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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.McKeel Academy24
2.Lake Wales75
4.Lake Placid98
6.Avon Park123

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Dalton Shelton
16:22.00 SRLake Placid
2.11Leif Henrikson
16:27.00 PRMcKeel Academy
3.12Isaac Rigel
16:31.00 PRLake Wales
4.12Dustin White
16:35.00 PRMcKeel Academy
5.11Casey Brady
16:38.00 SRMcKeel Academy
6.11Duncan Lippincott
16:39.00 PRMcKeel Academy
7.9Caleb Brady
16:53.00 PRMcKeel Academy
8.8Antonio Gomez
17:06.00 SRFrostproof
9.11Dylan Sadowsky
17:08.00McKeel Academy
10.11Ean Ormsby
17:13.00 PRFrostproof
11.11Dakota Jones
17:37.00 PRMcKeel Academy
12.10Dillan Nobles
18:28.00 PRLake Wales
13.10Logan Lashley
18:30.00 PRAvon Park
14.9Guillermo Martinez
18:44.00 PRFrostproof
15.10Jaydaniel Castro
18:45.00 PRPoinciana
16.10Benjamin Rigel
18:46.00 SRLake Wales
17.10Julian Obregon
19:03.00 PRLake Placid
18.9Gabriel Vargas
19:21.00 PRFrostproof
19.10Jacob Mason
19:34.00 PRPoinciana
20.11Emanuel Cruz
19:44.00 PRPoinciana
21.10Cristhian Anariba
20:00.00 PRMulberry
22.12Jimmy Liason
20:04.00 PRLake Wales
23.9Scott Sigrist
20:08.00 SRLake Placid
24.10John Giles
20:20.00 PRLake Wales
25.12Jovani Hernandez
20:21.00 PRAvon Park
26.9Jordan Cain
20:32.00 PRLake Wales
27.10Chase Langston
20:35.00 PRAvon Park
28.11Joseph Nelson
20:37.00 PRLake Wales
29.10Malik Graham
20:48.00 SRLake Placid
30.9Justin Cole
20:50.00 SRTenoroc Senior
31.12Juan Patino
21:17.00 PRAvon Park
32.10Gabriel Mercer
21:56.00 PRLake Placid
33.11Edgar Delgado
22:02.00 PRAvon Park
34.12M Graham-Rodriquez
22:04.00 PRPoinciana
35.12Domonick Patterson
36.10Dalton Hillier
22:13.00 PRLake Placid
37.12Jose Hernandez
22:30.00 PRPoinciana
38.12Riley Beeson
22:38.00 PRLake Placid
39.10Roman Mendoza
22:49.00 PRMulberry
40.12Jordai Oliver-Ruiz
23:18.00 PRPoinciana
41.10Kenneth Egan
23:20.00 PRAvon Park
42.12Jimmy Arreguin
23:33.00 PRAvon Park
43.10Joseph Gregory
24:08.00 SRPoinciana
44.12Arthur Nguyen
24:14.00 PRTenoroc Senior
45.11Nickolas Thomas
29:28.00 PRTenoroc Senior
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.McKeel Academy19
4.Lake Placid104
5.Avon Park106

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ashton Henrikson
22:27.00 PRMcKeel Academy
2.7Isabel Aguilar
22:41.00 SRFrostproof
3.9Savannah Stroud
23:19.00McKeel Academy
4.12Karla Ximin
23:22.00 PRLake Wales
5.11Clover Carithers
23:34.00 SRMcKeel Academy
6.9Morgan Bush
23:39.00 SRMcKeel Academy
7.8Molly Lippincott
24:00.00 PRMcKeel Academy
8.9Grace Simonsen
24:03.00Tenoroc Senior
9.12Viridia Uriostegui
24:27.00 PRPoinciana
10.8Dorothy Alvarado
11.10Yadira Cortes
25:12.00 PRLake Placid
12.10Monica Rouse
25:15.00 PRPoinciana
13.9Jada Marchant
25:17.00McKeel Academy
14.10Heidi Gutierrez
25:20.00 PRPoinciana
15.7Jazmin Pizano
25:24.00 SRFrostproof
16.11Mirka Hernandez
26:17.00 PRPoinciana
17.10Sarah Becerra
26:24.00 PRAvon Park
18.12Brittany Egan
26:25.00 PRAvon Park
19.10Angelica Ramirez
26:48.00 SRFrostproof
20.8Macy Gullifer
26:55.00McKeel Academy
21.6E Laureano-Aguilar
27:09.00 PRFrostproof
22.12Jennifer Patino
27:09.20 SRAvon Park
23.10Sophie Willis
27:23.00 PRMulberry
24.11Maria Gonzalez
27:32.00 SRLake Placid
25.10Nicole Moore
27:33.00 PRLake Placid
26.12Sonia Becerra
27:43.00 PRLake Placid
27.10Isela Bartolo
27:50.00 PRMulberry
28.7Makayla Bradley
29.12Cynthia Hernandez
29:45.00 PRPoinciana
30.10Keylani Cumba
29:47.00 PRPoinciana
31.11Maria Rojas
29:52.00 PRAvon Park
32.11Ashlee Robitaille
30:27.00 PRAvon Park
33.10Jesenia Cortes
31:08.00 PRLake Placid
34.12Joann Ramirez
33:20.00 PRMulberry
35.11Brisia Fonseca
33:29.00 PRLake Placid
36.12Susana Canales
34:43.00 PRMulberry
37.11Kiaraliz Cumba
35:29.00 PRPoinciana
38.12Mikaelyn Miller
35:33.00 PRAvon Park
39.10Kendra Howard
36:10.00 PRAvon Park
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