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Mens Races
5,000 Meters 1B/2B Varsity12:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters 1B/2B Varsity1:00 PM

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Last Updated 9:23 AM, Tue, Oct 29

Registration Locked  (coaches)

I have locked registration at 9:25 am on Tuesday.  Please contact me directly if a change needs to be made.

Last Updated 9:53 AM, Thu, Oct 17

Change in race time  (coaches)

The boys race time has been switched to 12:00, and the girls race will begin at 1:00.  The info now reflects this change.  The reason for the change is to allow our Dist I, II, III friends the chance to see their boys run up North and then still make it to the girls race at our site.

Last Updated 9:51 AM, Thu, Oct 17

Dist Meet Info  (coaches)

Re: District IV 1B/2B Cross Country Championship

Date: Saturday November 2, 2013

Time: 12:00 PM

Site: Mossyrock Park, Mossyrock

Athlete Entry Information:

Your 7 varsity and 2 alternates need to be entered for this race. All runners must be entered by Monday 10-28-13. Please go to the following web site to enter your runners.

Tentative Time Schedule:

November 1, 2013

Course will be open for preview on Friday, November 1st  from 3:00 to 7:00 pm.

November 2, 2013


9:00 Earliest Course will be open.  Runners will only be allowed on the course after the course owners have given permission. This means that depending on the weather there may or may not be an opportunity to walk the course this day.

11:15   Coaches meeting

12:00   1B/2B Boys Race

1:00   1B/2B Girls Race

Coaches may not enter the course during the race.

Team and Individual Awards will be given out after both races are complete and scores have been tabulated.

Please do not have any runners participate who do not intend to run in the State meet if they qualify. This is not fair to the other runners.


Athletes must be in proper school uniform. The cross country uniform consists of a school issued jersey and shorts of the same color and design, which are not objectionable to the referee, and shoes, which may be supplied by the contestant. Any other visible apparel (this does not mean a bra) must be of a single color and worn under the uniform jersey or shorts. When the apparel is worn it shall be the same color for all teammates choosing to wear them. Watches may be worn by the competitors. Encourage your runners to appear at the start line with the proper uniform and NO JEWELRY so that they are not asked to change before running. Games committee and race starter will inspect all uniforms.

The following was sent to me from the State Meet organizers.

The NFHS Track and Field Cross Country Rules Book uniform rule will be enforced.  It is the individual athlete and full team’s responsibility to compete in the proper uniform.  All contestants must wear their assigned numbers when competing and it shall be worn on the front of the jersey.  Bare midriff tops are not allowed. The top must hang below or be tucked into the waistband of the bottom when the competitor is standing erect. This will be enforced by the clerk of the course.  Doo-rags, handkerchiefs and hats of any kind are not allowed during competition. Plain head bands, stocking caps and gloves will be acceptable (no logos of any kind are allowed on head gear).  Remember that LIVESTRONG bracelets and all bracelets are JEWELRY.


NO JEWELRY but watches are allowed. Only religious or medical medals are allowed (Rule 4-3-7) Note: Watches are not considered jewelry. Remember that LIVESTRONG bracelets and all bracelets are JEWELRY.


Any runner requiring prescription medication must present written authorization from a physician to the meet director prior to the start of the coaches meeting. The release must state: what it is for, must carry while running, and physician signature. Rule: 5-1-9sp Note pg. 23

Entry Fee:

$20.00 for boys & $20.00 for girls. $5 per individual

Make checks payable to:

Mossyrock Cross Country

Atten: Casey Taylor

PO Box 454

Mossyrock, WA 98564

Qualifying State Teams/ Qualifying Individuals: for 2013

1B/2B Boys 4 teams and 20 individuals

1B/2B Girls 3 teams and 15 individuals


Varsity boys and girls who qualify for State will receive an award.

Finish Chute:

Coach your athletes to stay in the chute until they have been released. Any runner who leaves the chute prior to being released will be DISQUALIFIED from team and /or individual scoring.

Race Number:

Each runner will have a race number that is pinned on the front of their uniform. We will have video for recording the finish, but it will only be used to place runners in case of a fall in the chute. We will be using 3 different forms to score and place the runners to ensure accuracy.

Scoring: Computer scoring and hand scoring.

Meet Results:

Please ask your athletes to stay away from the team area and individual result area. Asking what their time is, place, or team place slows up the posted results.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

Rule 4-5. Please review these rules with your athletes, especially actions and/or language that will bring disgrace to the sport.


All protests are to be written and handed to a games committee member. If a member can't be found find the meet director. The written protest must state the rule to be believed infracted and the situation that occurred. The games committee will then meet and make a ruling.

Wireless Communication:

Rule 4-5-9E States that it is an unfair act to use wireless communications. However meet personal can use these for the operation of the meet.

Directions & Parking:

From north or south:

  1. Take Hwy 12 West.
  2. Turn right into Mossyrock.
  3. Go 4 blocks to State St. take left.
  4. Continue for ~3miles.  State St. will turn into Mossyrock Rd. which will then turn into E Adjune Rd.  You do not take any turns
  5. This will take you to Mossyrock Park.  Drop kids off at the start and park the bus at the boat launch parking which is straight ahead.
  6. The park address is 202 Ajlune Rd. Mossyrock, WA 98564

State Meet Pre-entry:

All entries are to be done on

Please enter your 9 varsity athletes.  They need to be entered in the District meet to be eligible for the State meet.

Casey Taylor will send the final results to John Crawford on Saturday after the race.

State Meet:

November 9, 2013 @ Pasco

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1B/2B District IV Championship  (coaches)

Last Updated 9:58 AM, Mon, Sep 23

1B/2B District IV Championship  (coaches)

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 1B/2B Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.NW Christian (Lacey)19
4.Three Rivers Christian119
6.Morton White Pass135
7.Pope John Paul 2180

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Luke Schilter
16:34NW Christian (Lacey)
2.11Brandon Stickney
17:07NW Christian (Lacey)
3.11Levi Schilter
17:20NW Christian (Lacey)
4.11Seth Carns
17:27Three Rivers Christian
5.11Riley Girt
6.10Colton Buster
17:50NW Christian (Lacey)
7.10Luke Bredeson
18:06NW Christian (Lacey)
8.12Jeffrey Davis
18:25NW Christian (Lacey)
9.12Brandon Butler
10.12Jonathan Davis
18:27NW Christian (Lacey)
11.12Fidel Ortiz
12.11Karsten Rentner
18:36Three Rivers Christian
13.11Luke Anderson
14.8Kaden Vanderwerf
18:51Three Rivers Christian
15.12Chase Malamphy
18:53Morton White Pass
16.10Jess White
17.9Levi Munoz
18.10Alejandro Gonzalez
19.10Viely Chum
20.10Nathan Masciola
21.10Quinton Berkompas
19:15 SRMorton White Pass
22.10Gavin VanClifford
23.11Dorian Gatlepaille
24.11Riley Dolan
25.11Jeremy Holland
19:59 PRNorth Beach
26.10Jake Parkison
27.10Jacob Kiehn
20:16 SRMorton White Pass
28.9Drake Mitby
29.11Paul Zepeda
20:27Pope John Paul 2
30.10Jose Bucio
20:38South Bend
31.11Aaron deMontigny
32.11Alex Hirte-Uhlorn
20:42Morton White Pass
33.12Jacob Bohlig
20:48Pope John Paul 2
34.12Matt Ramos
20:53Pope John Paul 2
35.11Ben Meade
20:55 SRRaymond
36.11Griffin Wright
37.9Hayden VonBargen
38.11Bryant Bowman
39.12Chris Horn
21:09North Beach
40.9Tyler Layden
21:15 SRAdna
41.9Sam Quinby
42.10Alden Latimer
43.10Matt Meagher
44.12Dominic DeLong
21:41Willapa Valley
45.9Hayden Wolf
46.9Cameron Burch
21:51 PRNaselle
47.12Hunter Wilcutt
48.12Raymond Glover
22:02 SRRaymond
49.9Sean Molamphy
22:04Pope John Paul 2
50.10Gage Llewellyn
51.9Erik Rentner
22:18Three Rivers Christian
52.9Kaeleb Fuller
22:39 SRMorton White Pass
53.12Jake Ferrier
54.12Noah Mock
22:48Three Rivers Christian
55.11Noah Elder
56.10Tim Maughan
57.9Taylor Maxwell
23:40Morton White Pass
58.9Koda Boothe
24:17South Bend
59.11Nevan Bingham
60.10Colin Meenk
24:31 PRPope John Paul 2
61.11Noah Bauer
30:27Pope John Paul 2
62.11Taylor Miller
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 1B/2B Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.NW Christian (Lacey)30
3.Morton White Pass77
5.Willapa Valley115

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Kiersten Kimminau
19:14 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
2.11Anna Brooks
19:20 PRNW Christian (Lacey)
3.12Kristina Yzaguirre
20:46Mt Vernon Christian
4.10Alicia Herrera
5.11Jesseeka Hughes
21:24Morton White Pass
6.11Abby McSheffrey
21:42NW Christian (Lacey)
7.10Sararose Gallo
8.9Traci Hoffman
21:44 PRSouth Bend
9.9Kathryn Anderson
10.10Lina Hoffman
21:46NW Christian (Lacey)
11.11Jessica Cook
21:50 SRWillapa Valley
12.11Dominique Kudasik
21:54 PRWillapa Valley
13.10Kelsey Gundersen
14.12Jessie VonBargen
15.10Kenzie Anderson
22:00Morton White Pass
16.12Katie Auman
22:21Morton White Pass
17.12Hannah Gabel
22:21NW Christian (Lacey)
18.9Mary Sheline
19.12Katie Green
20.9Larkin Farrish
22:37Morton White Pass
21.12Amber Sheline
22.12Kiana Ballo
23.9Katy Treinen
23:05 SRNW Christian (Lacey)
24.11Kasey Hearn
23:07North Beach
25.12Rebekah Saul
26.9McKenzie Ballo
27.12Katelyn Magie
23:19 PRNaselle
28.9Elizabeth Richard
23:27Chief Leschi
29.10Lacey Wright
23:27 SRMossyrock
30.9Ashley McKenna
31.11Jasmine Layden
32.12Chayse Jones
33.11Marissa Lewis
23:58Mt Rainier Lutheran
34.11Josie Veatch
35.10Chelsea Griffin
36.9Savannah Burbank
24:13South Bend
37.10Emma Veatch
38.11Jamie Shaw
39.12Bridget Daugherty
24:42Bear Creek
40.10Yessenia Perez
24:44 PRSouth Bend
41.9Peighton Royster
24:58 PROnalaska
42.10Clementine Schultz
43.12Mary Armstrong
25:11 PRPope John Paul 2
44.9Mya Kirzy
45.10Rose Ramos
25:31 PRPope John Paul 2
46.12Denise McDonald
25:59 SRWillapa Valley
47.10Lucie Wamsley
48.9Heidi Sowers
26:28NW Christian (Lacey)
49.10Tiauna Bill
26:37Chief Leschi
50.10Angel Black
26:39Morton White Pass
51.10Mariah Silvera
27:16Willapa Valley
52.11Iris Heckman
53.11Katie Daniel
27:21 SRWillapa Valley
54.10Emily Bjornsgard
27:22 SRNaselle
55.9Trynity Mendez
56.9Olivia Harnagy
27:34 SRNorth Beach
57.11Lydia Johnson
58.12Brenda Draper
28:00 PRMorton White Pass
59.11Jasmine Mathes
28:33 PRCrosspoint
60.11Bernadette Hayden
61.11Amanda Bottoms
62.10Tessa Wilson
29:33 PRSouth Bend
63.11Ann Gimbel
64.9Kyrah Scuito
65.12Miriam Naranjo
32:49Willapa Valley
66.10Avy Creighton
34:33 SRMorton White Pass
67.11Juline Sunderwerth
68.9Felicity Hocker
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