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Mens Races

Ft. Steilacoom Park

5,000 Meters 4A Varsity2:50 PM
5,000 Meters 3A Varsity3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:50 PM
Womens Races

Ft. Steilacoom Park

5,000 Meters 4A Varsity1:30 PM
5,000 Meters 3A Varsity2:10 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:10 PM

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Welcome all competitors and coaches to the 2007 SPSL Sub-District Meet at Fort Steilacoom Park. Sixteen schools from the 4A classification will compete for ten team and fifty individual berths into the West Central District. Eight 3A schools will compete for four team and twenty individual berths.  The event will commence at 1:00pm with a coaches meeting at/near the starting line.  Good luck to all.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 4A Varsity

1.12Rob Webster Jr.
15:39.02 PRPuyallup
2.12Jonathan Lafler
3.11Kelton Sears
16:12.90 SRTahoma
4.12Justin Englund
16:23.08 PRDecatur
5.10Casey Campbell
16:32.67 SRTahoma
6.12Colby Peters
16:35.79 SRRogers (Puyallup)
7.10Jeff Baklund
16:38.69Thomas Jefferson
8.12Justin Helm
16:45.96 PRDecatur
9.11Kevin Thomson
16:46.29Emerald Ridge
10.12Sam Lynch
16:52.42 PRRogers (Puyallup)
11.11Phil Lussier
12.12Chris Selvar
13.12Scott Lozano
14.12Josh Pflug
15.12Steven Dion
17:12.02 PRPuyallup
16.12Tyler D'Amato
17.10Andrew McClellan
18.10Daniel Caldwell
19.12Trevor Wood
17:20.36 PRTahoma
20.12Evan Austin
21.12Ryan Carter
22.10Jesse Jorgensen
17:26.02 SRPuyallup
23.12Ryan Eidsmoe
17:27.20Todd Beamer
24.12Kevin Clancy
17:27.46Rogers (Puyallup)
25.12Gannon Smith
26.11Adam Lee
17:32.44Todd Beamer
27.11Jordan Mirk
17:33.07Emerald Ridge
28.11Jordan Steves
17:37.01 SRPuyallup
29.11Alex Holtman
17:37.41 PRPuyallup
30.11Jesse Baggenstos
31.12Jordan Balls
17:41.11 PRKentlake
32.9Ben Pearson
17:41.41 PRCurtis
33.9Chase Braxmeyer
17:42.33Thomas Jefferson
34.12Chris Haffner
35.11Kyle Vuksich
17:45.16Emerald Ridge
36.11Brock Lintlemann
17:46.38 SRDecatur
37.10Keegan Claxton
17:47.99Todd Beamer
38.12David Mirch
39.11Aaron Mowery
40.10Ahmed Awalle
17:51.06Kent Meridian
41.11Austin Gebauer
17:51.40 PRPuyallup
42.12Craig Fredrick
17:51.76 PRRogers (Puyallup)
43.9Meron Simon
17:52.14Federal Way
44.11Jordan Hale
17:52.61 PRTodd Beamer
45.10Jeff Brigham
17:53.53Thomas Jefferson
46.12Grayson Reim
47.10Jesus Valdez
17:56.72 SRKent Meridian
48.12Bundu Korma
17:57.46Kent Meridian
49.12Michael Bright
17:58.16Thomas Jefferson
50.10Chris Schroll
17:58.90Emerald Ridge
51.12JP Strowzewski
17:59.67Emerald Ridge
52.10Erik Lindenauer
18:00.71Thomas Jefferson
53.11Tyler Sliva
18:01.23 SRPuyallup
54.12Austin Doutre
18:02.66 PRRogers (Puyallup)
55.11Nate Pray
56.12Chase Neill
57.11Derek Gowrylow
18:08.73Emerald Ridge
58.11Tommy Fraychineaud
18:10.37Todd Beamer
59.12David Leeds
60.12Greg Ikeda
61.12Kyle Saxe
18:19.37 PRRogers (Puyallup)
62.10Jordan Roberts
18:24.74 SRKent Meridian
63.11Eric Horton
64.11Ryan Jobe
18:31.06Rogers (Puyallup)
65.10Anthony Maxwell
18:31.53 PRBethel
66.10Erik Lissak
18:32.20Todd Beamer
67.9David Flores
68.11Chase Nelson
18:33.19Todd Beamer
69.10Fassil Alemayhu
70.11Jordan Retz
71.12Lance Miller
18:39.85 PRSpanaway Lake
72.10Justin Clarke
18:45.72 PRGraham-Kapowsin
73.10Jesse Hagberg
18:48.12Thomas Jefferson
74.9Will Richmond
18:49.91 SRKentwood
75.10Kaz Foster
18:51.02 SRSpanaway Lake
76.12Miles VanZee
18:52.29 SRFederal Way
77.11Brad Mason
78.12Justin Willis
18:53.62Federal Way
79.10Brian Oliphant
80.10Alex Hough
81.9Nathan Brewster
18:56.61 SRFederal Way
82.12Jameson Louimar
19:01.18 PRFederal Way
83.12Spencer Hayes
19:05.51 PRGraham-Kapowsin
84.11Ryan Keehnel
19:15.70Emerald Ridge
85.12Jordan Cowart
19:17.43Kent Meridian
86.11Brent Kershenbaum
19:19.45 SRKent Meridian
87.12David Hough
88.12Brian Mathews
89.10Travis Metcalf
19:23.71 PRGraham-Kapowsin
90.9Alex Tran
19:27.05Federal Way
91.11Luis Monterrosa
19:31.26Kent Meridian
92.12Ray Washington
19:32.97 PRSpanaway Lake
93.9Shad Hall
94.11Andrew Sheadel
19:35.19 PRKentlake
95.10Vitaly Pilipchuk
19:36.12Thomas Jefferson
96.12Tyler Hingleton
97.11Adam Mosher
98.12Kyle Zimmerman
19:53.21 PRSpanaway Lake
99.10Cody Fuller
100.11Christopher Eather...
20:06.36 PRBethel
101.12Tim Clemans
20:30.32Federal Way
102.12Spencer Kabelac
20:42.96 PRDecatur
103.12Marcus Braxton
20:43.70 PRSpanaway Lake
104.11Bryan Lynch
20:44.21 PRBethel
105.11Nicholas Cope
20:52.13 SRBethel
106.10Alex Nielson
21:02.86 SRBethel
107.12Cody Mitchell
21:20.72 SRSpanaway Lake
108.12Matthew Neale
22:18.09 PRBethel
109.10Mike Williams
22:56.50 SRBethel
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5,000 Meters 3A Varsity

1.11Julian Blake-Cowan
16:08.13 SRAuburn Riverside
2.12Shea Connell
16:34.34 PRFranklin Pierce
3.11Zak Barry
16:49.82 SRSumner
4.11Tommy Jones
16:54.14 PRWhite River
5.10Kenny Krotzer
17:00.40 SRAuburn Riverside
6.12Joshua Wirta
17:06.00 SREnumclaw
7.12Nate Serdahl
17:32.42 SRAuburn Riverside
8.11Cory Richardson
17:36.54Bonney Lake
9.10Maxx Antush
17:38.51 SRFranklin Pierce
10.12Coty Thomas
17:39.53 PREnumclaw
11.10Sterling Frye
17:45.68 SRWhite River
12.12Erin Lane
17:49.98Auburn Riverside
13.10Andrew Starr
17:53.42 SRAuburn
14.9Jeff Miles
17:56.95 SRAuburn Riverside
15.11Seth Rumbaugh
18:02.60Auburn Mountainview
17.12Jared Johnston
18:06.99 PRAuburn Riverside
18.12Mike Broch
18:10.62Auburn Riverside
19.9Chase Neuman
18:13.98 PRWhite River
20.11Brad McArtor
18:22.55 SRWhite River
21.10Ben Johnson
18:27.70 SRAuburn
22.10Drew Balch
18:28.03 PREnumclaw
23.11Joe Berger
18:28.87 SREnumclaw
24.11Derrick Hirschi
18:29.31Auburn Mountainview
25.12Jared Kanda
18:33.47 SRAuburn
26.12Spenser Taylor
18:34.26 PRSumner
27.12Paul Winger
18:38.40Bonney Lake
28.10Braden Timpe
29.12Andrew Lehto
18:42.40 SRWhite River
30.11Taylor Hughes
18:43.24Auburn Mountainview
31.10William Edwards
18:44.04Bonney Lake
32.10Matt Anderson
18:47.98 SRAuburn Mountainview
33.12Anthony Schultz
18:48.54Bonney Lake
34.12Tim Rasmussen
18:50.96 SRFranklin Pierce
35.12Jeremy Gweder
18:51.82 PREnumclaw
36.10Nick Lipinski
18:58.93Auburn Mountainview
37.11Lenny Patterson
19:07.37White River
38.11Ryan Weller
19:08.45 SREnumclaw
39.10Nathan Lindner
19:09.22 PRWhite River
41.9Jobe Layton
19:17.36 SRSumner
42.9Cameron Sowards
19:31.06 SRAuburn
43.10Taylor May
19:38.39 SRFranklin Pierce
44.12Ethan Ivy-Cooley
19:38.67Bonney Lake
45.10Trevor McCoy
19:42.39Bonney Lake
46.11Skott Veitenheimer
20:02.81 PRFranklin Pierce
47.11Patrick Bendon
20:06.54Bonney Lake
48.12Drew Neal
20:35.41 PRAuburn
49.9Tyler Backus
20:41.76 PRFranklin Pierce
50.9Josh Bacon
20:54.33 SRSumner
51.10Austin Clemons
21:13.39 SRAuburn
52.10Zarin Mcdonald
21:45.24 SRFranklin Pierce
53.12Matt Hurd
54.12Kyle Haworth
55.11Scott VanDesteeg
56.10Elijah Keimig
23:30.51 SRAuburn
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Jimmy Creek
17:38.31 SRTahoma
2.11Chris Montgomery
17:44.09 SRCurtis
3.11Chris Marx
17:48.71 SRTahoma
4.12Brandon Smith
5.10Kyle Miller
17:54.75 PRTahoma
6.10Jacob Wittman
18:02.35 SRTodd Beamer
7.12Garrett Terrien
18:05.26 SRAuburn Riverside
8.11Will Herron
18:06.00Thomas Jefferson
9.10Max Thomas
18:09.62 PRAuburn Riverside
10.9Jordan Johansen
18:10.27 SRTahoma
11.10Reid Mayfield
18:12.66Thomas Jefferson
12.12Brent Young
18:13.51Emerald Ridge
13.9Will Ferguson
18:14.50 SRCurtis
14.10Wiley Duerson
18:15.51 SRTahoma
15.9Tom Bowman
18:23.06 SRTodd Beamer
16.11Garrett Johnson
17.11Donny Knapp
18:30.31Thomas Jefferson
18.11Zack Brown
18:31.49 PRTahoma
19.11Brian Bitney
18:32.63 PRRogers (Puyallup)
20.11Nathan Brock
18:34.94Auburn Riverside
21.12Ryan Sacia
18:35.48 PRTodd Beamer
22.12Kohei Okumura
18:36.76 PRPuyallup
23.10Travis Crumb
18:37.36 SRTodd Beamer
24.12Jeff Eaton
18:37.89 PRRogers (Puyallup)
25.10Cory Hamada
26.12Sean Thomas
18:40.05Todd Beamer
27.10Tyler Moss
18:40.75 PRTahoma
28.11Will Brauneis
18:41.35 SRRogers (Puyallup)
29.10Hunter Cowan
18:42.32 SRAuburn Riverside
30.9Mick Swiger
18:44.56 SRRogers (Puyallup)
31.9Troy Bunker
18:45.88 SRKentridge
32.11Kevin Liddle
33.11Eric Chapman
18:47.57Thomas Jefferson
34.12Jimmy Gallagher
18:48.23 SRPuyallup
35.9Nick Bruggeman
36.10Eric Radford
18:51.37Thomas Jefferson
37.11Eric Chan
18:53.48 PRTahoma
38.9Luke Milburn
18:53.82 SRTahoma
39.10Alex Fraser
18:54.18 SRPuyallup
40.10Trevor Donnelly
18:57.01 PRPuyallup
41.9Garth Ward
18:57.62Todd Beamer
42.9Matt Mattox
18:58.03Auburn Mountainview
43.11Roy Scott
18:58.61 SRTodd Beamer
44.10A.J. Wakefield
45.11Clayson Tanner
19:01.25 SRTahoma
46.10Jacob Koveleskie
19:04.90 SREmerald Ridge
47.12Kenneth Transier
19:06.41 SRKentlake
48.10Andrew Caldwell
49.10Daniel Duffy
50.10AJ Molieri
51.11Cody Binnie
19:18.52 PRRogers (Puyallup)
52.10Jory Tysdal
19:19.20Todd Beamer
53.11Vincent Jager
19:20.08 PRTahoma
54.11Jaron Boggs
19:23.32 PRThomas Jefferson
55.11Reese Hentges
19:24.19 PRThomas Jefferson
56.11Bryan Prosser
57.12Sean Rosendahl
19:28.71Thomas Jefferson
58.12Jason Swiger
19:29.83 PRRogers (Puyallup)
59.11Peter Udbye
60.10Zeb LaVergne
61.10Chris Leppell
19:31.01 SRPuyallup
62.10Zach Watson
63.11Greg Scott
64.10Junior Choun
19:33.48 SRDecatur
65.10Ben Hogan
19:35.31Thomas Jefferson
66.11Nic Placeres
19:36.70Kent Meridian
67.10Kyle Giovannini
19:37.07Rogers (Puyallup)
68.10Shane Coyle
19:38.46 SRWhite River
69.12Jake Nelson
19:39.59 PRTahoma
70.11Clinton Montague
19:41.60 SRPuyallup
71.11Adam McBarron
19:44.03 SRWhite River
72.10Daniel Padilla
19:44.33 SREmerald Ridge
73.11Michael Tanimoto
74.10Zach Ross
75.11Teddy Ciocca
19:47.68Emerald Ridge
76.10Steven Lozano
77.12Chad Waddington
19:50.66Rogers (Puyallup)
78.11Gaston Garberg
19:51.11 SREmerald Ridge
79.9Aaron Warshaw
19:51.93 PRCurtis
80.12Logan Vieira
81.10AJ Nunn
19:53.64Rogers (Puyallup)
82.10Jacob Nhem
83.11James Ward
19:54.79 PRKent Meridian
84.12Jacob Calvin
19:55.41 PREnumclaw
85.10Abe Kellogg
19:56.10 SREnumclaw
86.10Nino Averill
19:56.57 SREnumclaw
87.9Taylor Steiger
19:57.02Rogers (Puyallup)
88.11Tanner Nakanishi
89.10Alex Kulsa
19:57.99 SRBonney Lake
90.9Luke Kosbab
19:58.91 SRTodd Beamer
91.10Emilio Rodriguez
20:00.06 PRAuburn Mountainview
92.10Trevor Swain
20:00.50 SRKentwood
93.9Daniel Gonzales
20:01.55Thomas Jefferson
94.11Kevin Fleishman
20:02.23Emerald Ridge
95.11Ryan Matekel
20:02.81 PRRogers (Puyallup)
96.10James Coleman
20:03.15 SRKentwood
97.10Evan Neese
20:03.53 PRGraham-Kapowsin
98.12Dustin Bartolus
20:04.00 PREnumclaw
99.11Joseph Hazen
20:04.83 SRWhite River
100.11Jeng Poon
20:05.56 PRKentwood
101.10Andrew Hayward
20:06.49 SRAuburn Mountainview
102.9Spencer Hobson
20:07.81 PRTahoma
103.11Joel Sweeney
104.11Luke Nelson
20:13.72Thomas Jefferson
105.12Travis Cox
20:14.73 PRGraham-Kapowsin
106.11Taylor Shiroma
20:17.92 SRTahoma
107.10Branden Russell
20:20.02 SREnumclaw
108.9Andrew Lytle
20:20.36 SRKentlake
109.11Ryan Bibko
20:20.78 PRKentlake
110.12Spencer LeDosquet
20:21.15 PRKentwood
111.11Sun-Li Beatteay
20:21.60 SRTahoma
112.12Danny Kirkland
20:22.69 PRPuyallup
113.11Damon Gould
20:22.99 PRRogers (Puyallup)
114.9Brian Valley
20:23.31 SREmerald Ridge
115.10Nicholas Castagna
20:23.83 PRTahoma
116.9Nathan Johnson
20:24.28 SRTahoma
117.9David Layton
20:24.93 SRWhite River
118.11John-Mark Taylor
20:26.41 PRCurtis
119.10Dillon Pruett
20:26.86 PRRogers (Puyallup)
120.10Nathan Calivoso
121.10Garrett Raphael
20:27.68 SRAuburn Mountainview
122.12David Moreno
20:28.11 PRTodd Beamer
123.11Tim Woodard
20:28.98 SRFranklin Pierce
124.9Jensen Fromeke
125.10Paul Bachman
20:30.77 SRTahoma
126.9Steven Plummer
20:31.21 SRRogers (Puyallup)
127.11Charles Tilander
20:31.67 SRTahoma
128.9Ray Velasquez
20:32.04 SREmerald Ridge
129.11Chris George
130.11Niko Williams
131.11Bobby Bryant
20:33.94 SRCurtis
132.11Sean McCombs
20:34.42 PRRogers (Puyallup)
133.12Chris Manz
134.10Ross Zeiger
20:36.63 SRPuyallup
135.11Dylan Gordon
20:37.23 SRTahoma
136.10Nick Treich
20:38.49 SREmerald Ridge
137.9Shane Farrell
20:39.33 SRAuburn Mountainview
138.10Eric Nucci
20:39.75 SRTahoma
139.11Tyler Linthicum
20:40.41 SRKentridge
140.9Ryan Donahoe
20:40.71 SRDecatur
142.10Austin Peterson
20:41.41 SRRogers (Puyallup)
143.10Anthony Moore
20:41.73 PRWhite River
144.10Sean Reinman
20:42.24 SRTahoma
145.9Alex Jennings
20:42.98 SRTahoma
146.9Nic Lawrence
20:43.54 SRAuburn Riverside
147.12Bryan Tingkang
20:46.60 PRRogers (Puyallup)
148.11Billy Creighton
20:47.12 PRKentwood
149.9Aaron Crumb
20:47.59 PRTodd Beamer
150.11Tyler Gachen
20:48.20 SREnumclaw
151.10Aaron Hanks
152.10Ryan Call
20:49.60 SRRogers (Puyallup)
153.11Kelson Tibbs
20:50.24 PRKent Meridian
154.10Zach Schneider
20:51.45 SRWhite River
155.9Kramer Zumach
20:52.15 PRBonney Lake
156.12Kelvin Campbell
20:52.48 PRThomas Jefferson
157.12Danny Fehrenbach
20:52.94 PREmerald Ridge
158.12Derek Knies
159.11Jacob Fullen
160.9Zach Parmley
20:57.61Bonney Lake
161.10Jabril Collins
20:58.06 SRSpanaway Lake
162.9Kevin Wills
20:58.41Thomas Jefferson
163.9Tanner Southland
20:58.86 SREnumclaw
164.11Brian Landers
20:59.19 SRTahoma
165.9Nick DiVona
166.9Keefe Hanson
20:59.90 SRAuburn Riverside
167.10Patrick Homa
168.9Aaron Newell
21:01.50 SRAuburn Riverside
169.12Brian Miloscia
21:02.01Federal Way
170.12Lief Gaydosh
21:02.47 PRDecatur
171.11Anthony Chelf
21:02.97Thomas Jefferson
172.10Keegan Webber
21:04.09 PRThomas Jefferson
173.10Joseph Thompson
21:05.28 SRKentlake
174.12Evan Russell
21:06.55 SRKentridge
175.11Cody Brocato
21:06.86 SRGraham-Kapowsin
176.12Derek Vertrees
21:08.23 PRKent Meridian
177.10Brandon Shook
178.10Andrew Blount
21:09.57 SRGraham-Kapowsin
179.12Kyle Bailey
180.10Alec Wollen
21:12.41 SRKentridge
181.11Seth Jorgensen
21:13.70 SRTodd Beamer
182.10Jake Gould
21:14.11Bonney Lake
183.10Wes Schaible
21:14.66 PRWhite River
184.10Andrew Seeley
21:15.05 SRAuburn
185.9Joe Miller
21:15.37 SRTodd Beamer
186.10Craig Beaty
21:16.16 PRTahoma
187.11Ted St. Clair
21:16.51 SRTodd Beamer
188.10Austin Anglesino
21:18.14 SRTodd Beamer
189.12Sean Kress
21:19.25 SRKentridge
190.10Lucus Mayne
21:20.12 SRBethel
191.10Daniel Hinkle
21:20.44Thomas Jefferson
192.10Danny Hanes
21:20.79 SRSpanaway Lake
193.12Jordan Song
21:21.11 PRAuburn Riverside
195.11Nick Dugovich
196.9Kevin Gollinger
21:22.74 PRCurtis
197.9Peter Baldridge
21:25.41 PRCurtis
198.10Gary Wilson
21:25.73 PRTahoma
199.11Daniel Weber
200.11Patrick Thornton
21:26.52 SRAuburn Riverside
201.9Cameron Walters
21:28.01 SRCurtis
202.9William Holland
21:28.58 SREnumclaw
203.9Robby Johnson
21:28.92 SREnumclaw
204.11Alex Barth
21:29.26 SRKentridge
205.10Jason Stach
21:29.63 PRWhite River
206.9David Gailey
21:29.95 PRKent Meridian
207.11Shelby Hillman
21:30.65 SRDecatur
208.11Austin Williams
21:31.18 SRCurtis
209.11Michael Valley
21:33.81Emerald Ridge
210.11Derek Clinton
21:34.25 PRKentridge
211.9Neil Sherwin
212.12Richard Piper
21:39.03 PRRogers (Puyallup)
213.9Joe Tulloch
21:39.56 SRKentridge
214.10Aaron Fikar
21:40.61 SRRogers (Puyallup)
215.12Steven Sharp
21:41.39 PRTahoma
216.9Skylar Cowan
21:42.60 SRAuburn Riverside
217.10Joshua Schiefelbein
21:43.08 SRBethel
218.12Jason Walker
21:48.77Bonney Lake
219.10Dillion Christensen
21:49.18 PRPuyallup
220.11Cody Fishel
21:49.92 SRKentwood
221.10Macon Abernathy
222.10Cody Jones
21:50.83 PRAuburn Riverside
223.10Kegan Ross
21:53.20 SRSpanaway Lake
224.10Evan Kirkwood
21:55.28 PRPuyallup
225.10Nathan McCurtain
21:55.70Emerald Ridge
226.9Zach Lavine
227.12Kyle Vrooman
21:56.87 PRKent Meridian
228.9TJ Morgan
229.11Bernard Rarang
21:59.09 SRAuburn Riverside
230.10Casey Stipe
21:59.80 PRThomas Jefferson
231.10Paul Dyer
232.10Kyle Reed
22:00.80Thomas Jefferson
233.11Josh Larsen
22:03.41Emerald Ridge
234.10Chris Wood
235.10Tony Smith
22:04.57Emerald Ridge
236.9Kyle Willis
22:06.97Federal Way
237.12Jason Bandy
22:07.71 PRKentlake
238.10Max Pattsner
22:08.40 SRKentlake
239.9Kyle Marx
22:08.98 PRTahoma
241.12Elliot Schwartz
22:09.77Rogers (Puyallup)
242.9Andrew Hammer
22:11.77 PRAuburn Mountainview
243.12Sean Weber
22:12.26Federal Way
244.9Evan Merrill
22:12.55 SRKent Meridian
245.9Garrett Persinger
22:13.07Federal Way
246.12Brandt Strom
22:13.95 PRRogers (Puyallup)
247.9Rick Sturza
22:14.46 PRKentlake
248.10Jeremy Jensen
22:14.79Todd Beamer
249.11Garrett Ochard
22:15.57Bonney Lake
250.10Tanner Stenson
22:17.02 SRWhite River
251.11Ben Hansen
22:17.44Bonney Lake
252.11Brendan Steiger
22:18.45 SRRogers (Puyallup)
253.12Jeffrey Bennett
254.9Peter Weiler
22:19.74 SRTahoma
255.11David French
22:20.14 PRTahoma
256.10Andy Officer
22:22.36Todd Beamer
257.10Kevin Prak
22:22.70 SRFranklin Pierce
258.10Daniel Toft
22:23.57Bonney Lake
259.10Jason Albright
22:25.13 SRSpanaway Lake
260.9Albert Tadevosyan
22:28.17 PRKentwood
261.9Taylor Nordenger
22:28.58Bonney Lake
262.9Grayson Wolf
22:28.94Federal Way
263.10Zach Wells
22:29.36 SRTahoma
264.12Tim Landry
22:29.64 PRThomas Jefferson
265.12Spencer Jones
22:30.11Auburn Riverside
266.11Andrew Van Brunt
22:31.23 SRKentwood
267.10Jason Allmaras
22:32.24Thomas Jefferson
268.9Vincent Langsy
22:33.74Thomas Jefferson
269.12Cadin Witt
22:35.44 PRKent Meridian
270.9Ian Clemmens
22:35.94 SRBethel
271.9Joey Lonergan
22:36.49 PRWhite River
272.11James Johnson
22:37.10Rogers (Puyallup)
273.9Noah Mays
274.11Andy Rogers
22:38.99 SRKentlake
275.10David Gulsrud
22:39.38 PRCurtis
276.11Eric Gintz
22:42.09Rogers (Puyallup)
277.12Philip Gulsrud
22:43.53 PRCurtis
278.11Garrett Anderson
22:43.84 SRPuyallup
279.11Todd Farnham
280.11Emerson Marsh
22:48.33 SRDecatur
281.10Max Tillou
282.9Nate Levenseller
22:50.71 SRCurtis
283.12Ben O'Leary
22:54.59Bonney Lake
284.12Jameson Clark
285.12Zach Klein
22:55.23 PRDecatur
286.-Maculey Ugland
22:57.15 PRWhite River
287.11Zach May
22:57.67 SRRogers (Puyallup)
288.12Jensen Delarosa
22:59.42 PRDecatur
289.12Alex Gallacher
23:00.15 SRKentlake
290.10Peder Rasmussen
23:00.57 SRFranklin Pierce
291.12Tyler Shore
292.10Jason Hong
23:05.10 PRTodd Beamer
293.10Josh Jainga
23:07.74 SRKentwood
294.10Austin Gorman
23:10.80 SRPuyallup
295.10Luis Garman
23:16.21Kent Meridian
296.10James Rockwell
23:17.01 PRKentlake
297.11Scott Snow
23:18.34 PRGraham-Kapowsin
298.9Tyler Arthur
23:23.09Thomas Jefferson
299.10Myles Mabus
23:25.73 PRBethel
300.10Michael Saylor
23:26.01 PRTodd Beamer
301.9Sam Schumer
23:29.66 PRThomas Jefferson
302.9Nick Minier
23:33.34 PRAuburn Riverside
303.10Stuart Whitmire
23:38.96 SRKentwood
304.11Brandon Forsyth
305.10Blake Whittingslow
23:42.55Rogers (Puyallup)
306.11Nathan Vangor-Emory
23:45.49 PRAuburn Riverside
307.10David Rock
23:47.67 SRFranklin Pierce
308.10Jordan Guffey
23:52.03 PRTahoma
309.11Brant Delarme
23:53.23Bonney Lake
310.12Andrew Tanasse
311.9Alexander Wasson
23:57.90 SRFranklin Pierce
312.11Alex Sobezyk
313.10Reid Stuberg
24:00.93 SRDecatur
314.9Matt Jirava
24:01.42 SREnumclaw
315.9Evan Baerny
24:11.83 SRKent Meridian
316.11Brian Wallinger
24:16.33Rogers (Puyallup)
317.10Del Stark
24:18.59 PRPuyallup
318.10Boyd Evans
24:18.92 SREnumclaw
319.10Caleb Sutton
24:19.98 SRKentlake
320.12Patrick Buckley
24:32.75 PRSumner
321.11John Stafford
24:36.45 PRAuburn
322.9Kevin Fuchs
24:37.78 SRTahoma
323.9Conner Haffner
324.9Jacob Crandall
24:54.02White River
325.9Dylan Mayer
25:04.49 PRTahoma
326.12Jordan Atanasio
25:10.56 SRCurtis
327.9Matt Knott
328.11Andrew Coleman
25:26.28 SRKentwood
329.12Jacob Helen
25:30.78Federal Way
330.10Chris Hanson
25:47.97 SRAuburn Riverside
331.10Rodney Saechao
25:48.36 PRTodd Beamer
332.10Evan Powers
333.11Robby Plasencia
25:50.19 SRRogers (Puyallup)
334.10Wesley Mosier
25:54.05Todd Beamer
336.12Eric Foster
26:06.71 PRPuyallup
337.10Alec McNamara
26:08.14 SRPuyallup
338.11Walter Nabarrete
26:08.49 SRKentwood
339.11Alex Beluga
26:22.13Todd Beamer
340.10Jacob James
26:24.57 SRBethel
341.11Daniel Brott
342.9Josh Clemens
26:40.91Federal Way
343.10James Heese
26:57.69 SRKentlake
344.11Connor Thiel-Sloan
27:07.29 SRKentridge
345.12Anthony Garcia
27:16.92 PRAuburn Riverside
346.9Jon Hicks
27:32.59 PRThomas Jefferson
347.10Jesse Detzler
28:54.78Federal Way
348.12Nate Hammock
29:31.46 PRTahoma
349.12Jared Shropshire
32:59.04 PRAuburn Riverside
350.10Joey Gow
33:16.50 SRThomas Jefferson
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 4A Varsity

1.11Erika Martin
19:22.63 SRCurtis
2.10Hannah Mittelstaedt
19:45.65 SRTahoma
3.11Vanessa Bennum
19:55.97Thomas Jefferson
4.11Camryn Patrick
20:01.47Thomas Jefferson
5.12Cassidy Robey
20:04.20 SRThomas Jefferson
6.9Jasmine Johnson
20:07.94Federal Way
7.11Molli Bahlenhorst
20:15.55 SRTahoma
8.12Kaeli Rivera
20:20.18 PRTahoma
9.10Lacey Printz
20:25.19Thomas Jefferson
10.11Alyssa Merrill
20:25.49 PRPuyallup
11.12Amy Lutterloh
20:25.87 PRPuyallup
12.12April Lewis
13.9Lauren Clawson
20:35.53 SRTahoma
14.10Molly Bauer
15.10Jordan Jacobson
16.11Kayley Turner
20:54.37Rogers (Puyallup)
17.11Paige Pliler
18.11Tranecia Celestine
20:55.76Rogers (Puyallup)
19.9Erin Chinchar
20.9Brianna Calveri
21:01.99Thomas Jefferson
21.9Tori Gollinger
22.10Taylor Kartes
21:07.55 SRTodd Beamer
23.11Jill Boroughs
21:08.02 SRKent Meridian
24.12Justinne Ross
21:08.52Rogers (Puyallup)
25.10Allie Willson
26.12Tricia Vuong
27.10Grace Mussa
21:16.32Todd Beamer
28.11Rosemary Angeles
21:18.14Thomas Jefferson
29.10Elizabeth Jones
21:22.57 SRTodd Beamer
30.11Adriana Zazula
21:26.31 PRRogers (Puyallup)
31.12Livia Mahaffie
21:26.75 PREmerald Ridge
32.12Junko Kondo
21:29.56 SRSpanaway Lake
33.9Miranda Gibson
21:30.10 PRBethel
34.10Holly Fosmark
21:31.23 SREmerald Ridge
35.11Lindsey Harper
36.11Hannah Stumpp
21:35.46 SRTahoma
37.11April Veldman
21:37.86Spanaway Lake
38.10Jody Baughman
21:39.93Thomas Jefferson
39.10Caitlin Moore
21:45.56 SRTodd Beamer
40.11Andrea Steiner
21:46.00 PRPuyallup
41.12Tessa Rawie
21:46.28 SRKentwood
42.12Princess Gaye
21:52.37Kent Meridian
43.12Gloria Bleakley
21:56.20 PRGraham-Kapowsin
44.11Julie Williams
21:56.48 SRKentlake
45.11Misha Averill
21:57.18 SRPuyallup
46.10Erin Collins
22:00.97 SRKentlake
47.9Alena Davis
48.10Hayley Lawrence
22:04.13 SRBethel
49.10Adriana Cranston
22:04.57 SRRogers (Puyallup)
50.9Lauren Thomas
22:05.22Todd Beamer
51.10Shelbey Leimbach
22:14.09Emerald Ridge
52.12Jessica Merrell
22:16.22 SRPuyallup
53.12Lauren Collier
54.12Becky Jo Tuell
55.12Amanda Gifford
22:35.38 PRRogers (Puyallup)
56.10Andrea Antrim
57.12Cayla Williams
22:52.36Todd Beamer
58.11Fylicia Krehbiel
22:55.62 SRPuyallup
59.11Rachel Webber
22:59.05Emerald Ridge
60.9Isabel Neyman
61.11Lina Blount
62.11Kaycie Niewoehner
23:00.73Todd Beamer
63.10Jordan McCann
23:03.09 SRBethel
64.12Ylva Konsberg
23:04.65 PRPuyallup
65.11Chelsey Thatcher
23:06.09 SRGraham-Kapowsin
66.12Dominique Gonzalez
23:08.84 PREmerald Ridge
67.10Lisa Hansen
68.11Chesnee Mitchell
23:11.62 SRKent Meridian
69.11Whitney Stenger
23:12.37 SRKentwood
70.11Sarah Flatebo
71.10Meghan Hoffman
72.10Olivia Lennick
73.12Kerri Marker
74.11Lauren Webber
23:38.66Emerald Ridge
75.9Christine Hart
23:39.01Federal Way
76.10McKenzie Schimon
77.9Victoria Albright
23:54.38Spanaway Lake
78.12Morgan Bishop
24:00.33 SRKentwood
79.12Chelsey Scherich
80.10Melanie Bibko
81.9Jessica Lawson
24:19.05 PRGraham-Kapowsin
82.11Jazmine Troutt
24:19.93Federal Way
83.9Theresa Fuller
24:27.14 PRBethel
84.9Jacky Pagpaguitan
24:31.51Spanaway Lake
85.12Sarah King
86.9Ayla Swanson
24:37.82 PRBethel
87.12Racquel Lopez
24:38.08 PRFederal Way
87.12Raquel Lopez
24:38.08Federal Way
88.10Andie Taylor
24:38.48Rogers (Puyallup)
89.11Shannon Doran
24:39.66Emerald Ridge
90.9Morgan Almond
24:46.94 PRBethel
91.9Lindsay Hanes
25:03.47 SRSpanaway Lake
92.12Elisa Lopez
25:07.28Federal Way
93.10Breanna Trimble
94.9Tara Larson
25:18.76 PRDecatur
95.10Katie Alfus
96.12Denisse Alvarez
26:22.04Federal Way
97.11Olivia Aikala
26:24.62 PRDecatur
98.11Holly Okot-okidi
99.10Klarisse Leonor
26:31.24 PRKent Meridian
100.11Kelsey Robson
101.10Rosallyn Tabulina
26:38.35 PRSpanaway Lake
102.11Courtney Goss
27:10.66 SRDecatur
103.11Shelley Brewer
27:36.43 SRBethel
104.9Kim Concillado
27:40.13Kent Meridian
105.12Lauren Madeja
27:43.57 PRDecatur
106.11Jhniva Chapman
28:24.88Kent Meridian
107.11Kavenna Whitlow
32:33.84Kent Meridian
108.12Jerrica Downs
33:22.79Federal Way
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5,000 Meters 3A Varsity

1.10Ashlee Sincraugh
2.10Veronica Stinnett
19:38.16Bonney Lake
3.11Kalee Cipra
19:46.16Auburn Riverside
4.11Theresa Edwards
19:50.52Bonney Lake
5.10Carissa Gwerder
6.11Hillary Norris
20:38.18 SRSumner
7.12Alysha Barry
8.12Josie Becker
20:58.11 PRWhite River
9.11Ashley LLapitan
21:03.17 SRWhite River
10.9Emily Eilertson
21:14.57 SREnumclaw
11.10Stefani Castile
12.10Melisa Gonzales
21:26.74 SREnumclaw
13.10Amanda Lee
21:27.78 PREnumclaw
14.12Elizabeth Mann
21:30.57 PRAuburn Riverside
15.10Nerissa Huff
16.11Kaleigh Hughes
21:34.07 PREnumclaw
17.10Jackie Tomlin
18.12Cathryn Hallett
21:51.92White River
19.9Chloe Beal
21:52.51Bonney Lake
20.10Maggie Becker
22:08.27 PRWhite River
21.11Jeanette Johnson
22:23.34White River
22.11Morgan Johnson
23.12Nathalie Herrand
22:34.19 SRFranklin Pierce
24.12Carly Holtgraves
22:39.30 SRAuburn Riverside
25.9Emily Morisawa
22:39.77 SRAuburn Riverside
26.12Renee Plummer
22:52.23 PRAuburn
27.11Katie Latimer
23:13.50Bonney Lake
28.12Amelia Radford
23:16.78 PRAuburn Riverside
29.12Katie Billings
30.9Janie Smargiassi
23:27.47 PRAuburn Mountainview
31.12Stephanie Macdonald
23:33.82 SRFranklin Pierce
32.11Kayla Babcock
23:41.41Bonney Lake
33.9Jamie Baker
23:49.60 SRWhite River
34.9Kelli Hoffman
24:03.84 PRWhite River
35.10Karlie Pyl
24:14.73Bonney Lake
36.11Erin Williams
24:32.25 SRAuburn
37.9Danielle Babcock
38.10Lesya Bindas
25:08.60Auburn Mountainview
39.10Danielle Sanow
26:00.54 SRAuburn
41.10Kirsten Gero
26:18.48Auburn Mountainview
42.11Christina Ho
26:21.93 SRAuburn
43.12Lauren Hill
26:27.12 SRAuburn
44.9Alyx Javonillo
26:30.68 PRAuburn Mountainview
45.10McKenna Swanson
26:36.86 SRAuburn
46.11Susanne Cully
27:09.46 PRAuburn Riverside
47.10Holly Frampton
27:15.09 SRAuburn
48.10Melissa Day
27:53.48Bonney Lake
49.11Mel Hobson
29:01.15Auburn Mountainview
50.12Danielle Pratt
29:56.90 SRFranklin Pierce
51.10Lilia Gudzyuk
37:00.11Auburn Mountainview
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.10Monica Jaenicke
21:11.64Thomas Jefferson
2.11Kelly Apperson
21:31.17 PRTahoma
3.9Emily Duerson
4.12Christina Gonzales
21:51.78Thomas Jefferson
5.10Blair Slater
21:57.63 SRTahoma
6.9Rina Wulfing
22:05.72 SRTahoma
7.12Michelle Frappier
22:18.61 PRThomas Jefferson
8.10Whitney Janicki
9.9Melissa Mahoney
22:24.31 SRTahoma
10.10Molly Evans
22:27.96Thomas Jefferson
11.9Kathryn Adamson
22:43.48 SRTahoma
12.11Hannah Bachman
22:49.66 SRTahoma
13.10Felicia Bunting
22:54.44 SRThomas Jefferson
14.9Samantha Lethbridge
15.10Amanda Gray
23:03.41 PREnumclaw
16.12Brooke Mayer
17.12Hilary Severin
23:15.61Rogers (Puyallup)
18.12Heidi Ekroot
23:17.79Thomas Jefferson
19.12Kim Abalahin
20.9Julia Harris
23:19.76 SREnumclaw
21.9Anna Swinford
23:21.88 PRTahoma
22.10Kayleigha Holten
23:22.84Emerald Ridge
23.12Aleisha Wells
23:29.29 PRTahoma
24.11Elisabeth Scott
25.9Hailey Olafson
23:40.69 PREnumclaw
26.12Lindsay Turner
23:44.30Rogers (Puyallup)
27.12Alex Robins
23:44.74 SRPuyallup
28.10Emmalynn Cortes
23:46.41Todd Beamer
29.12Leslie Fitzgerald
23:52.78Rogers (Puyallup)
30.9Kendra Jansson
23:53.61 SRSumner
31.12Kelsey Kerr
23:54.56 PRRogers (Puyallup)
32.9Erika Olsen
33.12Mary Castleton
23:57.31 SRRogers (Puyallup)
34.11Rachel Bowers
24:05.79 SRTahoma
35.12Maddie Maloney
24:08.10Todd Beamer
36.10Cara Thomas
24:10.50 SREnumclaw
38.10Danielle Backman
24:14.46Todd Beamer
39.11Elise Krueger
24:14.76Rogers (Puyallup)
40.10Kelsey Smith
24:15.04 SRWhite River
41.11Anna Blumlein
24:15.40 SRRogers (Puyallup)
42.10Talitha Shiroma
24:21.04 SRTahoma
43.11Brianna Lantz
24:21.94Emerald Ridge
44.12Irene Devera
24:26.12 PRTodd Beamer
45.10Hannah Kropelnicki
24:28.79 SRTahoma
46.9Jessica Higa
24:29.95 SREnumclaw
47.12Lauren Storm
24:33.81Rogers (Puyallup)
48.9Dierdre Vasquez
24:35.39 PRKentwood
49.9Emily Pierre
24:35.69 SRTahoma
50.11Erica Worswick
24:42.71Emerald Ridge
51.10Heather Hallstrom
24:45.61Todd Beamer
52.11Katharina Straub
24:47.42 PRTahoma
53.11Jasmine Hughes
24:48.64Rogers (Puyallup)
54.12Melissa Koontz
24:49.19 PREnumclaw
55.12Becky Shorr
56.10Amanda Mendoza
24:53.12 PRTodd Beamer
57.10Amanda Roley
24:54.83 SRRogers (Puyallup)
58.9Raeshelle Calvin
24:55.44 SREnumclaw
59.9Emmabeth Hickle
24:57.07 SRWhite River
60.12Taryn Taylor
24:58.30Rogers (Puyallup)
61.10Cindee Delong
24:58.98 PRWhite River
62.11Hayley Edmonston
24:59.31Rogers (Puyallup)
63.9Allison Sullivan
64.10Elise Johnson
25:02.15 SREmerald Ridge
65.11Sarah Magee
25:04.16 PRTahoma
66.9Sheridan Lewis
25:05.33 PREnumclaw
67.9Donalee Vasquez
25:08.98 PRKentwood
68.10Mauve Holt
25:09.96 SRRogers (Puyallup)
69.10Tessa Hansen
70.12Krystal Chaye McCall
25:11.78Todd Beamer
71.9Emily Campbell
25:18.64Bonney Lake
72.11Kaitlin Callison
25:22.88 SREnumclaw
73.10Katy Halone
25:24.90 PRWhite River
74.11Anna Gibson
25:26.18Emerald Ridge
75.12Courtney Covington
25:32.01Emerald Ridge
76.10Hannah Lee
25:34.37 PRTodd Beamer
77.9Lucia Deady
25:36.35 SREnumclaw
78.9Victoria Schmidt
25:36.71 PREnumclaw
79.12Jen Cogburn
25:43.19 SRGraham-Kapowsin
80.12Michelle Doyle
25:44.77 PRPuyallup
81.12Amy Doyle
25:45.18 SRPuyallup
82.12Krystle Wahnschaffe
25:46.67 PRRogers (Puyallup)
83.9Kelsey Beer
25:50.38Thomas Jefferson
84.9Emily Dreke
25:51.29 PRTahoma
85.12Makena Kraft
86.11Emily Deady
25:54.80 SREnumclaw
87.12Mileka Grager
25:57.82 PREnumclaw
88.11Cassie Barber
26:04.54 SRThomas Jefferson
89.10Mandy Baker
26:06.04 PRPuyallup
90.10Angelina Sanchez
26:06.95 PRKentwood
91.9Alexia Valencia
26:07.34 PRTahoma
92.10Jennifer Hartke
26:09.47 PRTahoma
93.12Meaghan Kjelland
26:12.56 PRKentlake
94.12Amy Rochowiak
26:13.25 PRTahoma
95.10Miranda Dickerson
26:17.28 SRTahoma
96.10Robin Hanson
26:25.19 SRTahoma
97.12Rebecca Mcneil
26:26.31 SREnumclaw
98.10Alise Bailey
99.11Brantley Kaylee
26:40.89 PRPuyallup
100.12Lindsay Pruett
26:46.64Rogers (Puyallup)
101.10Laura Liljeberg
26:48.49 SRWhite River
102.12Monica Paulson
26:59.07 PRCurtis
103.9Jamie Jennejohn
104.11Brianne Aoki
106.9Amber Veldman
27:06.11 SRSpanaway Lake
107.12Emily Devereaux
27:13.71Rogers (Puyallup)
108.11Jessica Morgan
27:15.22 SRAuburn
109.12Laura Mayorga
27:16.26 PRTahoma
110.12Erin York
27:20.49Rogers (Puyallup)
111.12Alyx Milward
27:21.24 SRKentridge
112.11Antonia Navejas
113.12Sarah Foster
27:29.57 PRKentlake
114.10Leah Russell
27:29.95Thomas Jefferson
115.10Ashley Mitchell
27:30.79 PRKentwood
116.12Alyssa Hedding
117.12Kaori Parker
118.9Allie Lafountain
27:47.58 SRBethel
119.10Abby Castleton
27:48.05 SRRogers (Puyallup)
120.10Allison Toves
121.9Nicole Phillips
27:56.34 SRBethel
122.10Jennifer Rutledge
123.9Alex White
28:14.62 SRTahoma
124.12Laura Bratz
28:24.55 PRKentlake
125.12Sara Steiner
28:25.08Auburn Riverside
126.12Jillian Payne
28:29.45 PRPuyallup
127.10Courtney Stewart
128.12Emily Telling
28:38.59 PRPuyallup
129.10Shannon DalSanto
28:41.94 PREnumclaw
130.12Claire Ihuwan
28:50.46 PRRogers (Puyallup)
131.12Samantha Yeung
132.12Jillian Brockman
29:01.81 SRThomas Jefferson
133.10Roxanne Medina
29:08.48 SRBethel
134.10Whitney Berry
29:18.95 PRSpanaway Lake
135.9Amanda Thompson
29:19.61 PRGraham-Kapowsin
136.10Amanda Hodges
29:22.20 PRBethel
137.11Karly Burmark
138.10Katrina Matos
29:37.37Emerald Ridge
139.9Keryn Knight
29:47.18Thomas Jefferson
140.9Hannah Cylkowski
29:49.91 PRWhite River
141.10Mariah Dylina
29:54.29 SRBethel
142.9Mercedes Garcia
30:03.43 SRAuburn Riverside
143.12Diana Hafterson
30:06.39Rogers (Puyallup)
144.11Amanda Tran
30:18.09 SRFederal Way
145.12Alicia Netter
30:22.96 PRBethel
146.10Hannah Hoover
30:28.37 SRGraham-Kapowsin
148.10Gurleen Rana
30:37.65 PREmerald Ridge
149.12Sarah Spees
30:51.51 PRPuyallup
150.10Natalie Awai
31:10.10 SREmerald Ridge
151.11Simi Kaur
152.12Franzeski Nowak
31:24.53 PRPuyallup
153.9Aly Huckins
31:48.51Todd Beamer
154.10Kelsey Langlois
155.9Olivia Oden
33:42.43 PREnumclaw
156.10Anna Nelson
157.9Alyx Hoover
36:15.04 PRGraham-Kapowsin
158.9Sarah Fabeck
36:26.63 SRGraham-Kapowsin
159.12Evita Cheng
36:29.38Rogers (Puyallup)
160.10Annika Lynch
39:23.00 PRPuyallup
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