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3,000 Meters Middle School
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3,000 Meters Middle School

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Haven Lakeshore29
1.8Jack Nicholson
11:14.34 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
2.8Cameron Oleen
11:56.98 PRReeths-Puffer
3.8Aaron Hughes
12:03.09 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
4.8Parker Sisovsky
12:05.29 PRGrandville
5.7Sam Missel
12:07.90 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
6.8Carter Thompson
12:22.95 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
7.8Mattew Kocsis
12:27.94 PRGrandville
8.7Conor Haley
12:31.00 PRZeeland
9.8Seth Puhar
12:34.25 PRGrandville
10.7Matthew Converse
12:38.36 PRZeeland
11.8Lucas Davis
12:41.84 PRGrandville
12.8Tim Freeman
12:45.71 PRGrandville
13.8Brandon Archer
12:50.45 PRReeths-Puffer
14.7Mason Mahacek
12:51.66 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
15.8Will Mayfield
12:53.28 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
16.7Cory Oleen
13:03.76 PRReeths-Puffer
17.8Josh Mudd
13:16.21 PRZeeland
18.8Eric Howley
13:17.35 PRZeeland
19.7Tristan Couvelaire
13:17.69 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
20.8Sam Braak
13:18.60 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
21.8Nikolay Velik
13:21.58 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
22.8Trent Balley
13:23.53 PRGrandville
23.7Dominic Weatherwax
13:24.71 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
24.7Evan Hodson
13:25.38 PRReeths-Puffer
25.7Nathan Wolffis
13:25.68 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
26.7Brenner Kar
13:26.08 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
27.8Casey Wilfong
13:36.65 PRGrandville
28.8Caleb Jensen
13:40.27 PRReeths-Puffer
29.8Jacob Tallon
13:40.75 PRGrandville
30.8Mitchell Mudd
13:42.11 PRZeeland
31.8Nathen TenBrink
13:45.04 PRZeeland
32.8Frank Dionise
13:45.96 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
33.7Will Kindred
13:53.12 PRZeeland
34.7Max Curtiss
14:00.56 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
35.7Andrew Ireland
14:01.89 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
36.8Patrick Clark
14:05.74 PRGrandville
37.7Aiden Kroll
14:09.22 PRZeeland
38.8Camden Skinner
14:12.15 PRZeeland
39.8Matthew Ostoin
14:16.75 PRReeths-Puffer
40.8Kyle Goltz
41.8Matthew Beals
14:19.89 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
42.8Alex Robinson
14:22.04 PRGrandville
43.7Jack Reus
14:23.09 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
44.7Calvin Snuggeruud
14:29.58 PRZeeland
45.7Alex Light
14:32.21 PRGrandville
46.7Chase Droog
14:32.54 PRGrandville
47.7Zach Ostoin
14:33.15 PRReeths-Puffer
48.7Cameron Pikaart
14:33.82 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
49.8Jacob VanHarmelan
14:34.24 PRGrandville
50.8Christian DeJong
14:38.00 PRGrandville
51.8Jack Sommers
14:39.34 PRGrandville
52.7Nate Mulka
14:42.09 PRGrandville
53.7Adam Hoeve
14:47.20 PRZeeland
54.7Ethan Haubrich
14:52.38 PRGrandville
55.7Brett Schuitema
14:59.01 PRGrandville
56.8Jacob Lockwood
15:01.53 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
57.7Zach Deur
15:15.53 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
58.7Miles LaMaire
15:17.56 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
59.8Levi VanderWall
15:20.39 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
60.8Logan Vanderwall
15:20.68 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
61.7Mitchell Moore
15:23.05 PRReeths-Puffer
62.7Brayden Reid
15:24.33 PRGrandville
63.8Trenton Lane
15:27.28 PRReeths-Puffer
64.8Sol Van Hassel
15:30.26 PRReeths-Puffer
65.8Spencer Wooddruff
15:33.26 PRGrandville
66.8Seth Hasper
15:40.24 PRGrandville
67.7Dylan Calvin
15:43.93 PRGrandville
68.7Chris Chalmers
15:44.92 PRZeeland
69.8Rylan Vasquez
16:05.06 PRZeeland
70.8Joey Barringer
16:12.80 PRReeths-Puffer
71.7Tyler Collins
16:17.05 PRZeeland
72.8Pete Busa
16:26.70 PRZeeland
73.7Kyle Gilbert
16:28.84 PRZeeland
74.7Collin Klein
16:31.76 PRZeeland
75.7Kohl Grant
16:32.40 PRReeths-Puffer
76.8Sam Isaacs
16:36.83 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
77.7Reece Voss
16:41.79 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
78.7Zach Bishop
16:43.67 PRGrandville
79.8Brendon Schuppe
16:48.60 PRReeths-Puffer
80.7Christopher Akselb...
16:49.38 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
81.8Devon Fitzgerald
16:53.95 PRGrandville
82.7Nick Light
16:54.73 PRGrandville
83.7Jake Antcliff
17:00.93 PRGrandville
84.7Brian Harms
17:10.52 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
85.8Noah Braley
17:11.83 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
86.8Lucas Davis
87.7Bryan Rousell
17:27.87 PRReeths-Puffer
88.8Zack Dennison
17:30.86 PRReeths-Puffer
89.7Kayden Koopman
17:46.34 PRGrandville
90.8Scott Hazekamp
18:39.36 PRReeths-Puffer
91.8Aaron Smith
18:48.97 PRReeths-Puffer
92.7Sam McKenny
18:55.49 PRGrandville
93.7Ethan Brown
19:35.03 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
94.7Ian Bellgraph
20:09.95 PRGrandville
95.7Viet Vj Ly
21:58.51 PRGrandville
96.7Juan Martinez
23:02.21 PRGrandville
97.8Samuel Malott
23:30.65 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
98.7Jonathan Hoekstra
23:31.05 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

3.Grand Haven Lakeshore68
1.8Madison Troy
12:19.47 PRGrandville
2.8Katie Cornett
13:11.73 PRGrandville
3.7Alaina Carpenter
13:16.44 PRGrandville
4.7Gabriella Hentemann
13:16.83 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
5.8Natalie Troy
13:22.40 PRGrandville
6.8Sophie Kaminski
13:26.62 PRGrandville
7.8Audrey Royer
13:28.24 PRGrandville
8.7Clarissa Macomber
13:39.58 PRZeeland
9.8Cassy Hassevort
13:41.78 PRZeeland
10.8Julia Drabczyk
13:43.74 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
11.8Isabella Moayer
13:47.14 PRGrandville
12.8Erin Walski
13:49.27 PRGrandville
13.8Brecken Boeve
13:54.54 PRZeeland
14.8Lili Dobbin
13:55.62 PRZeeland
15.7Jenna Brewer
14:05.85 PRGrandville
16.7Kirbey Colella
14:06.97 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
17.7Ellie Korienek
14:10.84 PRGrandville
18.7Tori Francis
14:11.31 PRGrandville
19.7Grace Hoekema
14:13.13 PRGrandville
20.7Emilie Wilson
14:14.59 PRZeeland
21.7Madison Malon
14:15.04 PRGrandville
22.8Paige Gkekas
14:16.38 PRGrandville
23.8Natalie Smeyers
14:21.53 PRZeeland
24.7Amaya Hagler
14:27.03 PRGrandville
25.8Alyssa Heyboer
14:32.53 PRGrandville
26.7Chloe Kikstra
14:35.94 PRZeeland
27.7Grace Kaminski
14:36.61 PRGrandville
28.8Emerson Onstott
14:41.50 PRZeeland
29.8Lindsay Richardson
30.7Makayla Johnson
14:48.58 PRGrandville
31.8Emily Mattson
14:50.56 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
32.8Brittany Dreyer
14:52.93 PRZeeland
33.7Raegen Lockhart
14:53.59 PRReeths-Puffer
34.8Katriel Schmidt
14:55.68 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
35.8Hannah Hilliker
14:58.81 PRReeths-Puffer
36.8Grace Sweet
14:59.68 PRReeths-Puffer
37.8Chloe Deckrow
15:00.22 PRGrandville
38.8Paige Heckel
15:03.12 PRZeeland
39.7Megan Harrington
15:08.09 PRGrandville
40.8Ella Reava
15:09.31 PRGrandville
41.8Alyssa Potyraj
15:11.51 PRGrandville
42.7Elena Salik
15:12.10 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
43.8Erin Dolson
15:12.68 PRZeeland
44.8Grace Mekkes
15:14.61 PRGrandville
45.7Emily Sarjeant
15:16.67 PRGrandville
46.8Kaylynn Moschke
15:21.46 PRReeths-Puffer
47.7Emily VanDyke
15:22.55 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
48.7Annah Taylor
15:25.07 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
49.8Amaya Berkely
15:25.83 PRGrandville
50.7Hailey Sherwood
15:30.07 PRReeths-Puffer
51.8Alison Ursum
15:34.57 PRGrandville
52.8Chrissa Zuber
15:36.78 PRZeeland
53.7Abigail Antor
15:37.28 PRReeths-Puffer
54.7Gracyn Segard
15:39.79 PRGrandville
55.8Aylssa Koon
15:40.35 PRGrandville
56.8Alexia Bouwhuis
15:40.76 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
57.7Jenna Brinks
15:41.40 PRGrandville
58.8Jenny Ryan
15:42.77 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
59.7Amaya Hagler
60.8Clarissa Cherry
15:47.31 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
61.8Ashley Everett
15:48.50 PRGrandville
62.8Katriel Schmidt
15:48.89Grand Haven Lakeshore
63.7Skye Ames
15:49.20 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
64.7Maddy Frank
15:49.48 PRGrandville
65.7Emilie Wilson
66.8Ayebah Wilson
15:56.17 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
67.8Anneke Howerzyl
15:59.28 PRGrandville
68.8Alexis Nesbitt
16:00.28 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
69.8Libby Reiss
16:06.62 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
70.8Madi Duquette
16:09.74 PRZeeland
71.8Alyssa Wiedemann
16:12.30 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
72.8Graciela Alvarez
16:17.08 PRGrandville
73.8Ashtin Hoogerheide
16:18.82 PRZeeland
74.7Megan Wexall
16:21.54 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
75.8Natalie Mateju
16:22.05 PRGrandville
76.8Marissa Sterken
16:26.86 PRZeeland
77.7Kayleigh Brown
16:34.44 PRZeeland
78.7Ashlyn Luke
16:38.39 PRGrandville
79.7Haliey Brower
16:39.09 PRGrandville
80.7Emma Veihl
16:39.96 PRReeths-Puffer
81.8Olivia Turner
16:43.64 PRZeeland
82.7Raegen Lockhart
83.8Julia Veenkamp
16:49.15 PRGrandville
84.7Alyrica Henderson
16:51.47 PRGrandville
85.8Saraya Varice
16:53.61 PRGrandville
86.7Alyssa Spencer
16:54.22 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
87.7Kaitlin Walcott
16:54.61 PRZeeland
88.7Alexis DeMaar
16:55.05 PRGrandville
89.7Aburey Hoekema
16:55.37 PRGrandville
90.8Maddie Miner
16:56.51 PRGrandville
91.7Hailey Yeakey
16:57.04 PRGrandville
92.7Madison Holub
17:00.85 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
93.7Jordan Raynor
17:01.26 PRReeths-Puffer
94.8Christa Plamondon
17:01.72 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
95.8Kaitlyn McConnell
17:10.62 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
96.7Jada VandenBosch
17:20.77 PRZeeland
97.7McKenna Bayne
17:23.44 PRReeths-Puffer
98.7Lindsey Travis
17:26.48 PRGrandville
99.8Annika Emerick
17:27.45 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
100.8Emma Walker
17:28.03 PRGrandville
101.7Makenna Bitely
102.7Emilee Schaub
17:33.25 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
103.7Jamie Gretzinger
17:40.71 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
104.8Sarah Palsrok
17:42.22 PRZeeland
105.8Jessica Ringling
17:50.91 PRZeeland
106.7Emily Borden
17:57.77 PRGrandville
107.8Kassi Starback
18:02.03 PRGrandville
108.7Molly Hirons
18:11.08 PRReeths-Puffer
109.8Alyssa Perez
18:12.97 PRGrandville
110.8Hannah Sillman
18:15.45 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
111.8Isadora Mitchell
18:16.57 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
112.8Jasmine Wang
18:17.07 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
113.7Becca Sundquist
18:18.18 PRZeeland
114.7Isabel Staskiewicz
18:22.00 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
115.7Ashlyn Gonzales
18:23.67 PRReeths-Puffer
116.8Kenni VanderWall
18:24.06 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
117.7ellie Vandyke
18:24.33 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
118.7Macy Swiftney
18:24.65 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
119.7Emily Podsiadik
18:24.90 PRGrandville
120.8Lily DeMann
18:28.21 PRZeeland
121.8Maria Lamourie
18:37.06 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
122.7Riley VanAndel
18:44.03 PRReeths-Puffer
123.7Morgan Monette
18:46.62 PRReeths-Puffer
124.8Sarah Brown
18:50.96 PRZeeland
125.7Anna Smith
18:56.27 PRZeeland
126.7Leah Heneveld
18:57.20 PRZeeland
127.8Chloe Westbrook
19:12.30 PRReeths-Puffer
128.8Maria Castilleja
19:17.44 PRZeeland
129.8LoraEllen Hilborn
19:24.29 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
130.8Stephanie Kennert
19:38.27 PRReeths-Puffer
131.7Ellie Wassink
20:33.26 PRZeeland
132.7Grace Turner
21:04.46 PRZeeland
133.7Sophie Deiters
21:21.42 PRGrandville
134.8Danielle Page
21:27.42 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
135.7Crimson Draeger
21:28.09 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
136.7Skylin Rowan
21:29.48 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
137.7Kelsie McManus
21:39.45 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
138.7Sidnie Arendsen
21:39.81 PRZeeland
139.7Emmersan Vanderwall
24:10.74 PRZeeland
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