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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Bryson Blume
16:54.83High Tech High
2.12Nate Kling
17:02.69 PRHigh Tech High
3.10Jose Murillo
17:03.54 SRHigh Tech High
4.10Josh Nunez
17:08.19 SRLiberty Charter
5.10Brandon Niegocki
17:50.74 SRHigh Tech High
6.12Justin Hutchinson
17:59.29 PRHigh Tech High
7.10Todd Piedad
18:10.33 SRHigh Tech (CV)
8.12Jorge Mejia
18:10.60 PRHigh Tech (CV)
9.10Alan Castillo
18:17.14 SRChula Vista Learning...
10.11Josh Wilson
18:18.90High Tech High
11.10Jon Lorenz
18:19.16 SRLiberty Charter
12.9Farris Rihan
18:24.67 SRDel Lago Academy
13.12Gregory Burow
18:41.42Health Sciences High...
14.12Jesus Pineda
18:42.81High Tech High
15.12Bryant Ainhorn
18:44.36 SRSC Yeshiva
16.11Carlos Cazares
19:01.61 PRKing-Chavez
17.10Michael Matticola
19:09.90 PRHigh Tech High NC
18.12Norberto Garcia
19:10.18 PRKing-Chavez
19.10Frankie Zavala
19:10.52 PRChula Vista Learning...
20.10Austin Crumrine
19:11.53 PRChula Vista Learning...
21.9Frank Boensch
19:11.92 SRHigh Tech High NC
22.9Joseph Smiljkovich
19:17.09 SRDel Lago Academy
23.11Reece Freeman
19:18.17 SRHigh Tech High NC
24.9Nathanael Tunnell
19:25.71 SRDel Lago Academy
25.9John Defrieze
19:28.74High Tech High NC
26.10Tucker Ferguson
19:30.14 SRLiberty Charter
27.9Faruqe Hayat
19:32.39 PRNational University ...
28.9Juan Landin
19:34.30 PRHealth Sciences High...
29.10Joseph Salas
19:35.83 PRChula Vista Learning...
30.10Spencer Bond
19:36.32 SRLiberty Charter
31.9Tristan Hayden
19:37.75 SRHigh Tech High NC
32.10Camden Stapleton
20:03.73 SRRiver Valley Charter
33.11Ben Cowen
20:06.60Liberty Charter
34.10Bobby Jones
20:11.97 PRO'Farrell Charter
35.9Juan Palacios
20:14.01 SRChula Vista Learning...
36.11Ernesto Ledezma
20:14.97 SRHigh Tech High NC
37.9Kevin Rubalcaba
20:16.24 SRChula Vista Learning...
38.9Keivon Harris
20:16.48 SRO'Farrell Charter
39.10Aaron Paredes
20:29.73 PRO'Farrell Charter
40.9Jwann Sy
20:38.35 PRO'Farrell Charter
41.10Connor Shaw
20:42.93 PRDel Lago Academy
42.9Anthony Guadarrama
20:53.25 PRDel Lago Academy
43.11Arik Espineli
20:55.08 SRHigh Tech (CV)
44.9Assaam Farheidar
20:55.40 PRDel Lago Academy
45.11Max Lambert
21:12.54 PRLiberty Charter
46.9Dorian Howard
21:15.96 PRO'Farrell Charter
47.9Christian Alfaro
21:16.57 PRDel Lago Academy
48.10Lawrence Najar
21:22.06 PRLiberty Charter
49.9Alexander Celaya
21:44.25 PRO'Farrell Charter
50.10Josue Melgar
21:55.24 SRChula Vista Learning...
51.9Nick Estepa
22:03.55 SRHigh Tech (CV)
52.9Eitan Feifel
22:03.82 PRSC Yeshiva
53.10Marcus Loebenstein
22:11.16 PRSC Yeshiva
54.12Jeffrey Frick
22:12.34 PRRiver Valley Charter
55.10Julian De Leon
22:17.45 PRO'Farrell Charter
56.9Pedro Aldana
22:21.08 PRChula Vista Learning...
57.10McCall Christiansen
22:51.00High Tech High NC
58.12Michael Reyes
23:34.42Health Sciences High...
59.12Derrick Skinner
23:42.98River Valley Charter
60.9Josh Segal
24:23.91 SRSC Yeshiva
61.11Jason Rabotnick
24:24.19 SRSC Yeshiva
62.9Lawrence Garcia
24:25.61High Tech (CV)
63.9Elijah Genin
24:32.04 SRSC Yeshiva
64.9Roy Wheeler
24:36.45 PRRiver Valley Charter
65.10Leo Ellison
25:20.67Health Sciences High...
66.10Alexander Peter
25:23.69 PRHigh Tech (CV)
67.12Liam Aron
28:23.93 PRSC Yeshiva
68.11Sidiq Hayat
National University ...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sally Keating
19:28.88High Tech High
2.9Sienna Santiago
19:41.14 SRHigh Tech High
3.10Chloe Rice
20:38.02High Tech High NC
4.10Sandra Loya-Estrada
20:44.81 SRChula Vista Learning...
5.10Elena Hoffman
20:47.35 SRHigh Tech High
6.10Jamie Wilkinson
20:55.82 PRHigh Tech High
7.12Katie Gavares
21:23.85High Tech High
8.12Ninfa Negrete
21:29.91 SRHealth Sciences High...
9.12Michelle Garcia
21:37.86High Tech High
10.11Kaley Jarstad
21:44.48 PRLiberty Charter
11.10Indika Young
21:52.55 PRHigh Tech High
12.12Jillian Nunez
23:01.10 SRLiberty Charter
13.9Sharon Onggo
23:17.71High Tech High
14.12Kathy Torres
23:46.46 PRHealth Sciences High...
15.9Kimberly Delgado
23:51.74 SRDel Lago Academy
16.10Mikayla Kricfalusi
24:15.33High Tech High NC
17.9Cierra Banyas
24:32.28 SRDel Lago Academy
18.9Isabella Gonzales
24:48.08 PRDel Lago Academy
19.10Kandice Daniels
24:52.36 SRO'Farrell Charter
20.10Ariel Stevens
24:53.83 PRO'Farrell Charter
21.9Kelly Luevano
24:58.15 PRHigh Tech High
22.11Kaitlin Mitchell
25:12.30 PRHealth Sciences High...
23.10Stephanie Pina
25:14.59 SRHealth Sciences High...
24.9Gissel Amaya
25:22.72 PRKing-Chavez
25.9Jazmine Renteria
25:27.76 SRDel Lago Academy
26.11Ariana Peinado
25:28.33 SRHealth Sciences High...
27.11Ariana Delucchi
25:38.40 SRHigh Tech (CV)
28.12Alexis Valdez
26:15.49 PRLiberty Charter
29.11Sydney Titcomb
26:17.78 SRHigh Tech High NC
30.10Cathy Ramos
26:52.18 PRDel Lago Academy
31.9Haania Origel
27:04.72Del Lago Academy
32.12Stephany Velazquez
27:05.83Health Sciences High...
33.11Erina Chavez
27:13.00High Tech High NC
34.9Hunter Reinseth
28:11.24 SRHigh Tech High NC
35.11Marlena Nickerson
29:29.06 PRHealth Sciences High...
36.11Melissa Cervantes
29:29.34 PRKing-Chavez
37.9Lauren Wood
30:25.16 SRLiberty Charter
38.9Natalie Cange
31:35.00 PRDel Lago Academy
39.12Sarah Salcedo
34:50.18 SRHealth Sciences High...
40.9Gabriella Long
41:07.00High Tech High NC
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