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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Stony Creek - Bay Point Beach

5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Stony Creek - Bay Point Beach

5,000 Meters Varsity10:45 AM

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Meet Info  (coaches)

Date:        Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Time         Boys' Varsity     10:00        Boys' JV     11:30         Awards    1:00
Schedule:    Girls' Varsity    10:45        Girls' JV        12:15 

Site:        Stony Creek - Baypoint Beach

Entry Fee:    $75.00 per teams, or $150.00 for both a boys and girls team or $10.00 per individual.
Make checks out to the: Macomb County Cross County Track Coaches Association
        The entry fees must be turned in by Monday October 5th at:

Hanson’s Running Shop, 8409 Hall Road, Utica, MI 48317
Attn: Bob Busquaert,      


Individual Awards: Individuals in the boys and girls race will receive awards as follows:
•    1 - 7, Gold Medal - First Team All County
•    8 - 14, Silver Medal - Second Team All County
•    15 - 21, Bronze Medal - Third Team All County
•    Ribbons will be awarded to the top 15 finishers in the Boys and Girls JV Races. The JV race will be for High School runners only. In order to compete in the JV race you must have 5 runners start the Varsity Race.

Team Awards: 
•    Teams that place First, Second, and Third in the Boys and Girls Varsity races will receive team awards. 
•    A Trophy to the First Place Team JV Race.

Academic All County Cross Country Athlete Awards: Academic Awards will be presented to the top 21 boys and girls from the varsity races based on their G.P.A. from the end of the last school year. In order to be considered for the Academic Award, an athlete's G.P.A. must be recorded on your entry sheet, and must be based on a 4.0 G.P.A. scale. To be eligible an athlete must meet the following requirements:
•    Athletes must finish in the top 50% of their varsity race.
•    Athletes must have at least a 3.5 G.P.A. through the end of the last school year.
•    Ninth graders are not eligible for the Academic Award.
•    Any athlete that meets the other criteria and has a 3.8 or higher G.P.A. will automatically earn the Award.
•    A JV runner with a time that would place them in the top 50% of the varsity race and meet the other criteria are also eligible to receive the Academic Award. 
2014 Macomb County Cross Country Championship Entries

This year we will be using Athletic.Net ( )to submit your rosters. This is the same website that you will be using to submit your rosters for the Regional Championship. 

When you go to the website you will need to add the “Macomb County Meet” to your schedule. 

Once you have added the meet to your schedule you can then register your athletes. 

Please enter ALL of your athletes in the “5,000 Meter Varsity” race regardless of where they are ranked on your team. 

We will be using the same entry for both the Varsity and JV Races at the County Meet. You will not need to determine who will be varsity and who will be JV. 

All entries must be received by Friday September 19th.

The entry fees need to be turned in to Mark A Urquhart by Friday October 4th at:

Hanson’s Running Shop, 8409 Hall Road, Utica, MI 48317
Attn: Bob Busquaert,      
        Make checks out to the: 
    Macomb County Cross County Track Coaches Association


If you have any questions, please contact me as soon as possible, 586-532-8699.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Macomb Dakota28
4.Utica Eisenhower154
5.Utica Ford188
6.Macomb Lutheran North201
7.St. Clair Shores Lakeview221
9.Warren DeLaSalle256
10.New Baltimore Anchor Bay285
11.Sterling Heights Stevenson310
12.Sterling Heights340
13.Warren Mott344
15.Warren Cousino419

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kyle Ristow
17:14 PRRomeo
2.12Nicholas Brooks
17:21 SRMacomb Dakota
3.10Sam Delcourt
17:30 PRRomeo
4.10Sawyer Kisha
17:38Macomb Dakota
5.12Jason Sharnas
6.10Zachary MacDonald
17:51Macomb Dakota
7.10Joshua Jaster
17:56Macomb Dakota
8.12Jake Lau
17:57St. Clair Shores Lak...
9.10Brendan Mousseau
18:06Macomb Dakota
10.11Donovan Pipitone
11.12Andrew Nguyen
12.12Matt VanValkenburg
13.11Kevin Lalik
18:14Warren Mott
14.10Thomas Szymanski
18:17Macomb Dakota
15.11Paul Arnold
16.10Jack Felts
17.12Steven Szatkowski
18.10Adam Walters
19.12Connor Madek
20.11Adam Frost
18:32Macomb Dakota
21.12Andrew Herppich
18:33 PRUtica Ford
22.11Anthony Barbera
18:35 SRMacomb Dakota
23.12Noah Vallee
18:35Macomb Dakota
24.12Jacob Smellie
25.10Adam Misch
18:37 PRUtica Eisenhower
26.9Tyler Giza
18:42 PRUtica Ford
27.10Freddie Wallace
28.11Calvin Bojanowski
18:53Macomb Dakota
29.11Daniel Westarb
18:56Macomb Dakota
30.10William Martin
18:56 SRMacomb Lutheran North
31.11Peter Yasoni
18:57Utica Eisenhower
32.11Niculae Pintea
18:58Sterling Heights Ste...
33.10Jack Schettler
34.10Robert Pedder
19:07Sterling Heights
35.9Eric Seefried
36.10John Mears
19:09 SRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
37.9Jacob Balsamo
38.12Kevin Kulka
19:11Utica Eisenhower
39.9Zachary Nieman
19:12Utica Eisenhower
40.9Aidan Bullock
19:14 SRUtica Ford
41.11Matthew Jesue
19:14Macomb Dakota
42.11Jeremy Winkel
19:16 SRArmada
43.10Ryan Ristow
44.10Mike Sypolt
19:18New Baltimore Anchor...
45.12Matt Hansen
46.12Noah Chapman
47.10Alex Schneider
19:21 PRMacomb Lutheran North
48.11Nick Candela
19:24Utica Ford
49.9Lucas Peck
19:25 PRUtica Eisenhower
50.12Bruce Proctor
19:26 PRArmada
51.10Andrew Gustafson
19:27Macomb Dakota
52.12Devyn Brass
19:28 PRMacomb L'Anse Creuse...
53.12Riley Murdock
19:29 PRRomeo
54.9Eric Manczyk
19:29Warren DeLaSalle
55.12Jacob Miller
19:31Macomb Lutheran North
56.10Zach Anderson
19:31 SRMacomb Lutheran North
57.10Jesse O'Rourke
19:32 SRUtica Eisenhower
58.12Spencer Havern
59.10Trevor Easterbrook
60.10Noah Conely
61.12Jason Wozniak
19:36 PRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
62.10Charlie Fromm
63.10Corey Sutton
19:38 SRArmada
64.11Tristan Lupinski
65.10Luke Roberts
19:42St. Clair Shores Lak...
66.9Ian Lamphear
19:46 SRUtica Eisenhower
67.10Chandler Witt
19:47Warren DeLaSalle
68.10David Almendarez
19:48Macomb Dakota
69.10Rick Miller
70.12Christian Matthews
19:49 SRArmada
71.9Mike Lineberger
19:50 SRRoseville
72.10Nick Romund
19:50 SRWarren DeLaSalle
73.12Ryan Peck
19:50 SRMacomb Lutheran North
74.9Kyle Fedolak
19:57Macomb Dakota
75.12Griffin Ballard
19:58New Baltimore Anchor...
76.11Nathan Sossi
19:59Macomb Dakota
77.9Colin Swanson
20:00Macomb Dakota
78.10Daniel Edwards
20:09Warren DeLaSalle
79.11Robert Feld
20:10Sterling Heights
80.9Ben King
20:11 SRArmada
81.12Connor Stevenson
20:11Utica Eisenhower
82.11Gavin Christoff
20:12 PRArmada
83.12Aaron Bawol
84.11John Asman
20:14 PRWarren DeLaSalle
85.11Tyler Ptaszek
20:17 SRArmada
86.12Paul Hanvey
20:18New Baltimore Anchor...
87.10Geno Pirrami
20:18 PRWarren Cousino
88.11Jon Michael Grabow...
20:19 PRSterling Heights Ste...
89.9Ethan Kalkman
20:19 SRClinton Township Chi...
90.11Victor Rodriguez
20:20New Baltimore Anchor...
91.12Kyle Allor
20:20Macomb Dakota
92.11Tyler Chaffin
20:26Macomb Dakota
93.9Sebastian Schroeder
20:27 PRWarren Mott
94.12Matt Jozefczyk
20:30Warren DeLaSalle
95.11Daniel Scruggs
20:32Clinton Township Chi...
96.9Thomas Dunn
20:34Utica Eisenhower
97.10Jacob Schneider
20:35 SRSterling Heights Ste...
98.10Jeremy Balicki
20:36Macomb Dakota
99.9Nathan Grain
20:37Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
100.10Josh Conrad
20:38 PRMacomb Lutheran North
101.11Sam Heaton
20:41 PRRoseville
102.10Gavin Hughes
20:42Utica Eisenhower
103.11Viktor Ciroski
20:42New Baltimore Anchor...
104.11Robert Gracin
20:43Macomb Dakota
105.11Ralf Bejko
20:43Utica Ford
106.12Joe Dombrowski
20:45 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
107.10Andrew Broski
20:46Utica Eisenhower
108.10Adam Scott
20:46 PRUtica Eisenhower
109.10Evan Esper
20:47Utica Eisenhower
110.10Dylan Yono
111.9Eric Handy
20:54Utica Eisenhower
112.9Matthew Miller
113.11Matthew Ford
20:55Macomb Dakota
114.12Victor Wszedybyl
20:56Utica Ford
115.10Cal Novara
20:58 SRSterling Heights Ste...
116.10Josh Giles
117.10Jake Weber
21:02Utica Eisenhower
118.11Alex Day
21:03 PRUtica Ford
119.9Cameron Bourgeois
120.10Austin Sbraccia
21:06New Baltimore Anchor...
121.9David Walker
21:08Macomb Dakota
122.11Antonio Federico
123.11Jarrett VanderLinden
21:09Warren Cousino
124.10Matt Merluzzi
21:09 PRSterling Heights Ste...
125.12Matt Brunsman
21:11Warren DeLaSalle
126.11Kyle Pietrzak
21:11Macomb Dakota
127.11William Niedbala
21:13Sterling Heights
128.9Ricky Pinto
129.10Nathan Kurek
21:18 SRMacomb Lutheran North
130.9Cole Misuraca
21:19Macomb Lutheran North
131.11Orion Peterson
21:22 PRSterling Heights Ste...
132.11Jacob Peplinski
133.10Harold Puri
21:28Sterling Heights Ste...
134.11Mahfuj Ahbab
21:29Warren Mott
135.9Justin Peck
21:30Macomb Lutheran North
136.10Mike Boushelle
21:31 PRArmada
137.9Ramon Clark
21:31Sterling Heights
138.11Sebastian Esquivel
21:32 PRUtica
139.9Noah Harris
21:34Macomb Lutheran North
140.10Colton Earegood
21:39 PRUtica Eisenhower
141.10Nicholas Colpaert
21:39Warren DeLaSalle
142.10Marko Tegeltija
21:46Macomb Dakota
143.10Tyler Newton
144.11Lucas Hildinger
21:49 SRRoseville
145.11Richard Campbell
146.10Joshua Brooks
21:54Macomb Dakota
147.11Brandon Thai
21:55 PRSterling Heights Ste...
148.10Cale Snyder
21:55Macomb Dakota
149.12Sam Hiestand
22:00Macomb Lutheran North
150.11Azim Chowdury
22:04Warren Mott
151.9Trevor Burke
22:04Clinton Township Chi...
152.9Quinn Rylander
153.10Trevor Hunt
154.9Nick Gardner
22:07 SRSterling Heights Ste...
155.12Yao Kuang
22:13Sterling Heights
156.12Jonathan Sadocha
22:15 SRMacomb Lutheran North
157.9Andrew Bergeron
22:17St. Clair Shores Lak...
158.11Dylan Folts
22:17 SRRoseville
159.12Frank Slanczka
22:21Warren DeLaSalle
160.11Patrick Golebiewski
22:22Utica Ford
161.9Joseph Simbeni
162.9Matt Wisniewski
22:26Utica Eisenhower
163.11Robert Rider
22:29Utica Eisenhower
164.10Logan Jackson
22:33Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
165.11Alex Julson
22:35 SRMacomb Lutheran North
166.9Ken Grawburg
22:42Warren Cousino
167.10Chris St. John
22:51 SRArmada
168.11Cameron Gray
22:54Macomb Dakota
169.10Nathan Williams
23:03Warren Cousino
170.10Evan Mabry
23:03Macomb Dakota
171.10Antonio Raimondi
23:08Utica Eisenhower
172.9Brendan Crawford
23:12Warren Mott
173.12Trevor Stiteler
23:17Warren Cousino
174.11Dominic Pipitone
23:17 PRUtica
175.10Jack Maniaci
23:30 SRUtica Eisenhower
176.10Aaron Pratt
23:33 SRMacomb Lutheran North
177.12Scott Pavlik
23:33 SRMacomb Lutheran North
178.9Nicholas Groen
23:35 SRArmada
179.11Jay Nandy
23:36 PRMacomb Dakota
180.10Tadd Tripp
23:50 PRArmada
181.9Alec Mason
23:58Utica Eisenhower
182.11Ben Dehondt
183.11Jacob Tokarczyk
184.11Brendan Berryman
24:06Utica Eisenhower
185.9Jackson Johnson
24:07 SRUtica Eisenhower
186.12Blake Sparks
187.11Robert Zaleski
24:08Utica Eisenhower
188.11Kevin Couch
24:13 PRFraser
189.9Kenny Jensen
24:18Warren Mott
190.10Zachary Pickell
24:18 SRUtica Eisenhower
191.10Evan Pena
24:19Macomb Dakota
192.9Scott Corbat
24:20 SRMacomb Lutheran North
193.10Tom McCloskey
24:31 SRWarren Cousino
194.12Mahir Chowdury
24:41Warren Mott
195.10Kyle Knight
24:46Macomb Dakota
196.12Aaron Rose
24:49Warren Cousino
197.9Adam Vallee
25:11Macomb Dakota
198.10Patrick Kishek
25:13 SRMacomb Dakota
199.12Hunter Hannan
25:15Macomb Lutheran North
200.9Evan Dombrowski
25:24 SRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
201.9Kris Cukaj
25:27Utica Eisenhower
202.10Paul Michalski
25:32 PRUtica Ford
203.12Christian Dondonan
25:54Sterling Heights Ste...
204.12Ryan Murdock
25:56St. Clair Shores Lak...
205.9Nathan Michalski
26:04Utica Eisenhower
206.10Ethan Cartwright
207.9Ryan Allor
26:34Macomb Dakota
208.9Joshua Rouseau
27:06Macomb Dakota
209.9Andrew Denny
28:16Warren Cousino
210.9Trysten Dembeck
28:20Warren Cousino
211.10Andrew Dubach
34:43Macomb Lutheran North
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5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Macomb Dakota81
3.Macomb L'Anse Creuse North160
4.St. Clair Shores Lakeview170
7.Warren DeLaSalle226
8.Utica Eisenhower234
9.Sterling Heights Stevenson243
10.Sterling Heights258
11.Warren Mott268
12.Clinton Township Chippewa Va...278
13.Macomb Lutheran North299
14.Utica Ford324
16.Harrison Twp. L'Anse Creuse427
17.New Baltimore Anchor Bay440
20.Warren Cousino581
21.Center Line649
22.Warren Woods Tower654

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Mickey Davey
15:29 PRWarren DeLaSalle
2.12Tyler Phillips
15:52 PRArmada
3.12Jacob Domagalski
4.10Thomas Michno
16:09Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
5.12David Saporito
16:14Warren Mott
6.11Adam Fraeyman
16:15 SRRomeo
7.10Mike Burley
16:17Sterling Heights
8.10Steven Stine
9.12Ian Demrose
16:25Macomb Dakota
10.12Jeremiah Jean
16:28 PRSterling Heights Ste...
11.11Phil Mundt
16:33Clinton Township Chi...
12.12Ryan Filbeck
16:33Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
13.12Paul Garbarino
14.12Christopher Yatooma
16:35Sterling Heights
15.11James Hoefler
16:36 SRMacomb Dakota
16.12Zechariah Jean
16:50Sterling Heights Ste...
17.11Brendan Koch
16:55 SRMacomb Dakota
18.10Daniel Knapp
16:56Macomb Dakota
19.12Garrett Parzynski
16:56St. Clair Shores Lak...
20.9Nick Behring
16:56 SRRomeo
21.12Chris Vancoillie
16:57 PRUtica Eisenhower
22.12Jacob Kalahar
17:00Macomb Dakota
23.10Logan Hefferan
17:01Utica Eisenhower
24.10Gabe Garbarino
25.12Alec Kownacki
17:08 PRArmada
26.12Aaron Robert
17:11Warren DeLaSalle
27.12Brendan Mantey
17:16 PRArmada
28.10Peter Freeman
17:17Macomb Lutheran North
29.12Austin Willey
30.12Beau Brockett
31.12Caleb Shaw
17:24St. Clair Shores Lak...
32.10Alex Tonn
17:24St. Clair Shores Lak...
33.9Andrew Goodrich
17:25 SRRomeo
34.10Mitchell MacDonald
17:26Macomb Dakota
35.10Jordan Hill
17:26St. Clair Shores Lak...
36.10Chase Fedolak
17:26Macomb Dakota
37.10Austin Chambe
17:28St. Clair Shores Lak...
38.12Alexander Feleo
17:29St. Clair Shores Lak...
39.11Alex Put
17:29Sterling Heights
40.12Danny Weglarz
17:30 PRMacomb Lutheran North
41.12Jeffrey Wainz
17:30Warren Mott
42.11Jared Felts
43.10Jacob Schaldenbrand
17:32Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
44.12Blake Iskra
17:33 SRRichmond
45.9Jarrett St. John
46.12Nick Actis
17:35Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
47.12Noah Domagalski
48.12Brendan Witt
17:38Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
49.10Brennan Brothers
17:40Utica Eisenhower
50.11Luke Powers
17:41 PRUtica Ford
51.11Dylan Gaines
17:41Sterling Heights Ste...
52.9Peter Caruso
17:42Clinton Township Chi...
53.10Matthew Dinnan
54.12Nathan Holland
17:45St. Clair Shores Lak...
55.10Alex Towianski
17:48Utica Ford
56.12Kollin Poindexter
57.11Jeffrey Schimelfen...
17:50Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
58.11Nick Scott
17:56Warren DeLaSalle
59.10Justin Lenard
17:56Clinton Township Chi...
60.12Jordan Walters
17:57St. Clair Shores Lak...
61.11Michael Zonca
17:57Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
62.12Everett Ottoy
17:58St. Clair Shores Lak...
63.11Tyler Prisby
17:58Macomb Lutheran North
64.9Brenden Allen
17:58 SRArmada
65.12Shane Luksch
17:59Utica Ford
66.12Moshen Mokhtari
17:59Warren DeLaSalle
67.10Kaleb Diana
18:00Warren Mott
68.12Anthony Moss
69.12Mark Garza
18:01 PRUtica Eisenhower
70.9Jalen Smith
71.10Johnny Aisthorpe
18:04 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
72.11Luke Walters
73.11Nick Riley
18:08Warren Mott
74.12Timothy Vohs
75.11Jacob Brockert
18:12Utica Ford
76.9Adam Job
18:13 PRArmada
77.12Justin Winters
18:15 SRSterling Heights Ste...
78.12Grant Klebba
18:16 PRUtica Eisenhower
79.10Nathan Gryspeerd
18:19 PRUtica Eisenhower
80.9Kyle Walny
18:20Clinton Township Chi...
81.11Everett Latos
18:21Warren DeLaSalle
82.12Devin Treat
18:22New Baltimore Anchor...
83.12Michael Mallon
18:23 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
84.10Joseph May
18:24Clinton Township Chi...
85.12Brett Hudson
18:25 PRMacomb Lutheran North
86.11Anthony Ficarra
18:27Warren DeLaSalle
87.11Brendan Sluchak
88.12Andrew Mezin
89.9Daniel Chesney
18:33Utica Ford
90.9Andy Johnston
18:36 SRWarren Mott
91.12Brad Kotenko
18:38Macomb Lutheran North
92.12Spencer Scott
18:38Utica Ford
93.10Grant Broski
18:39Utica Eisenhower
94.12Nick Jozefczyk
18:44Warren DeLaSalle
95.11Ryan Julius
18:45Sterling Heights Ste...
96.9Jared Folden
18:49Sterling Heights
97.9Justin Powell
18:50Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
98.11Julio Rosario
18:51 PRRoseville
99.11Nick Frankenstein
18:51New Baltimore Anchor...
100.10Jack Albrecht
18:51 SRArmada
101.10Cameron Rohelier
18:51Warren Cousino
102.11Nick Vuylsteke
18:56 SRSterling Heights Ste...
103.10Josh Bentley
18:58 SRSterling Heights Ste...
104.9Clayton Maksymiuk
105.9Aaron Wood
19:06 SRMacomb Lutheran North
106.9Drew Demaris
19:07Warren Cousino
107.10Anthony Im
19:07 SRRoseville
108.12Brendan Tomayko
19:10Sterling Heights
109.10Dylan Gray
110.10Robert Boccomino
19:11Center Line
111.10Omar Uddin
19:12Sterling Heights
112.9Brandon Harger
19:16Warren Woods Tower
113.10Logan Susalla
19:17Warren Mott
114.11Tristan Sparks
115.12Matt Knybel
19:21 SRNew Baltimore Anchor...
116.12Etienne LeClerc
19:22Clinton Township Chi...
117.12Maliek Lott
19:23Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
118.10Jonathan McNamara
19:31Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
119.10Joe Milanov
19:31Macomb Lutheran North
120.12Matt Grawburg
19:32Warren Cousino
121.10Austin Bell
19:32New Baltimore Anchor...
122.9Brennen Steinbauer
19:34 SRArmada
123.10David Bault
19:39Center Line
124.9Colin Swanson
19:40 SRMacomb Dakota
125.10Jared Chacon
19:43Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
126.10Joey Cuffaro
19:48 PRMacomb L'Anse Creuse...
127.11Griffin Sherry
19:50 PRSterling Heights Par...
128.9Brendan Jungwirth
19:51Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
129.10Mitchell Susalla
19:59 SRWarren Mott
130.12Trevor Polisuk-Bal...
19:59Warren Cousino
131.11Johnny Richards
132.11Joseph Manfreda
133.11Justin Cicalo
20:16Warren Woods Tower
134.10Darren Martin
20:17Utica Ford
135.12Brendan Scorpio
20:31 PRCenter Line
136.11Kyle Disney
137.11Larry Wofford
20:35 SRRichmond
138.10Dylan Biebuyck
20:41 SRWarren Cousino
139.11Aimen Al'Doais
20:47Warren Woods Tower
140.11John Portalski
20:48Warren Woods Tower
141.12Nathan Nunes
21:02Warren Cousino
142.9Tom Walby
21:04Sterling Heights Par...
143.9William Finn
21:07St. Clair Shores Lak...
144.9Lukasz Pociecha
21:19 PRRichmond
145.12Dale Dubia
21:24 PRWarren Cousino
146.9Jack Rotar
21:28Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
147.12Ethan Haddon
21:56New Baltimore Anchor...
148.10Nick Paulson
149.11Justin Malinas
22:18 SRCenter Line
150.10Vince Browning
22:20Warren Woods Tower
151.12Zack Rodriguez
22:24Sterling Heights Par...
152.9Brandan Christensen
22:26 SRRichmond
153.10Sam Gartley
23:15Sterling Heights Par...
154.10Martin Bault
24:09Center Line
155.12Shahrir Rahman
24:49Center Line
156.11Thanvir Ahmed
26:03Center Line
157.9Hayden Lowell
28:22Warren Woods Tower
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Utica Eisenhower20
2.Warren Regina68
3.Sterling Heights Stevenson69
4.Macomb Lutheran North95
5.Macomb Dakota146
6.Utica Ford172
11.New Baltimore Anchor Bay288
12.Warren Mott321

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Elise Tisch
21:07 PRSterling Heights Ste...
2.12Emily Oakes
21:09 SRUtica Eisenhower
3.11Mackenzie Gurne
21:13Utica Eisenhower
4.11Jacque Barreto
21:25Utica Eisenhower
5.12Caitlyn Maniaci
21:48 PRUtica Eisenhower
6.11Olivia Metty
21:54Utica Eisenhower
7.9Sarah Shea
22:10Utica Ford
8.11Hannah Chores
22:10 SRSterling Heights Ste...
9.12Haley Holmes
22:15 PRMacomb Lutheran North
10.10Jasmine Browning
22:15 SRWarren Regina
11.12Alexa Panourgias
22:21Utica Eisenhower
12.11Monica Van Berkum
22:23 SRWarren Regina
13.9Julia Cundy
22:34 SRMacomb Lutheran North
14.10Gabby Louwers
22:34 SRWarren Regina
15.9Lucy Bemiss
22:36 PRWarren Regina
16.11Nichole Geist
22:38 SRSterling Heights Ste...
17.12Kianna Thomas
22:40 SRWarren Regina
18.9Samantha Sherman
22:41 SRSterling Heights Ste...
19.10Emily Rhodes
22:44Macomb Dakota
20.9Isabella Babbish
22:44 SRWarren Regina
21.12Catlyn Stark
22:45 SRMacomb Lutheran North
22.11Allison Thomas
22:48Utica Eisenhower
23.9Veronica Poker
22:50 SRUtica
24.9Rachel Zauel
22:52 PRMacomb Lutheran North
25.10Allyson Slone
22:58 SRMacomb Dakota
26.9Amanda Zonca
23:03Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
27.9Maddie Bentley
23:06Sterling Heights Ste...
28.10Rachel Sliger
23:08Macomb Dakota
29.12Caroline Oska
23:14 SRMacomb Lutheran North
30.12Emily Esper
23:22Utica Eisenhower
31.10Sara Polanco
23:36Utica Eisenhower
32.10Claire Tibboles
33.9Abigail Towianski
23:47Utica Ford
34.10Felicia Hinojosa
23:52Sterling Heights Ste...
35.11Maria Viviano
23:56 PRMacomb Lutheran North
36.11Lauren Maksymiuk
23:57 SRRichmond
37.11Megan O'Hara
38.11Allison Mordarski
24:01Warren Regina
39.10Lana Amatangelo
24:02 PRMacomb Dakota
40.11Natasha Kechnie
41.12Anna Mahalak
24:11 PRWarren Regina
42.9Leah Bell
24:11Macomb Lutheran North
43.11Tara Metcalfe
24:20 PRMacomb Dakota
44.11Laura Murray
24:25Macomb Lutheran North
45.12Claire Schomaker
24:26Macomb Lutheran North
46.10Danielle Richardson
24:27Macomb Lutheran North
47.11McKenna Gray
24:28Sterling Heights Ste...
48.11Maria Berge
24:29Sterling Heights Ste...
49.9Megan Ziembowicz
24:39New Baltimore Anchor...
50.12Alyssa Washeleski
24:40Utica Ford
51.10Abigail Roman
24:40Macomb Lutheran North
52.10Andrea Pearsall
24:41 SRWarren Regina
53.9Amber Brozowski
24:43 SRWarren Mott
54.12Clare Sabelhaus
24:44 PRArmada
55.11Madison Lindaman
24:46 SRUtica Ford
56.10Jesica Niebauer
24:46 SRRichmond
57.10Angelia Polanco
24:49Utica Eisenhower
58.12Fiona Gallagher
24:50Macomb Lutheran North
59.11Allyssa Ternan
24:51 SRRichmond
60.12Esther Herzog
24:51Utica Ford
61.11Ailish Berlin
24:52 SRWarren Regina
62.10Alyssa Gall
24:52 PRRichmond
63.10Ashleigh Thomas
24:53 SRMacomb Lutheran North
64.10Amber Mousseau
24:56Macomb Dakota
65.11Lindsay Stuef
24:58 SRMacomb Lutheran North
66.9Annalisa Yepko
25:00 SRUtica Eisenhower
67.10Haley McNulty
25:00 SRNew Baltimore Anchor...
68.10Alexis Boeskool
25:00Utica Eisenhower
69.10Carrissa Wilcox
25:06 PRRichmond
70.11Jenna Bedrava
25:07Utica Eisenhower
71.9Samantha Gardner
25:12 SRSterling Heights Ste...
72.10Emily Provencher
25:12Macomb Lutheran North
73.10Hannah Dale
74.12Danielle Gore
25:19 SRMacomb Lutheran North
75.10Michaela Richardson
76.12Danielle Edwards
25:28New Baltimore Anchor...
77.10Alexis Burrows
78.10Therese Kasper
25:33 SRMacomb Lutheran North
79.9Elizabeth Gray
25:37Macomb Dakota
80.9Sophia Ayers
81.12Rachel Kosek
25:38 PRArmada
82.9Amanda Bastien
25:39 PRArmada
83.9Anna Maxwell
84.12Allison Tisch
25:41Sterling Heights Ste...
85.10Jenna Macks
25:41St. Clair Shores Lak...
86.10Allison Polzin
25:47 PRArmada
88.10Michelle Ignatowski
25:50 SRWarren Regina
89.10Madison McPeak
26:00 PRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
90.9Lucy Van Berkum
26:06 SRWarren Regina
91.9Grace Kanka
26:07Warren Regina
92.12Amy Salter
26:09Utica Eisenhower
93.11Keri Banish
26:10Utica Eisenhower
94.10Nicole DiGirolamo
26:11 SRWarren Regina
95.11Catherine Gardey
26:12 PRWarren Regina
96.9Katy Pioch
26:13 SRRomeo
97.10Rachel Randazzo
26:15Macomb Dakota
98.10Ellie Gardey
26:15 SRWarren Regina
99.11Mary Marogi
26:17Warren Mott
100.10Emma Wargo
26:18New Baltimore Anchor...
101.12Natasha Bair
26:28 PRArmada
102.10Jenna Dubois
26:29 SRMacomb Lutheran North
103.9Jordan Prisby
26:35Macomb Lutheran North
104.12Harms Jackie
105.12Saga Lamminsivu
106.11Kaitlyn Lumpkins
26:39Warren Mott
107.9Shelby Marshall
26:40 PRMacomb Lutheran North
108.9Kami Karas
26:44 SRMacomb Dakota
109.12Alyah Chmiel
26:46 PRUtica
110.11Alexis Stillwell
26:48Macomb Dakota
111.12Kayla Kulon
26:51Warren Regina
112.9Lindsey Patterson
26:55 PRMacomb Lutheran North
113.11Marissa Dudek
26:58Warren Regina
114.9Nicole Keller
27:10 SRSterling Heights Ste...
115.9Emma Reynolds
27:12Utica Eisenhower
116.11Amanda Boschman
27:13Utica Ford
117.11Lillian Schmidt
27:14Utica Eisenhower
118.10Amanda Ma
27:19Warren Mott
119.12Carly Mckeown
27:24Macomb Lutheran North
120.9Morgan Howard
27:28 SRRoseville
121.11Paulina Kern
27:30Utica Eisenhower
122.11Cloie Chidiac
27:35 PRWarren Regina
123.10Emma Toggweiler
27:41Warren Mott
124.12Alyssa Fraczek
27:44Utica Eisenhower
125.12Hannah Frizzle
27:48St. Clair Shores Lak...
126.12Grace Bommarito
27:48St. Clair Shores Lak...
127.10Hanna Burton
27:51Macomb Dakota
128.10Julianne Koleci
27:56Macomb Dakota
129.10Victoria Heldman
130.12Alex Sehling
28:21 SRArmada
131.10Sabrina Maniaci
28:21 SRWarren Regina
132.10Hannah Gracin
28:23 SRWarren Regina
133.10Marissa Blair
28:24Macomb Dakota
134.10Katharina Jonek
28:31New Baltimore Anchor...
135.12Jennifer Donovan
28:36Warren Mott
136.12Cameron Laesch
28:37 PRArmada
137.10Sarah Stevens
28:43Clinton Township Chi...
138.10Kathryn Seib
139.9Dana Hamann
28:54 PRMacomb Lutheran North
140.12Emily Poirier
28:57Utica Eisenhower
141.9Judy Oska
28:58 SRMacomb Lutheran North
142.12Lexi Van Tiem
28:59Macomb Lutheran North
143.10Alexandra Douglas
29:04New Baltimore Anchor...
144.12Amber Crumm
29:08 SRClinton Township Chi...
145.10Victoria Prohaska
29:37 SRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
146.11Becca Bowen
29:45 PRWarren Mott
147.12Becky Beller
29:50Utica Ford
148.11Maddie Manuel
29:57Warren Cousino
149.11Stephanie Ung
30:20Macomb Dakota
150.11Cheyenne Johnson
30:30Warren Cousino
151.10Angela Shamoon
30:31Warren Mott
152.11Megan Bukowski
31:28Macomb Dakota
153.9Sarah Allen
32:00 SRRoseville
154.12Amanda Zora
32:01Warren Mott
155.9Alison Spiga
32:16 SRArmada
156.9Christina Chodorowki
32:55Warren Cousino
157.9Megan Guiles
32:58 SRMacomb Lutheran North
158.10Christine Praet
33:12 PRWarren Regina
159.9Mariam Hana
33:29 SRWarren Regina
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5,000 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Sterling Heights Stevenson43
2.Utica Eisenhower110
3.Macomb Lutheran North119
4.Warren Regina128
5.Macomb Dakota153
7.Utica Ford199
9.Macomb L'Anse Creuse North214
11.New Baltimore Anchor Bay263
12.Warren Mott328
13.St. Clair Shores Lakeview344
15.St. Clair Shores Lake Shore441
16.Warren Woods Tower498
17.Harrison Twp. L'Anse Creuse509
18.Warren Cousino527

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Karenna Duffey
17:44Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
2.11Samantha Hanson
18:13 PRSterling Heights Ste...
3.11Emma Wilson
4.11Allison Shannon
18:38 SRSterling Heights Ste...
5.12Gina Patterson
18:45Macomb Lutheran North
6.11Kayla Dobies
18:52 SRMacomb Dakota
7.12Samantha Allmacher
18:55Utica Eisenhower
8.12Ashlie Baumann
19:01 SRSterling Heights Ste...
9.12Meredith Sorensen
10.11Megan Greb
11.12Jenna Anderson
19:36 PRSterling Heights Ste...
12.11Teresa Diehl
19:40Warren Regina
13.12Hannah Tas
19:42 PRRichmond
14.12Veronica Towianski
19:44Utica Ford
15.12Colleen McCarthy
19:46 SRUtica Eisenhower
16.11Lauren Valentini
19:48Warren Regina
17.9Anna Getzinger
19:49 PRMacomb Lutheran North
18.10Marisa Papadelis
19:49 SRSterling Heights Ste...
19.11Shelby Knoll
19:50Warren Mott
20.11Brittney Hall
21.10Alex Huey
19:57 PRSterling Heights Ste...
22.12Jenna Briney
20:02Macomb Lutheran North
23.12Sara Bey
20:06Warren Mott
24.11Marisa Weller
20:12Macomb Dakota
25.9Kennadi Rankin
20:15Utica Eisenhower
26.12Stephanie Latos
20:16Warren Regina
27.11Julia Roarty
20:18Warren Regina
28.12Daisy Barreto
20:20Utica Eisenhower
29.11Macy Gustavus
20:24New Baltimore Anchor...
30.11Danielle Uppleger
20:31St. Clair Shores Lak...
31.9Madeline Yaek
32.11Kaitria LaFleure
20:47 PRMacomb Dakota
33.11Gabrielle Duncan
20:50 SRUtica Ford
34.10Jillian Alongi
20:52 SRNew Baltimore Anchor...
35.10Maddie Denton
20:52 SRUtica Eisenhower
36.12Madison Zarkowski
21:02 SRRichmond
37.10Alana Patterson
21:09Macomb Lutheran North
38.12Jenna Cundy
21:10Macomb Lutheran North
39.11Melanie Mrozek
21:12Sterling Heights Ste...
40.11Lauren Valente
21:12 PRMacomb Dakota
41.12Jessica Taylor
21:14Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
42.12Kayla Campis
21:16 PRArmada
43.10Isabella Bertolini
21:18New Baltimore Anchor...
44.11Briana Weglarz
21:18 SRMacomb Lutheran North
45.12Nicole Werthmann
21:18Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
46.11Emily Parker
47.11Kelsey Capoferri
21:26Warren Regina
48.10Julia Knepper
50.11Sophia Serra
21:29Utica Ford
51.11Kristina Slifco
21:33 PRUtica Ford
52.11Monica Micale
21:33Macomb Dakota
53.12Ashleigh Czewski
21:35Warren Regina
54.9Sarah Luttenberger
21:36Utica Ford
55.11Jordan Bianchi
21:38 PRUtica
56.12Hannah Holliday
57.12Samantha Costanzo
21:41St. Clair Shores Lak...
58.10Megan Miller
21:44Macomb Lutheran North
59.12Desyrae Brown
21:46Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
60.11Alexis Kearney
61.11Kirstyn Madill
21:53 PRArmada
62.11Cortney York
21:55Warren Woods Tower
63.11Alexis Penzien
21:56Macomb Dakota
64.12Anna Burley
21:58Sterling Heights
65.9Erin Golden
22:00Warren Regina
66.9Heather Luttenberger
22:02 SRUtica Ford
67.12Hailey Lynch
22:06 SRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
68.10Angela Swierczynski
22:08St. Clair Shores Lak...
69.9Lexie Jorgens
22:09Utica Eisenhower
70.10Carrie Maro
71.9Olivia Potestato
22:10Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
72.12Kelly DeBiase
22:13New Baltimore Anchor...
73.10A'mira Goodwin
22:13Warren Cousino
74.9Olivia Wilson
22:14 PRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
75.10Julia Felts
76.11LaSaundra Eggleston
22:20Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
77.11Sydney Basal
22:21Utica Eisenhower
78.12Eleni Haralampopou...
79.11Hannah Dullea
22:25 SRRichmond
80.10Natalie Anderson
22:26St. Clair Shores Lak...
81.9Sarah Regener
22:28Macomb Dakota
82.12Katelyn Hejza
83.12Emily Ferrera
22:35St. Clair Shores Sou...
84.9Alyse Weisenberger
22:42Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
85.10Lilly Grochowski
86.12Maria Nehan
22:48Sterling Heights
87.12Ashley Spagnuolo
88.9Victoria Mabbitt
22:49 SRArmada
89.10Kate Kelly
22:50St. Clair Shores Sou...
90.12Carina Grain
22:54 PRHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
91.11Erika Schemmel
92.11KaylaRose Robison
23:04Clinton Township Chi...
93.9Lauren Austin
23:05New Baltimore Anchor...
94.12Sarah Dunham
23:06New Baltimore Anchor...
95.10Jade Amalio
23:07Warren Woods Tower
96.10Kennedy Plieth
23:10Warren Mott
97.10Dianna Westrick
98.11Alexis Nagle
23:22 PRMacomb L'Anse Creuse...
99.12Kathleen Hawkey
23:23Warren Mott
100.10Maddy Green
23:27 SRRichmond
101.12Michelle Warderlow
102.11Ashley Harger
23:34Warren Woods Tower
103.10Annabelle Hoover
104.12Taylor Genzman
23:41St. Clair Shores Lak...
105.9Megan Blaesing
23:41St. Clair Shores Lak...
106.12Alyssa Olszewski
23:47Clinton Township Chi...
107.11Alena Chodnicki
108.9Emma Coenen
23:50 SRArmada
109.9Emily Padyjasek
23:53 SRArmada
110.12Olivia Smith
23:54Warren Mott
111.11Megan Thomas
23:59Warren Cousino
112.11Leah Russell
113.11jordan Osterland
24:11 SRRichmond
114.12Darby LaHaie
24:12 PRArmada
115.12Ashley Witteboes
24:12Warren Mott
116.9Tori Huyghe
24:38St. Clair Shores Lak...
117.11Lizzie Melcher
24:42Warren Cousino
118.11Hannah Lewicki
24:53Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
119.12Alexandra Costanzo
25:01St. Clair Shores Lak...
120.10Sarah Seccombe
25:06St. Clair Shores Lak...
121.12Brenna Barreiro
25:07 PRWarren Cousino
122.12Sydney Ferguson
25:11Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
123.9Paige Strunk
25:12 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
124.12Ashley Novak
25:23Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
125.10Becca Goslow
25:38Warren Mott
126.12Jessica Derkacz
25:41Clinton Township Chi...
127.11Jamie Salinas
128.11Elandra Sledge
129.9Emilie Windelin
130.9Erin Portalski
26:24Warren Woods Tower
131.12Ellen Hoffman
26:39Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
132.9Annica Brocker
26:51Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
133.11Lynsey Russell
134.12Angelica Ferriera
27:45St. Clair Shores Lak...
135.12Megan Allen
136.11Angel Bondurant
28:11Warren Cousino
137.11Nicole Sherry
138.9Kayla Garvey
29:41Warren Woods Tower
139.10Natalye Graham
31:48St. Clair Shores Sou...
140.12Raven Tucker
38:08Clinton Township Chi...
141.9Hanna George
38:11Warren Woods Tower
142.9Kairen Lloyd
39:54St. Clair Shores Sou...
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