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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Lake Stevens26
2.Mountlake Terrace47
3.Mt Vernon58

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alex Mitchell
16:45.80Mt Vernon
2.9Noah Wallace
17:01.90Lake Stevens
3.12Jack Pearce
17:03.80Mountlake Terrace
4.12Zach Bush
17:04.60Lake Stevens
5.12David Castillo
17:13.60Lake Stevens
6.12Nathan Sparks
17:18.60Mountlake Terrace
7.11Isaiah Britt
17:29.70Lake Stevens
8.10Cortlend Novak
17:31.90Lake Stevens
9.12Wyatt Allemann
17:32.80Mountlake Terrace
10.12Dane Pollett
17:33.30Mt Vernon
11.9Trevor Allen
17:36.60Lake Stevens
12.11Chase Reid
17:37.30Lake Stevens
13.11Michael Giles
17:39.40Mt Vernon
14.12Chris Baumgartner
17:56.00Mountlake Terrace
15.12Duncan Mattingly
17:59.00Lake Stevens
16.11Conrad Bratz
18:05.90Mountlake Terrace
17.11Zane Jay
18:48.80Mt Vernon
18.11Kyle Rhodes
18:50.30 SRMountlake Terrace
19.10Jaidev Merritt
18:52.10Mt Vernon
20.10Jeff Lozensky
18:55.70Lake Stevens
21.11Taron Castleton
18:57.30Mountlake Terrace
22.9Jahldi Merritt
19:03.80Mt Vernon
23.12Rigoberto Cruz-Cha...
19:04.30Mt Vernon
24.10Anthony Mendoza
19:07.80Mt Vernon
25.Jacob Heinck
19:43.00Mt Vernon
26.9Hayden Jenkins
19:43.50Mt Vernon
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Lake Stevens25
2.Mountlake Terrace34
3.Mt Vernon79

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Matt Owen
18:54.00Lake Stevens
2.9David Joo
18:57.60Lake Stevens
3.11Jason Shevenko
19:06.10 SRMountlake Terrace
4.9Braeden Sims
19:19.20Mountlake Terrace
5.11Austin Haynes
19:23.60Lake Stevens
6.11Jaden Yackley
19:24.60Mountlake Terrace
7.9Ruben Aguero
19:27.80Lake Stevens
8.12Matt Jenson
19:57.60Mountlake Terrace
9.10Mathew Repplier
20:03.50 PRMt Vernon
10.9Casey Rothgeb
20:08.10Lake Stevens
11.11Tyler Headland
20:13.20Lake Stevens
12.11Mateo Rodriguez
20:15.50Lake Stevens
13.10Jason Ernst
20:19.10Mountlake Terrace
14.12Thomas Nguyen
20:23.20Lake Stevens
15.12Greg Bowman
20:24.20Mountlake Terrace
16.11Muhammad Shaharyar
20:34.20Mountlake Terrace
17.9Trenton Gray
20:37.90Lake Stevens
18.10Josh Liddell
20:47.10Mountlake Terrace
19.11Daniel Medhane
20:51.80Mountlake Terrace
20.10Max Hughes
20:56.00Lake Stevens
21.10Ryan McLaughlin
20:57.40Mt Vernon
22.10Juan Carlos Nolazco
20:58.40Mt Vernon
23.10MacKenzie Siemens
21:02.80Mountlake Terrace
24.9Ryan Kennedy
21:06.50 SRMt Vernon
25.9Dameon Micallef
21:08.00 SRLake Stevens
26.9Jesse Arce
21:12.20Mt Vernon
27.10Christopher Perry
21:17.80Mt Vernon
28.9Dakota Reinke
21:19.80Lake Stevens
29.11Spencer Fosse
21:21.10Lake Stevens
30.12Dominic McGuire
21:23.50Mt Vernon
31.10Sam Miller
21:24.80Lake Stevens
32.9Matthew Giles
21:26.00 SRMt Vernon
33.10Josh Felker
21:26.30Mt Vernon
34.10Thomas Teckle
21:27.50 PRMountlake Terrace
35.12Greg Pollock
21:41.60Mt Vernon
36.12Luis Reyna
21:47.50Mt Vernon
37.9Ian Salvisberg
21:54.60Lake Stevens
38.12Jack Copeland
22:00.80Mt Vernon
39.10Joseph Renault
22:15.30Mt Vernon
40.9Jason O'Connell
22:28.60Mountlake Terrace
41.9Logan Moldenhauer
22:29.40Mt Vernon
42.9Jake Broulette
22:39.90Mountlake Terrace
43.11Miguel Sepulveda
22:45.60Mt Vernon
44.9Cadden Woodhouse
22:46.80 PRLake Stevens
45.10Malaz Naquib
23:00.90 PRLake Stevens
46.10Kennan Sykes
23:03.40Lake Stevens
47.10Daniel Sullivan
23:16.10Mt Vernon
48.9Garett Grewelle
23:24.40Lake Stevens
49.12Jordan Bennett
23:58.10Lake Stevens
50.9Tate Cohan
26:19.60 PRMt Vernon
51.12Jose Castro
26:40.40Mt Vernon
52.9Jackson Sanders
35:50.00 SRMt Vernon
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mountlake Terrace23
2.Lake Stevens35
3.Mt Vernon78

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Katherine Gustafson
19:53.10Mountlake Terrace
2.9Sophia Nelson
19:58.70Mountlake Terrace
3.10Ella Schroth
20:11.60Mountlake Terrace
4.10Katherine Walter
20:12.40Mountlake Terrace
5.10Dandelion Kinison
20:30.10Lake Stevens
6.10Emma Horn
20:52.60 SRLake Stevens
7.9Rachel Schackman
20:53.40Lake Stevens
8.12Lacey Main
21:19.90Lake Stevens
9.9Emily Haegeland
21:24.00Lake Stevens
10.11Theresa Gipson
21:27.20 SRLake Stevens
11.9Kennedy Long
21:44.60 PRLake Stevens
12.11Gabby Garduno
22:05.20Mt Vernon
13.11Sierra Schulte
22:12.90Lake Stevens
14.11Cassidy Fifield
22:22.20 PRLake Stevens
15.11Emily Foster
22:24.90Lake Stevens
16.11Jamie Santos
22:26.40Lake Stevens
17.9Cassie Jennings
22:45.00Lake Stevens
18.11Marleigh Olson
22:56.90Lake Stevens
19.11Maddie Dellinger
23:05.10Mountlake Terrace
20.12Ashly Lumpkin
23:06.30Mt Vernon
21.10Cassandra Kwant
23:12.70Mt Vernon
22.11Courtney Klein
23:23.60Lake Stevens
23.11Bostynn Barnes
23:35.10Lake Stevens
24.9Kaylee McGovern
24:30.80Mountlake Terrace
25.9Kylie Otani
24:35.10 PRMountlake Terrace
26.11Michaela Roozen
24:40.20Mt Vernon
27.9Vesta Baumgartner
24:48.60Mountlake Terrace
28.12Karen Call
25:02.80Lake Stevens
29.9Reina Walker
25:18.00Lake Stevens
30.10Gabbi Tietze-Bowden
25:22.20Lake Stevens
31.12Mackenzie Dellinger
25:25.10Mt Vernon
32.11Viviana Corona
25:58.40Mt Vernon
33.12Alexandria Renault
26:13.40Mt Vernon
34.12Alyse Kennedy
26:25.40Mt Vernon
35.9Stella Ross
26:59.40Mt Vernon
36.9Kristene Thomas
27:13.20Lake Stevens
37.12Marta Morales
27:20.00 PRMt Vernon
38.11Allison Marken
27:39.50 PRMt Vernon
39.11Lillian Hanagan
27:51.60Lake Stevens
40.10Nauvre Silver
28:21.20Mt Vernon
41.11Karina Cortazar-Ga...
28:25.20Mt Vernon
42.9Alexandra Herrmann
28:25.40Mountlake Terrace
43.9Olivia Farrell
28:26.80Mt Vernon
44.9Hannah Rochelle
28:28.00 SRMt Vernon
45.9Taylor Coleman
28:50.60Mountlake Terrace
46.10Liana Lawler
28:53.40Mt Vernon
47.11Kimberly Cecena
29:21.80Mt Vernon
48.11Jamie Ruiz
29:23.00Mt Vernon
49.11Kira Erickson
29:37.90 SRMt Vernon
50.11Nancy Hausauer
30:52.90Mt Vernon
51.10KJ Collins
36:03.50Mountlake Terrace
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