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5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
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5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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Meet Info!  (coaches)

RIVER RAT OPEN ° Friday, Oct. 10, 2014

All coaches please read this handout carefully.


           Location:   Chestnut Grove @ Willow Metropark, 22900 Huron River Dr., New Boston, MI 48164


       Directions:   I-94 to I-275 south to S. Huron Rd exit-East. Proceed on Huron back over the expressway; road leads directly into the park. Continue to Chestnut Grove area. 


              Teams:   We have specifically invited the teams that have been assigned by the MHSAA to the regional meets that we host.  HOWEVER, this meet is open to any school that wishes to compete!


      Philosophy:   The philosophy of this meet is to allow coaches one last time in which all of their team members can compete in the same race and therefore make conference and regional meet selections easier.  Therefore ALL the participants from each attending school are to run in the same race ‘a glorified dual meet setting’ if you will!  It is also a chance to run on a great course on a Friday and therefore give our athletes a chance to sleep in at the time of the season when they need it most.  There is also the PSAT on Saturday that is avoided by the Friday event.  NOTE – if competitor numbers dictate, we may or may not divide the field into separate divisional races OR split the JV and Varsity into separate races where each school is allowed 10 runners in the Varsity race.


             Entries:   Each school is permitted one team in the varsity race.  Entries are comprised a roster as submitted via the online entry system for the meet.  


  • Enter your ENTIRE ROSTER into and your entire team into the race!
  • DEADLINE for entries is the Tuesday prior to the meet at 6pm.
  • Each competing athlete will be given a number to wear in competition. Athletes that do not have a number will not be allowed to cross the finish line!
  • Advanced notice if you are intending to come to the meet is appreciated – contact me at


             Course:   The course is a wheeled 5000m course that has been used in many invitational and dual meets.  In addition to cones/flags a continuous line will be painted. The course map is posted on the AAH website.  Maps will also be distributed in meet packets.  The course will not be available for preview or workouts after the Weds prior to the meet.


            JV Race:   There is no JV race at present.  We intend to have all runners from each school in the same race!  HOWEVER, if the number of entrants in this race becomes too unwieldy, we reserve the right to either split into divisions OR implement a JV race.  If a JV race is established, each school will still be allowed to run up to 10 athletes in the Varsity Race.  We will contact each attending school prior to the meet with any changes to the schedule above.  Final decision for race schedule will be made after the Weds. entries deadline.


         Schedule:         Boys first in even years; girls first in odd years. There is no coaches meeting!

Open BOYS – 4:30                 Open GIRLS – 5:00


             Awards:   We will present each of the athletes that finish in the top5 of their race with a special award.  Medals will be given to the next 45 finishers. Team Champs for each division will receive a set of medals for their Top5.  If the number of competing athletes is large, we will increase the number of medals/trophies awarded proportionally.  This is a great opportunity to earn some hardware!


         Uniforms:   Remind your athletes that MHSAA rules governing uniforms, etc. shall be upheld.


           Weather:   Local district policy will govern the facility in case of severe weather.


         Entry Fee:   To offset the cost of the bands/bibs, medals and shirts we ask each team to pay $75 with checks payable to HURON BOOSTER CLUB


            Scoring:   We will use software to manage times and places. 

        Warm-ups:   The course is available for preview prior to the running of the first race.   Please be courteous to those runners in races while you warm-up.


     Coach’s Aid:   Per MHSAA mandate, coaches should not use any transportation aids such as bikes, scooters, etc. to move around the course.


       Admission:   Please inform all parents and other spectators that admission will be charged, $5.00 for each vehicle.  The parks dept will be collecting the fee, thus only vehicles with non-school issued plates will be exempt.  Due to Metropark mandates, family/season/league passes are not honored but Metropark entry stickers are!


                  Pets:   Please advise your spectators to control their pets.  The MHSAA does not allow them!


Results:          Final meet results will be available for coaches 15 minutes after the completion of each race.

Posted at:  Additionally they will be uploaded to


          Check In:   Meet packets may be obtained at the pavilion near the finish.  The will include maps, personnel and a number for each athlete.  An athlete that does NOT have a number will not be allowed to cross the finish line!


            Appeals:   The head referee will be the final authority on judgments and interpretation of rules.  A board of appeals may be called if it is deemed necessary by the head referee and meet director and will consist of a men's and women's coach and the head referee.  If called, please re­spond immediately.  All decisions by the Appeals Board shall be final.  JUDGMENT CALLS MADE BY OFFICIALS MAY NOT BE APPEALED.


            T-Shirt:   Please inform your team that a limited amount shirts and other apparel for sale. 


   Team Camps:   There plenty of room for team tents. Please remind your athletes that they are guests in the park and therefore should remove all trash from their area at the end of the meet!


           Security:   Please inform your athletes to NOT LEAVE BAGS UNATTENDED FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME!  It is preferred that athletes leave 'gear bags' at their team camp.  Meet personnel are instructed to pick up stray/errant bags throughout the duration of the meet.


            Lockers:   No lockers or showers will be available.  Teams should dress at home.  There are several public restrooms available throughout the park.


    Concessions:   There may be a concession stand available and it is, it will be run by the MetroParks system.


            Parking:   Please inform all parents and other spectators that admission will be charged, $5.00 for each vehicle.  The parks dept will be collecting the fee, thus only school buses will be exempt!  Vans will have to pay.  Due to Metropark mandates, family/season/league passes will not be honored but Metropark entry stickers will be!


               Music:   While personal devices are permitted they are not recommended! 


            Trainer:   An athletic trainer will be on site and available.  Ice and water will be provided.


       Contact Us:   Contact Meet Manager Kevin Behmer:                                  






It is hereby agreed between __________________________________________ School, party of the first (1), and ­ANN ARBOR HURON HS, party of the second part (2), that their  Boys         Girls           Cross Country team(s) shall compete at the RIVER RAT OPEN on FRIDAY, the 10th day of OCTOBER, 2014 at 4:30pm.  Both parties (1 and 2) hereto mutually agree that the rules of Eligibility of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Inc. shall govern participation in this contest and that a properly certified list of players, signed by the superintendent or principal of each school, shall be exchanged in accordance with MHSAA Regulations.  Both parties (1 and 2) also agree that the registered officials shall be mutually agreed upon not later than ten days prior to the contest.  The visiting schools may list here, the names of officials who are not acceptable:_______________________________________________________

The party of the first (1) agrees to pay the party of the second part (2) the sum of $75 per gender ($150 per school) at the close of the contest.

CONDITIONS:__Please make checks payable to HURON BOOSTER CLUB___________________________


This contract may be canceled or altered only by mutual agreement of the contracting parties, as provided by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Inc.      


Signed in duplicate this __________ day of ___________________  20____


For the party of the first part (1):                                        For the party of the second part (2):


__________________________________                 ____KEVIN S. BEHMER______________

(authorized representative signature)                             (authorized representative signature)


School telephone number___________________    School telephone number:  (734) 994-2075




To reserve a spot in the meet, teams must return a signed contract along with the meet entrance fee. 



Head Coach - Men’s Team

Head Coach - Women’s Team







Cell Phone




Please mail copy of this contract and payments to:



c/o Kevin Behmer,

1465 Folkstone Ct.

Ann Arbor, MI  48105         Fax:    (734) 994-2069       


Additional questions? Contact Meet Manager Kevin Behmer:

(734) 994-2093 (math) or at  


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Ann Arbor Pioneer69
3.Wayne Memorial82
6.Ann Arbor Huron172
8.Ypsilanti Lincoln218
9.Detroit Country Day252
11.Westland John Glenn317
12.North Farmington319
13.Dearborn Heights Crestwood386
1.12Devin Gibson
15:52.9 PRWayne Memorial
2.12Malik Jordan
16:01.1 PRWayne Memorial
3.12Lynus Zullo
16:11.8Ann Arbor Huron
4.12Stone Mathers
16:23.0 PRAnn Arbor Pioneer
5.11Bryan Adamovicz
16:36.8 SRSaline
6.10Nick Arrivo
16:38.6 PRAnn Arbor Pioneer
7.12Billy Toth
16:39.3 SRCanton
8.12David Conzelmann
9.12Josiah Humphrey
16:43.8 PRSaline
10.12Samuel Cayen
11.11Lucas Bell
16:45.7 SRDexter
12.12Devin Stevens
16:47.1 PRBelleville
13.10Connor Meehan
16:47.9 SRSaline
14.12Jacob Johnson
16:52.1Ann Arbor Pioneer
15.11John Giles
16:52.9 SRSaline
16.12Michael Gibson
16:54.6 PRWayne Memorial
17.12Uriel Figueroa
16:55.0 PRWayne Memorial
18.12Brennan Corcoran
16:56.5 PRSaline
19.12Mike Roberts
20.12Dario Potter
16:58.4 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
21.10Zac Clark
22.10Nick Socha
16:59.6 SRCanton
23.9Shane Andrews
17:00.9 SRCanton
24.9Tom Oates
17:05.5Ypsilanti Lincoln
25.11Jacob Ehrman
17:06.0 PRSaline
26.12Will Jibson
17:07.9Ann Arbor Pioneer
27.12Andrew Hiyama
17:08.6Ann Arbor Huron
28.11Sean Crowley
17:10.6 PRSaline
29.10Marc Lopez
30.12Ben Nicholas
17:13.4 PRDexter
31.12Alec Greene
32.9Anthony DeKraker
17:16.7 SRSaline
33.12Zach McKenzie
34.11Derek Jordan
35.12Angelo Bunker
17:19.4Ypsilanti Lincoln
36.11Peter Shambaugh
17:19.9 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
37.9Robert Irwin
17:22.9 SRNorth Farmington
38.10Jack Shelley
39.9Jack Wallace
17:23.4Ann Arbor Pioneer
40.11Johnny Yang
17:25.5 SRDetroit Country Day
41.12Eduardo Gonzalez
17:26.5 PRSaline
42.11Joshua Sterly
17:27.1 PRBelleville
43.9Aidan Delfuoco
17:28.9 SRSaline
44.12Luke Bottomley
45.10Miles Kanipe
17:33.0 SRDexter
46.10Philip Valtadoros
17:33.3 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
47.10Luke Sakkinen
17:33.8 SRHighland-Milford
48.12Colin Burnett
17:34.4 SRSaline
49.11Brian Blankenship
50.10Aidan Carichner
51.10Elliot Seymour
17:37.9 SRHighland-Milford
52.10Ido Morag
17:39.6 PRAnn Arbor Huron
53.10Grant Peters
17:40.1 PRSaline
54.12Tristan Edwards
17:40.9 PRAnn Arbor Pioneer
55.11Grayson Knapp
17:41.1 SRSaline
56.11Nathan Punches
17:41.3 PRHighland-Milford
57.12Jacob Tanner
17:41.8 PRSaline
58.11Glen Luckhardt
17:42.4 SRSaline
59.11Nate Shay
17:43.1 SRDexter
60.10Rahul Khambete
17:44.0Detroit Country Day
61.12Austin Hickerson
17:44.4 PRWestland John Glenn
62.9Joshua Cook
63.12Stephen Robards
17:46.3 PRDexter
64.12Sean Carey
17:46.6 PRCanton
65.10Jamie Carranza Jr
17:47.2 PRWayne Memorial
66.12Jack McGreal
17:47.9 SRSaline
67.11Ryan McGinnis
17:48.9 PRDexter
68.9Derek Liemohn
17:54.1 SRSaline
69.12Justin Evans
17:55.5 PRSaline
70.12David Laburn
17:57.1Ann Arbor Pioneer
71.10Aaron Milley
72.10Josh Deradoorian
17:58.1 SRHighland-Milford
73.10William Dobrowolski
17:59.6 PRSaline
74.10Brennan Hochrein
75.9Connor Wright
18:00.6 SRAnn Arbor Huron
76.11Reed Yalisove
18:02.1 SRDexter
77.11Brendan Pastor
18:02.3Ann Arbor Pioneer
78.11Dante Benoit
18:03.0 PRHighland-Milford
79.12Joel Hyder
18:03.9 PRYpsilanti Lincoln
80.12Isaac Pennock
18:04.9 PRCanton
81.12Neil Khandwala
18:06.4Detroit Country Day
82.11Kevin Schnitzer
18:06.6 PRSaline
83.10Peter Slotten
18:07.8Ann Arbor Pioneer
84.12Benjamin Suddendorf
85.10Ben Biber
18:09.4Westland John Glenn
86.12Jonathan Kanzelmeyer
18:10.0 PRAnn Arbor Huron
87.11Alec Paxton
18:10.4 SRSaline
88.12Peyton Stimac
89.10Max Kleinhenz
90.9David Kight
18:15.6 SRCanton
91.12Josh Lomuscio
18:15.7 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
92.10Miles Caine
18:15.9Ypsilanti Lincoln
93.9Daniel Higgins
94.11Chad Wilson
18:19.0 SRSaline
95.11Josh Marianos
96.10Zach Cannon
97.11Connor Raines
18:20.2 PRYpsilanti Lincoln
98.10Luke Humphrey
18:20.7 SRSaline
99.9Paul Crowley
18:21.4 SRSaline
100.9Nick Straub
18:23.8 SRYpsilanti Lincoln
101.9Adam Whitton
18:24.3 PRSaline
102.12Noe Barrell
18:25.3 PRAnn Arbor Pioneer
103.12Vincent Perkins
18:25.6 PRDetroit Country Day
104.10Trevor Bishop
105.11Brian Cong
18:26.4Ann Arbor Huron
106.12Nick Choksi
18:30.2 PRDetroit Country Day
107.10Revanth Manam
18:30.3 SRDetroit Country Day
108.12Mohammad Shaikh
18:32.5 PRAnn Arbor Huron
109.9Derek Abbott
18:32.9 SRNorth Farmington
110.11Chris Brower
18:33.5 PRYpsilanti Lincoln
111.12Moad Yaseen
18:33.9 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
112.10Seth Greenfield
18:34.3 SRDexter
113.12Garrik Slawski
18:34.3 SRSaline
114.9Chris Zou
18:34.8 SRAnn Arbor Huron
115.11Javier Diaz
18:35.9 SRCanton
116.10Aldo Pando-Girard
18:36.6Ann Arbor Pioneer
117.12Maxwell Jones
18:37.0 PRSaline
118.11Brendan Huehn
18:37.7 SRAnn Arbor Huron
119.11Eric Ren
18:42.6Detroit Country Day
120.12Maxim Dyukov
18:45.7Ann Arbor Huron
121.9John Gaton
18:46.5 SRWayne Memorial
122.9Nick Ryan
18:47.7 PRDetroit Country Day
123.11Brennan Luttrell
18:48.7 SRSaline
124.10Sungrae Kim
18:48.9 SRAnn Arbor Huron
125.9Ben Lesko
18:49.3 SRCanton
126.10Zach Carey
18:50.1 SRCanton
127.9Karl Nuler
18:51.6 SRCanton
128.12Zeke Thompson
18:52.4Westland John Glenn
129.10Chris Eakin
18:53.1 SRDexter
130.12Christian Scheske
18:54.0 SRHighland-Milford
131.10Hunter Hall
18:54.8 SRCanton
132.9Tyler Kudlak
18:56.1 SRSaline
133.10Justin Hadyniak
18:56.5Westland John Glenn
134.12Elijah Taylor
18:58.1 PRDetroit Country Day
135.9Grant Sprague
136.11Alan Sun
19:01.9Detroit Country Day
137.9Jacob Barth
19:04.5 SRNorth Farmington
138.11John Robison
139.11Justin Weber
19:09.3 PRNorth Farmington
140.10Ryan Darnell
19:09.9 SRNorth Farmington
141.12Allen Chang
19:13.7 SRAnn Arbor Huron
142.10Jacob Sorscher
19:14.6Ann Arbor Huron
143.9Ryan Triolet
144.11Xavier Reinders
145.9Nelson Vayda
19:18.4 SRCanton
146.11Jonathan Boos
19:20.9Detroit Country Day
147.9Nick Harb
19:24.0 SRNorth Farmington
148.11Joel Testorelli
19:26.0 PRBelleville
149.12Will Swanson
19:27.0 PRYpsilanti Lincoln
150.12Andrew Tian
19:27.8Detroit Country Day
151.11Jahir Alvarez
19:27.9 SRAnn Arbor Huron
152.12Jeffery Zhang
19:29.9Ann Arbor Huron
153.12Evan Czechowicz
154.9Cory Routen
19:34.8 PRWestland John Glenn
155.11Kenyatta Mason
19:38.1 PRWestland John Glenn
156.10Dominic Bertoia
19:40.1 SRSaline
157.12Donovan Sheehan
158.12Matthew Fischer
19:41.8 PRWayne Memorial
159.12Aaron Schultz
19:42.2 PRBelleville
160.10Matthew Lagerquist
19:42.9 SRSaline
161.10Tyler Gabrielson
19:43.8 PRBelleville
162.9Andrew Lake
163.11Aidan Boterenbrood
19:46.2 SRYpsilanti Lincoln
164.12TJ Sweet
19:48.7 PRCanton
165.11Justin Curby
166.12Colwyn Fischbach
19:49.7 PRSaline
167.10Ryan Robinson
19:49.8 SRHighland-Milford
168.9Gavin Leschack
19:50.4 SRDexter
169.11Kyle Boxeth
19:50.7 SRSaline
170.9Jaron Stacey
19:51.0 SRSaline
171.9Arlo Flynn
19:51.1 PRDexter
172.9James Lancaster
19:52.6 PRSaline
173.9Drew Mathews
19:58.0 SRDexter
174.9Benjamin Phelps
175.-Cornelius Kayser
176.9Ben Plotnick
20:04.7North Farmington
177.10Toby Mepham
178.12Stephen Rimando
20:05.1 PRBelleville
179.11Anthony Becker
20:06.9 SRSaline
180.12Samuel Rentschler
181.9George Ferguson
20:14.1 PRWayne Memorial
182.9Luke Caddell
183.11Tye Moore
20:16.5 PRWayne Memorial
184.11Jeff Busick
20:16.6 PRWestland John Glenn
185.11Chris Brown
20:17.2 PRBelleville
186.9Harrison Bloom
20:21.1North Farmington
187.10Ryan Yaklin
20:21.6 SRSaline
188.10Sebastian Hollister
20:22.4 SRSaline
189.11Matt Militello
20:30.5 SRSaline
190.9Greg Porcaro
20:34.1 SRBelleville
191.10Maximilian Hollister
192.12Jekoven Tinsley
20:42.5Ypsilanti Lincoln
193.11Robert Cardwell
20:43.8Ann Arbor Huron
194.10Fredo Haider
20:44.7 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
195.9Kristian Manivilop...
20:47.9Dearborn Heights Cre...
196.10Justin Smith
20:53.6Detroit Country Day
197.11Blake Praschan
198.12Conrad Pan
20:57.7 PRAnn Arbor Huron
199.9Ethan Pippin
21:01.4 SRWestland John Glenn
200.11Brandon Laird
21:01.4 SRAnn Arbor Huron
201.9Mahdi Saab
21:01.6 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
202.12Zachary Worcheck
21:02.4 PRSaline
203.9Clayton Skinner
21:02.4Ann Arbor Huron
204.9Noah Gould
205.9Blake DesRosiers
206.11Alex Theile
21:07.5 SRHighland-Milford
207.10Nathan Camilleri
208.9Sean Tichener
21:09.6Ann Arbor Huron
209.10Evan Seyhun
21:10.3 PRAnn Arbor Huron
210.12Brandon Moore
21:14.0 SRSaline
211.11Jordan Joy
212.9Chuck Carey
213.9Nico Kostiw
21:17.3 SRSaline
214.10Richard Zhao
21:20.1Ann Arbor Huron
215.10Jack Hawes
216.9Cody Macuga
21:23.1Wayne Memorial
217.12Robie Webster
21:23.9 PRYpsilanti Lincoln
218.12Calvin Eugeni
21:24.6 SRSaline
219.12Dillon Gammo
21:25.5 SRSaline
220.10Corbett Schulz
21:27.4Ypsilanti Lincoln
221.11Tommy Lau
21:33.5Ann Arbor Huron
222.12Jordan Whitehouse
21:35.1Wayne Memorial
223.11Ben Wichman
224.11Caleb Brown
225.11Luke Staples
21:43.2 PRWestland John Glenn
226.9Jackson Colarossi
227.10Joshua Sirota
21:46.5 SRSaline
228.11Mark Hudson
21:47.4Detroit Country Day
229.11Matthew Skonecki
21:48.4 SRSaline
230.12Steven Moore
21:49.3 PRSaline
231.10Josiah Rentschler
21:56.2 SRSaline
232.11Brandon Matthews
22:02.3Detroit Country Day
233.10Marshall Isaacs
22:03.3 PRSaline
234.12James Obermaier
22:12.8Detroit Country Day
235.10Stephen Dinka
22:23.1Detroit Country Day
236.10Nicholas Bryant
22:25.3Detroit Loyola
237.9Matteo Tomassi
22:30.1Dearborn Heights Cre...
238.9Graham Fordice
22:33.4 PRSaline
239.9Landon Henderson
22:34.1 PRBelleville
240.9D'Aatagnan Fancher
241.9Ethan Smith
22:36.1 SRSaline
242.9Tucker Evans
243.9Ethan Cohen
22:42.8Ann Arbor Huron
244.9Jacob Salanta
22:45.4 SRSaline
245.11Clay Conkle
246.12Zenny Chu
22:53.4Detroit Country Day
247.9Solomon Song
22:55.0 SRNorth Farmington
248.9Nicholas Garland
23:16.6Ypsilanti Lincoln
249.10Omer Siddiqui
23:16.7Detroit Country Day
250.9Blake Koesel
251.9Adam Elayan
23:25.3 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
252.9Greg Sigler
253.9Noah Neff
254.10Krishan Amin
24:11.8Detroit Country Day
255.10Anthony Szczepanik
24:14.9North Farmington
256.10Mark Einhaus
24:16.5Ann Arbor Pioneer
257.12David Tooley
24:29.1 PRBelleville
258.9Andrew Winters
24:31.8 SRWayne Memorial
259.12Kirin Cherukuri
24:33.9Detroit Country Day
260.9Kevin Jiang
24:37.8Detroit Country Day
261.9James Nedeltchev
24:40.4Ann Arbor Huron
262.10Adriano Colangelo
24:48.1 PRWestland John Glenn
263.9Gene Chu
25:05.3Detroit Country Day
264.11Kevin Heslip
25:19.5North Farmington
265.10Hunter Vizzini
25:24.3 SRSaline
266.12Jacob Wyborski
25:25.5 SRSaline
267.11Dakota Warner
25:27.1 PRWestland John Glenn
268.9Eldon Wilderman
25:28.3Ann Arbor Huron
269.9William Engelhuber
25:30.2 SRSaline
270.9William Cairns
271.11Edward Lin
25:54.1Detroit Country Day
272.11Richard Hou
27:43.2Detroit Country Day
273.9Rafai Haque
28:01.4 PRCanton
274.9Aniket Paharia
28:58.0Detroit Country Day
275.10Abishek Arumanla
30:33.7Detroit Country Day
276.9Joel Stevenson
34:55.7Detroit Loyola
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

4.North Farmington150
5.Ann Arbor Huron165
7.Farmington Hills Mercy176
9.Westland John Glenn226
10.Detroit Country Day238
11.Dearborn Heights Crestwood300
12.Ypsilanti Lincoln353
13.Bloomfield Hills Marian359
15.Wayne Memorial431
1.12Hannah Lonergan
2.11Hannah Cummings
3.11Gillian Walter
4.12Allie Forman
19:33.1 PRAnn Arbor Huron
5.12Allysen Eads
19:38.4Farmington Hills Mercy
6.12Abby Rentschler
7.11Katherine Fedoronko
19:49.9 PRSaline
8.11Haleigh Cummings
19:51.3 SRSaline
9.11Lillie Phelps
10.9Jessi Larson
11.11Alexa Reyst
19:59.9 PRSaline
12.9Regan Lobodzinski
20:02.5 SRHighland-Milford
13.12Charlotte Read
20:02.8 SRDexter
14.10Hannah Fischer
20:04.6 PRSaline
15.12Shelby Abbott
20:08.3 PRNorth Farmington
16.11Olivia Cell
20:11.3Ann Arbor Huron
17.11Danielle Fillmore
20:26.9 SRSaline
18.10Jessica Lypka
19.11Karlie Cummins
20:31.5 PRNorth Farmington
20.10Regan Barsch
21.10Athena Slawski
22.11Taelor Young
20:41.4 PRSaline
23.11Holly Treber
24.10Kate Cotham
25.9Abby Hiipakka
20:49.1 SRHighland-Milford
26.12Caroline Mahalak
20:53.0Westland John Glenn
27.9Shaily Fozdar
20:53.2 PRNovi
28.10Lauren Lytle
20:54.4Farmington Hills Mercy
29.10Kate Gillingham
20:55.4 SRHighland-Milford
30.10Erika Bournival
20:55.8 PRYpsilanti Lincoln
31.10Rachel O'Rourke
20:57.2 SRHighland-Milford
32.12Alexis Lazarczyk
21:02.6Detroit Country Day
33.10Juliana Boyd
21:03.1 PRSaline
34.9Kacy Shaheen
21:06.0 PRNovi
35.10Gillian Hartley
21:06.1 SRSaline
36.11Samantha McGrath
37.10Lindsey Hayter
38.12Julia Dutkiewicz
21:08.7Detroit Country Day
39.10Yash Patil
21:09.4 PRNovi
40.10Heather Blair
21:10.2 SRNovi
41.12Emily Diehl
21:10.8 SRSaline
42.9Katherine Clark
43.11Regan Smith
44.12Cassidy Basydlo
21:18.5 PRHighland-Milford
45.11Caroline Darr
46.11Carolyn Chow
21:20.4 PRNorth Farmington
47.11Shiann Proffitt
21:24.5 PRWestland John Glenn
48.12Emily Mall
21:24.9 PRBelleville
49.9Mallory Castor
50.12Sarah Neumar
21:26.5Ann Arbor Huron
51.9Jana Hossein
21:30.5 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
52.9Addison Lentz
21:32.0 SRNovi
53.10Julia Bell
21:36.8 SRDexter
54.12Christina Visser
21:39.7 SRNorth Farmington
55.9Sophia Lamphier
21:41.1 SRFarmington Hills Mercy
56.10Carolyn Chen
21:42.6Detroit Country Day
57.12Vivian Hu
21:45.8 PRSaline
58.9Erin Haapala
21:47.2Farmington Hills Mercy
59.9Shilpa Pindolia
21:49.1 SRCanton
60.12Priyanka Sankaran
21:50.9 PRNorth Farmington
61.9Rachel Rosati
21:52.6 PRSaline
62.9Abigail Wilson
63.11Kyra Ross
21:54.6 SRSaline
64.10Erica Robinson
21:56.1 PRWestland John Glenn
65.10Heba Ashkar
21:57.7Dearborn Heights Cre...
66.12Aubrey Loftus
21:59.3 PRSaline
67.11Kristen Hayden
22:00.8Ann Arbor Huron
68.9Abby Coleman
22:02.6 PRNorth Farmington
69.9Hannah Wilson
70.10Mary Semak
22:03.9Bloomfield Hills Mar...
71.12Jillian Santos
72.9Rosie Rufe
73.12Marie Dagostino
22:08.9 PRHighland-Milford
74.12Allison Putz
22:10.4 PRCanton
75.10mary Luckhardt
22:11.0 PRWestland John Glenn
76.12Whitney Roll
22:12.7 PRBelleville
77.11Yael Plotnick
22:13.0 PRNorth Farmington
78.10Hunter Beltowski
22:14.0 PRHighland-Milford
79.12Madeleine Nicholas
22:18.1 SRDexter
80.11Lina Jebara
22:19.0Dearborn Heights Cre...
81.11Tess McGuire
22:19.2 SRSaline
82.11Samantha Lin
22:20.6Ann Arbor Huron
83.9Hannah Odeesh
22:22.4Bloomfield Hills Mar...
84.11Hannah Bartoshesky
22:24.3Ann Arbor Huron
85.9Kylie Ritchie
22:26.1 SRFarmington Hills Mercy
86.11Sonja Niederhofer
22:37.5Detroit Country Day
87.9Grace Lopez
22:41.8 SRDexter
88.9Amanda Fox
89.9Yasmine Lajimi
22:46.2 SRSaline
90.9Margy Hunter
91.12Breanna Plaxton
22:48.5 PRHighland-Milford
92.12Megan Scott
22:51.9 SRSaline
93.11Lauren Wilkie
22:53.7 PRSaline
94.12Cailey Muir
22:54.3 PRSaline
95.11Susanne Sheng
22:56.4Ann Arbor Huron
96.10Marina Cayen
97.9Chloe Lange
23:00.7 SRSaline
98.9Anika Patel
99.12Anne Boxeth
23:07.1 PRSaline
100.11Sara Nelson
101.12Kelly Eusebi
23:07.7Farmington Hills Mercy
102.11Jackie Mueller
23:08.3Westland John Glenn
103.10SoJung Ham
23:10.9Ann Arbor Huron
104.10Elana Barth
23:12.2 SRNorth Farmington
105.10Marissa Ernst
106.10Nadine Elayan
23:15.7 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
107.9Morgan Jones
108.10Suzan Karabakal
23:20.9Ann Arbor Huron
109.10Mallory Demeter
23:21.4Farmington Hills Mercy
110.12Ariana O'Neal
23:22.7 SRCanton
111.12Maggie McCarren
23:23.2 SRSaline
112.12Nicole DiPonio
23:24.7 SRFarmington Hills Mercy
113.9Jessica Leigh
23:31.6 SRWayne Memorial
114.10Natalie Wilson
23:33.9Farmington Hills Mercy
115.11Zosia Kolodziej
23:34.2 SRNorth Farmington
116.10Elaine Bradlee
117.10Nikita Bhangu
23:36.1Wayne Memorial
118.11Grace Grimes
119.12Monica Rufe
120.12Mina Lee
23:36.8Detroit Country Day
121.9Olivia Pahl
23:37.2 SRCanton
122.10Katie Carr
123.9Sabina Carty
23:44.1 SRDexter
124.10Kirsten Thomas
23:44.2Ypsilanti Lincoln
125.9Grace Czachorski
23:45.1Ypsilanti Lincoln
126.11Kayla Neme
23:45.9 SRCanton
127.12Caroline Berson
23:47.5Bloomfield Hills Mar...
128.12Britany Gray
23:48.6Bloomfield Hills Mar...
129.10Sophie Muller
23:48.9 SRNorth Farmington
130.12Judi Siyaj
23:51.6Dearborn Heights Cre...
131.10Kaitlin McHenry
23:55.1Farmington Hills Mercy
132.11Natasha Webb
133.9Hailey Eriksen
24:03.9 PRHighland-Milford
134.10Olivia Dotson
24:03.9 SRYpsilanti Lincoln
135.11Kaylee Rivera
136.9Christine Di Ponio
24:05.4 PRFarmington Hills Mercy
137.10Alaweih Nadia
24:06.5Dearborn Heights Cre...
138.10Lina Farion
24:07.1 PRBloomfield Hills Mar...
139.9Sierra Willnus
24:09.4North Farmington
140.10Kelly Kitz
141.9Carmen Parkinson
24:11.2 SRSaline
142.12Victoria Boyd
24:11.8Wayne Memorial
143.11Maggie Buerkle
144.11Olivia Keils
24:12.6 PRNorth Farmington
145.10Madison Bunker
24:13.2Ann Arbor Huron
146.11Asia Gardner
24:15.9 PRWestland John Glenn
147.10Lauren Goralczyk
24:17.8Bloomfield Hills Mar...
148.9Lara Zammit
24:18.3 SRFarmington Hills Mercy
149.12Laura Kanji
24:18.8 SRAnn Arbor Huron
150.12Samantha Engelmeier
24:19.8 PRSaline
151.10Sophie Kolasinski
152.11Dina Aldayyeni
24:20.8 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
153.12Cali Curlee
24:23.4 PRYpsilanti Lincoln
154.10Rachel Bristow
24:23.8 SRDexter
155.9Megan Foley
24:25.6 SRSaline
156.11Maddie Odom
24:28.3Detroit Country Day
157.10Emma Kruse
24:28.3Farmington Hills Mercy
158.10Jenna Kramarczyk
24:28.4 SRYpsilanti Lincoln
159.10Suzanne Irani
24:29.0 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
160.9Celeste Pan
24:30.7Ann Arbor Huron
161.9Eileen Shiau
24:32.3Ann Arbor Huron
162.11Lauren Robisch
24:33.9 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
163.11Mikaela Hernandez
24:37.8 PRCanton
164.9Delaney Djuric
24:40.1North Farmington
165.12Laurel Paputa
166.11Amarachi Ikeji
24:48.3 SRSaline
167.12Pooja Amin
168.10Samantha Rohrbach
169.12Chloe Cross
24:51.7 SRCanton
170.10Lydia Savatsky
171.10Heba Abdallah
24:52.4Dearborn Heights Cre...
172.12Aly Dahlmann
173.10Arianna Allman
24:59.4Farmington Hills Mercy
174.12Lily Earl
175.9Megan He
25:04.0 SRAnn Arbor Huron
176.12Jessica Steckelberg
25:06.1 PRHighland-Milford
177.10Melaina Climer
25:06.6Wayne Memorial
178.11Julie Cirtina
25:10.3 PRSaline
179.10Kellie Dugan
25:10.5Bloomfield Hills Mar...
180.9Anna Loughman
25:12.5 SRSaline
181.11Kenndey Ulfig
25:13.2 PRSaline
182.11Sammi Serra
25:14.1 SRHighland-Milford
183.10Miriam Siegel
25:16.1 PRSaline
184.11Grace Swanson
25:17.1Ypsilanti Lincoln
185.10Gloria Neumann
25:18.2Farmington Hills Mercy
186.10Sarah Richardson
25:18.5Bloomfield Hills Mar...
187.9Sydni Victoria
25:22.2 SRSaline
188.11Bryanne Campbell
25:25.3 PRWestland John Glenn
189.11Hala Abbas
25:26.5Dearborn Heights Cre...
190.9Kelly Adamovicz
25:27.1 SRSaline
191.12Kristen Brown
192.10Jessa Davis
25:31.7 SRSaline
193.10A'Jani Williams
25:38.6 PRNorth Farmington
194.11Maya Goldman
25:38.7North Farmington
195.11Rianna Pfau
196.11Elizabeth Weeden
25:40.8 PRSaline
197.12Madison Moss
25:43.1 SRDexter
198.11Kelsey Leppert
199.10Lauren Boettger
200.12Valenna Malone
201.11Natalie McQuade
25:50.4 SRSaline
202.11Sydney Chandler
203.12Evalyn Stow
25:52.4 SRSaline
204.10Sara Eitzman
205.9Kelly Millar
25:53.5 PRDexter
206.10Hannah Cheng
25:55.1 PRAnn Arbor Huron
207.10Shea Howe
25:58.2 PRSaline
208.10Maddie Stang
26:00.8North Farmington
209.11Erin Neaton
26:01.6Bloomfield Hills Mar...
210.10Lydia Mearing
211.9Hannah Lee
26:06.9Ann Arbor Huron
212.10Madeline Henrie
26:08.9 SRCanton
213.11Holly Tumbarello
26:09.4Ypsilanti Lincoln
214.11Stephanie Farkas
215.9Jessica Sterely
216.12Anea Gaskin
26:36.5 SRBelleville
217.11Julia Jaske
26:37.0 SRSaline
218.9Carmen Giger
26:40.3Ann Arbor Huron
219.10Claire Saylor
26:41.0 PRSaline
220.12Ashley Amegan
26:45.3 PRSaline
221.9Kennedy Gardner
222.10Ellery Hatopp
26:48.9 SRSaline
223.9Olivia Habart
26:49.3 SRSaline
224.10Avery Nowosielski
26:51.8 PRSaline
225.9Megan Griffin
226.9Angelina Kinninen
227.9Kristina Cell
27:01.3 SRAnn Arbor Huron
228.9Jimin Shin
27:06.5Ann Arbor Huron
229.12Leila Smith
27:08.4Ypsilanti Lincoln
230.11Ponnila Sampath-Ku...
27:15.5 SRNorth Farmington
231.9Sheridan Allen
27:25.6Bloomfield Hills Mar...
232.12Liz Walsh
27:25.6 PRSaline
233.10Katie Jacobsen
27:29.3 SRSaline
234.10Hiba Hasan
27:32.9Dearborn Heights Cre...
235.11Farah Hamdan
27:42.2 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
236.9Boushra El-Dirani
27:46.3Dearborn Heights Cre...
237.9Annie Nelson
238.12Suzana Haidar
27:50.0 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
239.12Rebecca Cho
27:54.7 SRAnn Arbor Huron
240.9Jessica Ding
27:54.8Ann Arbor Huron
241.9Jordan Tek
27:55.3 PRSaline
242.9Julia Karana
27:57.9Bloomfield Hills Mar...
243.11Alix Hackman
28:01.3Detroit Country Day
244.9Kaitlyn Smith
28:04.8Bloomfield Hills Mar...
245.10Jenna Darwiche
28:07.0 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
246.9Rosie Li
28:17.4 SRAnn Arbor Huron
247.11Nada Dakka
28:22.8 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
248.12Allison Learman
28:27.7 SRSaline
249.12Kathleen Reuter
250.9Karsten Whitley
251.9Madison Leake
28:39.3Farmington Hills Mercy
252.10Madison Carey
28:50.1Bloomfield Hills Mar...
253.11Lauren Sayre
254.9Skylar Wolfenbarger
28:51.5Ypsilanti Lincoln
255.9Lexi Brown
28:52.3 PRDexter
256.10Mallak Jaber
28:54.1 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
257.9Allison Jones
28:55.1 SRWayne Memorial
258.11Jessica Sorkin
28:57.6 SRSaline
259.12Emily Luckett
29:12.3 SRSaline
260.12Chapin Patel
29:14.1 PRSaline
261.12Brittany Huff
29:21.7 PRSaline
262.11Fatema Fakih
29:29.9Dearborn Heights Cre...
263.10Svetha Subbiah
264.11Gabrielle Niemiec
29:36.7Wayne Memorial
265.10Makayla Helmer
266.9Olivia Sirota
29:42.5 SRSaline
267.10Asabea Kirkland
29:43.1Farmington Hills Mercy
268.12Alex Miller
29:46.2 SRSaline
269.10Kerry Christenson
29:48.0Bloomfield Hills Mar...
270.11Jordan Gakle
271.11Elizabeth Sparaco
272.11Madison Rishel
273.9Jane Burnett
274.11Emily Louria
30:28.0 SRSaline
275.9Rahaf Jaber
30:39.1 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
276.10Kathryn Schulz
30:59.7 SRBloomfield Hills Mar...
277.10Reem Berri
31:06.7 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
278.11Samantha Jones
31:08.2 SRYpsilanti Lincoln
279.10Heba Jaber
31:13.1 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
280.12Noor Abdallah
31:13.6Dearborn Heights Cre...
281.9Katheryne Schmidt
31:37.2Ypsilanti Lincoln
282.10Marissa Conlon
283.12Israa Hadi
32:00.4 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
284.9Gina Suchy
32:22.8Dearborn Heights Cre...
285.12Michelle Popa
286.10Selva Haidar
32:54.7Dearborn Heights Cre...
287.10Jennifer Green
288.11Reagan Kelly
34:32.1Bloomfield Hills Mar...
289.9Olya Malcolm
35:00.5Wayne Memorial
290.12Mina Aldayenni
35:27.2 SRDearborn Heights Cre...
291.9Jiyah Swinney
36:34.4 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
292.12Brooke Rasmussen
293.9Anna Rogers
37:06.6 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
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