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Mens Races
2.42 Mile Junior Varsity3:45 PM
2.42 Mile Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
2.42 Mile Varsity4:15 PM

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Mens Results

2.42 Mile Junior Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

17.11Andrew Peterson
15:08.1 PRLynnwood
18.10Martin Chase
15:08.4 PRLynnwood
21.11Joe Latimer
15:38.3 PRLynnwood
22.11Sam Smith
15:38.5 PRLynnwood
26.11Nicholas Carwin
15:44.2 PRLynnwood
36.11Abraham Mejia
16:24.7 PRLynnwood
37.9Drew Thomas
16:27.1 SRLynnwood
40.11Tyler Little
16:53.2 PRLynnwood
43.9Spencer Willard
17:04.0 SRLynnwood
49.9Ben Bozeman
17:50.2 PRLynnwood
50.10Ethan Han
17:52.9 PRLynnwood
51.9Eric Strong
17:53.1 PRLynnwood
52.10Collin Decker
17:53.6 PRLynnwood
53.9Kade Hudson
18:06.3 PRLynnwood
54.10Lorenz Barias
18:19.7 PRLynnwood
56.12Christopher Roundy
18:27.6 SRLynnwood
62.12Joseph Mutuc
20:16.3 SRLynnwood
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2.42 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Aaron Roe
12:44.6 PRHenry Jackson
2.11Dominic Giordano
12:55.8 PRMeadowdale
3.12Tristan Taylor
13:08.2 PRHenry Jackson
4.12Steven Ainsworth
13:09.7 PRHenry Jackson
5.10Efren Chavez
13:12.2 PRHenry Jackson
6.12Chikodi Ezeokeke
13:14.2 PRMeadowdale
7.11Tyler McArthur
13:17.7 PRLynnwood
8.11James Henry
13:17.9 PRHenry Jackson
9.10Nathanael Ramos
13:22.7 PRHenry Jackson
10.10Alex Haupt
13:33.5 PRHenry Jackson
11.11Jack Thompson
13:39.6 PRHenry Jackson
12.11Brandon Yee
13:40.2 PRHenry Jackson
13.11Josh Verzola
13:42.8 PRMeadowdale
14.10Brian Primm
13:43.6 PRMeadowdale
15.10Noah Johann
13:44.3 PRLynnwood
16.9Leul Wolde
13:52.1 SRLynnwood
17.12Connor Willgress
13:58.0 PRHenry Jackson
18.12Kaleb Decker
13:58.1 PRLynnwood
19.11Danny Scott
14:05.4 PRHenry Jackson
20.11Mahad Hufane
14:07.0 PRLynnwood
21.12Max Fell
14:16.4 PRMeadowdale
22.9Michael Fishman
14:19.7 PRMeadowdale
23.11Matthew Carwin
14:52.7 PRLynnwood
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Womens Results

2.42 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Mikayla Pivec
13:56.2 PRLynnwood
2.9Malia Pivec
13:56.7 PRLynnwood
3.11Brooke Kingma
14:10.6 PRHenry Jackson
4.12Jessica Rawlins
14:34.9 PRHenry Jackson
5.12Mary Charleson
14:53.3 PRHenry Jackson
6.10Emily Hylland
15:03.3 PRHenry Jackson
7.12Anna Pischer
15:26.7 PRHenry Jackson
8.10Alexa Schroeder
15:58.1 PRLynnwood
9.12Maddie Ellis
16:05.5 PRHenry Jackson
10.12Ashtin Markowski
16:11.0 PRLynnwood
11.9Cole Gross
16:13.4 PRHenry Jackson
12.10Jessica Todd
16:23.4 PRHenry Jackson
13.10Alexandria Chang
16:24.3 PRMeadowdale
14.10Anna Golebiewski
16:54.7 PRHenry Jackson
15.11Madison Bryson-Eyer
17:02.0 PRLynnwood
16.10Winter Baumgartner
17:03.2 PRHenry Jackson
17.10Micaela Frick
17:09.1 PRHenry Jackson
18.11Mallory Ragsdale
17:18.5 PRHenry Jackson
19.11Megan Blue
17:36.3 PRLynnwood
20.11Amelia Ball
17:39.4 SRMeadowdale
21.10Jessica Mitchell
17:43.3 PRLynnwood
22.12Megan Fridge
17:44.9 PRMeadowdale
23.12Rebekah Way
17:51.7 SRLynnwood
24.9Dariya Yavorska
17:52.8 PRHenry Jackson
25.9Katie Rawlins
18:04.4 PRHenry Jackson
26.12Megan Hoppe
18:16.3 PRMeadowdale
27.11Natalie Johnson
18:27.9 PRHenry Jackson
28.10Kamryn Laurence
18:28.3 PRHenry Jackson
29.9Isabelle Munro
18:33.7 PRLynnwood
30.12Shea Keating
18:34.1 PRMeadowdale
31.11Rebekah Denning
18:35.9 PRHenry Jackson
32.12Hyangsook Kwak
18:38.0 PRMeadowdale
33.9Emilie Mathiason
18:40.2 PRMeadowdale
34.12Malia Dagdag
18:48.9 PRMeadowdale
35.10Amanda Crockett
18:51.1 PRHenry Jackson
36.11Emily Tasaka
19:10.2 PRHenry Jackson
37.9Jackie Shaw
19:23.0 PRMeadowdale
39.11Tian Westland
19:35.6 PRHenry Jackson
40.10Maggie Hoffman
19:43.7 PRHenry Jackson
41.11Macy Matheson
19:51.5 PRHenry Jackson
42.10Isabella Anaya
19:53.4 PRHenry Jackson
43.12Tara Chin
19:54.3 PRLynnwood
44.9Emily Heng
20:49.9 PRHenry Jackson
45.10Monica Weber
21:05.0 PRHenry Jackson
46.10Katherine Hendrick...
21:44.1 PRHenry Jackson
47.10Ivanna DeAnda
21:48.6 PRHenry Jackson
48.9Brette McCartt
21:50.8 PRLynnwood
49.12Sarah Todd
22:06.7 PRHenry Jackson
50.10Kalei Elliot
22:51.4 PRHenry Jackson
51.10Grace Mwangi
23:10.7 PRLynnwood
52.-Saara Abdalkhani
25:02.4 PRHenry Jackson
53.10Colby Weber
26:36.8 PRHenry Jackson
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