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2.8 Mile Varsity
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Cascade (Everett)
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Mens Results

2.8 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Cascade (Everett)33
1.11Nate McCaughan
16:05 PRStanwood
2.10Michael Sandquist
16:09 PRStanwood
3.12Kevin Sandquist
16:13 PRStanwood
4.11Jackson Wagner
16:25 PRCascade (Everett)
5.12Vinny Shipley
16:31 PRCascade (Everett)
6.11West Weinert
16:41 PRStanwood
7.12Dylan Olson
16:48 PRCascade (Everett)
8.9Luca Strand
16:49 PRCascade (Everett)
9.11Joel Henry
16:57 PRCascade (Everett)
10.10Isaac Olson
17:01 PRStanwood
11.12John Nguyen
17:03 PRMariner
12.11Tim Angelos
17:13 PRMariner
13.9Glen Bennett
17:23 PRStanwood
14.12Brandon Pope
17:26 PRCascade (Everett)
15.10Diego Casillas
17:33 PRMariner
16.10Steven Bishop
17:34 PRCascade (Everett)
17.12Kyler Elmer
17:35 PRStanwood
18.10Jason Isaksen
17:39 PRStanwood
19.12Spencer Anderson
17:41 PRMariner
20.11Evan Hurt
17:44 PRCascade (Everett)
21.11Quan Tran
17:57 PRMariner
22.11Nick Uhrich
18:01 PRStanwood
23.11Oscar Flores-Montes
18:09 PRMariner
24.12Ian Galope
18:20 PRMariner
25.9Alvin Nguyen
18:22 SRMariner
26.11Juwan Smith
18:23 SRMariner
27.12Juan Cruz-Estrada
18:26 PRMariner
28.12Jose Irizarry
18:28 PRMariner
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2.8 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cascade (Everett)28
1.10Jack Delich
17:30 PRStanwood
2.11Kyle Stemm
17:32 PRCascade (Everett)
3.12Jonathon Jacobo
17:59 PRMariner
4.10Moises Flores
18:15 PRMariner
5.10Alexis Hernandez
18:20 PRCascade (Everett)
6.9Jacob Schafte
18:21 PRCascade (Everett)
7.10Edgar Santos
18:27 PRCascade (Everett)
8.10Irais Hernandez
18:39 PRCascade (Everett)
9.12Teddy DeBauge
18:52 PRStanwood
10.11Ken Tran
18:59 PRCascade (Everett)
11.12Winston Preston
19:04 PRStanwood
12.10Anton Primachuk
19:05 PRCascade (Everett)
13.12Ali Medhi
19:08 PRMariner
14.12Andres Dominguez
19:09 PRMariner
15.12Josue Angeles
19:10 PRMariner
16.10Alex Yuwantaro
19:15 PRMariner
17.9James Ramirez
19:21 PRCascade (Everett)
18.9Connor Hurt
19:26 PRCascade (Everett)
19.9Mohamed Nour
19:29 PRCascade (Everett)
20.12Khash Mirasfarzi
19:32 PRMariner
21.11Josue Romero-Castro
19:41 PRMariner
22.10Teddy Softcheck
20:10 PRStanwood
23.9Anson Sevigny
20:18 PRMariner
24.10Stan Demchuk
20:21 PRStanwood
25.12Edgars Plorinsh
20:28 PRMariner
26.11Anthony Eddy
20:45 PRCascade (Everett)
27.12Andy Hay
20:46 PRCascade (Everett)
28.11Austin Schuh
20:52 PRCascade (Everett)
29.9Kyle Duncan
30.10Keegan Carlson
21:30 PRStanwood
31.9David Salzer
21:46 PRMariner
32.12Jonathan Favil
22:38 SRMariner
33.9Bryant Baumgartner
34.12Simon Nazarchuck
24:23 PRMariner
35.11Paul Mourges
26:15 PRStanwood
36.10Agustin Castro
26:41 PRCascade (Everett)
37.9Sean Johnson
26:42 PRCascade (Everett)
38.9Jeremy Johnson
26:45 PRCascade (Everett)
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Cascade (Everett)

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