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Official Team Scores

4.New Mexico85
5.Nevada-Las Vegas138
6.San Diego State160

Hypothetical Scores

1.JrRena Williams
22:27 PRBYU
2.SoElise Greenwood-Bahr
22:28 PRUtah
3.JrKatie Moon
22:29 PRBYU
4.JrJami Caldwell
22:47 PRBYU
5.SrEmily Raymond
22:55 PRBYU
6.FrKristy Barrus
23:00 PRBYU
7.JrJennifer Brusch
23:01 PRUtah
8.JrMichele Suszek
23:16Nevada-Las Vegas
9.JrNellie Hammons
23:18 PRUtah
10.FrAnne Heiner
23:21 PRBYU
11.JrNatalie Kean
23:22 PRWyoming
12.SrSarah Gonzales
23:25 PRNew Mexico
13.SoTanice Barnett
23:33 SRWyoming
14.SoTimmie Murphy
23:38 PRNew Mexico
15.FrRiann Lucy
23:51 PRNew Mexico
16.FrSeason Merjervey
23:56 PRUtah
17.SoJanice Tosa
24:01 PRNew Mexico
18.SoEmerald Reid
24:03 SRWyoming
19.-Ashley Pedersen
24:03 PRWyoming
20.SoChristine Michel
24:05 PRWyoming
21.SrAndrea Davidson
24:09 PRUtah
22.FrJennie Haertel
24:15 PRUtah
23.-Rachel Stacy
24:18 PRWyoming
24.FrKristin Taylor
24:26 PRUtah
25.SoJenny Gustavson
24:37 PRUtah
26.JrSarah Loughlin
24:46 SRNevada-Las Vegas
27.SoKristin Brauneis
24:59 PRWyoming
28.SrBrooke Gosling
25:04 PRNew Mexico
29.JrAngie Fitzpatrick
25:15San Diego State
30.SoNicki Hugie
25:29 PRUtah
31.-Myrriah Gomez
25:32 PRNew Mexico
32.SoErin Hammond
25:33Nevada-Las Vegas
33.JrMarilyn Smith
25:34San Diego State
34.SoElena Helmerick
25:41 PRWyoming
35.FrAlison Baker
25:42San Diego State
36.JrVanessa Funston
25:42 PRNew Mexico
37.SoJackie Duncan
25:50San Diego State
38.-Amy Yactor
26:05 PRNew Mexico
39.FrSara Cates
26:16San Diego State
40.SrJulie Amster
26:44San Diego State
41.JrMonica Matute
26:56Nevada-Las Vegas
42.SoKatie Hughes
27:21Nevada-Las Vegas
43.SrMichelle Villa
27:27Nevada-Las Vegas
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