33.11Caitlin McDonald
19:55.06 PRLa Costa Canyon
34.10Emma Marshall
35.11Kylee Krynicki
20:00.81 PRLa Costa Canyon
36.11Paige Detwiler
20:01.08La Costa Canyon
37.9Marissa Horton
20:06.30 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
38.9Sara Gedese
39.9Morgan Vice
20:21.11La Costa Canyon
40.11Yuliana Contreras
20:25.93 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
41.10Natali McCaslin
20:30.91 PRCarlsbad
42.10Megan Leigh
20:32.31La Costa Canyon
43.11Alexi Eich
44.9Tyler Liebentritt
45.9Ana Resendiz
46.9Melissa Lopez
47.9Calista Varela
20:53.09 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
48.11Samantha Ruelas
21:09.36 PRVista
49.10Ceara Carson
50.11Lindsay Morales
51.9Alex Hernandez
21:21.28El Camino (Oceanside)
52.10Naomi Torres
53.11Mireya Albarran
21:33.21Rancho Buena Vista
54.10Stephanie Hernandez
55.9Makena Westbrook
21:36.30 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
56.10Juliane Snowden
21:40.88El Camino (Oceanside)
57.9Brooke Beckett
21:44.89 PRFallbrook
58.9Emily Larson
59.9Jessica Benyo
21:52.05Rancho Buena Vista
60.9Claire Hoffman
21:52.85Rancho Buena Vista
61.10Olivia Louden
62.9Gomez Lizeth
22:01.80 PRRancho Buena Vista
63.9Guibin Chen
22:05.64Rancho Buena Vista
64.9Annika Bram
22:18.24La Costa Canyon
65.10Emily Merz
22:19.96La Costa Canyon
66.9Cassidy Clary
22:22.03 PRFallbrook
67.9Kali Schiefer
22:23.66La Costa Canyon
68.9Ilona Malinovska
22:25.91El Camino (Oceanside)
69.10Blanca Hernandez
70.11Leslie Martinez
71.10Hailey Black
22:42.45La Costa Canyon
72.11Alexis Mendez
22:43.13 PRVista
73.9Kayla Lutes
22:45.62La Costa Canyon
74.9Natalie Medina
22:47.60El Camino (Oceanside)
75.9Brianna Fabian
22:49.11La Costa Canyon
76.11Daniella Garcia
77.9Sarah Mendoza
78.9Nicole Jones
79.9Yulisa Martinez
80.10Jessica Baze
81.10Beverly Gonzales
23:51.91Rancho Buena Vista
82.9Ashley Lopez
83.10Kate Greenwood
24:19.76 PRLa Costa Canyon
84.9Rio Gordon
25:02.80Rancho Buena Vista
85.11Paulina Vasquez-Ro...
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2.5 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.La Costa Canyon22
2.Rancho Buena Vista65
3.El Camino (Oceanside)76

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Ashley Cope
14:29.59 PRVista
2.12Emma Abrahamson
14:36.66 PRLa Costa Canyon
3.10Riley Prohaska
15:21.48 PRLa Costa Canyon
4.9Michaela Fromme
15:22.18 PRLa Costa Canyon
5.10Jourdan Wilson
15:27.29 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
6.10Savannah Boyd
15:34.70 PRLa Costa Canyon
7.10Sarah Abrahamson
15:35.81 PRLa Costa Canyon
8.10Elizabeth Mang
15:37.71 PRRancho Buena Vista
9.12Riley Chapman
15:42.25 PRVista
10.10Kathy Morales
15:50.63 PRRancho Buena Vista
11.12Sylvie DeBrosse
15:57.18 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
12.12Alex Fromme
15:59.75 PRLa Costa Canyon
13.10Whitney Rice
16:05.18 PRRancho Buena Vista
14.11Natalie North-Cole
16:06.95 PRCarlsbad
15.12Lauren T'Kint
16:13.99 PRCarlsbad
16.10Rylee Owen
16:20.16 PRRancho Buena Vista
17.11Clare Sinai
16:26.83 PRCarlsbad
18.12Olivia Angelucci
16:28.39 PRRancho Buena Vista
19.10Sienna Brown
16:29.69 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
20.11Makaela Rietman
16:29.97 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
21.12Grace Grant
16:30.28 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
22.12Natalie Taylor
16:43.70 PRVista
23.10Emma Veidt
16:52.92 PRCarlsbad
24.10Bailey Stephens
16:57.21 PRRancho Buena Vista
25.10Keely Boyd
17:00.21La Costa Canyon
26.11Britni Chau
17:03.53 PRVista
27.9Miranda Lakey
17:14.40 PRCarlsbad
28.10Andrea Vela
17:15.84 PRFallbrook
29.12Rosanne Lopez
17:16.58 SRFallbrook
30.12Rachel Swick
17:18.10 SRCarlsbad
31.9Courtney Drisko
17:26.72 PRCarlsbad
32.11Kiera Donaghue
17:29.17 PRFallbrook
33.12Sydney Rogo
17:29.91 PRRancho Buena Vista
34.12Molly Paige
17:34.49 PRFallbrook
35.10Carol Girgiss
17:36.28 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
36.12Greta Fischer
17:41.43 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
37.10Nicole Giberson
17:46.47 PRVista
38.11Jocelyn Rivera
17:58.47 PRVista
39.11Alex Beckett
17:59.45 PRFallbrook
40.11Rachel Oliveros
18:14.06 PRVista
41.10Veronica Silva
18:14.75 PRVista
42.12Elise Harris
18:20.84 PRVista
43.12Rebekah Williams
18:26.17 SRCarlsbad
44.9Ariana Buchholz
45.12Sarah Girgis
18:35.61 PRFallbrook
46.12Arielle Roland
18:35.83 PRVista
47.12Danielle Martin
19:14.28 PRRancho Buena Vista
48.11Claudia Rodriguez
49.10Kate Carter
50.12Megan Mineiro
20:18.62La Costa Canyon
51.12Madison Simmons
20:22.43 SRCarlsbad
52.12Libby Lee
20:25.58 PRCarlsbad
53.12Anna Wegner
20:34.94 PRFallbrook
54.12Megan Fogelstrom
21:25.92 PRLa Costa Canyon
55.12Leslie Gallardo
21:52.67 PRRancho Buena Vista
56.12Helen Girod
22:48.05 PRCarlsbad
57.12Kelsey Fischer
26:14.97 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
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