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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Lafayette (Wildwood)36
4.DeSmet Jesuit105
5.Parkway Central124
6.Parkway South130
7.Parkway West152
9.Christian Brothers College246
10.Parkway North301
11.St. John Vianney324

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Noah Kauppila
2.12Austin Del Rosso
16:19.00DeSmet Jesuit
3.12Tyler Beaman
16:24.00 PREureka
4.10Dylan Quisenberry
16:28.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
5.11Kevin Ganahl
6.10Alec Haines
16:34.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
7.9Austin Hindman
16:43.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
8.11Andrew Osbourne
16:43.00Parkway West
9.11Josiah McElmurry
16:43.00 SRLafayette (Wildwood)
10.10Devin Meyrer
16:46.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
11.12Sam Naeger
12.11Charles Hooks
13.9Zach Long
14.12Patrick Andrew
17:07.00Parkway South
15.12Matt Barkofske
17:08.00DeSmet Jesuit
16.12Stephen Plassmeyer
17:14.00DeSmet Jesuit
17.10Rodney Walton
17:17.00Parkway Central
18.10Ryan Hart
19.10Nicky Matteucci
17:21.00Parkway South
20.12Tavo Loaiza
21.12Scott Coulson
17:21.00Parkway Central
22.10Conlon Smith
17:24.00 PRParkway Central
23.9Thomas Penney
24.11Keegan Walsh
17:25.00Christian Brothers C...
25.12Tyler Laudeman
17:30.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
26.12James Morse
17:33.00 PRParkway West
27.11Stephen He
17:33.00 SRParkway Central
28.11Jack Jaeger
29.11Philip Aden
17:35.00 SRParkway West
30.12Evan Stovall
17:36.00Parkway South
31.11Jerod Broadbooks
32.12Scott McEachern
17:36.00Parkway South
33.11Tyler Blechle
17:41.00DeSmet Jesuit
34.10Zach Balleau
35.9Ryan Bode
17:47.00Parkway South
36.10Ryan Rigabar
17:52.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
37.9Charlie McIntyre
17:53.00 SRParkway Central
38.10John Butterbrodt
17:57.00Parkway North
39.12Nick Trunko
17:57.00DeSmet Jesuit
40.12Alec Crook
18:02.00 PRKirkwood
41.9Holden Foreman
18:03.00 SRKirkwood
42.11Evan Wright
18:08.00 SRParkway West
43.12Robert Eschelman
44.11Nick Dolan
18:10.00DeSmet Jesuit
45.11Ewan Burns-Wilton
18:13.00 SRKirkwood
46.10Matt Houston
18:13.00 SRChristian Brothers C...
47.11Matt Morgan
18:17.00 SRParkway West
48.12Ryan Novatny
18:19.00 SRMarquette
49.12David Edwards
18:19.00 PRKirkwood
50.12Anthony Russell
18:20.00 PRChristian Brothers C...
51.12Eric Barr
18:25.00Parkway South
52.11Sam Hooks
18:27.00 SRKirkwood
53.11Eric Ballesteros
18:29.00Parkway Central
54.12Brandon Powers
55.12Blake Waters
18:33.00DeSmet Jesuit
56.12Andy Mark
18:34.00Parkway South
57.11Evan Canon
18:38.00 PRChristian Brothers C...
58.10Logan Stucki
18:39.00 SRParkway West
59.11Kyle Lang
60.12Sean Meyer
18:56.00 PRSt. John Vianney
61.12Ari Ginsparg
18:57.00 PRParkway Central
62.10Joel Colich
18:57.00Parkway North
63.12Jimmy Broyles
19:10.00 SRSt. John Vianney
64.10Teddy McMillan
19:12.00 SRParkway North
65.12Job Kim
19:15.00 PRParkway North
66.11Ben Gruenke
19:17.00 PRSt. John Vianney
67.11Andrew Lamartina
19:19.00 SRSt. John Vianney
68.11Alex Horn
19:19.00 SRSt. John Vianney
69.11Alec Sahm
19:20.00Christian Brothers C...
70.10Casimir Smith
19:24.00 SRChristian Brothers C...
71.11Christopher Dreyer
19:26.00 SRSt. John Vianney
72.10Jamond Collins
19:29.00Parkway North
73.10Joe Nelson
19:35.00 SRSt. John Vianney
74.10Michael Buckner
19:46.00Parkway North
75.12Spencer Wilson
21:10.00 PRParkway West
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

10Noah Vermette
18:49Parkway South
10Michael Hernan
19:15Parkway South
11Gregory James
19:40Parkway South
11Franceso Turri
19:47Parkway South
11Juan Martin
19:55Parkway South
12Dan Flood
19:59Parkway South
10Zach Steltzer
20:02Parkway South
11Brendon Noyes
20:06Parkway South
9JD Peiffer
20:06Parkway South
10Chris Mark
20:13Parkway South
10Alex Zheng
20:38Parkway South
9Chris Hutchinson
20:41 PRParkway South
12Luke Travis
20:49Parkway South
9Ryan Noark
20:54Parkway South
10Alex Kloppenburg
21:07Parkway South
10Spencer Yu
21:09Parkway South
9Marteese Robinson
21:30Parkway South
9Max Haymart
21:31 PRParkway South
10Linjay Choe
22:07Parkway South
9Alex Davis
24:09Parkway South
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Lafayette (Wildwood)43
4.Parkway West103
5.Parkway Central142
7.St. Josephs Academy191
8.Parkway South219
9.Parkway North257
10.Ursuline Academy288

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Hannah Long
2.10Hannah Pierson
3.10Sarah Nicholson
19:03.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
4.11Maddy Brown
19:17.00Parkway West
5.10Anna West
19:20.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
6.11Rachel Yergensen
7.9Andra Staciu
8.10Grace Breiten
20:00.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
9.9Erin Kelly
10.10Danielle Mohrmann
11.12Eilish Overby
12.11Elise Larson
20:19.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
13.9Isabelle Chickanosky
20:21.00St. Josephs Academy
14.10Rachel Osborne
20:34.00Parkway West
15.10Emma Riordan
20:39.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
16.12Julia Miller
17.9Taylor Rock
20:42.00 PREureka
18.12Shelby Hummel
19.11Taylor Burlis
20:52.00Parkway Central
20.12Katherine Kelly
20:52.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
21.12Lauren Von Seelen
20:55.00 SREureka
22.10Eryn Bass
20:57.00 SRMarquette
23.12Mary Augustin
20:57.00Lafayette (Wildwood)
24.12Elizabeth Gibson
21:04.00Parkway Central
25.10Brayton Riley
21:10.00 SRParkway West
26.9Claire Huang
21:12.00Parkway Central
27.9Maggie Morse
21:17.00Parkway West
28.12Morgan Hummel
29.9Claire Bradfield
30.10Sarah Madsen
21:22.00 SRParkway Central
31.11Libby Nisbet
21:24.00Parkway South
32.12Eira Sandvik
33.11Rachel Yang
21:34.00Parkway West
34.9Gabrielle Baker
35.10Morgan Faust
21:44.00 SRParkway North
36.12Rowan Goldie
21:49.00Parkway West
37.10Amanda Wood
21:49.00Parkway South
38.10Sydney Jackson
21:53.00Parkway West
39.10Julia Ryterski
21:58.00 SRSt. Josephs Academy
40.12Annie Cockerline
41.12Ali Wagner
22:03.00 PRSt. Josephs Academy
42.9Katherine Franz
22:03.00Parkway South
43.10Kara Stark
22:06.00Parkway Central
44.9Richelle Bain
22:08.00 SRParkway Central
45.9Sophie Barden
22:17.00 SRSt. Josephs Academy
46.12Chandler Veldey
22:18.00 PRKirkwood
47.11Emilee Armstrong
22:24.00Parkway North
48.12Melanie Laurence
22:25.00Parkway North
49.11Bridget Sheridon
22:35.00 SRKirkwood
50.9Hannah Rowland
22:37.00 PRUrsuline Academy
51.12Elly Flores
52.12Nicole Zoghby
22:41.00Parkway South
53.9Anna McAtee
22:57.00 SRSt. Josephs Academy
54.11Lodholz Madison
23:11.00 SRUrsuline Academy
55.10Grace Noonan
56.9Bridget Gibson
23:15.00 SRSt. Josephs Academy
57.10Claire Reed
23:20.00Parkway South
58.9Kimberlee Sewester
23:20.00Ursuline Academy
59.10Caitlin Klopfer
23:22.00Parkway South
60.12Julia Goldman
23:22.00Parkway Central
61.9Hope Meyers
23:24.00Ursuline Academy
62.10Jenna Hose
23:24.00Parkway South
63.9Fernanda Tizapantz...
23:25.00 PRParkway North
64.11Ali Neuberger
23:43.00 PRParkway North
65.10Paige Edmunds
23:44.00 PRUrsuline Academy
66.12Abbey Brynac
24:07.00Ursuline Academy
67.9Kate Bellon
24:08.00 SRUrsuline Academy
68.11Elizabeth Loe
24:14.00 PRSt. Josephs Academy
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