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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School

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West Ottawa
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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.West Ottawa15
2.East Rockford61
1.8Isaac Sierra
11:49.62 PRWest Ottawa
2.8Danny DeForest
12:03.45 PRWest Ottawa
3.7Derek Maas
12:15.63 PRWest Ottawa
4.8Trent Perkins
12:21.71 PRWest Ottawa
5.7Cory Ives
12:25.14 PRWest Ottawa
6.8Luke Koopman
7.8Danny Mauger
12:39.37 PRWest Ottawa
8.8Aaron Weimer
12:39.56 PRWest Ottawa
9.8Nathan Maher
12:45.40 PRWest Ottawa
10.7Ryan Blackburn
12:57.24 PREast Rockford
11.8Otto Dryfhout
13:04.50 PRWest Ottawa
12.7Zack Zavadil
13:10.07 PREast Rockford
13.8Joe Lawrence
13:13.71 PRWest Ottawa
14.8Austin Edsall
15.7Mac Strobel
13:25.07 PRWest Ottawa
16.8Rudi Miller
13:31.55 PRWest Ottawa
17.8Austin Peters
18.8Evan Dubey
14:03.46 PREast Rockford
19.7Thomas McGregor
14:11.07 PREast Rockford
20.8Danny Froumis
14:20.81 PREast Rockford
21.8Seth Gibson
14:26.53 PRWest Ottawa
22.8Taylor Auby
14:38.47 PRWest Ottawa
23.7Zach Fagerlin
14:44.95 PREast Rockford
24.7David Houck
14:54.22 PREast Rockford
25.8Sam Duckworth
14:56.26 PRWest Ottawa
26.7Linus Gugino
15:32.51 PRWest Ottawa
27.8Mitchell Dozeman
28.7Charlie Wyatt
15:38.02 PREast Rockford
29.8Darren Walker
15:38.49 PREast Rockford
30.8Nicholas Edsall
31.8Grant Cooper
15:50.80 PREast Rockford
32.8Ben VanHuis
16:02.69 PRHamilton
33.7Nick Forrest
16:10.29 PREast Rockford
34.8Ben Swayze
16:30.90 PREast Rockford
35.8Jack Middleton
16:55.39 PREast Rockford
36.7Arthur Ma
17:24.74 PREast Rockford
37.7Kip Cushman
17:27.84 PREast Rockford
38.7Fernando Carranza
17:34.18 PRWest Ottawa
39.7Nick Rupert
17:38.59 PREast Rockford
40.7Dylan Weerstra
41.7Luke Wedeven
42.7Connor Hotary
18:30.55 PRWest Ottawa
43.7Andrew Smyk
18:31.12 PRWest Ottawa
44.7Alex Clark
45.8Owen Gibson
20:02.25 PRWest Ottawa
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.West Ottawa20
3.East Rockford59
1.7Taylor Schott
12:42.75 PRWest Ottawa
2.8Jenna Maas
12:57.52 PRWest Ottawa
3.7Iris Swarthout
13:06.03 PRWest Ottawa
4.8Audrey Freyhof
5.7Katie Frauenheim
13:18.18 PRWest Ottawa
6.7Summer Gilbert
13:42.83 PRHamilton
7.8Makenzie VanderMolen
13:51.80 PREast Rockford
8.8Camryn Gabriel
13:54.82 PREast Rockford
9.7Mady VanWieren
14:10.41 PRWest Ottawa
10.8Kira Alvarez
14:24.94 PRWest Ottawa
11.8Sheryl-lyn Zahl
12.8Abby LaDuke
14:41.42 PRWest Ottawa
13.7Diana Candela
14:43.85 PREast Rockford
14.7Shyla Tomsa
15.7Jenna Reinks
14:48.02 PREast Rockford
16.7Jurrien Wilson
14:49.31 PRWest Ottawa
17.8Claire Reichenbach
14:53.25 PREast Rockford
18.8Dana Tippett
14:55.48 PRWest Ottawa
19.7Haley Nieuwkoop
14:57.22 PREast Rockford
20.8Maggie Hammer
15:04.92 PREast Rockford
21.8Anna Zinken
15:06.57 PREast Rockford
22.8Sarah Hermann
15:22.24 PREast Rockford
23.8Grace Pate
24.8Alexandria Edsall
25.8Hannah Bosch
26.7Alyssa Hedstrom
15:39.20 PREast Rockford
27.7Hannah Wettlaufer
28.8Petra Braunius
15:46.38 PRWest Ottawa
29.8Jaylee Rithamel
15:51.84 PRWest Ottawa
30.8Natalie Bultman
15:56.85 PREast Rockford
31.7Carly Maynard
15:58.72 PREast Rockford
32.8Kim Sikkema
33.7Sydney Bolt
16:09.77 PRWest Ottawa
34.7Julia Vanluven
16:10.04 PREast Rockford
35.8Nicole Cano
16:21.90 PRWest Ottawa
36.8Lesley Vargas
16:25.99 PRWest Ottawa
37.8Sophie Lloyd
16:30.67 PREast Rockford
38.8Alex Roak
16:35.25 PREast Rockford
39.8Jasmine Garcia
16:35.43 PRWest Ottawa
40.8Bailey Hendricks
16:39.68 PREast Rockford
41.7Sonja Collins
16:45.45 PRWest Ottawa
42.7Alyssa Gibson
16:48.95 PRWest Ottawa
43.8Melissa Urieta
16:55.31 PRWest Ottawa
44.8Zoe Berghorst
16:56.91 PRWest Ottawa
45.7Abbi Pilarski
17:02.51 PRWest Ottawa
46.8Caitlyn Harper
47.8Stephie Ganzi
17:04.96 PRWest Ottawa
48.7Grace Ullery
17:55.01 PREast Rockford
49.8Erin Magennis
18:23.33 PRWest Ottawa
50.8Taylor Mulder
51.7Elise Boeve
21:16.68 PRHamilton
52.7Kaylee Fergus
22:03.33 PRWest Ottawa
53.8Kati Timmer
22:04.22 PRWest Ottawa
54.8Elani Stevens
23:14.45 PRWest Ottawa
55.8Josie Mitchell
56.7Noella Sek
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