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3,500 Meters Varsity12:00 PM
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3,500 Meters Varsity11:30 AM

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Thank you so much for becoming a part of the 22nd running of the Tiger Classic. Sorry for all the changes over the past couple years. Hopefully we will return to Wright Park next season and the meet will run another 20 years. The meet will run at Ft. Steilacoom Park, the site of the Ft. Steilacoom Invite, and will cover 3500 meters of the 5000 meter course. If you did not get a information sheet please e-mail me at Rice-InkInc@ Comcast.Net and I will get back with you. Have a great season, Terry Rice

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Mens Results

3,500 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

2.10Jeff Baklund
11:49 PRThomas Jefferson
3.10David Lee
12:01 PRPeninsula
4.10John Christian
12:04 PRPort Angeles
6.10Chris Borg
12:08 PRPeninsula
10.10Keegan Hall
12:12 PRPeninsula
11.10Keegan Claxton
12:22 PRTodd Beamer
10Ted Knudsen
12:26 PROlympia
10Josh Echols
12:27 PRCapital
16.10Doug Dunbar
12:33 PRPeninsula
10Nathan Huynh
12:34 PRCapital
18.9Chase Braxmeyer
12:35 SRThomas Jefferson
10Gunnar Christensen
12:46 PRCapital
9Nate Brennand
12:48 SROlympia
23.10David Branham
12:50 PRPort Angeles
24.10Jacob Wittman
12:55 PRTodd Beamer
25.10Jon Maurins
12:56 PRPeninsula
28.10Ben Odmark
12:58 PRPeninsula
30.10Erik Lissak
12:59 PRTodd Beamer
31.10Travis Crumb
13:04 PRTodd Beamer
9Alex Hurley
13:10 PRCapital
34.10Eric Radford
13:11 PRThomas Jefferson
35.10Joe Vaughn
13:13 PRPeninsula
36.9Tom Bowman
13:13 SRTodd Beamer
37.9Isiah Alvarado
13:15.93 PRLakes
40.10Cameron Little
13:17 PRPort Angeles
10Samuel Fleckenstei...
13:22 PROlympia
44.10Riley Hall
13:23 PRPeninsula
46.9Garth Ward
13:36 SRTodd Beamer
47.10Ben Hogan
13:37 PRThomas Jefferson
48.10Adison Richards
13:38 PRPeninsula
9Colin Lang
13:40 SROlympia
10Colin McIntosh
13:44 PROlympia
52.9Trevor Taylor
13:47 SRPort Angeles
53.10Chris Kenyon
13:48.72 PRLakes
9Kris Westman
13:53 PROlympia
56.10Andrew Denton
13:53 PRPort Angeles
60.9Luke Kosbab
14:07 SRTodd Beamer
9Vivek Sandhinti
14:14 PRCapital
10Jonathan Andrus
14:16 PROlympia
9Kyle Rizzieri
14:19 PRCapital
63.10Daniel Hinkle
14:19 PRThomas Jefferson
66.10Mik Moore
14:24 PRPeninsula
9Ian Robinson
14:25 PROlympia
9Nate Loague
14:26 PROlympia
70.10Caleb Dixon-Galbre...
14:26.44 PRLakes
72.9Kevin Wills
14:33 SRThomas Jefferson
73.10Keaton McElroy
14:39 PRPort Angeles
74.10Anthony Elmore
14:40.6 PRLakes
10Tom Truong
14:42 PRCapital
76.10Keegan Webber
14:43 PRThomas Jefferson
77.10Kevin Marr
14:45 PRPeninsula
9Alex Haughton
14:48 PRCapital
79.9Tom Blanchard
14:48.34 SRLakes
10Andrew Geisler
14:50 SROlympia
10Ryan Tallman
14:51 PRCapital
9Nate Thomas
14:54 PROlympia
10Reid Vasek
14:54 PROlympia
10Zach Cleveland
14:55 PRCapital
10Steinweg Noll
14:57 SROlympia
9Drew Poyner
15:03 PRCapital
125.9Rylan Spencer
15:5 PRPort Angeles
10Aaron Rapo
15:06 PRCapital
9Ryan Williams
15:08 PROlympia
94.10David Otterstetter
15:08 PRPort Angeles
95.10Kyle Reed
15:08 PRThomas Jefferson
10Dusty Miller
15:13 PROlympia
10Aaron Hall
15:15 PRCapital
99.9Tyler Arthur
15:16 SRThomas Jefferson
100.10Jeremy Jensen
15:16 PRTodd Beamer
101.9Kirby Littlefield
15:19.0 SRLakes
10Jake Shultz
15:29 PRCapital
110.9Drew Mulder
15:31 SRPort Angeles
113.9Spencer Brook
15:35.2 PRLakes
116.10Jason Allmaras
15:42 SRThomas Jefferson
9Colby Schimelfenig
15:45 PROlympia
119.10Zack Hyneman
15:45.78 PRLakes
119.10Casey McFarlen
15:47 PRPort Angeles
120.10Casey Stipe
15:48 PRThomas Jefferson
121.10Aaron Mann
15:51 PRPeninsula
122.9Daniel Gonzales
15:52 PRThomas Jefferson
126.9Vincent Langsy
15:59 SRThomas Jefferson
9David Kirchmeier
16:00 SROlympia
9Matt Gomez
16:37 PROlympia
135.9Sam Schumer
17:01 PRThomas Jefferson
136.10Jackson Dixon-Galb...
17:07.4 PRLakes
10Taylor Bliss
17:33 PROlympia
140.10Rodney Saechao
17:50 PRTodd Beamer
143.10Thomas Meyer
18:02 PRPort Angeles
144.10Wesley Mosier
18:06 SRTodd Beamer
145.9Jon Hicks
19:18 PRThomas Jefferson
148.9Connor Spurr
19:18 PRPort Angeles
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Womens Results

3,500 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alison Maxwell
14:10 SRPort Angeles
10Kailyn Swarthout
14:20 PRCapital
9Brianne Wright
14:32 SRCapital
6.10Taylor Kartes
14:39 PRTodd Beamer
8.10Grace Mussa
14:40 PRTodd Beamer
7.10Jody Baughman
14:48 PRThomas Jefferson
9Kayleen McMonigal
14:50 PRBellarmine Prep
11.10Elizabeth Jones
14:50 PRTodd Beamer
13.10Monica Jaenicke
15:03 PRThomas Jefferson
15.10Hannah George
15:07 PRPeninsula
10Gabby Rivera
15:09 PRBellarmine Prep
10Annie Tollefson
15:10 PRBellarmine Prep
20.9Kristina Cordy
15:16 SRPeninsula
21.10Caitlin Moore
15:17 PRTodd Beamer
23.10Amanda McFeaters
15:27 PRPeninsula
10Alex Pollastro
15:35 PRBellarmine Prep
10Julianne Sloane
15:57 PRCapital
10Lauren Farwell
15:59 PRBellarmine Prep
9Lauren McCune
16:01 PRBellarmine Prep
33.9Lauren Thomas
16:07 SRTodd Beamer
29.10Molly Evans
16:08 SRThomas Jefferson
31.10Felicia Bunting
16:08 PRThomas Jefferson
9Ashli Tagoai
16:09 SRBellarmine Prep
38.10Becca Capell
16:21 PRPort Angeles
9Jennifer Foster
16:32 PRBellarmine Prep
43.10Jackie Johnson
16:35 PRPort Angeles
10Alicia Lathrop
16:42 PRCapital
46.10Emmalynn Cortes
16:42 PRTodd Beamer
48.10Amber Wood
16:44 PRPort Angeles
49.10Danielle Backman
16:49 PRTodd Beamer
9Jennifer Hickey
17:07 SRBellarmine Prep
9Sarah Johnson
17:09 PRBellarmine Prep
55.10Heather Hallstrom
17:17 PRTodd Beamer
10Anne Leverich
17:18 PRCapital
10Shayna Pepin
17:21 PRBellarmine Prep
58.10Amanda Mendoza
17:21 PRTodd Beamer
9Erika Longino
17:42 SRCapital
62.9Taylor Kehoe
17:48.8 SRLakes
10Jenny Lee
17:50 PRCapital
67.9Michelle Taylor
18:37.36 SRLakes
68.9Alyssa Siebert
19:08.37 PRLakes
10Mariko Ota
19:10 PRCapital
69.10Leah Russell
19:18 PRThomas Jefferson
10Katie Tedesco
20:14 PRBellarmine Prep
9Hannah Smith
20:17 PRCapital
74.9Haleigh Rickertsen
20:31 SRPeninsula
10Maya Banker-Tate
20:35 PRCapital
76.9Aly Huckins
23:20 PRTodd Beamer
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