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Mens Races

Queensbury HS

5,000 Meters Varsity Championship
5,000 Meters Varsity Division 1
5,000 Meters Varsity Division 2
5,000 Meters Varsity Division 3
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Division 1
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Division 2
2,875 Meters Freshman
Womens Races

Queensbury HS

5,000 Meters Varsity Championship
5,000 Meters Varsity Division 1
5,000 Meters Varsity Division 2
5,000 Meters Varsity Division 3
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Division 1
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity Division 2
2,875 Meters Freshman

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity Championship

Official Team Scores

2.Saratoga Springs71
4.North Rockland174
5.Pearl River187
6.Tappan Zee219
7.Pittsford Mendon221
8.Corning-Painted Post238
9.Sachem North253
11.Colonie Central308
12.West Islip349
13.Shenendehowa Central360
15.Bethlehem Central372
17.Sweet Home378
18.Lake Shore Central389
20.Starpoint Central529
21.New Paltz533
1.12Brian Cook
15:17.95 PRPearl River
2.12TJ Hornberger
15:19.30Lake Shore Central
3.10Aidan Tooker
15:25.85Saratoga Springs
4.12Steven Booker
15:36.64Bethlehem Central
5.11Luke Gavigan
15:38.96Tappan Zee
6.12Tim McGowan
7.12Kyle Gronostaj
8.12Jay Navin
15:51.15Saratoga Springs
9.11Connor Buck
10.10Ben Petrella
11.12John Flannery
12.12Brent Freestone
16:01.68Saratoga Springs
13.12Liam Purdy
16:04.21 PRNorth Rockland
14.12Alex Christensen
15.10Thorr Trowbridge
16:09.40 SRKingston
16.12John McCarthy
16:10.14Corning-Painted Post
17.11Dan Muldoon
18.12Anthony Coccia
16:13.11Sachem North
19.12Jack McGowan
20.11Liam Burke
16:18.84Tappan Zee
21.12Joe Verro
16:20.98Saratoga Springs
22.12Sam Chauvin
16:21.28Corning-Painted Post
23.11Ethan Jaynes
16:26.53 PRStillwater Central
24.11Ben McDermott
16:26.88 SRPearl River
25.12Nick Termine
26.10Jake Johnson
16:28.63Colonie Central
27.12Will Ronchetti
28.11Nicholas Leclair
16:29.80 PRLiverpool
29.12Tom Moshier
16:34.58Corning-Painted Post
30.11Mike Brannigan
31.12Vincent Vazquez
16:35.49North Rockland
32.11John Onken
16:35.82 SRSachem North
33.10Ethan North
16:36.43Saratoga Springs
34.12Asaad Jeffrey
16:36.71North Rockland
35.12Jack Wesley
16:37.24Pittsford Mendon
36.11Dylan McCarthy
37.11Mike Mahoney
16:39.06Pearl River
38.12Justin Leopold
39.12Tom Quackenbush
16:39.88 SRBethlehem Central
40.12Craig Nelson
16:41.10 PRWest Islip
41.10Paul Nichols
42.12Connor Green
16:44.10Pittsford Mendon
43.12Scott Nelson
16:45.23 PRWest Islip
44.12Nathan Doyle
16:46.54Pittsford Mendon
45.12Gary Healy
16:47.07 PRPearl River
46.11Collin Rowe
16:49.99Shenendehowa Central
47.12Zach Bell
16:51.66Colonie Central
48.10Sean Ryan
16:52.26 SRBronxville
49.11James Asselmeyer
50.10Kyle Kelly
16:52.84 SRWest Islip
51.12Carl Daigler
16:53.06 PRStarpoint Central
52.12Steve Morrison
53.12Corey Peruffo
54.11Matt LeMoine
16:54.33 SRNorth Rockland
55.11Richard Stephens
16:55.69North Rockland
56.11Kevin Dooley
16:56.55Pittsford Mendon
57.12Tom Wimmers
58.11Patrick Hehir
16:58.74 SRTappan Zee
59.11Evan Feigel
16:59.23Pittsford Mendon
60.11Pat Thall
61.12Pat Flanagan
17:00.41Tappan Zee
62.12John Fullam
17:01.80 PRNew Paltz
63.10Comstock Ryan
64.11Daniel Block
17:03.07 SRSachem North
65.12Jordan Johnson
17:04.01Colonie Central
66.12Stephen Schnalzer
17:04.80North Rockland
67.10Isaac Goodman
17:05.92Pittsford Mendon
68.11Rastafari Morgan
17:07.30 SRKingston
69.12Matthew Ciminella
17:09.38Sweet Home
70.12Isaac Garcia-Cassani
17:10.20Sachem North
71.12Ian Yargeau
17:11.20Lake Shore Central
72.12Mitchell Ford
17:11.50 PRSweet Home
73.11Mitchell Daddario
17:11.90Sweet Home
74.10Brian Bates
17:12.70Corning-Painted Post
75.12Ryan Mulson
17:13.10 PRColonie Central
76.11Thomas Hale
77.11Liam Mallon
17:15.50North Rockland
78.12Jack Fallon-underw...
17:16.70 PRShaker
79.12James Blaauboer
17:18.00 SRShenendehowa Central
80.11Christopher Bouchard
17:20.10 PRShaker
81.10Mitchell Halpern
17:21.60Shenendehowa Central
82.11Daniel Stretz
17:22.30 SRSachem North
83.11Connor Buhrmeister
17:22.60Shenendehowa Central
84.11Joshua Wheeler
17:23.40 SRLake Shore Central
85.11Ryan Tsang
17:25.10Tappan Zee
86.11Nicholas Matson
17:25.80Shenendehowa Central
87.11Steven Jastrezmbski
17:26.40 SRArlington
88.11Taylor Fenoff
17:26.80Saratoga Springs
89.10Peter Miller
17:27.70Sweet Home
90.11Kevin Terragnoli
17:28.50Sweet Home
91.11Domenic Fortino
17:30.10 SRPearl River
92.12Shane White
17:31.20 SRKingston
93.11Lorenzo Mazzuca
17:32.70New Paltz
94.11Mark DiFulvio
17:33.80 SRSachem North
95.11Ian Emerick
17:34.30Starpoint Central
96.11David Azzara
17:36.80Pittsford Mendon
97.10Tyler Schmidt
17:39.60Shenendehowa Central
98.12TJ Russell
17:41.40 PRTappan Zee
99.12Rj Acosta
100.9John Lauer
17:44.30 SRSachem North
101.12Mitchell Rabold
17:44.70Sweet Home
102.11Clavin Butlak
17:45.20Lake Shore Central
103.11Jack Vite
17:46.90Shenendehowa Central
104.12Daniel Hausamann
105.12Flannan Hehir
17:51.30Tappan Zee
106.11Brandon Bogert
107.9Aiden Lancer
17:56.00 SRKingston
108.10Jay Fyfe
17:57.40 PRCorning-Painted Post
109.11Jon Coogan
17:58.90 SRColonie Central
110.11Vaughn Feighan
111.12Keith Macabee
18:00.50 SRBethlehem Central
112.12Brian Abbey
18:01.30 PRBethlehem Central
113.12Chris Edwards
18:01.70Saratoga Springs
114.10Charles Hetterich
18:02.00West Islip
115.9Jayson Hines
18:02.50 SRKingston
116.11Ryan Assini
117.10Michael Martiny
18:03.00 PRWest Islip
118.12Hassan Beesley
18:04.10 SRBethlehem Central
119.12Matthew Collin
18:09.10 PRWest Islip
120.12Andrew Rutnik
18:13.90Bethlehem Central
121.10Aidan Russell
18:15.30 SRPearl River
122.10Nicholas Raghubar
123.12Kyle Smyth
18:22.70 SRPearl River
124.10Joe Dougherty
125.12Henry Loughlin
18:27.30 SRKingston
126.11james Boyd
18:35.70 SRNew Paltz
127.12Ben Mertus
18:37.20Corning-Painted Post
128.11Brandon Zapotoski
18:46.20 SRNew Paltz
129.11Joseph Moschetto
130.10Cameron Daniel
18:55.90West Islip
131.11Phil Perez
18:58.80 SRStarpoint Central
132.11Adnon Ahmad
19:11.00 SRBethlehem Central
133.12Tyler Cooper
19:16.10Starpoint Central
134.11Josh Roseland
19:17.10Starpoint Central
135.10Bryce Weber
19:17.90Starpoint Central
136.12Owen Hayes
137.12Josh Burton
19:19.90 PRBronxville
138.10John Cogan
19:26.40 SRColonie Central
139.11Eric Lawson
19:33.50 SRNew Paltz
140.12Jack Dougherty
141.10Joey Somerville
142.11Richie Berger
20:06.60 PRNew Paltz
143.11Drew Brueckl
20:12.20Lake Shore Central
144.9Brendan Wheeler
20:33.50Lake Shore Central
145.10Peter Kane
20:33.50Corning-Painted Post
146.12John Wasielewski
20:35.90 SRLake Shore Central
147.12Ned Kister
148.11Joe Powhida
20:47.30 PRColumbia
149.12Jason Dunlap
21:15.00 SRLake Shore Central
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity Championship

Official Team Scores

1.Saratoga Springs115
2.Corning-Painted Post161
4.Shenendehowa Central177
6.Miller Place187
7.Sweet Home208
8.Academy Of The Holy Names240
10.Colonie Central254
11.Pittsford Mendon262
13.Sachem East275
15.Sachem North318
16.Wayland Cohocton366
17.Starpoint Central376
18.Maple Grove385
19.West Islip525
20.New Paltz580
1.12Kennedy Jensen
17:45.15 PRCanandaigua
2.9Jessica Lawson
17:57.25Corning-Painted Post
3.10Abbey Wheeler
4.11Sophia Tasselmyer
18:36.44Starpoint Central
5.11Aileen Doyle
18:38.54Sweet Home
6.11Alexandria Ortega
18:43.16 PRSweet Home
7.12Carolyn Hopkins
18:44.00Williamsville South
8.11Kaylee Scott
18:44.42Academy Of The Holy ...
9.12Tiana Guevara
18:46.97Miller Place
10.8Peyton Engborg
18:53.31Saratoga Springs
11.10MaryAnna Lansing
12.10Danielle Jordan
18:56.89Shenendehowa Central
13.10Laura Nolan
18:57.82Miller Place
14.12Megan Kellogg
15.11Emily Guinther
16.12Talia Guevara
19:04.86Miller Place
17.11Spencer Hayes
19:08.26Saratoga Springs
18.10Meghan Curtin
19:09.34Wayland Cohocton
19.11Isabella Burda
20.8Lydia Williams
19:15.01Academy Of The Holy ...
21.11Abigail McNamara
22.10Emily Crounse
19:19.77 SRShenendehowa Central
23.9Sam Peterman
19:20.81Sweet Home
24.10Audrey Martino
25.12Sarah Morin
19:22.72Saratoga Springs
26.12Leah Triller
19:23.39 SRAcademy Of The Holy ...
27.11Kari Tuite
19:23.78 PRPittsford Mendon
28.10Bellame Bower
19:24.40Colonie Central
29.12Shannon O'Hehir
19:26.53 SRSachem East
30.11Madeline Ustanik
19:28.82Corning-Painted Post
31.12Jessica Scheriff
19:30.76 PRNorth Babylon
32.12Morgan Gallagher
19:33.29 PRCorning-Painted Post
33.9Mackenzie Tubbs
34.10Hope Pietrocarlo
19:36.53Maple Grove
35.11Jessica Thatcher
36.8Carley Vetter
19:38.67 SRSaratoga Springs
37.10Sherri Metcalfe
38.11Elise Ramirez
19:40.29Sachem North
39.8Keellyn Cummings
19:40.90 SRSaratoga Springs
40.8Samantha Vetter
19:42.03Saratoga Springs
41.9Amanda Chambers
19:47.59Colonie Central
42.11Clare Losito
19:48.52 SRWilliamsville South
43.8Maia Henry
19:49.53 PRLiverpool
44.10Juliana Basla
19:50.07 PRLiverpool
45.11Caroline Rusch
19:50.78Shenendehowa Central
46.11Khiere Ashley
47.11Amanda Zeccola
20:04.10Pittsford Mendon
48.10Megha Singh
20:04.42Pittsford Mendon
49.10Karli Murphy
20:05.19 SRSachem East
50.11Natalie Rogus
20:08.76Corning-Painted Post
51.11Rachael Guinther
20:09.25 SRQueensbury
52.12Dominica Bleichert
20:10.36 SRShenendehowa Central
53.12Kayla Sullivan
54.10Morgan Chewning-Ku...
20:13.56 PRLiverpool
55.10Valerie Romero
20:14.58 SRSachem East
56.11Laura Barreca
20:15.87Miller Place
57.7Kathryn Tenney
20:21.26Colonie Central
58.12Alexa Campbell
59.12Taylor Norris
20:23.64Maple Grove
60.9Sam Henry
20:24.08Starpoint Central
61.10Mackenzie Coleman
20:24.58 SRSachem North
62.12Mia Bates
20:24.97 PRCorning-Painted Post
63.11Sarah Duclos
20:25.36Shenendehowa Central
64.12Michelle Crook
20:28.77Corning-Painted Post
65.10Shannen Kerin
20:29.11 SRColonie Central
66.11Kathryn Rohrer
20:29.43Pittsford Mendon
67.11Estela Smith
20:32.47Saratoga Springs
68.11Katie Butler
20:35.20Corning-Painted Post
69.12Katie Michta
20:35.50 PRSachem North
70.10Caroline Hartman
20:36.63 SRShenendehowa Central
71.12Rachel Weissenburg
20:36.86Sweet Home
72.10Meghan Latuso
73.12Kimberly Hanchett
20:38.09 PRQueensbury
74.10Jillian Manfredi
20:39.02 SRSachem East
75.12Madeline Schwartz
20:40.33Wayland Cohocton
76.11Katie Ackner
20:42.94 SRQueensbury
77.8Grace Auer
20:43.52Maple Grove
78.10Ariane Garrett
20:43.91 SRArlington
79.9Payton Czupil
80.8Gabriella Mott
20:45.19 SRSachem North
81.12Jenny Messina
82.12Jackie Malecki
20:46.43 SRColonie Central
83.11Jordynn Kurcoba
84.10Catharine Mewes
21:00.08 PRElmira
85.8Calynn Cerniglia
86.11Andrea Sorna
87.12Autumn Perez
88.12Jayda Allen
21:08.61 SRSachem East
89.10Baily Gorman
21:08.82 SRStarpoint Central
90.12Carolyn Pellegrini
21:10.19Colonie Central
91.12Kate Gaudette
21:10.38 PRNew Paltz
92.12Courtney Lewis
21:11.74Wayland Cohocton
93.12Oriana Howell
21:13.16 SRSachem North
94.10Jamie Amoroso
21:15.66 SRPittsford Mendon
95.12Nicole Silvestri
21:16.14 SRSachem East
96.12Dowon Hwang
21:16.37 SRSachem North
97.8Meredith Franchini
21:16.69Academy Of The Holy ...
98.11Brooke Catalano
21:16.90 SRWest Islip
99.8Angela Artini
100.10Jillian Stagnitta
101.11Amanda Booth
21:34.01Wayland Cohocton
102.10Reilly Landino
21:35.44Wayland Cohocton
103.9Chloe Fahey
21:37.06 SRShaker
104.11Kirsten Kaminski
21:42.81Colonie Central
105.11Arissa Spitalny
21:43.20Academy Of The Holy ...
106.7Kristen Kelemen
21:51.52Maple Grove
107.11Christiana Prater-...
108.8Siara Guevara
21:58.12Miller Place
109.8Kristina Moore
110.9Krista O'Connor
22:06.57 SRWest Islip
111.10Alyssa Bove
22:17.78 PRWest Islip
112.10Sara Mercurio
22:19.80 PRWest Islip
113.12Morgan Mahoney
114.12Monica Abrams
22:29.63 PRSachem North
115.11Dominique Betterbed
22:30.86Miller Place
116.12Rachel Markoe
117.11Genevieve Boucher
22:35.68Sweet Home
118.11Julia Sexton
22:39.48 SRMiller Place
119.10Amanda Iasparo
22:43.11 SRWest Islip
120.11Kara Wilcox
22:49.75Starpoint Central
121.10Madi Schriefer
22:51.73Pittsford Mendon
122.12Brianna Parkinson
23:03.89 PRWayland Cohocton
123.12Courtney Smith
23:13.85 SRNew Paltz
124.9Taylor Swartz
23:15.46 SRStarpoint Central
125.9Chamberlain Harris
23:15.67Academy Of The Holy ...
126.11Brooke Hart
23:20.19 SRNew Paltz
127.12Ali Jenks
23:40.01 PRWest Islip
128.12Molly Oas
23:49.02Wayland Cohocton
129.10Erica Bavaro
24:02.96 SRWest Islip
130.10Katie Alderisio
24:10.51 SRAcademy Of The Holy ...
131.12Kayleigh Marshall
25:00.17 SRNew Paltz
132.10Elysa Meekins
25:05.17 SRMaple Grove
133.12Abby Sirwatka
26:01.92Maple Grove
134.12Lily Bergstein
27:49.25 SRNew Paltz
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