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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,000 Meters Freshman
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity
3,000 Meters Freshman

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

11.12Patrick Andrew
17:31Parkway South
13.12Evan Stovall
17:38Parkway South
22.12Scott Argurieo
17:59.9Northwest (Cedar Hill)
23.12Scott McEachern
18:08Parkway South
28.10Nicky Matteucci
18:38Parkway South
29.12Eric Barr
18:38Parkway South
34.11Brendan Smith
18:42.1Northwest (Cedar Hill)
38.12Brett Utz
19:04.6Northwest (Cedar Hill)
40.12Thomas Magee
19:14.3Northwest (Cedar Hill)
39.11Brendon Noyes
19:19Parkway South
42.12Andy Mark
19:26Parkway South
51.11Ronnie Stage
19:43.0Northwest (Cedar Hill)
58.12Joey Carbone
20:26.9 SRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
63.10Tommy Carbone
21:19.3Northwest (Cedar Hill)
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

10.10Noah Vermette
19:55Parkway South
11.10Michael Hernan
19:57Parkway South
16.11Brett Storey
20:12.7Northwest (Cedar Hill)
21.11Gregory James
20:22Parkway South
26.12Dan Flood
20:49Parkway South
33.12Steven Brewer
21:08Parkway South
36.10Ethan Thurman
21:24.4Northwest (Cedar Hill)
39.10Alex Zheng
21:31Parkway South
41.12Luke Travis
21:34Parkway South
48.11Franceso Turri
21:40.1Parkway South
50.11Juan Martin
21:45Parkway South
57.10Zach Steltzer
22:03Parkway South
60.10Chris Mark
22:09Parkway South
62.10Alex Kloppenburg
22:16Parkway South
63.10Spencer Yu
22:19Parkway South
66.11Jordan Villani
22:26.2Northwest (Cedar Hill)
67.10Michael Hart
22:28.4Northwest (Cedar Hill)
77.10Kyle Evans
22:59.8Northwest (Cedar Hill)
81.10Josh Michaud
23:14.7Northwest (Cedar Hill)
94.11Joseph Hagan
23:50.3Northwest (Cedar Hill)
102.10Linjay Choe
24:20Parkway South
105.11Christian King
24:22Parkway South
108.11Tyler Morris
24:32.1Northwest (Cedar Hill)
109.12Michael Schallom
24:39Parkway South
114.10Christian Buffa
25:06.4Northwest (Cedar Hill)
117.10Joe Frisch
25:22.1 SRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
12Phillip Boehm
26:11.5Northwest (Cedar Hill)
124.10Chase Ringwall
26:21.2Northwest (Cedar Hill)
137.10Logan Schmiemeier
31:16.1Northwest (Cedar Hill)
139.12Chris Rice
31:50.8Northwest (Cedar Hill)
142.10Tyler Berger
35:34.9Northwest (Cedar Hill)
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3,000 Meters Freshman

1.9Ryan Bode
10:28 SRParkway South
9.9JD Peiffer
11:40Parkway South
15.9JT Trimberger
12:11.5 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
19.9Ethan Palas
12:22Parkway South
22.9Ryan Noark
12:57Parkway South
23.9Marteese Robinson
13:04Parkway South
24.9Chris Hutchinson
13:35Parkway South
25.9Connor Travers
13:43Parkway South
32.9Khristopher Childers
13:45.2 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
33.9Josiah Williams
13:45.7 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
36.9Max Haymart
13:54Parkway South
37.9Cedric Longhibler
14:08.4 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
38.9Josh Hunt
14:32.2 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
39.9Trevor Jackson
14:40.5 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
40.9Wil Marrocco
14:40.8 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
44.9Dylan Myers
19:16.0 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
45.9Joey Briggs
19:24.8 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
46.9Noah Buffa
21:01.1 PRNorthwest (Cedar Hill)
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