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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Tates Creek66
3.Paul Laurence Dunbar68
4.Henry Clay Senior130
5.George Rogers Clark159
6.Scott County172
7.Woodford County187
8.Bryan Station191
9.Montgomery County237
10.Anderson County263
1.11Benjamin Young
16:53.56Tates Creek
2.12Malik Mahmud
17:08.11Paul Laurence Dunbar
3.12Kadesh Murphy
4.12Zach Murphy
5.12Grayson Brookshire
17:37.71George Rogers Clark
6.9Alex Mortimer
17:43.37Tates Creek
7.10Caleb Joy
8.9Harrison Keith
17:57.05Woodford County
9.11Elijah Olige
17:58.88Paul Laurence Dunbar
10.10Scott Kaiser
11.9Thomas Hill
12.12Ben Hart
18:06.82Tates Creek
13.12Mitchell Kilgore
14.12Ben Petrey
18:08.31George Rogers Clark
15.11William Atkins
18:08.84Henry Clay Senior
16.11John Rhodes
18:14.33Bryan Station
17.11Carter Whalen
18:16.78 SRHenry Clay Senior
18.12Joseph Ash
18:21.93Paul Laurence Dunbar
19.12Cesar Gonzalez
18:33.29Paul Laurence Dunbar
20.12Michael Wetzel
18:35.32Paul Laurence Dunbar
21.12Jacob Brumley
18:38.83Anderson County
22.10Timmy Michael
18:39.60Paul Laurence Dunbar
23.12Preston White
18:40.47Tates Creek
24.9Noel Dingle
18:42.71Tates Creek
25.12Alex Kincaid
18:46.44Tates Creek
26.12Cj Blair
18:47.97Paul Laurence Dunbar
27.11Nick McGee
18:50.68Tates Creek
28.11Zachary Zwygart
18:53.40Scott County
29.9Harrison Owens
18:54.06Bryan Station
30.9Cole Ralenkotter
19:04.76Henry Clay Senior
31.12Ben Anderson
19:16.25Woodford County
32.11Brian Mudrak
19:17.82Scott County
33.12Logan Parsons
19:21.72Henry Clay Senior
34.11Derek Shaffer
19:27.85Scott County
35.10Jarod Christopher
19:28.20Henry Clay Senior
36.10Zach Mudd
37.12Cody Sutphin
19:30.55 PRMontgomery County
38.11David Shoemaker
19:34.04Scott County
39.12Matthew Kosier
19:37.43 PRMontgomery County
40.12Matthew Graham
19:40.52Scott County
41.10Guy York
19:41.15Henry Clay Senior
42.12David Tuduri
19:43.43Henry Clay Senior
43.11Jack Fallon
19:44.06Woodford County
44.9Miguel Macias
19:45.06 SRBryan Station
45.11Alan Barnett
19:52.43George Rogers Clark
46.10Ian Hamilton
19:54.31Scott County
47.11Jacob Mansfield
19:55.25George Rogers Clark
48.10Randy Morris
19:56.23 SRGeorge Rogers Clark
49.11Joel Mwambayi
19:59.05 SRBryan Station
50.11Connor Jackson
20:02.06 SRMontgomery County
51.10Tucker Hurst
20:06.81Woodford County
52.12Ryan McGuire
20:10.01 SRMontgomery County
53.11Dorian Byrd
20:11.88 SRBryan Station
54.10Erik Stang
20:17.43Woodford County
55.10Branden Brookfield
20:36.09Woodford County
56.12Tristan Basil
20:39.07 SRBryan Station
57.12Joshua Boldt
20:40.89 PRGeorge Rogers Clark
58.12Cody Dillow
20:57.59 SRAnderson County
59.12Hogan Gagle
21:06.34 PRMontgomery County
60.9Blake Borwig
21:11.46 SRAnderson County
61.11Casey Moninger
21:11.78 SRAnderson County
62.12Daominh Tran
21:19.43Bryan Station
63.9Abram Gettlefinger
21:31.86 SRAnderson County
64.12Will Wise
21:43.44 PRMontgomery County
65.12Tate Logsdon-Hurst
22:00.44Woodford County
66.12Brandon Burris
22:01.44George Rogers Clark
67.10Sean Greer
22:08.73 SRMontgomery County
68.12Tyler Dewitt
22:32.02 SRAnderson County
69.9Chris Beasmore
25:19.50 SRAnderson County
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Woodford County27
2.Tates Creek61
3.Henry Clay Senior105
5.Paul Laurence Dunbar129
6.Scott County155
7.Montgomery County167
8.Bryan Station210
9.George Rogers Clark220
10.Anderson County266
1.9Emma Valle
2.7Kendall Hayes
20:13.83Woodford County
3.12Emma Guilfoil
20:50.19Bryan Station
4.9Regan Martin
21:00.90Woodford County
5.9Maddie Covey
21:09.17Tates Creek
6.12Mia Cornette
21:20.87Woodford County
7.12Adira Jarman
21:24.23Woodford County
8.12Emily Leach
21:26.15 PRWoodford County
9.12Emma Anderson
21:33.17Tates Creek
10.9April Eling
21:36.09 SRMontgomery County
11.12Lorren Sales
21:44.33Tates Creek
12.11Daria Ochenkowski
21:48.38Henry Clay Senior
13.9Jodie Smith
21:56.14Woodford County
14.9Ivory Nava
22:01.44Scott County
15.11Mary Grace Hill
16.12Ann Louise Cooper
22:06.25Paul Laurence Dunbar
17.10Jordyn Hurley
22:10.19Tates Creek
18.9Gloria Pulley
22:22.79Henry Clay Senior
19.12Kara Weaver
22:25.24Tates Creek
20.10Eliza Schaeffer
22:46.93Henry Clay Senior
21.9Kristina Leggas
22.12Claire Mackey
23:02.67Henry Clay Senior
23.9Brooke Bledsoe
23:03.82Paul Laurence Dunbar
24.11Kylie Mink
23:04.50Woodford County
25.12Samantha Correll
23:07.65Scott County
26.9Lacey Johnson
23:29.17Montgomery County
27.10Maddie Hurst
23:29.64Paul Laurence Dunbar
28.11Addyson Draper
23:29.99 SRPaul Laurence Dunbar
29.12Tara Eling
23:30.87 SRMontgomery County
30.11Elise Shainfield
31.11Lydia Gapp
23:45.00 SRGeorge Rogers Clark
32.11Mikayla Marshall
23:48.84 SRAnderson County
33.9Lucy Jefferson
24:01.72Henry Clay Senior
34.9Camryn Barber
24:02.05Scott County
35.12Antonea Johnson
24:04.07 SRPaul Laurence Dunbar
36.11Kylie Russ
24:12.21Tates Creek
37.11Manuela Botaka
24:14.15Bryan Station
38.9Lauren Haga
24:29.45Henry Clay Senior
39.12Sarah Jenkins
24:33.11Scott County
40.12Kelsy Leppo
24:41.61 PRPaul Laurence Dunbar
41.9Alyssa Gaunce
24:50.15 SRGeorge Rogers Clark
42.9Olivia Bunch
24:52.83Paul Laurence Dunbar
43.11Myah Fletcher
24:57.11Scott County
44.9Addison Fletcher
24:58.03Scott County
45.11Destiny Hembree
25:13.42 SRGeorge Rogers Clark
46.11Mayah Plucinski
25:13.96Tates Creek
47.9Emma Mork
25:15.66 PRGeorge Rogers Clark
48.10Julia Hall
25:26.49 PRScott County
49.10Elizabeth Mecham
50.12Meredith Ledford
25:58.79 SRMontgomery County
51.11Jacy Isaacs
26:34.03 SRAnderson County
52.7Chyann Sargent
27:05.13 SRMontgomery County
53.10Dara Bockrath
27:07.50 SRBryan Station
54.11Noela Botaka
27:16.45Bryan Station
55.10Cameron Eads
27:20.45 SRMontgomery County
56.-Savannah Mork
27:24.39 PRGeorge Rogers Clark
57.12Rachel White
27:26.85 SRAnderson County
58.9Helena Cybriwsky
59.11Penny Mullins
28:19.62 PRLafayette
60.12Callie Miller
28:24.90 SRGeorge Rogers Clark
61.10Heidi Geittmann
31:17.48 SRGeorge Rogers Clark
62.11Allison Guzicki
32:23.50 PRAnderson County
63.10Beymi Garcia
33:38.84Bryan Station
64.-Eliza Nutgrass
35:44.82 PRAnderson County
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