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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Chief Leschi37
2.Bear Creek41
4.Rainier Christian107
5.Northwest Yeshiva114
1.12Isac Bennett
16:56.59 PRChief Leschi
2.10Seth Huschka
16:57.94 PRCrosspoint
3.9Tyler Hoyle
4.9Sean Gallagher
17:39.69 PRBear Creek
5.12Joey Hollis
17:45.29 PRBear Creek
6.11Trevor Luke
18:20.22 PRChief Leschi
7.9Benjamin Mitchell
18:23.11 PRBear Creek
8.12Lorenzo Rendon
18:50.34Chief Leschi
9.10David Albers
18:54.68 PRShorewood Christian
10.-Rhett Burghart
18:55.75 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
11.-Tyler Madsen
18:57.61 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
12.9Joseph Carruth
19:04.51 PRBear Creek
13.9Osiel Zaldivor
19:12.14 PRChief Leschi
14.12DJ Degnan
19:15.92 PRCrosspoint
15.9Michael Olson
19:21.74 PRShorewood Christian
16.10Clyde Spirithawk
19:28.45 PRChief Leschi
17.10Josh Brockschmidt
19:39.86 PRRainier Christian
18.11Justin Coskey
19:40.56 SRNorthwest Yeshiva
19.12Sondre Sand
19:44.06 PRCrosspoint
20.10Luke Poling
19:49.54 SRBear Creek
21.10Samuel Campbell
19:50.05 PRGrace Academy
22.10Vince Kenyon
19:50.91 PRChief Leschi
24.9Joshua Lee
19:51.92 SRCrosspoint
25.11Noah Greisman
20:01.64 PRNorthwest Yeshiva
26.11Joel Hamlin
20:07.48 PRTacoma Baptist
27.10Isaac Fenn
20:20.31 PRRainier Christian
28.10Unk Unk
20:21.69 SRMount Rainier Lutheran
29.12Samuel Frisell
20:35.56 PRTacoma Baptist
30.10Matthew Ahlen
20:41.50 PRRainier Christian
31.10JiaJi Zhao
21:06.50 PRCrosspoint
32.11Jared Winkle
21:31.88Chief Leschi
33.11Josh Curry
21:33.88 PRRainier Christian
34.12James Matthews
21:39.98 SRMount Rainier Lutheran
35.-Matthew Burghart
22:09.31 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
36.9Chris VanYe
22:09.31 SRCrosspoint
37.12Mathias Cohanim
22:59.76 PRNorthwest Yeshiva
38.-Jared Cook
23:03.62 PRAuburn Adventist Aca...
41.11Jeremy Turial
24:06.49Northwest Yeshiva
42.10Zenith Ortiz
24:27.45 PRMount Rainier Lutheran
44.9Jack Kelly
25:45.90 PRShorewood Christian
45.9Aiden Gindin
25:51.02 SRNorthwest Yeshiva
46.11Connor Christian
26:47.20 PRRainier Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

10Moshe Bush
19:51.23 PRChief Leschi
10Nehemiah Rogers
23:21.32 PRChief Leschi
12Myron Guardipee
23:22.48Chief Leschi
9Ben Lacey
25:00.90 PRCrosspoint
9Jonas Berney
27:44.03 SRCrosspoint
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