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2,400 Meters Middle School
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2,400 Meters Middle School

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Mens Results

2,400 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

2.Wm R. Satz41
1.Raymond Sellaro
2.Jun Omiya
8:40Dwight - Englewood S
3.Damani Wainwright
8:58Franklin Middle Scho
4.Xavier Seals
9:04Woodstown Middle Sch
5.William Cuthbertson
9:09Sacred Heart Element
6.Ethan Blake
7.Matthew Koerner
8.Matt Ryan
9:14Woodstown Middle Sch
9.Dylan Wachenfeld
9:15William Annin Middle
10.Kyle Foltz
9:18Cedar Drive Middle S
11.Gavin Richards
12.Patrick Bayeux
9:23William Annin Middle
13.Sam Sweeney
9:25John Jay - Cross Riv
14.Ryan Hunt
15.Luke Gauthier
9:29Lacey Township Middl
16.Liam Hoagland
9:30Cedar Drive Middle S
17.Ryan Lindrud
9:34William Annin Middle
18.Mark Pothen
9:35Thomas Jefferson MS
19.8Justin Baylock
9:37 PRWm R. Satz
20.Sean Snodgrass
9:41Franklin Middle Scho
21.Mikhail Vainblat
22.Gregory Townsend
9:47William Annin Middle
23.Quarry Jack
9:51Rosa Middle School
24.Sean Gilligan
9:55St. Patrick MS
25.8Alex Longo
9:57 PRWm R. Satz
26.Jordan Lindstrom
9:59Woodstown Middle Sch
27.Colby Ehrhart
10:03Bethlehem Township M
28.Thomas Lotito
10:04Sacred Heart Element
29.Derek Ryan
10:06Franklin Middle Scho
30.Danny Varga
10:10Bethlehem Township M
31.Blessing Akinyelure
10:10Franklin Middle Scho
32.Samuel Lee
10:11Franklin Middle Scho
33.Jon Cronin
10:11Lacey Township Middl
34.Adrian Martinez-Co...
10:12Lacey Township Middl
35.Justin Dibsie
10:13Cedar Drive Middle S
36.Chris Klemm
10:15Dwight - Englewood S
37.michael d'esposito
10:22St. Bartholomew Midd
38.Oseghale Ufuah
10:23Franklin Middle Scho
39.7Eric Zheng
10:23 SRWm R. Satz
40.Travis Finley
10:25Gloucester Catholic
41.Marc Olivier
10:26Calvary Christian
42.Matt Schaefer
10:27Cedar Drive Middle S
43.Jonathan Santoro
10:27Rosa Middle School
44.7Brendan Convery
10:29 PRWm R. Satz
45.Malik Salem
10:30Rosa Middle School
46.Alfred Morales
10:31Thomas Jefferson MS
47.Alex Novello
10:31St. Patrick MS
48.Jonathan Chan
10:33Calvary Christian
49.Paul Ames
10:33St. Patrick MS
50.Jack Hermann
51.Elijah Field
10:36Franklin Middle Scho
52.AJ Van Brackle
10:36Thomas Jefferson MS
53.Sejay Noupin
10:38Franklin Middle Scho
54.Geremiah Styles
10:38Franklin Middle Scho
55.Lance Rondinelli
10:42Sacred Heart Element
56.Alec Hoffman
10:42Dwight - Englewood S
57.Ben Ciechon
10:50Rosa Middle School
58.Samuel Phillips
10:52Lacey Township Middl
59.Zane Mrazek
10:53Lacey Township Middl
60.Cody Shamro
61.Christopher Meisner
10:56Bethlehem Township M
62.8Christopher Lawrence
10:58 PRWm R. Satz
63.michael pacitti
10:58St. Bartholomew Midd
64.Nathaniel Orsag
10:59Calvary Christian
66.Isaiah Belvin
11:03Franklin Middle Scho
67.Jack Lotito
11:04Sacred Heart Element
68.Ben Melle
11:04Woodstown Middle Sch
69.Dominic Santamaria
11:05Cedar Drive Middle S
70.Noah Gershon
11:06Rosa Middle School
71.Eric Kajor
11:06St. Patrick MS
72.Carter Dibsie
11:07Cedar Drive Middle S
73.Matt Festa
74.Victor Chen
11:10Rosa Middle School
75.James McCallum
11:11Bethlehem Township M
76.Bo Caviezel
11:12Saints John & Paul S
77.Jimmy Paranzino
11:14Woodstown Middle Sch
78.Ronald Marrero
11:17Rosa Middle School
79.Rush Ehrhart
11:18Bethlehem Township M
80.Sean Kalikas
11:21Sacred Heart Element
81.Henry Emmanuel
11:22St. Bartholomew Midd
82.Steven Laureno
11:26Sacred Heart Element
83.Joseph Rosowicz
11:28St. Patrick MS
84.andrew tkacenko
11:32St. Bartholomew Midd
85.Aidan Tucker
11:35Cedar Drive Middle S
86.Ethan Anthony
11:35St. Bartholomew Midd
87.David Stortz
11:36Cedar Drive Middle S
88.7Jerry Huang
11:39 SRWm R. Satz
89.John Sakoutis
11:41Cedar Drive Middle S
90.Zach Higgins
11:43Lacey Township Middl
91.Aldrin Bustonera
11:43Rosa Middle School
92.Brett Bagley
93.Ben Russell
11:45Woodstown Middle Sch
94.Michael Evans
11:48Sacred Heart Element
95.Jarrod Maloney
11:50St. Patrick MS
96.Brian Longa
11:52Rosa Middle School
97.Ryan Whispell
11:53Woodstown Middle Sch
98.Alex Geissler
11:55Cedar Drive Middle S
99.Sean Vowells
11:57St. Patrick MS
100.Brandan Messenger
11:58Lacey Township Middl
101.Anthony Blake
12:01Cedar Drive Middle S
102.8Tom Andersen
12:03 PRWm R. Satz
103.7Jack Cahalane
12:04 PRWm R. Satz
104.7Lucas Sharp
12:05 SRWm R. Satz
105.Cameron Greene
12:05St. Patrick MS
106.Steven Woolf
12:08Lacey Township Middl
107.Tommy Corbertt
12:11Sacred Heart Element
108.Tyler Lehr
12:14Lacey Township Middl
109.Ethan Suggs
12:15William Annin Middle
110.Brandon Piserchia
12:17Lacey Township Middl
111.James Lipari
12:20Lacey Township Middl
112.Frankie Windels
12:20St. Patrick MS
113.Zivin Lee
12:21Dwight - Englewood S
114.Joe Edwards
115.Max Schubert
12:22Cedar Drive Middle S
116.Zach Schubert
12:22Cedar Drive Middle S
117.John Kraft
12:28St. Patrick MS
118.Christopher Russon...
12:30Franklin Middle Scho
119.Andrew Longa
12:32Rosa Middle School
120.Melvin Jefferson
12:32Thomas Jefferson MS
121.Zach Alagna
12:33Cedar Drive Middle S
122.Zach Dienes
12:34South Hunterdon HS
123.Philip Benderly
12:37Dwight - Englewood S
124.dominick d'esposito
12:38St. Bartholomew Midd
125.Connor Crisafulli
12:39Lacey Township Middl
126.Rabin Ramnauth
12:40Franklin Middle Scho
127.Christopher Strain
12:49William Annin Middle
128.Patrick Krummack
129.Neal Gurland
12:56Dwight - Englewood S
130.Ethan Otash
12:60William Annin Middle
131.Dylan Carson
13:02William Annin Middle
132.Joshua Pol
13:03Rosa Middle School
133.Parth Savalia
13:04Dwight - Englewood S
134.Kai Godbee
13:07Thomas Jefferson MS
135.Alexander Lytle
13:11Lacey Township Middl
136.7Ralph Jin
13:15 PRWm R. Satz
137.Will Nash
13:15St. Patrick MS
138.Ben Levin
13:21Dwight - Englewood S
139.Sean McCaffrey
13:23South Hunterdon HS
140.Liam Haggerty
13:24Sacred Heart Element
141.Logan Baloy
142.Patrick Coombe
143.Mike Walton
13:27Gloucester Catholic
144.Robert Johnson
13:30South Hunterdon HS
145.James Alongi
146.Kenny Blake
13:33Cedar Drive Middle S
147.Quinton Jones
13:37Rosa Middle School
148.Vin Greco
13:40Saints John & Paul S
149.Lukas Chrebet
13:45Cedar Drive Middle S
150.Kenneth Horn
13:46Lacey Township Middl
151.Kevin Martin
13:48Cedar Drive Middle S
152.Omer Doar
14:12Rosa Middle School
153.Evan Gershon
14:13Rosa Middle School
154.Mark Gathman
14:19Cedar Drive Middle S
155.Colin McHugh
14:33Woodstown Middle Sch
156.John Koh
14:55Dwight - Englewood S
157.Rudy LeDuc
15:13Dwight - Englewood S
158.Vincent Kiechlin
15:14Cedar Drive Middle S
159.Tony Celestino
15:50Rosa Middle School
160.Nicholas Major
16:03Lacey Township Middl
161.Donald Overby
16:20Dwight - Englewood S
162.Jai Gupta
17:01Dwight - Englewood S
163.Damani Wainwright
18:37Franklin Middle Scho
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