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2.85 Mile Varsity
2.85 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.85 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mountlake Terrace25
1.11Miler Haller
14:46 PREdmonds-Woodway
2.12Jack Pearce
15:16 PRMountlake Terrace
3.11Dominic Giordano
15:23 PRMeadowdale
4.12Peter Kidane
15:32 PRMountlake Terrace
5.12Nathan Sparks
15:38 PRMountlake Terrace
6.12Chris Baumgartner
15:46 PRMountlake Terrace
7.10Benjamin Yang
15:46 PREdmonds-Woodway
8.12Wyatt Allemann
15:54 PRMountlake Terrace
9.12Elliot Harrison
15:55 PREdmonds-Woodway
10.12Chikodi Ezeokeke
15:56 PRMeadowdale
11.9Sam McCloughan
15:56 PREdmonds-Woodway
12.10Brian Primm
16:04 PRMeadowdale
13.11Tyler McArthur
16:04 PRLynnwood
14.11Josh Verzola
16:22 PRMeadowdale
15.11Noushyar Eslami
16:26 PREdmonds-Woodway
16.11Conrad Bratz
16:29 PRMountlake Terrace
17.9Nick Leidig
16:29 PRMountlake Terrace
18.10Jonah Cortezzo
16:33 PREdmonds-Woodway
19.10Grady Okeson
16:37 PREdmonds-Woodway
20.9Alexis Reyes
16:56 PREdmonds-Woodway
21.10Biniam Tesfaghaber
16:59 PREdmonds-Woodway
22.9Michael Fishman
16:59 PRMeadowdale
23.11Mahad Hufane
17:01 PRLynnwood
24.12Max Fell
17:11 PRMeadowdale
25.10Noah Johann
17:15 PRLynnwood
26.12Kaleb Decker
17:24 PRLynnwood
27.9Leul Wolde
17:27 PRLynnwood
28.9Cameron Aitken
17:36 PREdmonds-Woodway
29.11Alan Song
17:52 PREdmonds-Woodway
30.11Taron Castleton
17:59 PRMountlake Terrace
31.11Matthew Carwin
18:06 PRLynnwood
32.12Jonah Grier
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2.85 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mountlake Terrace27
1.10Anindo Khan
16:31 PREdmonds-Woodway
2.11Jaden Yackley
16:49 PRMountlake Terrace
3.9Braeden Sims
17:12 PRMountlake Terrace
4.10Jackson Kettel
17:13 PREdmonds-Woodway
5.11Kyle Rhodes
17:18 PRMountlake Terrace
6.12jesus Ortiz
17:28 PREdmonds-Woodway
7.11Daniel Medhane
17:47 PRMountlake Terrace
8.10Kevin Mendez
17:56 PRMeadowdale
9.12Micah Lund
18:00 PRMeadowdale
10.11Muhammad Shaharyar
18:05 PRMountlake Terrace
11.12Matt Jenson
18:05 PRMountlake Terrace
12.11Adam Ahmed
18:11 PREdmonds-Woodway
13.9Donovan Plunk
18:12 PRMeadowdale
14.12Kenzo Onishi
18:13 PRLynnwood
15.10Jason Ernst
18:14 PRMountlake Terrace
16.9Chris Martinez
18:20 PREdmonds-Woodway
17.11Rory Kirkpatrick
18:29 PRMeadowdale
18.9Dmitry Goodman
18:31 PREdmonds-Woodway
19.10Martin Chase
18:34 PRLynnwood
20.11Joe Latimer
18:37 PRLynnwood
21.10MacKenzie Siemens
18:38 PRMountlake Terrace
22.11Mati Olave
18:39 PRMeadowdale
23.9Jason O'Connell
18:46 PRMountlake Terrace
24.10Ryan Trueb
18:47 PREdmonds-Woodway
25.11Sam Smith
18:49 PRLynnwood
26.9Zachary Hollcraft
18:51 PRMeadowdale
27.11Andrew Peterson
19:06 PRLynnwood
28.12Greg Bowman
19:08Mountlake Terrace
29.11Abraham Mejia
19:19 PRLynnwood
30.12Conner Martin
19:20 PRMeadowdale
31.9Carlos Maldonado
19:32 PREdmonds-Woodway
32.9Drew Thomas
19:36 PRLynnwood
33.12Michael Savell
19:36 PRMeadowdale
34.10Grinis DeLuna
19:40 PREdmonds-Woodway
35.9Beck Fosberg
19:41 PREdmonds-Woodway
36.11Tyler Little
19:50 PRLynnwood
37.11Nicholas Carwin
20:02 PRLynnwood
38.10Thomas Teckle
20:20 PRMountlake Terrace
38.9Jake Broulette
20:28 PRMountlake Terrace
39.9Ben Bozeman
20:31 PRLynnwood
40.9Joe Choi
20:37 PREdmonds-Woodway
41.9Eric Strong
20:44 PRLynnwood
42.10Matthew Donnelly
20:51 PRMeadowdale
43.10Ethan Han
21:03 PRLynnwood
44.9Piljin Kwak
21:08 PRMeadowdale
45.9Kade Hudson
21:08 PRLynnwood
46.9Alex Easter
21:08 PREdmonds-Woodway
47.9Henry Zing
21:21 PREdmonds-Woodway
48.9Kyle Hastler
21:21 PRMeadowdale
49.9Spencer Willard
21:41 PRLynnwood
50.10Collin Decker
22:00 PRLynnwood
51.9Alex Lee
22:25 PRMeadowdale
52.12Christopher Roundy
22:31 PRLynnwood
53.10Lorenz Barias
22:31 PRLynnwood
54.10Connor Hetherington
27:34 PRMountlake Terrace
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Womens Results

2.85 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Mountlake Terrace39
1.10Mikayla Pivec
16:47 PRLynnwood
2.12Hailey Kettel
17:22 PREdmonds-Woodway
3.9Malia Pivec
17:31 PRLynnwood
4.9Katherine Gustafson
17:53 PRMountlake Terrace
5.9Sophia Nelson
17:58 PRMountlake Terrace
6.10Ella Schroth
18:19 PRMountlake Terrace
7.10Katherine Walter
18:31 PRMountlake Terrace
8.12Kathryn Haldeman
18:35 PREdmonds-Woodway
9.10Alexa Schroeder
18:41 PRLynnwood
10.12Hayley Tengs
18:58 PREdmonds-Woodway
11.10Susan Kim
19:52 PREdmonds-Woodway
12.12Ashtin Markowski
20:15 PRLynnwood
13.10Alexandria Chang
20:19 PRMeadowdale
14.10Svetlana Alabyeva
20:19 PREdmonds-Woodway
15.9Isabel Callen
20:35 PREdmonds-Woodway
16.11Madison Bryson-Eyer
20:37 PRLynnwood
17.11Maddie Dellinger
20:43 PRMountlake Terrace
18.10Jessica Mitchell
20:47 PRLynnwood
19.10Megan Kelly
20:48 PREdmonds-Woodway
23.12Rebekah Way
20:50 PRLynnwood
20.12Megan Fridge
20:58 PRMeadowdale
21.11Amelia Ball
21:13 PRMeadowdale
22.11Megan Blue
21:31 PRLynnwood
24.12Megan Hoppe
22:04 PRMeadowdale
25.12Hyangsook Kwak
22:05 PRMeadowdale
26.9Emilie Mathiason
22:08 PRMeadowdale
27.9Mariah Mower
22:21 PREdmonds-Woodway
28.9Isabelle Munro
22:29 PRLynnwood
29.12Malia Dagdag
22:34 PRMeadowdale
30.12Abigail Martinez
22:36 PRLynnwood
31.9Vesta Baumgartner
22:51 PRMountlake Terrace
32.9Kaylee McGovern
22:55Mountlake Terrace
33.10Madyson Burdett
23:09 PREdmonds-Woodway
34.9Kylie Otani
23:14 PRMountlake Terrace
35.10Allyson Burdett
23:16 PREdmonds-Woodway
36.11Carson Harvey
23:24 PREdmonds-Woodway
37.9Kristina Kindell
23:26 PREdmonds-Woodway
38.12Tara Chin
23:29 PRLynnwood
39.9Jackie Shaw
23:29 PRMeadowdale
40.12Jane Sahabu
23:59 PREdmonds-Woodway
42.9Taylor Coleman
24:06 PRMountlake Terrace
41.9Charlotte Johns
25:57 PRMeadowdale
43.9Alexandra Herrmann
26:13 PRMountlake Terrace
44.9Brette McCartt
27:15 PRLynnwood
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